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    lifting. love lifting
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    6 ft, 200 lbs 11% bf
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    well built lifting buddies to motivate me. Muscle meet ups. Hanging out with strong outgoing alpha jocks into lifting . Really like doing crossfit style workouts without a shirt on with other strong defined lifters who aren't wearing shirts either
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    unrealistic dream: 7 ft, 350 lbs 5% bf. Realistic / attainable dream: 6ft, 215 lbs, 7% bf so im not too far off
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    "natural (i highly doubt it) graham"
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    muscles of course. Being towered over by really tall alphas. Towering over shorter guys. Lifting shirtless with muscular defined guys

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  1. CentralNJmuscle

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    Of course you can you can ask anything you want not is off limits- I never judge or get angry i used to think I was a pervert and a deviant but once I gained confidence and acceptance and opened up and became honest I found it opened a lot of doors for me sexually
  2. CentralNJmuscle

    Muscle guys into twinks or average guys?

    Um wow. hot. and yes yes yes
  3. CentralNJmuscle

    Muscle guys into twinks or average guys?

    Oh yes indeed
  4. CentralNJmuscle

    Anyone ever use nair for hair removal?

    I hate it i hate everything about it i wax my entire body. Takes close to 2 hours and the chest around the nipples and the stomach hurts but it feels so ridiculously amazing afterwards. Especially if I can jump into a pool afterwards. Skin feels so clean and smooth
  5. CentralNJmuscle

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    Interesting response @Welshy I workout with a lot of guys that would absolutely want to beat the living hell out of you for your lifestyle choice and would say “how dare YOU for doing THAT to THEIR sport” - I have encountered tons of homophobia in bodybuilding through the years . Your response was unnecessary and makes you look like a complete and total douchebag. You don’t want to be judged or condemned for your lifestyle choice so how can you be so judgemental and condescending - hypocritical much? I love getting stared at and gawked at. I love it when I watch people’s eyes (male and female) move across and up and down my body. I worked hard for a long time to overcome my shame and embarrassment of my body so I’ve earned it and I’m enjoying it- I view my body as a gift to share with others. It is aesthetically pleasing, it is considered the ideal , it is what people strive for - many want it, few have what it takes to achieve it. This weekend I was fucking my lover on a semi private beach. When I realized we were being watched I turned it into a show. I made sure I turned right towards them with my gloriously hard cock in full view. Hell yes. I felt amazing knowing they were enjoying the show. We’ve got a full moon this week so we are going back to fuck in the moonlight and I’m sure people will be around. I can’t wait ✌️ peace ps: if you are ever on the east coast of The United States I would be happy to host you - my gym is awesome. Hardcore. Shirtless training is allowed.
  6. CentralNJmuscle

    What’s like to be a real life muscle god

    When I was 215 and about 8% body fat I would frequently get asked if I was a competitive bodybuilder and get asked to flex and asked to take off my shirt in bars I would get felt up and groped. My chest arms and delts would get grabbed, poked, you name it i was introduced to intimidation by a girl actually who dressed us up for a Halloween party where we went as gladiators- she gave me boots that made me six inches taller for the costume. Being muscular to the point that people noticed and made comments was one thing but adding six inches of height and now being 6ft 6 inches AND muscular was unreal. My chest always got attention so the height difference being such that my chest was now in most peoples faces made me hard as a rock and horny as hell. I was surrounded by a group of people who were all around 5’6” to 5’9” when one of them asked me to flex. It was the most outrageous rush as I looked down at them admiring my double biceps pose. I felt so dominant and alpha. That night we didn’t even make it into my apartment before we started fucking and we fucked the sh*t out of each other that night. When I compete the next time around my goal is going to be to find a smaller skinny twink or even a muscular jock as long as he’s shorter to dominate like the way William Seed and his roommate dominate the small skinny guys in that one porno where they catch the skinny guys spying on them (forget the name). I must experience this.
  7. CentralNJmuscle


    Netherlands is on my list of must visit places. I hear people there are really tall. I hear it’s a “land full of giants” - I dream of going to a crowded club there and being towered over and being the shortest in the room
  8. Anyone on here with competition experience? i am going to compete but I have a strange concern when my body is on display (locker room - showers at the gym or if I’m doing CrossFit and we take off our shirts (I’m never first to remove my shirt but if others do then I do too) or when I’m in the bedroom and my clothes come off) I get hard or at least semi. I get especially hard when I know people are looking / staring / enjoying / appreciating......I like when my body is ogled (I spent my early years ashamed of and embarrassed about my body and was picked on and bullied and through hard work discipline and focus I changed it) .....the thought of being surrounded by other muscular men and being looked at by lots of people, including muscular men has me worried about getting hard and whether or not the posing trunks can prevent anything from popping out. I know it’s sounds silly and ridiculous but .... anyone with stage / competition experience?
  9. CentralNJmuscle

