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    Near Philly
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    real profile.
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    lifting. love lifting
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    6 ft, 215 lbs 8-9% bf
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    well built lifting buddies to motivate me. Muscle meet ups. Hanging out with strong outgoing alpha jocks into lifting . Really like doing crossfit style workouts without a shirt on with other strong defined lifters who aren't wearing shirts either
  • What are your dream stats?
    unrealistic dream: 7 ft, 350 lbs 5% bf. Realistic / attainable dream: 6ft, 215 lbs, 7% bf so im not too far off
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    "natural (i highly doubt it) graham"
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    muscles of course. Being towered over by really tall alphas. Towering over shorter guys. Lifting shirtless with muscular defined guys

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  1. Hey, so instead of calling me a “homophobic douche” from your blank profile, have the courage to show who you are, I’m gay so why would I be homophobic, you’re more likely to be the homophobe. 

  2. check thebestflex.com I recommend....al3sutzu his skype, very real and courteous. I have met him face to face and done numerous camshows whith him At present he is 23 years old serious chest arms, lats and quads. Hope I helped u located a great guys to satisgy your worshiping needs as he has done for me....later

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