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  1. The Biker Bar http://pridesites.com/omelissokomos/stories/biker-bar.html one of my favorites!!! hope youre well big guy!
  2. i keep my free test levels over 1000 and i feel great. tahts my sweeet spot
  3. tell ya what helped me, was probiotics. chnaged my life. have you tried those?
  4. oh man these are amazing. i have one and i cook almost everythng in it. Rice and chicken, all comes out perfect. use it abiout 5 times a week! go with a big one, the 10qt its perfect
  5. Ive seen it! It's actually a good movie with fantastic eye candy. That guy is HOT
  6. same here. been readin up on this stuff now for about 20 mins. im excited. any recommendations on a first pump?
  7. is this it? http://gainerstories.ucoz.com/publ/english_stories/fantasy/barge_grows/5-1-0-263
  8. Im headin up this afternooon! Its always a GREAT time!
  9. #flexfriday
  10. muscle-growth

    THANK YOU!!! I couldnt find it
  11. muscle-growth

    By far my favorite growth story ever. I wish there were other parts!
  12. i disagree. ARnold was not a mass monster in the way that the new guys are these days. Neither was Zane. They had naturally aesthetic build with developed muscle. I like the new guys but they're not in the same class, to me.
  13. Thanks for updating us! Will take out any photos with my face. I appreciate the heads up
  14. Right there with ARnold. I do enjoy MassMonsters visually and sexually but the traditional look is what I'm going after. V shape, wide shoulders, etc
  15. for upper chest (overall size). i do incline lifts. so dumbbell press, incline barbell and smith incline barbell. for lower chest (that bottom cut). I do underhand smith flat press. its amazing.
  16. Mine is defintely Branch Warren. The perfect man for me. Rough, masculine, hairy, bald and THICK!
  17. Everytime I get head, I always think of myself standing in a mirror, about 50lbs heavier, flexing. Brings me over the edge everytime!
  18. Thanks! im using this one!!!
  19. nice! love those high rep sessions. pump is insane!
  20. fuck yea!!! is there gonna be another event at Exile this year?
  21. I think Im gonna go this year! hope to see you again John!
  22. damn right. DLs and squats are definite ways to build muscle and strength. Once i started deadlifting and squatting seriously, i started to pack on mass. Cant recommend that enough!
  23. Fantastic story! please continue!!