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    real profile.
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    lifting. love lifting
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    6 ft, 200 lbs 11% bf
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    well built lifting buddies to motivate me. Muscle meet ups. Hanging out with strong outgoing alpha jocks into lifting . Really like doing crossfit style workouts without a shirt on with other strong defined lifters who aren't wearing shirts either
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    unrealistic dream: 7 ft, 350 lbs 5% bf. Realistic / attainable dream: 6ft, 215 lbs, 7% bf so im not too far off
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    "natural (i highly doubt it) graham"
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    muscles of course. Being towered over by really tall alphas. Towering over shorter guys. Lifting shirtless with muscular defined guys

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  1. CentralNJmuscle

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    That would make a fun story for this blog.... he challenges me to meet him at a hotel for a fight. I show up and start shoving him around. He tries to fight back but he is no match for my size and strength and I proceed to dominate him and eventually demoralize him once he accepts that his resistance is futile. Once he resigns to the fact he has no shot , I take total control and turn him into my little bitch. He on his back on the ground, I sit on his chest and slap my cock on his face and chin then run my fingers through his hair and pulling his hair I lift his head up bringing it to my cock and I force it into his mouth - as I laugh and say “now you will serve your master, suck it hard until I say you can stop”
  2. CentralNJmuscle

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    Soooooo this happened last night......... we (the project team I am working with) went to a bar for dinner last night. When I go out with this group I “cheat” a little and put risers in my shoes (bare foot I would be 6 to 9 inches shorter than a few of the guys on the team- two are absolute giants, not just physically imposing but they have size driven alpha arrogant ego/ personalities and love to tell you how they “love living large and in charge “) and I wear tight revealing clothing. Standing with these huge guys seems to elevate my testosterone , makes me horny, and makes my cock nice and plump (if not completely hard at various times) so after dinner 5 of us stayed to hang out. Thankfully the large and in charge crew left, leaving me as the biggest in the group and definitely the most muscular. The shoes with the inserts made me 6’4”-6’5” as the bar filled up I noticed a group of young women behind me to my right. As the crowd grew they came closer to the point we were almost bumping into them. I had to be careful because I thought I might elbow the one girl in the head because of the height difference. Over an hour goes by and I lose track of them. A little bit after that I had to use the rest room. On my way back I get stopped by one of those girls .....”excuse me” with a tap on my right shoulder blade i turn and enthusiastically said hello. “I need your help” she said. “What’s up?” - “I’m getting stalked by a psycho ex and he’s making me scared- I couldn’t help but notice how nice and strong you look and wondered if you could kind of protect me “ “sure, what do you need me to do?” ”just hang with us and pretend we are together “ so she takes me over to meet her friends as I am meeting them all, they start rubbing their hands on my chest, grabbing my arms, and one grabbed my ass. One said “mmm what a specimen” right about then she grabs me and puts her arm around my waist and pulls in close. She taps me as if to signal something. At this point I notice a guy approaching. Evidently it was the ex. We lock eye contact and I see his eyes moving across my chest so I stood a little straighter and stuck out the chest a little more. Subtle but effective. About 10 mins later he left. About 20 mins after that she says “want to get out of here? Your place ok? He’s going to show up at my apartment “ we were in my corporate apartment about 20 mins after that, all clothes off about 5 mins after that. It was one of the best muscle worship sessions I have ever had. She told me my body made her soaking wet as she begged me to - - as she put it- “fuck me hard”- she pushed me down on the bed on my back, climbed on top, and took every hard inch deep inside. we fell asleep, woke up, did it some more, showered together, did it again, then one more for the road, then I drove her home. When we got there he was in parking lot waiting. As she walked up to the door he got out of his car. I quickly got out and walked over. “Everything ok here? Then I walked up to him, got nice and close without touching and said “I sure hope we can all be cool about all this” he didn’t say a word. Not a single word. not sure what this weekend will bring but bottom line: she was all over me because of my physique and loved touching/ feeling/ staring and told me my muscles make her “horny as hell”😜😎
  3. CentralNJmuscle

    Real Myostatin Kid, Now age (Year - 2000)

    I remember some kind of news show about a kid in Michigan with the condition. I remember being so turned on when the doctor said “his strength and muscular development in 10-15 years (he was 5 at the time) will be astounding “ i vaguely recall the prediction that he would “absolutely dominate “ in certain sports but also kind of recall something about swimming that had to be at least 10+ years ago
  4. CentralNJmuscle

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    YES!!!! So well said
  5. CentralNJmuscle

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    To say it helped my sex life immensely would be the understatement of the century. to be honest I’ve struggled with thoughts that it has created a sex addiction. If you look at the textbook definition of addiction I’d say my sex and muscle thing is borderline addiction
  6. CentralNJmuscle

    Muscle guys into twinks or average guys?