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Can you really truly add length and girth with pumping? Seriously? Can 7.5 really get to 9? Be honest because holy fuck I’d love to sport 9 inches
  10. CentralNJmuscle

    Gym Confessor

    I am by no means a huge bodybuilder but at 6feet tall I weigh 210 pushing 215 and I’m lean. So my physique is noticed even in business attire ive had all kinds of really bizarre conversation starters where it is clear they want to engage in a conversation about lifting, or whatever but are afraid to. Here in the United States there is a certain level of discomfort and apprehension talking about bodies, for many reasons from homophobia to fear of sexual harassment- everyone has become so damn paranoid yet so many people are interested in it maybe they can tell you do lots of working out and they want to know more about it but just don’t know how to engage in conversation especially at work i live in a small condominium complex and one of my neighbors is a CrossFit jock. We have developed a friendship and he was really open and direct to the point of being humorous about the fact that he is gay, he enjoys muscle because he enjoys homoeroticism and would like to get naked but he is in a committed relationship with an older non lifter ...truth is his partner is clearly his sugar daddy so I’m keeping my distance point is this: there is a latent curiosity about your body and lifestyle and they want to get info out of you but don’t know how
  11. CentralNJmuscle

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    Wait.....seriously? Are you telling me you can actually pump your way to a larger cock? I always thought that was fake bullshit !!! i don’t have the patience to read all 9 pages of this thread - just read the first 2.
  12. CentralNJmuscle

    A Bodybuilder In Your Bed

    I lived with a wrestler who competed in bodybuilding. He was gay and only fucked other muscle boys. He was only attracted to and turned on by muscles. The year we lived together he dated one of the male gymnasts. I swear there were nights they would fuck each other six seven times. It was like they could cum and stay hard and keep going. I knew he was gay, he knew I wasn’t and we liked and respected each other. To be honest I liked pretending to be asleep while I watched them in the dim light. Many times I’d watch and jerk off because they both had smoking hot bodies. To me, watching hot naked muscular bodies going at it is so intensely hot. Loved the indentation on the side of their glutes that would flex when they thrusted. It was that first semester I learned what “skull fucking “ is and it was so intensely hot watching the pecs and abs on whichever guy was doing the skull fucking as he clasped his hands on the other guy’s skull.
  13. CentralNJmuscle

    A Bodybuilder In Your Bed

    I am by no means a “huge bodybuilder “ but I have been blessed with unusual strength, a nice body that gets noticed and gets attention and compliments- I have always been very physical and have been surrounded by strong muscular physical jocks- I have only fucked women but have been in group sexual scenarios i have found that people who work out a lot (both men and women) have higher sex drives and like having more sex and more physical / more adventurous sex. I’ve been with rock hard muscular women and they were the most amazing in bed. I’ve had a few that had clitorses the size of small penises which made it easier to get them to orgasm .....for me, the best most explosive most mind bending sex was with athletic women who love working out and are into their body and into being strong- they have higher testosterone which makes them physical and aggressive and horny as hell you do know that the Olympics is basically a giant orgy / sex party don’t you ? Young athletes have ridiculous libido- when I swam in college, the meets were a giant fuck fest. So much so, schools had cases of condoms on hand. I’d be in my hotel room banging the crap out of a swimmer from another team while my room mate was in the other bed doing the same thing. Back on our home campus we would try to fuck at least one athlete from each sport each year. Ask any college athlete and they will tell you, the athletes are the most sexually active and aggressive. Supposedly the swimmers and divers were at the top of the list for most active which makes sense: we spent so much time basically naked and wet with hot hard bodies on full display with very little left to the imagination. Just imagine being on a pool deck at 5 am with your team mates in a tiny little speedo and you pop “morning wood” because the girls are wearing those racing suits that expose more than 50% of their rock hard round glutes! There’s no hiding a throbbing hard on. Every season I’d hook up with at least one of them because they would see it (while I’m not gifted with a huge porn star cock, I am larger than average but it’s best feature is the large pronounced mushroom head the outline of which could be made out when I was fully hard. Inevitably a girl would catch a glimpse and would eventually ask to see it. It led to lots and lots of blow jobs.
  14. CentralNJmuscle

    Why you started work outs?

