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  1. Some of the anti-LGBT sentiment in Africa has been stoked over the past decade by evangelical ministries in the US operating in the countries. Some of the evangelicals are connected to US politicians like Michelle Bachmann and Franklin Graham has been involved with some of the push towards criminalizing homosexuality in some African countries.
  2. Hmm ... Is that a fan account? I looked through it and I'm not seeing photos I've not seen elsewhere. The most recent original content I've seen from/about him were these videos posted eight months ago. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzQs2nJKHwNSVFVGfoXTF-Q/videos
  3. I haven't seen anything about Russian Alexey Lesukov in several months. His website is "Gone". The Russian language Wikipedia page about him has his last competition in 2015. His Facebook page hasn't been updated since February 2015 when his contract with Peak ended. So, what happened to him? Was he drafted into Putin's Twitter army to elect Trump? Is he being experimented on in some Russian lab? Was he actually just a computerized special effect designed to make me more interested in Russia? Did he quit competitive bodybuilding to find his true calling as living morph?
  4. I'm a big movie history buff (with a collection of about 3,000 films in various formats). If I ever win the lottery, I'll hire you to play in my theatre organ equipped home cinema. One of my hidden talents is that I've been an accomplished filmmaker, shooting and directing three feature-length works in the 1990s. I'm particularly proud of one, which was the first feature-length work edited in the very first version of Adobe Premiere and the first full feature-length video to stream on the Internet. It was shown in New York, LA and other major cities and raised several thousand dollars for local AIDS charities in those cities. I've always wanted to combine my interest in muscle and bodybuilding with filmmaking, but the opportunity never presented itself in my geographic area.
  5. I ran into a curious piece in the "Atlantic" this morning about the use of BDSM as therapy. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/10/when-bdsm-is-therapeutic/412249/ The article profiles a couple that has a practice where they work with clients on specific issues, using sm play as a means to overcome psychological problems. One for example, used it as a way to purposely induce panic attacks so she could deal with them in her everyday life. Others use it as a way to get at anger management or control issues. I've known many gay Leather/SM fetishists over the years that have talked about this with their own play. Reading this, it made me think about how my own muscle fetish has made me deal with some of my body image and psychological aspects of my health issues.
  6. Trying to leave politics out of this, as per the guidelines, but I will say I've seen more LGBTs in the US concerned about their safety over the past few months. I live in the South and there's definitely a kind of unease and tension here among minorities and LGBTs I haven't really seen since the 1980s. A couple of gay men I've known for some time have suddenly decided to get training and purchase a handgun for self-defense; some others are taking self-defense classes or setting up security cameras around their property for the first time. With all the progress nationally in the US over the past few years, I think it's easy to forget that violence against LGBTs was always there, underneath the surface. It's simply become more widespread and tacitly encouraged since January. Last Fall, before the election, a local Pride event received credible threats of violence from members of a local extremist group. The police took it seriously and nothing happened except about a half-dozen protestors with Confederate and "Don't Tread on Me" flags. Since that time, the extremist group has become more visible and has increased their membership - we all need to be more careful and aware at this year's event.
  7. To be clear, he hasn't bragged specifically about taking advantage of gay men on his FB feed. He shows two faces to the world - one aimed at muscle worshippers, with much of it specifically at gay men, and the other on his FB feed forwarding racist and bigoted "fake news" about minorities and gays and talking up Trump. Both are easily accessible to anyone doing a simple web search on his name. I've hidden all of the right-wing nutcases on my FB feed except him. He never posts pictures of himself or anything like this - just ranting stuff about Trump. I basically keep it there to get an idea of what's going on at conservative white nationalist websites without having to actually go to them.
  8. I can't really say for someone who is a singer - I've not really thought about that with the different kinds of music I listen to. At least with a film or video and an actor playing a role, I can't "loose myself" in the role they're playing if I have strong feelings about the actor as a person. I start to see them as the actor - not the character they're playing on screen - and can't shake that. Some performers steer clear of politics for that reason or have a good sense of who their audience is and they don't try to offend them. During the classic Hollywood era, for example, there were a couple of absolutely noxious racists that were well-known for their views in the industry, but not among the general public. They turned off many of their fans, who probably would have championed their work, when they "came out" against the Civil Rights movement. That's why this one particular bodybuilder's views are rather nauseating - if he kept it to himself, I probably wouldn't care one way or another. By being very public - and so extremist about it - he's essentially bragging about taking advantage of "faggots".
