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    lifting. love lifting
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    6 ft, 200 lbs 11% bf
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    well built lifting buddies to motivate me. Muscle meet ups. Hanging out with strong outgoing alpha jocks into lifting . Really like doing crossfit style workouts without a shirt on with other strong defined lifters who aren't wearing shirts either
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    unrealistic dream: 7 ft, 350 lbs 5% bf. Realistic / attainable dream: 6ft, 215 lbs, 7% bf so im not too far off
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    "natural (i highly doubt it) graham"
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    muscles of course. Being towered over by really tall alphas. Towering over shorter guys. Lifting shirtless with muscular defined guys

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  1. CentralNJmuscle

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    I agree - I thought the same thing when I read Flmuscle’s post and looked at the picture. Definitely agree .......in fact, looked at my travel schedule to see if I could get to florida some time soon
  2. CentralNJmuscle

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    My advice based on my experience to date: be friendly, polite, respectful, open. Set / manage expectations up front i have been both the worshipper and the one that was worshipped. I have certain ground rules and discuss those before we meet. I’ve had guys back away after hearing them because our goals were not in alignment. i work very hard and make a lot of sacrifices for my body and it has been a lifelong pursuit. I enjoy sharing it with anyone that enjoys and appreciates it. I don’t do it for money because as others have posted above, it’s not my career and I don’t need the income to fund the lifestyle. It’s purely a hobby that makes me feel amazing and alive all the time. if you are ever on the east coast of the USA I’d allow you to do just about whatever you want with my body. My sessions are always mutually beneficial (it’s not all one way unless my worshipper specifically requests / wants / needs to be dominated and wants me to play the role of cocky verbal dominant alpha stud. I aim to please and your satisfaction is guaranteed as long as we agree to my boundaries orgasms always happen and it makes no difference to me when they occur. I have to confess, it’s quite a rush for me watching my lover or worshipper climax - I’m a humble down to earth guy but I’d be lying if I tried to say it wasn’t a bit of an ego boost. it all comes to communication- just be clear and honest- and if it doesn’t happen move on to the next. ive never been into big huge roided types - roid gut is a huge turnoff. I prefer defined hard and aesthetic - I can get fired up by swimmers gymnasts and collegiate wrestlers (not pro WWF types) - for me it’s more important that the person is very into my body and their body. They have to be comfortable in their own skin and be comfortable being naked. I tend to prefer athletic outgoing gregarious semi-cocky confident jocks with a lot of energy. I would hate a quiet nervous worshipper. If you are truly going to worship me then worship me and treat me / make me feel like a God / stud. We will BOTH enjoy it more
  3. CentralNJmuscle

    Tall people

    It must be a primal evolutionary dominance thing. Somewhere in another thread someone posted how it makes him fell knowing he has dominance over his lover’s previous lovers my final semester in college after 5 steady consistent years of lifting and dieting and living with wrestlers and bodybuilders I was in my best shape up to that point in my life and it got me plenty of attention and plenty of action I was on the water polo team (yes, we wore the speedo briefs that left little to the imagination) and a girl from the gymnastics team was there to watch her boyfriend. While he was my team mate I hated the kid. He was obnoxious and cocky and talked unjustified trash - he was a perfect textbook example of “little man with a big mouth “ overcompensating for some napoleon issues maybe. I think he was around 5’6”-( I would get so horny watching our 6’7” team mate standing over him and would fantasize about watching Greg the big guy manhandle and dominate Steve) afterwards we were on deck and I caught her staring at my body including either my abs or my speedo bulge (I’m no porn star down there but I am quite content knowing I’m larger than average but it’s best feature that every lover raves over is the largeness of the thick pronounced mushroom head) i will be the first to admit that while I was very straight at this point in my life I would get aroused when standing for the most part naked around other nearly naked wet hard muscular bodies and add to it even more aroused knowing that someone is staring at and ogling my body later that night my phone rings and it’s a drunk girl on the other end. It was her. I’ll cut to the chase - she wanted to get together. I asked what about Steve (her boyfriend) and she said “don’t worry he went home to visit his family) so I went over. When she greeted me I didn’t realize how tiny she was until I stood over her in the doorway. I’m 6’1” in the boots I was wearing but I felt like a giant because she was 4’9” she wasted little time coming on to me. As she’s running her hands on my chest she’s in awe and says “oh my god you are so big I’ve never been with someone so huge before “ sure that made me feel amazing but the best was yet to come. After some making out she goes to remove my pants. I’m throbbing and fully erect at this point. I thought the look on her face and her comment would make me blow my load. “OH MY GOD IVE NEVER SEEN ONE SO BIG” (again I’m no porn star but if I’m horny and it’s been a while, I’ve been just a bit shy of 8 with proportional girth) as if it wasn’t amazing enough being physically so large and imposing hold her tiny little hard gymnasts body and moving her around the bed with ease, knowing that I was about to give her the largest cock she had ever handled was an incredible rush as i slid inside her I couldn’t believe how wet she was but how tight - not having protection I had to pull out and I thumped by big hard cock on her lower abdomen and she gave it the final tug before a massive load came all over her little body. She was in such a state she said she thought she was going to pass out. We fell asleep. Her room mate comes home at some point in the night and climbs into the other bed. Stacy asks me if I would do it while her roommate is in the room. I was a bit reluctant because at this point I hadn’t ever had another person present but we started to go at it. As Stacy is moaning she says “holy fuck it’s so big you’re fucking huge and I can’t take my eyes off your massive chest but I want to watch you going in and out of me” we probably fucked 8 or 9 times before Steve came back. Probably half the time the roommate was present. What to this day I remember the most was how amazing it felt when she talked about how much bigger I was than her douchey little boyfriend ......I would love to know if the next time they had sex if he knew I had loosened her up with my superior cock About 2 weeks later I’m at a bar and I feel someone behind me grab my right arm (wrapped their hand on my right bicep) and I turn and this hot hot hot chick says “you don’t know me but you fucked my room mate Stacy two weekends ago and she tells me you are really good “!then she pulled me in close and seductively whispers in my ear : “and REEEEALLY big........are you up for some fun” the bar was crowded enough that she was able to grab it through the outside of my pants and start rubbing it. I thought I was going to blow a massive load right there so I had to get her to stop
  4. CentralNJmuscle