    Want to meet up next time I am in Fort Lauderdale? I could wear a skin tight shirt and my boots that make me 6ft 6 and I could serve you by doing whatever you want me to do to / with you - overhead lifts, size comparison, size domination, you name it, could be fun
  7. CentralNJmuscle

    Finding someone to worship

    There are some bodybuilders on Rent Men who travel.
  8. CentralNJmuscle

    What started this for you?

    I grew up with older brothers who were big huge strong muscular jocks who had jock friends that hung out at our house. We had a killer Home gym my dad set up and their team mates always came over to lift. They always took their shirts off and would flex. I was bit by the bug at a very early age. I was 7 when he took me to his high school weight room where I saw a senior who was 18 who won a state bodybuilding title working out (doing ez bar curls) shirtless. The way he stared down at his biceps for every rep and the smell of the sweat and iron. Totally completely hooked. he was cocky as hell. He tossed the bar and let it slam to the floor and he popped a double bi in the mirror. I was only 7 but I instantly got a hard on. I have so many more muscle stories from that moment on.
  9. CentralNJmuscle

    Muscle guys into twinks or average guys?

    That is the turn on for me. I grew up being dominated (mentally, psychologically, socially, emotionally, physically but not sexually) by big (tall and/ or muscular) strong cocky alpha jocks. I was small weak nerdy insecure unpopular so I set out to change that and went on the growth journey as I grew physically (and mentally, emotionally, socially) and became more comfortable and confident in who I am and what I like, the rush for me came from realizing I became what I always wanted to be and now people were in awe of me. One time on a business trip I was in a gym for the first time - everyone was regulars and I was the new guy, the outsider. I was wearing an under armour compression shirt that was skin tight and left nothing to the imagination- I might as well been shirtless- and this woman would not stop staring. We would pass each other and I could see her eyes staring at my chest and arms. Haing been shoved around and literally tossed through the air by a massive muscle giant when I was young I always wanted to experience that kind of power. So when I find small skinny guys that want me to do certain things to them I’m happy to serve. I make sure it’s all agreed to and respectful and I make it clear I am there to serve them and deliver the experience they desire. But it is quite a rush. i have not done what William Seed has done to his twink subs in movies like “Hide and Seek” but I will admit I am intrigued and find his super alpha cocky dominance to be intensely hot.
  10. CentralNJmuscle

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    Totally agree with you 100000% It is never ever ever cruel or demeaning to her. We ALWAYS discuss ideas and fantasies first, I listen to her wants needs and desires, then I file them away and then deliver at a later date when I know she’s in the right mood. and yes, I think what feels best and makes me feel most alive is that domination of her other lovers. She tells me all the time she’s never ever had such - as she calls it “amazing and mind bending sex” - monday this week we had amazing morning sex. She told me at lunch time: ”you fucked me so hard and so good I lost track of what day it was -it was like you fucked me into the end of the week” i was married to a mean person that thrives on humiliating me in a bad way and she destroyed my self confidence and self worth so this is helping me But this is all led and designed by current lover. Tonight she’s getting a scenario she described a few weeks ago. So far today she seems very much in the mood so if it keeps up, she’s got a nice surprise coming!!
  11. CentralNJmuscle

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    Of course it’s ok! I love that you are on this forum. (Gets me hot honestly) - women who are open and confident and willing to explore and experiment who love strong muscular guys are so hot and great to find. Please know I’m not a jerk like this thread makes me sound. I love to serve and please so expressing myself sexually how I’ve outlined in this thread is for her and to please her. It’s what she wants. She’s brought me out of a confused conservative shell. I do it all for her. I’m just grateful that I make her happy and she makes me feel so alive. This morning we experimented with 2 new positions and angles and she had three orgasms we were on to the next one but I had to get dressed to get to work. I am to passionate about and committed to my career for her (she wants to slow down work wise, I’m not ready) so we know we are not looking at a long term thing but I’m perfectly content being her sex toy . One morning this week she was upset and stressed- she attacked me and I gave it to her good. She was so relaxed and relieved afterwards and thanked me for letting her get the stress out. tonight we are going to a beach where they allow bonfires. We are doing a bonfire, watching the full moon rise and most likely having a few rounds on the beach in the moonlight i like (for the first time in my life) being her sex toy that she brags about to her friends. She takes pictures of my cock and shows her friends which in turn makes me more confident (not to mention horny as hell) a few years ago I was in a miserable marriage and had e.d. And needed pills. Here I am older and performing better than ever and having more sex, better sex than when I was in college
  12. CentralNJmuscle

