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  1. 0122842

    Too Big - Part Eleven

    Super excited for the next chapter
  2. 0122842

    Parent's Weekend with Dad

    I second that motion.
  3. i'd use one. it would probably let me get away with listening to music in a house. (context: i do appliance repair)
  4. 0122842

    So. I have a general question.

    He grabbed my dick. Vagueness solved?
  5. 0122842

    So. I have a general question.

    Yes, but I called the office manager directly. Her and I are really good friends so I knew she would be discrete. I'm pretty sure I would have. The reason being is that i wouldn't want a conflict of interest to be created out of the situation.
  6. I'm going to be blunt here. I work in the service industry, primarily repairing people's appliances in home. I generally identify as bi. Now that that's out of the way, I was working in someones home on an appliance, and mid job, he got a little... handsy with me. First of all, I wasn't interested. I was at work. I tend to forget about personal stuff when I'm working. My response was to tell him that that was unsolicited, go away, let me finish what i'm doing. As soon as I was finished replacing the transmission in the washer, I packed up, got out of the house. I was half tempted to punch the guy in the fucking face, but for professionalisms sake, I didn't. for the matter, the guy wasn't even my type. He was about my dad's age, which to some might be a good thing, but it's not my thing. Immediately after, I called the office and had them flag the customer as a blacklisted customer. My question is, how would some of you guys handle the situation in my case. Do you think I made an appropriate response? The whole situation freaks me out, and the only thing keeping me from calling the cops is that I don't want to deal with the bullshit. I have enough of that in my life.
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    double second
  8. 0122842

    A is for Alpha and Antoine - Part Two

    soooooo am i the only one stupid enough that I can't find part one, or does part one not exist on this forum? Is it on the old one?