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  1. Looking huge!

    1. zero


      thanks bud, nice n ripped yourself ;)

  2. Thanks for following me.

    1. qwer47


      Of course big guy. Looking forward to updates from you.

  3. Looking huge dude!

  4. Looking huge dude

  5. looking huge dude

    1. byebye


      Not done yet! Need my chest at least as big as those tits in your muscle chest album. The bigger and fuller and heavier the better.

    2. qwer47


      fuckkk huge heavy round pecs are pure perfection

    3. byebye


      An extra 5lbs packed on to each pec. Totally freaky and oversized. 

  6. There's one called "Pec Prisoner" but its behind a paywall right now: https://twitter.com/megapecs/status/224364852108468225
  7. Is this data center in california? There has been a surge of people cutting fiber optic connections.
  8. Awesome story. I never read the ending. But I love the part where the bodybuilders get erections and cum for the judges.
  9. Hey bud. LOVING that Eduardo Correa avatar, an all-time favorite for me.

    1. qwer47


      Thanks man! EPIC pecs on eduardo.

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