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  1. alwa201

    m/m Genetic problem

    Inspired by jaypat, I decided to create similar comic stories. This is my first story. English is not my native language, so there may be some grammatical errors. I hope everyone can understand and propose. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Wen is an Asian. He followed his mother to visit relatives in the United States. There, Wen saw his unblooded big brother, his stepfather’s son, Jack. Like his strong father, Jack is a tall basketball team captain. He is 6.4 feet tall and has strong muscles filled with blood vessels that represent strength. Fortunately, Jack is friendly to wen. On the day of the holiday, Jack took wen together to exercise in the wild. "I can't do it!" Wen sat on the floor and said, "I can't run, let me rest." "Brother, you can't do this, it's just warming up!" Jack walked over to Wen and looked at him with his hips, then squatted and reached out to get wen up. "what the f..."wen only saw a strong body with a strong musk, endless testosterone breath, the sweat of his body sparkling, making Jack's muscles look stronger, like a Hollywood actor Handsome face, even his package looks huge and very obscene. "Dude, you should exercise like me every day, so that more people like it." Jack helped Wen up, and then he showed a double biceps to wen. "God, do you still remember the neighbor's hot girl? She invited me to go to her house tonight, I can't wait!" Jack hungrily touched his huge cock, lit up with a smile on his biceps. . Wen looked at Jack's perfect body and arrogant behavior, and the hardened cock had begun to leak and began to soak his underwear. "I don't want to hear how you do sex, I just want to go home now!" When Wen returned home, he returned to his country with his mother. Jack also returned to his usual life until he saw a new newspaper.
  2. Love your artwork!  I'd love to meet a man like that...get toyed with and crushed...lifted, worship him totally!  

  3. need some help! If you dare interested, you can see my commission


  4. my commission is open!

  5. I hope someone can write a story for my art!

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