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    well built lifting buddies to motivate me. Muscle meet ups. Hanging out with strong outgoing alpha jocks into lifting . Really like doing crossfit style workouts without a shirt on with other strong defined lifters who aren't wearing shirts either
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    unrealistic dream: 7 ft, 350 lbs 5% bf. Realistic / attainable dream: 6ft, 215 lbs, 7% bf so im not too far off
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    "natural (i highly doubt it) graham"
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    muscles of course. Being towered over by really tall alphas. Towering over shorter guys. Lifting shirtless with muscular defined guys

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  1. Question for the gay or bisexual muscle men on here

    Thanks.....and thanks for addressing one of my main concerns (extreme guilt .....saying to myself “that’s just not right” “you have to stop doing that or feeling that way” ) ...I don’t like the “sizing up” and I also do not find anal sex or even kissing a man at all appealing yet I do think I could drop to my knees ......I feel so incredibly shallow and vain and superficial that I have such a “thing” for alpha jocks / hard bodies / tall giants.....I’ve often been told I am “too physical “ ( I know I have “suffered” from abnormally high hormone levels- despite never taking any form of steroids or HGH I had bad acne including “backne” and had to have surgery to remove gyro (“bitch tits”) ....but itbalmost feels like it is the personality and the confidence I am drawn to. I know my writings make me sound like a shallow ass, but I am an extremely kind person that can’t figure out his addiction to muscle, strength, physical performance oh well thanks again
  2. Netherlands

    I dream of visiting the Netherlands because I hear it’s a land of giants and that everyone is exceptionally tall. I hear women over 6 feet is common and men between 6’6” and 7 feet are common as well. I dream of going to a bar there and being the shortest in the room and towered over
  3. Question for the gay or bisexual muscle men on here

