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    Camjerk 2

    Ooh, sweet... Thanks for your amazing stories!
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    Very cool story. Thanks for sharing it. (And I think most guys here wouldn't mind if you decided to continue it. Just a little, ahem, tip...)
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    A Growing Love

    I love muscle growth with romance. Thanks!
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    A Growing Love

    You know, "next part" sounds just about right... Thanks for this amazing story!
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    "Just, Take. One!""

    Would love to, but I just don't have time to do morphs at the moment...
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    "Just, Take. One!""

    Simple and effective. Great stuff.
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    Next Us Valley

    I like where this is going - thanks for a cool story!
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    The Island

    Ooh, thanks. English is not my native language, so it's nice to hear that the writing works.
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    The Island

    You're too kind... Thank you.
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    The Island

    No sequel, I'm afraid - just wanted to get this idea out of my head, really... Glad to hear you liked it, though!
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    The Island

    *blushes* Thank you!
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    The Island

    Hehehe, what did you expect? (Glad you liked it!)
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    The Island

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    The Island

    It was strange to see the island as it had been described in all these stories, yet changed. Deserted. Skull Rock. Mermaid Lagoon. Crocodile Creek. All deserted. But I had known that when I ventured forth. I wasn’t here to meet the famed inhabitants of yore. I was here to find the treasure. Whatever it was. I remembered the old man’s words: slurred, insane – yet strangely convincing: “The treasure. No one knows what it can do, in that cave for so long, waiting to be found. By a curious, handsome lad like you.” And he leered at me, and though I was repelled I also felt flattered. I felt awkward and ungainly in my eighteen-year-old body: too frail, too… exposed to the violence of this world of wonder, as others liked to think of it. He had kept talking about the treasure: that he knew where it was, but no one knew what it was. It didn’t make any sense, and yet I felt something draw me towards the idea of it. A treasure, there on that island. So here I was now, in front of the cave the old man had described. The entrance was blocked, or so it seemed. But as I got closer, I saw the crack in the great rock, narrow but, alas, wide enough for my slender body. (Faintly, past insults echoed in my mind. Too weak. Too tender, too gentle for a boy.) It was dark inside the cave, except for a small glow in one corner. It was flickering, sickly. I inched closer, carefully, and yes, scared. And then, suddenly, a voice – tiny, ancient: “Do you believe in fairies?” Followed by a wicked cackle that turned into an ill-sounding fit of coughing. “Ah, I should know better… Too old to make fun of my human cousins. No hard feelings, eh?” I had knelt down next to the corner where the glow was coming from, and I saw a tiny, grey, wrinkly thing with what looked like wings, though one had a hole in it and the other hung limply from her side. I reached out to touch her and she shied away from me, but I made some soothing noise, and gently stroked her gray hair with one finger. “Are you in great pain, little one?” She hesitated, briefly, and when she spoke – more to herself than to me – there was both sadness and astonishment in her voice: “He wanted to fly, you see, and fly he did. All those children, all those deaths… They never had a place, you know, so I gave them… a place hidden away from the world. But they couldn’t live here for long, you see? It wasn’t a place…” Her voice trailed off, and I thought she had fallen asleep, so I started a little when she spoke again: “Go find your treasure. They will guide you.” She pointed her tiny little finger to my left, and I saw a tiny chest perched on a rock. I grabbed the chest, which was a lot heavier than I had expected. I was about to look for the key when I realized that it wasn’t locked. I opened it and ... I felt the tears running down my cheeks as I saw all the boys who had been lost through the centuries, unable to grow up in a world that didn’t want them – kept forever from becoming the wonderful, loving men they could have been. And then suddenly I felt their presence – felt their unlived futures swirl around me. Part of me was afraid; how could I live my life in the shadow of all their thwarted potential? But something in me was stronger than my fear, and as I stood back up I heard myself say: “Yes.” They were crowding in on me know, all of them, but I no longer felt threatened by the intensity of their longing. The world had never understood that they would have preferred to grow up, preferred to become fully-grown men, allowed to share their dreams with those around them. They were gone now, forever, but I would try to live, and to love, for them. I felt their yearning pour into my soul, and a strange pressure began to build up inside my chest. My shoulders broadened as the force of their unlived lives poured into my body. There was a curiously erotic sound as my traps began to rise higher, my neck to grow thicker. More and more energy flooded my body as all those dreams were finally liberated from their ancient prison, and I heard the top button of my coat pop open as my pecs bulged outward. I took a step back, feeling my quads swell more massive, feeling my lats spread wider and wider. I flexed my left arm, and the peak of my biceps was clearly visible through the sleeve of my coat, straining the fabric, growing, thickening. I wondered briefly whether this was too much – whether I had been mistaken in inviting them in. But as my cock grew bigger and harder in my increasingly tight pants, I realized that no fantasy could be too massive for these poor, lost souls who had never felt safe in their short, short lives. And so I gave in, let the power flow freely, feeling it force itself into every muscle in my body, making me grow, thicken, bulging bigger and bigger, quads swelling more massive and bursting through the seams of my pants, the peaks of my biceps tearing apart my sleeves as they rose higher. I could feel my abs growing more defined by the second, could feel pound after pound of muscle being pushed into my body as I kept swelling harder, stronger. My clothes were in tatters by now, but there was no way of stopping the growth. Muscles throbbing bigger, rubbing against each other as they grew, competing for space on my insanely massive and still swelling, thickening body. The cave started to feel small, too small to contain me, yet my shoulders kept on broadening, my calves, my pecs kept swelling thicker and bigger. I wondered briefly whether I’d be crushed to death, but then my body burst through the walls of the cave, almost too big to imagine, my massive cock fully and proudly erect, muscles bulging everywhere, the sunlight glowing on my skin, the air caressing my all-powerful body, far too strong to be kept hidden here in some Neverland, pushing past the boundaries of fantasy into the real world, stronger, harder, impossible to deny, beautiful to behold, finally able to live fully and freely, swelling, flexing, fucking and cumming, loving, growing, and … I woke up, a little confused at first. Then I wrapped my massive arm around my lover, careful not to wake him, kissed him on the neck and whispered: “You’re safe with me.” Breathed in his smell. And fell back asleep.