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  1. i keep my free test levels over 1000 and i feel great. tahts my sweeet spot
  2. tell ya what helped me, was probiotics. chnaged my life. have you tried those?
  3. oh man these are amazing. i have one and i cook almost everythng in it. Rice and chicken, all comes out perfect. use it abiout 5 times a week! go with a big one, the 10qt its perfect
  4. Ive seen it! It's actually a good movie with fantastic eye candy. That guy is HOT
  5. same here. been readin up on this stuff now for about 20 mins. im excited. any recommendations on a first pump?
  6. is this it? http://gainerstories.ucoz.com/publ/english_stories/fantasy/barge_grows/5-1-0-263
  7. Thanks for the follow man. Nice wheels btw.

    1. lifterwv


      Hey man, thanks! youre lookin awesome!

  8. Im headin up this afternooon! Its always a GREAT time!
  9. #flexfriday
  10. muscle-growth

    THANK YOU!!! I couldnt find it
  11. muscle-growth

    By far my favorite growth story ever. I wish there were other parts!
  12. i disagree. ARnold was not a mass monster in the way that the new guys are these days. Neither was Zane. They had naturally aesthetic build with developed muscle. I like the new guys but they're not in the same class, to me.
  13. Thanks for updating us! Will take out any photos with my face. I appreciate the heads up