    So we tried dating for a while. She is ultra creative and asked me if I would be willing to go to a costume Halloween party with her in costume and I said sure. So I get home from work a few days later and she tells me we are going as these warrior gladiator types and asks how I feel about wearing heeled boots and a “very revealing “ outfit since I had been all-out hardcore training for a wile I was feeling ripped and confident enough to pull it off but self conscious about my body hair (as a former swimmer I am used to / prefer being smooth) and lack of sun. So she said “just wax and then spray tan if you want” so that I did! (There was a place in NYC where guys can get everything and I do mean everything waxed including all your junk) So the day of the party she lines up the costumes and we start getting ready. There wasn’t a lot to mine and I was basically shirtless with this breast plate armour thing but the surprise were these boots that she made. They made me between 7 and 8 inches taller! I didn’t know exactly how tall when I put them on until I stood up. She was standing over me as I put them on and as I rose she smiled and said oh yeah, fucking massive so she sits down and puts hers on. And she stands up and she’s also 6 inches taller (so now she’s standing 6’4”) so we grab the swords and stuff (we were a gladiator warrior type of couple) and depart . I had no idea what I was in for when we arrived at the bar. It was already crowded when we got there and as we worked our way through the crowd the look on everyone’s faces as they looked up at us was priceless I was getting groped and felt up and I was getting horny as hell. So a few drinks in we are standing by the bar ordering drinks and I turn around and we are surrounded by a semi circle of people that were anywhere from 6-12 and with one girl, 18 inches shorter than me. I couldn’t believe the rush of feeling like a giant as I looked down at their faces. So we were quite the center of attention. This was all new for me as I was always shy insecure and never the alpha. Between the buzz and the adrenaline I started taking on the character of my costume and I don’t remember what prompted it but I put my beer on the bar turned and stood over the group and flexed a double bi. I have never experienced that kind of rush. I thought I was going to blow a load right there. One of the guys we were with was next to me and the top of his head was at about my nipples. As I flexed my right arm a second time I rested my elbow on the top of his head. I was getting really into it. Then I took my right arm flexed it again and put my big round hard flexed bicep right in another guys face. I felt huge and dominant and I wanted to fuck them all. when we got back to the apartment neither of us could wait a second and we actually started fucking on the kitchen counter as soon as we got in. We get to the bedroom and she says “I want you to dominate me you massive super hero” so she gets on the bed on her knees and for the first time in my life I start fucking a girl doggie style. She told me exactly what she wanted me to do. “Pull my hair” - “smack my ass” - “harder” she wanted it rough. (I had never done this) this night changed me forever. The powerful feeling of thrusting myself inside her as I held her hips or one hand on one hip while the other pulled her hair or palmed her skull pulling her head back forcing her to look up at the ceiling or one hand on one hip and the other on one of her shoulders, I could feel the strength and power of every deep thrust. I looked down past my pecs and abs to see my hard cock going in and out. I was hooked she took me to a place I had never been. And there was no going back. It changed the landscape of our sexual behaviors. She made me very aggressive. A few nights later I came home and after we kissed and hugged she starts undressing me and I took my hand and put it on her shoulder and pushed downward, signaling “get down on your knees”....I unzipped my fly and took my semi aroused cock and slapped it against her cheek a few times, then took the palm of my hand and palmed the top of her skull gently guiding her back and forth before wrapping both hands around her skull as she sucked away she did it. She took me from shy insecure conservative nice guy to dominant alpha jock and we both liked it but FINALLY here is the question......and this is for the gay or bi muscle men on here...... were you always only interested in the same sex or did you start out Heterosexual and have curiousities that led you to explore and eventually switched? Did your quest for muscle start out because you thought you needed it to attract girls? (Initially that was me) now that I am muscular I find myself wanting to explore and maybe take turns playing the alpha dominator with another muscular jock. I don’t know the first thing about gay dating but are the roles (top vs bottom) always clearly defined and rigidly maintained? How does a muscular guy find another muscular guy and make his intentions known? As a result of that Halloween party I now find myself sometimes in the gym (when I’m feeling pumped and strong ) sizing up others and wanting to impose my will and my strength and force them to submit to my desires. But I also look at tall men or really muscular men and think about how I’d drop to my knees to take care of them as well. Is that at all normal? I can see getting bent over and forced to take it as well as bending someone over and forcing them to take it sorry for being so crass and graphic but this has been my evolution and I’m wondering if anyone out there understands it
  4. So this question/ conversation is for guys who have definitely decided they are somewhere between bisexual and gay ...... i was a scrawny dorky kid growing up with a big strong cocky powerful alpha brother who hung with athletes. Lots of cocky muscle guys always around . My first memory of muscle athletes was when he took me to his high school weight room. I can distinctly recall the smell of iron and sweat. Most guys were shirtless and built and moving unreal amounts of weight. I remember getting a raging hard on. I was instantly hooked. As I grew up by the time I got to college I had transformed a bit and was on the swim team. What I loved about swimming was the adrenaline (I’m guessing it was also sexual energy) of young hard bodies practically naked and all wet. At this point in my life I was fucking girls. Our regional swim meets were like a giant orgy. I used to get so much sex but the energy of the locker room with all of these long lean defined bodies in these teeny tiny speedos. The more endowed guys openly flaunted it and walked around naked with full on raging hard ons and it was kind of confusing because I didn’t want to admit or accept that deep down inside the curiosity had me kind of liking it. Trying to get to the question and running out of time but have to tell this story then I might need to jump off and come back later.... one day before practice I was sitting on the bench facing my locker untying my shoes. The team’s alpha (6’4” chiseled hung and cocky) comes down the aisle between me and my locker. As he goes to pass he turns his back to the lockers so he is facing me and as he passes he says oh excuse me and I’m staring right at his aroused cock. I was scared and embarrassed but I think he liked it. I said “jeezus Matt you’re gonna poke someone’s eye out with that thing” and we all laughed sorry for the tangent there so I keep swimming and after graduation started purely lifting and bodybuilding and enjoyed really nice steady progress and growth, eventually hitting 240 in my late 20’s. But still only exclusively fucking women. one woman was a swimmer from one of the teams I swam against. We would fuck the shit out of each other at regionals. Then not see each other for months. After college she got into powerlifting and now CrossFit. Huge thick quads, still has her swimmers V-taper, big broad shoulders, and rock hard round glutes. (I swear I’m not making this up but she reps 355 in the squat and can max 405) We became a serious couple and she did some stuff that changed me as a person in the bed room keep in mind I’m the nerdy dorky kid that was made fun of and beat up and bullied / pushed around (literally) by the alphas early in life as I tell you what I’m about to tell you......
  5. Enjoy your workout