    I grew up with muscle and strength having a major presence in my life. When I was 8 years old my dad built this amazing weight room for my brother (who was 17 at the time) who played football. His team mates would come over to lift and they rarely wore shirts. Lots of showing off: flexing and strength feats. I remember watching one kids muscles pop when he deadlifted 455 pounds. And then what it sounded like when all the weight crashed to the ground and how the ground seemed to shake. The teams tight end was 6foot 7 super muscular super strong and super arrogant one day he walked over to me shirtless with his six pack and as he approached I could see the outline of a massive cock in his mesh shorts . As he towered over me I bent my neck back to look up at him and when we made eye contact he bounced his pecs and had a cocky grin. He loved talking/ bragging about his size and how he loved leveling smaller guys on the football field. (Supposedly when he was 18 he started exotic dancing and had a reputation for fucking married housewives and the mom of one of their team mates) this was the start but more things happened i took naturally to swimming so I spent my summers in little speedo briefs. We had 2 guys that were 15 and 17 and they were absolutely chiseled muscle gods. Always bouncing their pecs, flexing bi’s And posing/ flexing for pictures. Girls on the team would squeal and grab at or take pictures of their pecs, delts, arms, and butts more motivation then in college it just went crazy for me. I became friends with wrestlers and other muscle jocks. I was swimming and lifting and eating properly and getting muscular. I loved locker room and shower time (we had one of those open rooms with shower heads along the wall with no privacy dividers). I became very comfortable and confident being completely naked and wet around muscular jocks with incredible bodies. One summer I lived with a group of athletes in a house and we all had great bodies. When someone would bring a hot girl around, we would all show off and a few times a few of the girls would “make their rounds” fucking each of us. This was where I had my first threesome with another guy (we took turns - while one fucked her, she sucked the other guy’s cock.....I put her on all 4’s and fucked her doggy style and loved watching my room mates muscles while she sucked his cock when I was 25 I was swimming at a big time Y aquatics complex (in a small speedo briefs of course- I was in major league show off mode at the time at 6ft 198 pounds of completely ripped defined muscle, people would say “you look more like a bodybuilder than a swimmer” and I was contemplating competing) as I exited the pool to go to the locker room a youth swim team was assembling for practice. I went to the locker room and as I turned down my row of lockers a kid came darting around the corner and bumped into me. He was lean and fit but small. He stepped back and I could see his eyes fixated on my chest shoulders and arms. As I was checking my phone he came back and pretended to need something from his locker. Out of the corner of my eye I could sense him staring. I put down my phone and turned to look at him and he nervously pretended to not look. I said “dude, it’s ok” then I turned towards him and hit a double biceps and said “you like?” - he was bright red and nodded yes with a dumbfounded look on his face. He left. 20 minutes later I’m over on the other side at the sink (there was a wall that divided the bathroom but it didn’t go all the way to the ceiling) he came back again with 2 of his friends and I heard “he must of left- you should have seen him he was effing jacked” so I yelled “I’m over on this side at the sinks” - the three of them came around the corner- I said “here ya go” and bounced my pecs then hit a double biceps ....it was fun
  15. CentralNJmuscle

    Huge giants

    Is it me or does any else get aroused when they see unusually tall couples and think / imagine that they have lots of phenomenal sex? i was in a big box retail store this weekend and this massive huge giant was shopping with his very tall athletic big framed girlfriend I was instantly hard as a rock imagining this deep bond they must have because of their unique status towering over the masses. I got as close as I could to guess - timate heights him: I was guessing easily at least 6’8” hugely muscled. Football player for college in town. Big brawny power lifter type with beard her: then be still my rapidly beating heart, I overheard someone ask her and she replied “six four without these shoes on so maybe close to six six and he’s six ten” ....”blah blah blah couldn’t hear what she said then she said she played volleyball “ and judging by the thickness and hardness of her quads and roundness of her glutes I knew she was a jock i feel like they must have amazing sex since : - I know from firsthand experience in college, the athletes did in fact have tons of sex and fucked other athletes -it is widely known fact that the Olympic village during Olympics is a giant orgy (seriously- they go through insane amounts of condoms ) - they have tremendous libidos from all the exercise and activity plus using your size to dominate smaller weaker opponents (not just physically but also mentally....more on that in a moment) is arousing As for mental domination..... i played basketball in a rec lead and we had 3 guys over six seven one of which was seven two. They played on a college team that had a sports psychologist teach them how to use their size to subtly intimidate and mentally dominate their opponents and we were out drinking one night and the seven footer was wasted and talked about how he loved playing this one team that only had one player that was six four and how he loved playing them and “knocking them all around the court “ and how he would get home after those games and in his words “fuck the living hell out of” his girlfriend because it made him feel so huge and dominant thoughts?