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  1. Dreamforge


    Really looking forward to see John grow.
  2. Dreamforge

    Evan, the making of an Amerasian god, Part 8

    New chapter finally up! Great to see that Andre's getting a turn. Hope to read the next one soon.
  3. Dreamforge

    Jock Narrator Needed for Motivation Experiment

    Anyone can add me as "omniskriba" on Skype if you want to contribute or if you want scripts for specific kinds of training!
  4. Dreamforge

    Jock Narrator Needed for Motivation Experiment

    Great! Please go right ahead! If you want to add and improvise (can't really say that I can simulate a real jock's thought process 100%), that would be awesome. That goes for anyone else who'd like to give it a shot.
  5. Dreamforge

    Jock Narrator Needed for Motivation Experiment

    Finally got around to writing a sample of what I have in mind. I was thinking of something like this where the script is specific to the kind of training it can be played over. This one's for stretching. I intend to do the editing myself if anyone can provide the voice acting. The voice doesn't have to be super deep: I'm thinking of a voice that can give the impression of youthful growth and that period of peak Testosterone and Growth Hormone levels. Then again, if someone can provide a super deep voice, that would be great too. Also wondering if it would be better to add a bit of narrative to it but I'm thinking a lot of it would be composed of lines that can be repeated over and over again. INTRODUCTION Okay, focus: you're gonna give me stretches. You're gonna give me stretches so I can push you harder when the real work starts. You're drawing juice from my bull balls so you have no excuse: if you're gonna be a growing jock then you're gonna have to keep up, got it? Okay, let's go. __________________________________________ BREATHING SYNC Big, deep breaths- (Inhale, Exhale.) (Inhale, Exhale.) (Inhale, Exhale.) (Inhale, Exhale.) Squeeze it in. (Inhale) Squeeze it out. (Exhale.) (Inhale, Exhale.) (Inhale, Exhale.) (Inhale, Exhale.) My name is [NAME} and I'm a growing jock. __________________________________________ FOLLOW UP BREATHING SYNC Focus now, focus. Deep breaths. (Inhale, Exhale.) Deep Breaths like your stretching your pecs. (Inhale, Exhale.) Get that machine fired up. (Inhale, Exhale.) It's a real athlete's body. (Inhale, Exhale.) Young. Strong. Flexible. (Inhale, Exhale.) I'm even bigger now. Even bigger. Go. __________________________________________ SETUP six-foot, six-one, six-two, six-three. Stand Tall. Chest out. Mind your Posture. six-four-six-five, six-six-six-seven Yeah, Tallest guy in the room. Show them just how tall. Keeping it grounded. Standing firm. Draw all that jock juice in. Go. __________________________________________ REPETITIONS Push! Pump your muscles into it! Squeeze Harder! Can't do it half assed. Push as far as you can. You won't grow until you grow past your limits. You're gonna have to push harder before you get bigger. You're gonna have to push harder before you grow taller. Feel the individual muscles. Focus on how they move. You've got to feel them to see them. Firmer. Keep yourself grounded! Focus on muscle movements. You're gonna need that later. Mind your form. Mind your form. Go-go-go! Stay Focused! Eyes straight! Massive muscles, gotta stratch for it. Eight pack abs, gotta stretch for it. Release testosterone. Release that jock juice. Pump that juice into your blood. Stretching forces that jock juice out. You've got a long way to go! We're just getting started, c'mon!
  6. Dreamforge

    Colin's Determination: Conclusion

    Nice! Marcus' growth sounds like it could be its own story!
  7. Hi! Just wondering if there's anyone here with a jock/alpha-male voice and tone that's interested in narrating an experimental audio (and later maybe audiovisual) muscle visualisation/training motivation aide. I'm no expert in subliminal psychology or hypnosis (I'm a writer and designer, mostly) and some of this may sound similar to one of those subliminal turn-into-a-jock recordings (which i do enjoy) but what I had in mind is actually a bit different (unless it turns out that this actually already exists then I'll probably just go with that.) In essence, what I have in mind is simple: to simulate what goes on in a jock's head when training or resting as a looping internal monologue of cocky posturing, grunts, and punctual reminders to keep your core tight, your breathing regular and your back straight. (Actually, the key mental image I was thinking of cultivating was imagining you've got balls identical to his and all the testosterone it produces.) Segments of this monologue, which I'd like to characterise as a future version of the listener -me in the experimental case- daring me (or even insulting me) to become him. I intend to use a kind of rhythmic language and semi-poetic pace for the most part and loop and layer the monologue into a kind of round-song or a war-chant. As white noise, I imagine it would act something like get-pumped music for people who just kinda zone out to get-pumped music (like me.) I intend to write a number of specific scripts for specific workouts since I wanted part of the monologue to force you to concentrate on specific muscle fibres, telling you visualise diverting all your energy and testosterone into certain body parts and actions. I also intend to do one for relaxation and recovery where the jock voice encourages you to flex and breathe and stretch and grow into him. Maybe also genital and height growth because why not. I'd record the monologue myself to test it out but a.) my voice is hilariously not alpha at all and I wouldn't be able to take myself seriously b.) I'd be aware of what I'm trying to do and that spoils the illusion and c.) I have no idea how to sound like a jock. The idea for this came to me at the gym where I realised how I couldn't focus on the workout at all because my internal monologue was anywhere else but at the gym. I'll be posting the finished mp3 here of course and I'll be recording my progress. If anybody's interested in being the cocky jock stud in my head, really looking forward to meeting you.
  8. Thank you very much!
  9. Here's a list of the stuff that are available. We have a fridge at home but yeah, most of the stuff at the wet market are sourced from nearby or are processed out of any semblance of foodness. I can buy in bulk from the city but since I don't have a car, I'd probably best work with what I have here. Looking to create a meal plan out of this stuff: Meats and Dairy: Chicken (Fresh, Road-side Roasted)EggsTilapiaCanned TunaSquidShrimpPorkMilk (Low fat and Regular) Vegetables and FruitsTomatoes,Onions,Garlic,String BeansCauliflower,Broccoli,Cabbage,Carrots,LettuceSweet Potatoes,Potatoes,Peanuts,Cashews,Almonds,Bananas,Melons,Apples,Oranges,Pears,Grapes,Canned Corn,Canned Mushrooms,Rice (White, Brown),Oatmeal,Raisins Processed StuffBread (White bread, wheat, buns)Pasta (white, wheat)Peanut ButterNutellaCambell's Mushroom SoupWheat Crackers
  10. Hi guys, I'm a skinny fat guy looking to get lean. Unfortunately, I live in a small backwater semi-rural town where here in the Philippines where the selection of ingredients is pretty limited (we don't even have a refrigerated grocer). I do get to go to the city from time to time but I was hoping to learn how to cook using what I have but most diets I find in books and magazines include stuff that I don't have around. I'm also just starting to learn how to cook so I'm not versatile. I was wondering if I can list down the most common food ingredients here and if someone could help me build a diet plan, maybe even for cooking in bulk? It would be an incredible help.
  11. Dreamforge

    Skinny Fat Workout Routine?

    Thank you very much!
  12. Dreamforge

    Skinny Fat Workout Routine?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you guys can suggest an intermediate weekly gym routine for someone trying to go from a skinny-fat to a lean, athletic build? I've been dealing with a diet but I've been hoping to find a 1-2 hour routine I can just follow single-mindedly to a T week after week. I'd be extremely grateful for any advice you might have.

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