    Definitely! What gym do you use?
  6. Giant men

    Besides muscle, my other fetish is really tall people. we were out at a club this weekend and I met a 7 footer! (Sadly happily attached to a 6’9” partner) but we had an interesting conversation. He told me there are only 2 drawbacks: clothes/ shoe shopping and flying (he asked me to imagine squeezing 7feet into a airplane bathroom) but the advantages and positives are numerous but one story that really horned me up was about a college research study he participated in for the psychology department. They matched him up with a really tall attractive woman and had the two of them go to a car dealership to negotiate the purchase of a car. They had him wear heeled boots making him close to 7’3” and had the girl (6’4” ) dress in a short skirt and high heels (making her 6’8”) they were to pretend they were a couple and they were told to do as much of the talking as possible while standing . He was told to stand in as close as possible and -to look at her frequently then look down at the sales person and then back at her, she was told to snicker and he was told that upon shaking the sales persons hand to place his left hand on the sales persons right shoulder (the psychology prof said this is a subtle sign of domination and intimidation) the sales person was 5’6” they were told to negotiate the purchase of a vehicle then they sent another couple in a few days later. The other couple was short. Guy was 5’2” and girl was 4’10” they were told to negotiate the purchase of the same vehicle as you can guess, the giant couple right out of the gate started at 20% lower and got a bigger price cut at the first round. He told me the salesman was so visibly nervous and uncomfortable and seemed like he just wanted to rush through and get it over with - he also was beet red and stammering and kept drinking water because he was having difficulty swallowing more later
  7. Exploring hard muscular bodies

    I’ve been addicted to muscle, bodybuilding, lifting, strength, size differences/ comparisons for most of my life- since 7 or 8 when I saw this muscular football player on my brothers team lifting shirtless and showing off / flexing and through every stage I’ve my life I’ve experienced muscle , cocky athletes/ jocks etc. now that I am older, more confident, more secure in who I am, more outgoing, more fun I am now looking for other muscular hard bodied athletic jocks who are not necessarily looking to get naked and do anything sexual but who would be up for a good lifting session followed by some flexing / mutual muscle admiration/ worship. I’m totally cool with whatever orientation you are (i think I am bicurious bordering on omnisexual) as long as you can respect my lack of clarity- maybe this session will help me get to the next level of realization- I have worshipped a huge massive female but I’m up for the next adventure. You don’t have to be jay cutler huge but you do need to be hard / ripped / defined and really confident and into your body and showing it off. Cocky is cool . Also into tall guys (at least 6’ 6” ) who like to remind people who is “large and in charge” (I had a 7 footer friend who liked pressing his chest into your face to show his size dominance over you....need to experience that again) also appreciate any leads or info on resources/ websites etc to help me find people to live out these bucket list experiences thanks in advance
  8. check thebestflex.com I recommend....al3sutzu his skype, very real and courteous. I have met him face to face and done numerous camshows whith him At present he is 23 years old serious chest arms, lats and quads. Hope I helped u located a great guys to satisgy your worshiping needs as he has done for me....later

