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  1. "Fuck, wen is you?" Jack couldn't believe the giant slowly squeezing his body into the little door, the huge chest muscles breaking the fragile solid wood door, the huge oak thighs than him. The whole body is still huge! "Of course, haha, man, you look so small now." Wen entered the house after destroying half of the door. He looked down and saw that Jack's dick could not be controlled by him, and he laughed when he was already wet. Up, the low and sexy voice made Jack greet the second orgasm. "Sorry... I have to come....." Jack shyly covered his trousers wet with semen and wanted to turn around and go into the toilet to solve his difficulties. "Hey, man, you don't need to be afraid, no one can resist this physical energy, even if you are a straight man, oh, a straight man." Wen raised his hands and shrugged. "Come on, I know you want to feel this huge muscle, don't you want to touch this hot 8-pack?" Wen pressed the low voice to a lower level. The rumbling sound shook the whole house like a devil's whisper. Jack was involuntarily attracted by huge muscles. His hands touched wen's abdominal muscles and rubbed his cock. With Wen's giant thigh, he felt his muscle stripes, like a devout believer admiring his muscular god. "Yes, fucking, seeing my unstoppable muscles makeing can't control youslef! Brothers look at your lascivious look hahahaha, fucking this is only level 9, this year I will continue the second course, I will be the only 15th-level muscle god in the world!"
  2. pt2 Sorry to update the second chapter so late. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A year later, Jack went to the genetic test and found that he was not in the adaptation list, and the people around him did not adapt to the genetic agents. Even many people who adapted were only 1-2, he was still tall and strong. representative. So he didn't care too much about it. Another day, Jack is preparing to participate in the training of the basketball team. His father shouted at him. "Today your little brother will come back. You must wait for him at home because Li Na and I need a date today." Jack can only wait at home after hearing it, and think about how to fuck the babes next door at night. BOOM! ! ! BOOM! ! ! BOOMMMMMMMMMM! Suddenly a huge voice came from the door of Jack's house! Like an ancient siege hammer, the wall was smashed, and even the whole house began to vibrate. Jack rushed to the door to see what was going on, but the light at the door was blocked. He couldn't understand what was going on. Jack opened the door and Jack was scared to take a step back. "Fuc................hell no!" Jack is just a rip muscle mountain, exuding amazing heat and masculinity, weird huge bumps like stuffed A 2 liter of soda is inside, a weird blood vessel wraps around his body, and even his forearm is bigger than his body! The huge pec blocked his face, Jack couldn't see his face, but... "Hey, brother, your house seems too small." The low and sexy voice bombarded Jack's body like a hundred subwoofers. The glass was shaken by this sound, and Jack's dick heard it. When the sound of sexual energy is unable to control himself and shoot the semen, like the most perfect sex, Jack has spent the most intense climax of his life. Then the muscle giant confused Jack did not respond, he collapsed, and then looked at Jack's involuntary climax, looked at the door, impatient: "I can't seem to come in, brother, this door is too small." Jack now finally sees the giant's face, he wears glasses, has a sexy beard, like a Hollywood hot star, no, a hotter face than a star, close to an unnatural handsome, just as Jack looks at the giant guy's When the face made its second climax, he recognized it. The muscular giant who is more than 8 feet tall and a thousand pounds seems to be his "little brother" wen.
  3. 受到jaypat的启发,我决定制作类似的漫画故事。 这是我的第一个故事。英语不是我的母语,因此可能存在一些语法错误。我希望每个人都能理解并提出建议。 -------------------------------------------------- ------------------- 温是亚洲人。他跟随母亲探望了美国的亲戚。温家宝在那里看到了他未被玷污的大哥哥,他的继父的儿子杰克。 像他强壮的父亲一样,杰克是一名高大的篮球队队长。他身高6.4英尺,肌肉强壮,充满了代表力量的血管。幸运的是,杰克很友善。 在假期那天,杰克一起在野外锻炼。 “我做不到!” 温家宝坐在地板上说:“我不能跑,让我休息吧。” “兄弟,你不能这样做,只是热身!” 杰克走向温,用臀部看着他,然后蹲下来,伸手去拿。 “真是......”只看到一个强壮的麝香强壮的身体,无尽的睾丸激素,他的身体汗水闪闪发光,让杰克的肌肉看起来更加强壮,就像一个好莱坞演员英俊的脸,甚至他的包装看起来巨大而且非常猥亵。 “伙计,你应该每天都像我一样运动,让更多人喜欢它。” 杰克帮助韦恩,然后他显示了双二头肌。 “上帝,你还记得那个邻居的辣妹吗?她邀请我今晚去她家,我等不及了!” 杰克饥肠辘辘地摸着他那巨大的阴茎,在他的二头肌上微笑着点亮。。 温看着杰克完美的身体和傲慢的行为,硬化的阴茎开始泄漏并开始浸泡他的内衣。 “我不想听你怎么做爱,我现在只想回家!” 当文回到家时,他和母亲一起回到了自己的国家。杰克也回到平常生活,直到看到一份新报纸。
  4. need some help! If you dare interested, you can see my commission


  5. my commission is open!

  6. I hope someone can write a story for my art!

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