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  1. lasseren

    I'm looking for "The Coven Coin"

    Story about Tiny Tim who grows into Tim the Titan is my favorite story!
  2. lasseren

    Mikey The Human Muscle Morph

    Can't wait for more chapters - your story is awesome!
  3. lasseren

    I am the god, you refuse to love

    Hi guys, After seeing the x-men movie Apocalypse, I wrote this - and post it here to see, what you think? I never wrote anything before, but hope, you will enjoy this appetizer. Let me know After fighting all mutants one by one, Apo could now remove the last block of resistance. He was almost there. He would be the One. Imagining his future in a world, where he would be all powerful, and everything and everyone lived to serve him and pleasure him. Destiny was unfolding, and all would speak his name in fear, jealousy and admiration. The name Apocalypse would echo through the ages, and he would sit on his throne, while all would look up to him with fear, yet too entranced to look away. Now and forever. He would be the one God over men, choosing who would succeed and who would fail in this world. The thoughts caused him to shiver at the pleasure, the power, the envy from others to possess even a fraction of what he was going to have. He now stood face to face with Charles, and he knew what was to come. He would enjoy breaking Charles and finally ensuring his reign over this world. The mental capability of the psychic was so delicious, like a piece of cake waiting to be eaten. The ability to control anyone would fulfil his arsenal of weapons. Charles knew he had to act now. He lunged at Apo, landing one swing after another, they fought through the house. “You want to feel what I feel? I will make you feel it. You are in my house now!” he shouted, as he kept punching at Apo. He felt the rage leading him, and was confident in his blows. He had hope for humanity. That hope was about to get squashed. Apo caught Charles hand swinging at him, and held it in place. It felt like holding his hand midair, and it was like time stood still, as he met Charles' Gaze. There was no anger in Apo's look, only a gazing stare of steel. “Lets make your house a little bigger then”, Apo said, as his eyes opened more, fixating at Charles. Apo was on one knee, as Charles had swung at him. He now let out a small smile, as he squeezed his hand, emgulfing the smaller mans. The muscles in his quads, shoulders and arms tensed a bit, and Charles began to feel the strength coming at him through the handgrip, struggling to push it back. Apo was growing. His grey armorsuit adapted to his body, as all his body started to fill with mass, torso, legs and arms all growing bigger, outward, upward. His kneeling height had already surpassed Charles’ full height, who was looking up at the titan. He knew things were about to get bad for him. As he struggled to regain hope and retain the strength in his grip, the bones of his hand crackled, as Apo’s grip now engulfed his whole hand, pressing it downwards. Looking up, all he saw was a face, getting bigger, yet further away, gazing at him with a small smile on his lip. Charles fell on back, and Apo stood up. He was now so big, he could barely stand in the 10 feet hall, and was a show of unbelievable power and size, being as wide as he was tall. All of him was the same grey colour, like stone. His head adorned with the grey pharaoh-crown, framing a frownless and masculine face, the crown's tails resting on his boulder shoulders, topping his torso, with full, meaty pecs and 6 fat abs. His body was so full, so broad, so vigorous. His blue loincloth was hanging loose from his waist, stretched over his powerful legs, quads touching each other. A fat, long cock was showing through the fabric of the fine blue cloth, pointing to the titans calves and black biker boots. He knelt again to the wimp on the ground, He said “Charles, I really think I’m going to win this fight” smiling wide, as he watched the fear and pain in the human’s eyes. He then gripped Charles with his massive hand, lifted him far up and taunted him “I admired your hope. You believe that we all are equal and deserve equal odds in this world. I’m glad to prove you wrong. Prove to you, that I am the god you refuse to love - I am sure I will change your mind, little Charles.” He then took a deep breath, his giant chest heaving: “It feels so good - i am the strongest being in the universe, and I deserve your love. I will give you a gift - letting you see, how it feels to be me. As you fight me, believing that I am evil, you will see, that there is no good and evil - only my power. This body will break your mind - I can grow however i want, control my size and physical power with just a thought - being so ominous and superior, I can see through your eyes, what I have become - Every living thing’s dream. Feeling the strength pulsing in my veins, the frame of my body expanding the air around me - and knowing that you and every cell in your body are envious, lustful, dreaming of being what I am. You don’t even want to resist me. ” Charles was no longer hopeful - he just watched, awestruck, as his dick stood up like a flagpole from his pants. His orgasmic bliss ended immediately, as Apo took his body and slammed it into the ground with one hand, then kneeling down, throwing him like a rag doll through the hallway, sliding on his stomach. Apo turned his head to where the doll had landed. He felt like he was at the gym during a workout - and he was now warmed up. Indeed this warmness felt amazing, making him aware of his body and how it was heating the air around him. Again he took a deep breath, as he rose up on both feet, again touching the ceiling of the great hall. He walked towards the body lying face down to the floor. He reveled in the sound that followed. The deep, baritone sound of his boot treading the floor as he walked. The world literally trembled under his foot, struggling to support him in this form. It was the best feeling, he had ever had - and he knew, that every day in his immortal life would only get even better. He walked a few steps, until he towered over the place, he had thrown Charles. “come here”, he whispered in an almost lustful voice, as he again picked up Charles.
  4. lasseren

    coven coin best muscle

    even though many have read it, i still want to share The coven coin. chapter 9-13 is some of the hottest growth/theft i've read. From big to small, and from small to big. awesome story! http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/coven-coin-09.html
  5. lasseren

    drain muscle

    I'm trying to find a story - unsuccesful, im hoping for your help! big strong bodybuilder gets a smaller guy to suck him off in the gym, then regularly. slowly the small guy grows, and in the end, he's the big one, and he is now lifting the now small abuser to suck him off, greedily. anyone remembers it? thanks!

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