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  1. alright boys. summer is over, too much fun with food and drink. time to crank it up into overdrive! pics coming in 30 days!

  2. The Biker Bar http://pridesites.com/omelissokomos/stories/biker-bar.html one of my favorites!!! hope youre well big guy!
  3. is this it? http://gainerstories.ucoz.com/publ/english_stories/fantasy/barge_grows/5-1-0-263
  4. Thanks for the follow man. Nice wheels btw.

    1. lifterwv


      Hey man, thanks! youre lookin awesome!

  5. By far my favorite growth story ever. I wish there were other parts!
  6. Thanks for updating us! Will take out any photos with my face. I appreciate the heads up
  7. Thanks for the add man

  8. lifterwv

    The Barfly

    Fantastic story! please continue!!
  9. Fuckin HOT story! loved the cigar and domination play!
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