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  1. hey come visit Dublin and I will sponsor!

  2. hey did you move to London?

  3. Hey Dublin Guy.....you posted a message asking for more info about Levente and his video "Knockout."  I would be glad to send it to you via WeTransfer (an easy to use, free file sharing-site), but I will need your email address in order to do this.  Let me know!

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    2. Moosehulkx10


      Thought you might like this.


    3. Moosehulkx10


      Thought you might like this.


    4. DublinGuy


      hey were you able to send me a wetransfer to that vid?

  4. looking BUILT! come visit Dublin sometimes for a chill out weekend, esp if you like to show off those gains!

  5. wow HUGE man lets talk

  6. Looking great!  Lets talk

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