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    She’s rather plain and ordinary - some would call her “butter face” (hot body but her face) but killer body for her age. Voracious sexual appetite. Aggressive and open about what she wants. She can be hot headed and emotional and manufacture needless drama. But we’re having fun. But my bi curiosities are still there and that may be “an itch I need to scratch “ at some point
  13. CentralNJmuscle

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    If I could afford it, I would own or manage a hard core gym complete with an outdoor free weight area where people could lift shirtless inwould give anything to be ina a gym all day every day and live breathe eat and sleep lifting. I would give anything to make it my life but it’s not reality for me so as a working stiff with a career I learned that I look better when I take a “less is more” approayand focus on being efficient but intense when I’m there. I focus on really feeling the pump in every rep. My body really responds best that way
  14. CentralNJmuscle

    How do straight bodybuilders worship

    I find we are in strange times. Sometimes I find women who act grossed out by big muscles and act like men who bodybuild are dumb meatheads who are shallow vain and have nothing to offer. In NYC , DC and the northeast especially. right now I’m in South Carolina and I’ve had women all over me in the weeks I’ve been here. Right now I’m sleeping with a woman who is crazy about my muscles. When she comes on to me she rubs my chest, delts, arms, glutes and whispers in my ear that my muscles get her wet. Last night I gave her 4 orgasms in one session. She loves being dominated and her favorite position is bent over on her knees and she begs me to be rough and dominant. She wants her ass smacked and her hair pulled. She can’t keep her hands off my body and seems to love my cock. I can honestly say this is the best sex I’ve ever had and it seems like my muscles get her horny. We lay in bed naked after sex and she rubs my body for an hour plus and when I wake up she rubs me more, gets horny, and we go at it again. She woke me up at 5:30 the other morning and climbed on top (she has a playboy model body with firm round high 38 D’s a tiny waist and a perfect ass. ) the nastier and more physical/ more dominant I am, the more she gets off. She tells me that when I act like a powerful dominant muscle man it turns her inside out with sexual desire. We went to dinner 1 night and I dressed in a super tight dress shirt and wore heeled boots with height increasing shoe inserts making me 6’5”....a trick I learned from another woman a while back.....we were in the bar area waiting for our table and she whispers to me that looking at me looking so huge towering over everyone knowing I was probably the strongest guy in the place was making her so wet and horny she didn’t think she was going to make it through dinner. There are definitely women out there that get freaky in the bedroom over muscle and large strong dominant alpha men. They aren’t easy to find but they are out there. I’m really lucky and I’m having the time of my life. today we met up after work. She’s seated on my couch and talking dirty. I walked over, stood over her, unzipped my fly, whipped out my cock, slapped her cheeks, rubbed it on them, traced her lips with the tip/ Big thick mushroom head of my cock.....I could never get away with this with most of the women I’ve known but this little nympho loves it. Absolutely loves it. I’ve never felt or acted this way. This weekend she wants to make some porn. She even has a costume (naughty school girl- little plaid skirt) and wants me to bend her over and pull her pig tails i swear I’m not making this up. I can’t believe it. I feel like a fucking porn star. A fucking dominant alpha muscle stud god. For the first time in my life I can do whatever I fucking want in the bedroom. The nastier I am the hotter she gets. This would not be happening if I wasn’t built. So years and years of sacrifice in the gym has paid off. I get worshipped every day, twice a day by her. I may even have to settle down and keep this one around
  15. CentralNJmuscle

    Muscle girls worship on Instagram

    I find muscular women extremely hot and incredibly sexy. Alina Popa is probably my favorite of all. i went to wb270 (google it) and set up a worship session (my first ever) with a super muscular woman who turned out to be super cool. We had a nice hour together. Expensive but it was something I just had to do. She was huge for her height. She liked my body and my height. I stood behind her in the mirror as she flexed and was just over a full foot taller. My hunch is if I had stripped down to my underwear or posing trunks and offered enough money I could have messed around. I just may set up another session because I’m dying to see the size of her clit. (A lot of the bigger female bodybuilders have enlarged clitorises and they are easy to arouse and bring to orgasm) if you have the money the time and the freedom I recommend it. The one I met with was totally cool fun to hang out with and sexy as hell. I was able to rub my hands all over her rock hard physique. She loved the attention and the flattery. I praised the shit out of her and was in awe of her muscles. She definitely enjoyed my praise. Strong muscular women are the ultimate sex symbols to me. As long as you find ones that are into men. I generally only sleep with athletic women.

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