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  1. alright boys. summer is over, too much fun with food and drink. time to crank it up into overdrive! pics coming in 30 days!

  2. lifterwv


    Roll call! Who on here smokes cigars?
  3. The Biker Bar http://pridesites.com/omelissokomos/stories/biker-bar.html one of my favorites!!! hope youre well big guy!
  4. lifterwv

    testosterone level

    i keep my free test levels over 1000 and i feel great. tahts my sweeet spot
  5. lifterwv


    tell ya what helped me, was probiotics. chnaged my life. have you tried those?
  6. lifterwv

    Electronic Counter Top Pressure Cookers

    oh man these are amazing. i have one and i cook almost everythng in it. Rice and chicken, all comes out perfect. use it abiout 5 times a week! go with a big one, the 10qt its perfect
  7. lifterwv

    Teddy Bear - Film

    Ive seen it! It's actually a good movie with fantastic eye candy. That guy is HOT
  8. lifterwv

    Cock Pumping to match Muscle Growth - NSFW

    same here. been readin up on this stuff now for about 20 mins. im excited. any recommendations on a first pump?
  9. lifterwv

    Police offcier growth

    is this it? http://gainerstories.ucoz.com/publ/english_stories/fantasy/barge_grows/5-1-0-263
  10. Thanks for the follow man. Nice wheels btw.

    1. lifterwv


      Hey man, thanks! youre lookin awesome!

  11. lifterwv

    Arnold Classic this weekend

    Im headin up this afternooon! Its always a GREAT time!
  12. lifterwv

    Flex Friday

  13. lifterwv

    The Ad Man

    THANK YOU!!! I couldnt find it

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