  9. How do straight bodybuilders worship

    Ok wow- now you have me major league curious. My next frontier to explore is muscle worship with a muscular guy. I've had brief encounters but they never crossed the line into being sexual. I just can't see myself kissing another man or doing anything at all around the back door (I always wonder about the hygiene aspect of that) I do however see myself being capable of stripping down with someone at least as muscular as me (don't need a massively huge jay cutler type of physique but does need to be hard defined and the horny jock type that is just into his body and showing it off) and after some flexing and feeling I can see myself on my knees (while he's standing over me) allowing him to slap me with his cock and then force it into my mouth while his hands clutch my skull. But I would like / expect to do the same to him. Do you have any experiences like that? As for the taste of female jocks....lots of variations but the big difference with a female jock is their sex drive / libido/ confidence and adventurousness.....swimmers were always my favorite- oh what that chlorine does- but the strongest chicks that liked showing off their strength: soccer field hockey lacrosse....I liked volleyball and basketball because of their height made them love to be very dominant in bed.....did bang a bisexual softball player as a strong guy that is bigger than average (I am far from "huge"- I am 210 when I'm ripped ) I prefer strong girls who like it rough - the soft feminine type can be fun but I have to be careful and remember they are more delicate and I need to be more gentle....I have had really bad sex with prissy super hot girls who were absolutely boring as hell in bed. But I do love curves too though. college was one big fucking orgy. I think almost every guy on my team either fucked almost every female on the team with a few guys fucking each other and some guys fucking at least one player on every team. That was my goal and I only missed by one team : tennis. I did watch a 7'2" basketball player (make of course) fuck a really small dude 5'5" ish and get a standing blow job (both were standing)!from a girl so short she didn't have to get on her knees. (He was my room mate for a few weeks one summer and he was into having people watch so he'd bring them home and tell them I was asleep and I would pretend to snore). I found that so hot I got him to bring back a chick with huge tits and had him tit fuck her while they were both standing. He used to find short girls in the campus bar that had a height difference so that it was chest to cock and he said he would get instantly hard and if the bar was crowded enough to make it seem innocent, he would pretend to be working his way through the crowd and would brush or poke them with it. That was how he found little blow job girl. He said he was trying to work through the crowd and she turned and could feel his hard cock on her chin. His favorite way to pick up girls went like this: girl: "wow you're huge " (or really tall) him: "no really- I never noticed " girl: "how tall?" him (he'd either wear boots with heels or would lie): seven four girl: "I've always wondered- is EVERYTHING big?" him: "let's go somewhere and you can find out for yourself he said that worked about 70percent of the time and at least got a hand or blow job out of it and sometimes sex if he was drunk and the bar was crowded enough he'd show them in the bar and got a few blow jobs right there. I had to shield him a few times. We had a code. He would palm the top of my skull and turn me in a different direction and position me to block the view. A very different kind of cock blocking that's for sure
  10. How do straight bodybuilders worship

    Absolutely you can - any time. If you haven't noticed I have really explored this in a great deal of depth and my advice to all is this: being open to explore and be 100% honest leads to incredible levels of health happiness and confidence. Last night is worth sharing...... so this picture was in my Facebook feed. I'm sharing with all of you because as I build the context on this topic it will give you insight into what drives me as someone who can see strong bi curiousities look in the lower right corner of the picture...Check out the size and hardness of her lat/ delt/ and upper arm. We can't see her glutes or quads but when I look between her legs I drool I get instantly hard and I so badly wanted to use my tounge on the insides of her thighs up to her pleasure center. So much so I could literally taste her. So I called a female swimmer friend that's trapped in a horrible marriage and we met at a hotel last night. I was up front about what I wanted and needed and she told me we couldn't meet up fast enough. Shes now a crossfit chick on top of the swimming (she was a D1 college swimmer). She deadlifts 365. She's 5'10" 180 and muscular enough to see her abs. She's big and intimidating. She's also a fucking animal in bed. i got down between her massive thighs in under 15 minutes and she reeled of three orgasms. By the time I flipped her over on to her knees she was soaking wet and I smacked that big strong ass. As I looked down at her massive back you had no way of knowing (other than where my cock was) if she was male with long hair - that I Was Pulling- or female.) I worked her over better than her soon to be ex ever could. She had six O's in round 1 (before I had to explode) It was intense and physical. We agree we have outrageous sexual chemistry and she always asks me what it is that I see in her because "most men think I'm too big and intimidating " and I tell her that is exactly what draws me to her (plus she tastes so good she makes my mouth water and my dick hard just thinking about it) and she gets the biggest most amazing smile. I have to remember to tell you about going as her date to the formal awards banquet when we were in college i share this because as I've explored my sexuality on my journey therapists have said I like women with masculine features (I have pleasured clitorises the size of small penises - you want to talk about HOT) - it has been described as being like dark chocolate with sea salt. The combo of sweet and salt and then the combo of strong yet feminine ( like breasts and a wet vag)
  11. How do straight bodybuilders worship

    Ok- I'm getting there. All of this story telling is to build the context so you can understand my journey and how I arrived at my current orientation on this subject
  12. Swole and High

