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  1. just gonna leave this here . . . from the IFNB Anaconda 2016 pre-contest shots . . . You guys in for some chat as this progresses NOW???
  2. The 2016 IFNB Anaconda South American Naked Bodybuilding Championships are about to start up over on the IFNB: http://ifnb.blogspot.comWho's in to chat about the action? I LOVE when they do the contests, and it is SO much fun to treat it the way the creators seem to want us to – as if it were a "real sport' and were "really happening."Who's in for this next contest to regularly chat?
  3. Any f you dudes following the coverage of the Pan-Africas? I think it's too soon to tell the winners, but my gut tells me we might see another Douton domination this year! Who agrees/disagrees???
  4. I think the idea is that they are such animals that "hetero" and "gay" are irrelevant. But I understand what you mean; the inclusion of women in the world. I think they keep it all male in like the Greek tradition; the irony that they would be prudent and separate the genders yet behind the scenes it is sexually ravenous!
  5. The IFNB's recent series, the Amateur Showcase (Co-sponsored by HyperDev Labs) has me wondering if anyone has "heard" any background on any of their amateurs? Often, IFNB fans will write up "what they've heard" about the monster muscle & horse cocked alpha athletes they cover. This series has a lot of amazing up and "cummers" and so I was wondering if any of you dudes wanted to post some quick notes or tales about these guys . . . ? For example, a fellow fan told me that Janos Peralek is allowed to train naked in his gym, and the gym owner sells protein drinks made of his cum. Likewise, Ignacio Jule recently had the cops visit his house. Neighbors heard cries of extreme agony coming from his apartment. Knowing Jule is a massive muscle brute, they sent two of the biggest, most jacked muscle cops to investigate. They found Jule flexing his massive muscles while his monster cock was slammed into as bodybuilder on the bed. While the bodybuilder was screaming in agony as the massive cock tore him open, it was clear to the police he was willingly offering his muscled ass to Jule while the monster practiced flexing. Word is the two cops were driven so wild with alpha lust for Jule that they, too, eagerly opened their thick gluteus for the competitor to practice with. What stories have you "heard"? Go check out some of the amateurs and post some quick ideas below!
  6. For those who have checked it out, kind of curious who you are fans of? I am a JK Roher fan (who isn't?) but thinK Matt Boyer has an awesome future. I hope we see more of Buck Hammer, too. Anyone have their faves?
  7. I am hoping there are other fans of the IFNB out there… It is, in my opinion, one of the best, consistent and intensely erotic muscle fiction series out there! I have been VERY in to the ongoing muscle fiction of the IFNB for a few years. It is a unique work, because it is not told like a traditional story but is told via "reports" from the world of the IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding). Every post is coverage of a contest, backstage or personal profile of huge, hung, alpha-aggressive athletes. Over the course of the short posts, story lines and themes emerge and it becomes VERY hot. The creator(s?) clearly know the real world of competitive bodybuilding yet also have broad-ranging imaginations. Everything from vanilla muscle worship to hardcore gang rape and everything in between! Old-young, coach-jock, hetero and homo, extreme sex and basic showing off . . . it all seems to happen in this world. The cool part is that they acknowledge in clever ways how this has been going on in real life and why none of us are familiar. They are tethered to real life (even if the muscle growth stuff is sometimes pure science fiction), so it makes it hotter. I also like how they RESPOND TO OUR COMMENTS and the storyline follows the fans' interests. The hot discussions and sub-fantasies that emerge are sometimes as hot as the posts themselves. I really get into chatting IFNB with other fans, so thought I'd post here and see who else loves these stories?
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