  9. Interesting responses. In a sense, bodybuilders who make videos are often acting and showing a persona for fans - I think we all know when watching that it's just a fantasy and a role they're playing. If you don't know much about their private life or views, you take the performance for what it is. It's a little bit like finding out that an actor is really an asshole in real life or is an extreme racist or bigot. After the mess with Mel Gibson came out a few years ago, putting his extremist views on full display, I couldn't watch his old films anymore without getting distracted by it. I couldn't suspend my disbelief to accept him as a character in a film anymore - I wasn't seeing the character, I was seeing Mel Gibson on the screen. I think the one particular bodybuilder that I mentioned in the post wouldn't really care that he lost a fan because of his racist and bigoted rantings - he seems to have gone down a rabbit hole of loathing and hate and I don't think there's much outside of some kind of personal trauma that would force into some self-reflection about his views. With people who play sm, there's a view that there's a wall of separation between what goes on in the bedroom and how you conduct yourself in real life. You might assume a role of dominance and degrade a slave in a bedroom scene, for example, but, if that moves into "real life", it's damaging and abusive. With the one bodybuilder I'm thinking of, he has made several videos that revolve around dominance/submission themes. It's just weird to think that this isn't "play" or just a role to him - seeing his posts on social media, I've figured out that he's an asshole who probably makes the lives of many people around him miserable. As a gay man, it's something of a slap in the face to realize he's willing to take my money and market to gay men, but would be happy to send me, at best, to jail, and at worst, to a gas chamber.
  10. Maybe someone else has posted on this, but I didn't find it doing a simple search. On Facebook, I started following several of my favorite bodybuilders and muscle guys. Since the election, though, I've had to drop some on my list. One bodybuilder in particular, who is straight but seems to cater to gay muscle admirers in particular on his website, has been constantly reposting the most racist, bigoted crap from far right-wing websites. I have several of his videos, but now I can't look at them without thinking, "This guy's an asshole," and thinking about how he's basically using me and his other gay fans. Maybe it's just me, but this clash between the reality of who these guys are in real life versus the online persona they project is a bitter pill to take. Certainly, the whole "jock" culture can be politically conservative, but most bodybuilders I've followed stay out of politics and I admire them for that. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and how you feel about it.
  11. It's been an emotional whirlwind this week after the shooting. I don't live in Orlando and didn't know the victims personally, but have some friends on social media who did. I follow several bodybuilders on Facebook, but had to take some off my list. Some were advocating against gun control and spouting macho bullshit. One I took off my list yesterday because he was stupid enough to spread a conspiracy theory that the Orlando massacre was a "false flag" operation designed to take away all our guns. They may be hot, but some bodybuilders are just insecure dim bulbs.
  12. I remember a few years back, there was a guy at the old forums that used this url for a video download that I got. Anyone see a new url for him or other videos available? The video I have from the site is about 20 mins and includes a lengthy shower sequence and then posing. The guy was using synthol, but damn, he used it right.
  13. Another type of body medication that some gay bodybuilders get into is cock and ball pumping. Tom Lord is the most prominent example. http://www.tomlordmuscle.com
  14. There’s A 6’8 Bodybuilding Freak Called The ‘Nightmare,’ And He’s Absolutely Frightening http://uproxx.com/sports/2015/11/martyn-ford-bodybuilding-nightmare/ How a 6'8" lanky lad became huge http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/how-6ft-8in-lanky-lad-6773293
  15. Long-term health problems are a risk you take when you pursue any high-level athletic endeavor, whether it's bodybuilding, football, tennis or any number of sports. Lesukov seems to be concentrating on adding as much mass as he can while he's young. My guess is that he might surprise everyone by getting much more lean, balanced and contest-ready as he gets a little older. I agree - right now, he's carrying a lot of weight. But heaven only knows what kind of chems are being used to get him to that size.
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