    Tall people

  5. CentralNJmuscle

    Tall people

    I used to go out with a group of friends regularly when I lived in Chicago. One guy was 7’1” every single time when we were out he was obviously the center of attention. On any given night we’d be approached by women and as they would start to say “how...” he’d cut them off and say “seven one and yes everything IS bigger”- about 8 out of 10 times he would end up taking at least one home for a hook up. I say “at least” because I was asleep on his couch when he had two in his bedroom and they were definitely finding out that everything was bigger. He bragged his best most effective pick up line was “I’m seven feet one” and how some women would get wet just standing next to him. To answer @britmusclejock yes, shorter guys are definitely intimidated and all the tall guys I am or have been friends with through the years know that their height is intimidating and they use it to their advantage. In sports and in business. We did a study in my college psych class. We sent three men, one 5’4” one 6 ft and one 6’10” into a car dealership to shop for a specific vehicle using the same salesperson. Right out of the gate, the giant got the better deal that he negotiated even further. He would stand over the salesman and stand as close to him as he could. When they met and shook hands, the tall guy placed his hand on the salesman’s shoulder. Psychology has proven the subconscious advantage this gives the taller person because of the dominance. I’m not even huge but I’ve had more
  6. CentralNJmuscle

    Tall people

    I have a pair of timberlands and shoe inserts that would make you an intimidating towering 6 feet fucking 10 .....I’d love to have someone your size nearly 7 feet tall tower over me and make me feel small and insignificant what would be really cool would be to go out to some bars/clubs with you and watch people react to you im 6 ft and wear them so I can experience what it’s like to be your size and in NJ (with the various ethnicities that tend to be on the short - or should I say “vertically challenged “ side) 6’5” can feel gigantic.......in the Midwest not so much but in Jersey, definitely HMU if that interests you
  7. CentralNJmuscle

    What draws you you to muscle?

    I love everything about the muscles I’ve sacrificed to develop and love muscles on other people (regardless of gender or orientation) and it’s so much more than just the visual aesthetic muscle is just plain sexy on men and women what I really like are people who flaunt it (subtlety) im definitely a pecs and arms guy for sure
  8. CentralNJmuscle

    Tall people

    Something is wrong with me why am I so sexually aroused (to the point of being obsessed) by tall men and women???? im 6ft. Today I was visiting (guest speaker) at a college campus. I was walking down a corridor when I approached an intersection with another corridor. Coming at me from the right was a group of men’s basketball players and coming from the left was a group of women’s either volleyball or basketball. I felt small diminutive and insignificant as I was towered over by these tall beautiful fit young hard bodies. I didn’t even come up to the shoulders of 2 of the men - one was definitely a 7 footer and it felt as though The top of my head was near the chin of the two smoking hot blonde women with breathtaking long legs they exuded so much confidence and swagger bordering on cockiness - I felt like I was in a valley- one even looked at me and gave a cocky grin i overheard one guy say “did you guys just lift- want to go eat?” i was instantly hard as a rock and actually worried something might start dripping/ oozing out that’s how turned on I was- I can’t stop thinking about them fucking each other and breeding children that are even taller and more superior but it’s like they have their own special private elite club up there where the genetically superior look down upon the lowly masses. I felt sorry for the young man and woman in front of me. She couldn’t have been more than 5’2 or 3 and he was maybe 5’6” - after we passed I heard her say to him “wow they were so huge they made you look so tiny” .....you could tell he was embarrassed and emasculated
  9. CentralNJmuscle

