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    A roleplay involving muscle growth, every once in a while. (I don't like anything involving violence, domination, racism, minors, etc. - but I love massive growth, with or without sex.)
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    Ah, male muscle growth?

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  1. noname

    Plus Shipping and Handling

  2. noname

    extreme muscle growth stories

    What about "A New Kind of Power Source" by goremeridian:
  3. noname

    Camjerk 2

    Ooh, sweet... Thanks for your amazing stories!
  4. noname


    Very cool story. Thanks for sharing it. (And I think most guys here wouldn't mind if you decided to continue it. Just a little, ahem, tip...)
  5. noname

    A Growing Love

    I love muscle growth with romance. Thanks!
  6. noname

    A Growing Love

    You know, "next part" sounds just about right... Thanks for this amazing story!
  7. noname

    "Just, Take. One!""

    Would love to, but I just don't have time to do morphs at the moment...
  8. noname

    "Just, Take. One!""

    Simple and effective. Great stuff.
  9. noname

    Next Us Valley

    I like where this is going - thanks for a cool story!
  10. noname

    The Island

    Ooh, thanks. English is not my native language, so it's nice to hear that the writing works.
  11. noname

    The Island

    You're too kind... Thank you.
  12. noname

    The Island

    No sequel, I'm afraid - just wanted to get this idea out of my head, really... Glad to hear you liked it, though!
  13. noname

    The Island

    *blushes* Thank you!

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