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    Working Out and getting bigger. Getting re-focused as I have been away from the gym for way too long because of work and relocating.
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    still work on them
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    friends and general discussion on bodybuilding and working out
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    I have more of a power lifter build, so 240 pounds, less than 10% BF, 19+ inch arms, 32/34 inch waist.
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    Musclove, MassX, Mimbo Drops, PLAYING WITH FanTCdude's TOYS
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    Current Body Builders: Aaron Clark, Steve Kucio, Fouad Abiad,<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
    Classic Body Builders: Arnold, Bob Paris,Dennis James, <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
    Fitness: Alex Carneiro, Sam Shepherd
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  1. MuscleStud

    Holiday season a time for growth

    I agree. My focus between Thanksgiving and the first of the year is to eat big, lift heavy, and grow. I limit the bad/less than healthy stuff but I make sure I enjoy the holidays. Other benefit of this time of year is the gym will be empty, so easier to focus and lift
  2. MuscleStud

    Best app for training

    Just an update on Jefit. I really like it. I find it is easy to keep track of my workouts and can add/change things on the fly. Have add a couple of issues with flipping back and forth better Jefit and other apps on the phone. It is usually sets being recorded wrong but that is something that can be fixed once I get home.
  3. MuscleStud

    Best app for training

    Been using Jefit for the past three months a it is working well. Was a pad and pen guy and did not think I would like using my phone but the app has some features and benefits that I like
  4. MuscleStud

    Documentation App

    Been using JEFIT for about a month and like it so far
  5. MuscleStud

    Experimenter: Spider-Man

    what an awesome story. Thank you for sharing it
  6. MuscleStud

    Clothing For Body Builders

    Thanks all for your suggestions. I like the create you own jean site as those are the hardest pants for me to find. I have found LL Bean shirts to be Bodybuilder/Lifter friendly. They seem to be cut for guys on the larger size and not the twinks. Dress clothes I usually end up at Men's Warehouse and just plan on lots of tailoring
  7. MuscleStud

    Clothing For Body Builders

    Need some help with finding clothes that fit guys who are body builders and/or serious gym rats. I have spent hours at department and clothing stores trying stuff and almost everything is too tight or I swim it. Looking for suggestions of brands or stores or things like dress and sport shirts, jeans, and dress pants. I am fine with spending for money to tailor suits but not business casual stuff. BTW, you know you are in trouble when you walk in the store and they immediately say that have nothing that is going to fit you.
  8. MuscleStud

    What Drives You?

    What drives me - accomplishment of reaching short and long term goals, the feeling I get from working out, feeling better about myself, the positive comments I receive from people out the changes to my body and the smile on my partners face when he shows me off to people
  9. MuscleStud

    Low Opinions Of Muscle & Gay Men Into Muscle?

    Thanks for posting and agree 100%.
  10. MuscleStud

    Proteins Make U Gassy

    When I am eating to grow, which include shakes, I am very gassie and the odor is very strong. Just another price we pay to grow
  11. MuscleStud

    Gay Marriage, Open?

    My partner and I, of nearly 8 years, are in a very committed relationship and both are very happy. We know others that are in very happy relationships that range from committed to fully open. While no two people are alike, so is true with relationships. The key is that those involved need to be happy with whatever is the plan
  12. MuscleStud

    Comments On Your Physique

    I do not mind it and it is fun to show off, just when it is expected it becomes a pain. Now when asked, I tell them that they have to feed me. So it is as win-win.
  13. MuscleStud

    Gym Atmosphere Is Important ...

    Gyms are for hardcore workouts. Health clubs/Fitness centers are for the masses
  14. MuscleStud

    Comments On Your Physique

    For me, I enjoy and appreciate the comments. They do help with motivation and makes me feel like I am accomplishing something. It is hard for us to see our own changes as we see ourselves everyday. What I do not like is when guys think that it is ok to touch without asking. I have had a few experiences with guys I do not know just walking up to me and start touching and feeling. One ended up on his ass because he did not understand it when I told him to go away. What was better was when his friend told him to leave because why would you mess with someone that big. Another downside to getting compliments is that I always seem to get the calls when something big and heavy needs to get moved
  15. MuscleStud

    How Do You Feel...?

    I do a five-day-a-week schedule but flexible about when. I do get upset/bad if I get to Monday and have not gotten in all of my workouts

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