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    Does anyone even understand how tumblr makes any money? Users don’t pay and I’ve never seen an ad! Where does the revenue come from ? I wondered if it’s a Social engineering / spying tool for the government 😆😆
  10. CentralNJmuscle

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    That would make a fun story for this blog.... he challenges me to meet him at a hotel for a fight. I show up and start shoving him around. He tries to fight back but he is no match for my size and strength and I proceed to dominate him and eventually demoralize him once he accepts that his resistance is futile. Once he resigns to the fact he has no shot , I take total control and turn him into my little bitch. He on his back on the ground, I sit on his chest and slap my cock on his face and chin then run my fingers through his hair and pulling his hair I lift his head up bringing it to my cock and I force it into his mouth - as I laugh and say “now you will serve your master, suck it hard until I say you can stop”
  11. CentralNJmuscle

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    Soooooo this happened last night......... we (the project team I am working with) went to a bar for dinner last night. When I go out with this group I “cheat” a little and put risers in my shoes (bare foot I would be 6 to 9 inches shorter than a few of the guys on the team- two are absolute giants, not just physically imposing but they have size driven alpha arrogant ego/ personalities and love to tell you how they “love living large and in charge “) and I wear tight revealing clothing. Standing with these huge guys seems to elevate my testosterone , makes me horny, and makes my cock nice and plump (if not completely hard at various times) so after dinner 5 of us stayed to hang out. Thankfully the large and in charge crew left, leaving me as the biggest in the group and definitely the most muscular. The shoes with the inserts made me 6’4”-6’5” as the bar filled up I noticed a group of young women behind me to my right. As the crowd grew they came closer to the point we were almost bumping into them. I had to be careful because I thought I might elbow the one girl in the head because of the height difference. Over an hour goes by and I lose track of them. A little bit after that I had to use the rest room. On my way back I get stopped by one of those girls .....”excuse me” with a tap on my right shoulder blade i turn and enthusiastically said hello. “I need your help” she said. “What’s up?” - “I’m getting stalked by a psycho ex and he’s making me scared- I couldn’t help but notice how nice and strong you look and wondered if you could kind of protect me “ “sure, what do you need me to do?” ”just hang with us and pretend we are together “ so she takes me over to meet her friends as I am meeting them all, they start rubbing their hands on my chest, grabbing my arms, and one grabbed my ass. One said “mmm what a specimen” right about then she grabs me and puts her arm around my waist and pulls in close. She taps me as if to signal something. At this point I notice a guy approaching. Evidently it was the ex. We lock eye contact and I see his eyes moving across my chest so I stood a little straighter and stuck out the chest a little more. Subtle but effective. About 10 mins later he left. About 20 mins after that she says “want to get out of here? Your place ok? He’s going to show up at my apartment “ we were in my corporate apartment about 20 mins after that, all clothes off about 5 mins after that. It was one of the best muscle worship sessions I have ever had. She told me my body made her soaking wet as she begged me to - - as she put it- “fuck me hard”- she pushed me down on the bed on my back, climbed on top, and took every hard inch deep inside. we fell asleep, woke up, did it some more, showered together, did it again, then one more for the road, then I drove her home. When we got there he was in parking lot waiting. As she walked up to the door he got out of his car. I quickly got out and walked over. “Everything ok here? Then I walked up to him, got nice and close without touching and said “I sure hope we can all be cool about all this” he didn’t say a word. Not a single word. not sure what this weekend will bring but bottom line: she was all over me because of my physique and loved touching/ feeling/ staring and told me my muscles make her “horny as hell”😜😎
  12. CentralNJmuscle

    Real Myostatin Kid, Now age (Year - 2000)

    I remember some kind of news show about a kid in Michigan with the condition. I remember being so turned on when the doctor said “his strength and muscular development in 10-15 years (he was 5 at the time) will be astounding “ i vaguely recall the prediction that he would “absolutely dominate “ in certain sports but also kind of recall something about swimming that had to be at least 10+ years ago
  13. CentralNJmuscle

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    YES!!!! So well said
  14. CentralNJmuscle

    How has gaining bigger muscles helped your sex life?

    To say it helped my sex life immensely would be the understatement of the century. to be honest I’ve struggled with thoughts that it has created a sex addiction. If you look at the textbook definition of addiction I’d say my sex and muscle thing is borderline addiction
  15. CentralNJmuscle

    Muscle guys into twinks or average guys?

    Want to meet up next time I am in Fort Lauderdale? I could wear a skin tight shirt and my boots that make me 6ft 6 and I could serve you by doing whatever you want me to do to / with you - overhead lifts, size comparison, size domination, you name it, could be fun

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