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  1. Love your artwork!  I'd love to meet a man like that...get toyed with and crushed...lifted, worship him totally!  

  2. need some help! If you dare interested, you can see my commission


  3. alwa201

    MG in VR

    hope to have more resources
  4. my commission is open!

  5. alwa201

    Muscle, size comparison chart

    Statistical same height
  6. alwa201

    Muscle, size comparison chart

    Thanks for your advice, I will upload later related statistics
  7. I hope someone can write a story for my art!

  8. alwa201

    Muscle, size comparison chart

    haha, I hope everyone on the forum creative muscle growth story / comic / etc have more help.
  9. alwa201

    Muscle, size comparison chart

    Weight is more difficult to calculate, and hope to have a professional formula!
  10. I recently discovered that many people really puzzled muscle size, so I used daz studio in the Measure Metrics plug-in statistics compared a muscular giant and an ordinary person.

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