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  1. I find it kinda funny that the guy in the pic is actually Corbin Bleu, a black guy. just putting that out there since he's not super popular and most wouldn't be able to tell from the black and white pic.
  2. Happy beastly birthday!

  3. Happy birthday!

  4. I am speaking for myself when I say this. The inane details, the characters that are 'just devices for growth,' the pointless fluff, and the long gaps in between the erotic sections are pretty much the best parts of a story for me. When I look at comments like this, I struggle with the age old debate I've seen having with myself. Plot over porn. Now here's the thing. As a writer, you can choose to write for the masses, and you can choose to write for yourself. When writing for the masses, you're putting all of your creative energy into this project, hoping and expecting someone to like it even if they're on the outskirts of the community. You've picked a premise, and you know how to grow the character in question. Now you have to decide to only skirt around your fully realized idea because quick smut goes over better with the crowds, or put time and effort into this project because you can't sleep at night because of your exciting concept. This is my dilemma. To the two gentleman who I quoted, I believe that the saying goes: "A picture is worth a thousand words." And what I mean is that I believe a more visual medium suits your styles better. Things are laid in front of you, no unnecessary intricacies or details to get in the way of good solid growth. You see a character and get a pay off. If a writer wants to write a softer scene in the story devoid of growth, what's the harm? Not everyone has the eternal lust for muscles some do, and would actually like to show us why a character should grow instead of a throwaway line or summary like 'he's a weak gay nerd' or a 'guy who hungers for huge muscles that grow non-stop.' Heck, some people might even consider romance between these two to be pointless fluff. If having an active character in a plot driven story is a turn off for most, then there should be a format of stories like the film Hardcore Henry . A film where one is meant to be a reactionary character with everything else happening around him. Personally I'm not trying to call anyone out. I'm trying to be as civil and polite as possible. And I still have more to say in the matter, but I can save it for later.
  5. Hi!  I noticed your recent post of an amazing boy musclemorph.  I LOVE stuff like this and have a large collection.  Would you be interested in sharing?  Maybe we could send images to each other that are new to the recipient.  We could trade back and forth using email.  Let me know!

  6. Thank you for liking my pic! What did you like about it?

  7. Thank you for liking my pic! What did you like about it? 

  8. Currently, I am miserable. 

  9. Hi! I started that thread. Here's the link! https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5441-diversity-in-stories/page-2#entry68022
  10. Mmmm. I'm not certain Felix' "old guy sex appeal" is going to make me like him tremendously. While it's true that a character does need some form of opposition or inner struggle to develop, I hate when character A lords something over character B. Then again, I guess it'll be all the better for the beef, so whatever. Also, I like Hana. A female character who isn't some guy's unsatisfactory sex partner. I want to see more of her.
  11. Yep. You just keep getting better, don't you, my friend? Additionally, I was kinda in-between with the growth. It's classic GB, it caters to one of my more obscure fetishes, but I wasn't expecting itso early. Especially after a mildly heart wrenching scene. I was really tuned into Bronson's struggle, and then WHAM. Big muscles and wang. So, I'm feeling a tad addled. I hope to see more, however!
  12. I also search for more of this topic. It's always about women for some reason, whether it's about them being muscly, or studs being turned into one.

    1. flamedelft


      Well throw those ideas into the fantasies and story ideas part, maybe someone will pick them up :)

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