    I had a power lifter turned bodybuilder room mate a few years back. He was 6'3" 245 super strong body and looks of bradley Martyn. Cocky and arrogant. Never wore a shirt around the house. It was interesting when he got high. He'd force whoever was around into submissive worship and would impose his size and strength. He would remind you that you had no choice "or else" .....it got interesting watching him in this altered state. He was totally different- totally into his body. His size. His strength. If he was way out there he'd get completely naked and once I watched him force our other room mate (poor weak small helpless guy) to his knees. I remember how he laughed as he slapped his cock against the small guys face. He placed one hand on the top of the little guys head and used his other hand to masturbate and the way he humiliated the guy as he blew his load all over his face
  13. Enjoy your workout

    Absolutely!!!! I grew up in awe of muscle and I've spent my life working on it (devoutly natural) sure it's taken me 25 years but I've done it naturally. Now I get stares comments and compliments. Now I am one of the guys I looked up to wanted to be and was in awe of. So damn right I love gym time. Really love deadlifting. Love wearing compression shirts on chest day. Love going sleeveless compression on arm day. Love the stares. Love it late at night (it's a gritty hardcore 24 hour access bodybuilder power lifter crossfit gym) when shirts come off. I sacrificed for this so I'm living it to the max. My profile pic is real. I built that naturally
  14. How do straight bodybuilders worship

    Back to the point (I have so many stories of the havoc my brother caused on the football field but let me get to the point) my senior year of high school I'm filling out, gaining size strength and confidence. One day I was wearing a pair of timberlands that I had just bought. They rubbed my ankles which caused blisters but I loved the look and the heel (it made me 2 inches taller ) so I hated to get rid of them. So I tried shoving pairs of thick socks in the bottom so my ankles would be above the spot that was rubbing them. Oh and added bonus: they made me a little taller and I loved it. Put me around six four. So im late for class and rushing to get in. As I turn the corner I bump into a really short skinny classmate. My chest was feeling particularly hard and pumped and I was wearing a shirt that was pretty tight. As we collided I looked down and his face is in my chest. Instant hard on. I wanted to toss him around the way i remembered being tossed around as a kid. That night my bedtime fantasy was tossing him around like a toy. I fantasizes that he pissed me off so I pulled him out of his car (he was a cocky little rich kid with a little convertible) by his neck and tossed him aside and proceeded to flip his car over (like I once saw a power lifter do on a tv show) then I made him watch while his girlfriend worshipped my body and I fucked the crap out of her. None of that actually happened but it made for a few good j/o sessions. But let's get back to reality...... my entire life has been around strong athletic muscular people both male and female. I've been completely naked around other built athletes in locker rooms countless times. It was just life as an athlete especially swimming where you are basically naked all the time with your team. Sexual explorations at this point (high school) were with girls on the team but there was this strange but intense and powerful curiosity and infatuation with other males bodies. Who had the pecs who had the quads who had the best abs or arms who had the biggest bulge or who liked showing off because he had the biggest cock in the locker room But college is where it really got interesting .....
  15. How do straight bodybuilders worship

    This is where it officially began for me. I took to the weights with everything I had. I've got lots of muscle related stories but I want to get to the point of this thread and it's original post. Guess what.....I started growing and fast- I started senior year at 6ft tall. Only around 185 but single digit body fat - awesome definition and while my legs were not much I got attention for pecs delts and arms. I was allowed to give up wrestling mid way first season and focus on swimming and spent more time than I was allowed lifting I was only dating girl jocks mostly swimmers. Lots of feeling up each other's bodies. I was getting blow jobs and hand jobs from the girl swimmers but we were all afraid of sex / pregnancy but that didn't stop us from lots of fooling around. But for 4 years I couldn't figure out why I was getting so hard looking at muscular male bodies and jerking off to muscles both male and female (I blew countless loads to pictures of Denise rutkowski ) and anything related to strength. The rush of adrenaline and hormones was addicting. Side story: visiting my brother at his college we were in the car behind him and his team mates looking for parking. Couldn't find any and we came upon a BMW roadster convertible parked sideway across 3 spots my brother gets out comes over and says "hold on. We got this". The 5 of them proceed to spin the car around so it is parked correctly in one spot allowing us to park. Watching these huge guys move the car around aroused me so much something started leaking from the tip. I thought I was cumming. Their massiveness and power and the confidence and pride they exuded. I need to remember to tell you about his senior year of high school when opposing teams were literally afraid of our team because of the size of our line but I need to stay focused more