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  1. For the Many, Many members who ask about my Avatar Picture - It was created by the famous Boy Muscle Morph artist, Youth Muscle. He is a dear friend, and gave me permission to use this picture, because I look a lot like the character, who's name is "Jeff", BTW. YM was even kind enough to make this special version, which cropped his name off it, which is never to be done by anyone who reposts his work. I feel very privaledged he did this for me. He is still very active, cranking ou...

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      That's awesome! :)

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      Does he have a website or web page of any kind?

  2. So Very True. You'll get no argument from me. I'd go so far as to even say he's the "Justin" of Macro story writing.. That is the troubling dichotomy of Macrophilia. Most of us Macros have no real spirit for what amounts to Mass Murder with Mega Macros, or even genocide with Giga Macros.. But it comes with the territory. It is a necessary evil. That is one of the reasons most Macro stories take one of two approaches: They either tell the story from the Macro's point of view, reducing the problem to offing just bugs or fleas, or they stop the story before they get so dangerously big. In the "Justin" story especially, Giantworshipper met the issue head on, and not only told the story from the tiny people's point of view, he carried the saga out through it's grim journey, to its inevitable climax. I remember having very troubling mixed feelings after reading "Justin". It delivers just what you ask for, whether you really were quite ready for it or not. It still gives my emotions a spin or two when I contemplate the issues that were so bravely addressed in that story. One of the most fascinating things Giantworshipper did was paint such a realistic, believable picture of such a thing actually happening. I wish I could discuss the story at length, but I would spoil it for the people who haven't read it yet. I will say this: it is an awesome thought that a being can become so titanically powerful, that his mere HEARTBEAT causes the ground to shake. And I don't want to even mention what happens after Washington DC.. In short, it was awesome.. literally.
  3. Yes, Truly. "Graham", which is also written by the great Macro writer Giantworshipper, is a slightly different "take" on the concepts of a young teen growing into an all-powerful being. Giantworshipper recently told me he had just completed the final chapter of Graham, so by now It must be on coildfist in its entirety. This story too, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I hope we are treated to more Macro stories in the future, Giantworshipper!!!
  4. Giantworshipper is the original writer of what is perhaps one of the greatest Macro stories of all time. He posted it on Metabods, and perhaps a few others, but at that time, the story only took Justin to about 50 feet tall, in the university hanger. The full version is on the Coiledfist website, as Giantworshipper says. On it continues the Justin story, taking him to 75 feet tall, then all hell breaks loose when Justin figures out he's becoming a God, and just keeps growing. This is one of the few stories carrying the concept of Macro growth to it's ultimate completion, and showing that size does indeed matter. The unstoppable power Justin is slowly imbued with is nothing short of mind-boggling. I heartily recommend it, to every Macrophile there is.
  5. I hope you're just being facetious. I'm pretty sure you are I'm sorry, but sometimes I don't quite put it together. I just had to go to the Dentist today, so things are a "little fuzzy" for me to sort out today. But just to set the record straight, I am over-the-top FOOL CRAZY for the story!! That last scene has stuck in my head like a hypnotic spell. Imagining these guys having a bottle of a hundred or so pills, where a few swallows of a solution, or about 1 part per 10,000 (approximately a few grains of one tablet) had packed almost a FOOT in height, and 75 POUNDS of lean, fatless MUSCLE on you, and these guys have already taken I estimte at least 2 entire pills each, have reached over 8 feet high, and can already bench press an SUV, and they just took ANOTHER PILL, and they've got dozens more pills between them, and they're growing so fast, they'll be THREE TIMES their current size and muscle mass by the time anyone can dream of stopping them.. Oh, MAN!!! The image of this scene literally haunts my dreams. And I am so, so, envious of those kids with those pills. And for the life of me, the writer in me has been going crazy about how the kid can solve all this! Since he knows and has the scientist-inventor in his corner. The Muscle Lover in me fantasizes that the solution is to fight fire with living, raging Hell. Give the good kid a hopped-up super version of the pill formula, and have him just OVERPOWER the others. A true battle of the Gods, using the entire school campus as a gigantic wrestling matt!! No, I LOVE this story. It is my very core of muscle worship and admiration.
  6. This story was SO HOT!! The author admittedly had decided to take the story in an entirely different direction, so the story didn't seem to align much with the title anymore, but had ultimately stepped-up the story in SUPREME MUSCLE GROWTH HOTNESS!! I'll give just a hint of the way the plot was going when the author stopped, hopefully to get more people lining up to shout for a continuation: A kid at the school noticed that previously weak kids were becoming superiorly strong, and even slightly taller inexplicably, and had traced the growth surges to when the boys took showers in the gym showers. He discovered that inside each of the showerheads a large capsule had been inserted, about the size of a large Fish Oil tablet. The boy collected these pills and began to experiment with one. He soaked in tubful of water with one of these pills dropped in, and he rocketed in size and muscle in a day! Everyone at the college knew he was on something, but they couldn't get him to spill the beans. The kid was already extremely tall, and had enough muscle to put him in the pro bodybuilder level. With one "soaking" he was well over 250 pounds. This one particular group of five boys were determined to learn his secret. Then the boy had an even more DARING thought. If it did THIS to him by being absorbed through the skin one time, what would happen if he DRANK water that the pill had been dissolved in? He filled a sports bottle with water, and dropped one pill in. Afraid of being poisoned, he decided to play it safe, and just take a couple of experimental swallows of the stuff, until he saw what happened. He soared to over 6 foot 10 inches tall, and now had over 325 pounds of pure powerful muscle. He was now one of the biggest, more powerful boys around. Now the other boys were going crazy to figure out the secret. As the plot went on, one very small and unathletic boy managed to work into the muscleboy's affections, and so the muscleboy took pity on him. So he took the weaker boy to a place to really chow down on food, and then take him to a gym for the first time. But the muscle boy had also taken that near-full bottle of muscle-water he had created. Having taken only a couple of experimental swallows, the bottle was still nearly full. He got the weaker boy to reluctantly take a swallow or so of the stuff, put it in his gymbag, left it in the locker room, and took the kid out to exercise. It was pretty a worthless effort at first, but suddenly the weaker kid began "feeling" it, and started to work out more enthusiastically. The kid began to pump more and more, and lifting more and more weight. The kid kept having to go back to the lockers to piss, and one time the muscular kid found out the weaker one was so turned on, he was jerking off in there, which the muscle kid thought was pretty funny. Back to the gym, the weaker kid kept getting more and more worked up into a frenzy, and muscles started appearing all over him, making him look pretty impressive, pretty fast. Time went on, and the kid kept throwing more and more weight into the exercises, doing more and more reps, and working out more maniacally. And he had to keep going back to whack off a lot. After a while, this other kid was showing SERIOUS MUSCLE, and was even becoming seriously taller, as well. Eventually, he started getting positively VIOLENT in attacking the weights, often playfully punching the muscle kid in the abs, and slamming the weights around like toys. The whole gym had stopped, and was watching in awe. The kid kept going back to the locker room, then returning, getting more worked up, more huge in muscle, and even MORE taller, and now those punches in the abs he kept playfully throwing were SERIUOSLY HURTING! They were so powerful, the original musclekid was going to be black and blue the following day. Finally, the other kid was hoisting HUGE amounts of weight like nothing, screaming like an animal, and even trying to bend the metal on the weight machines themselves. The gym owners were now gathering together to see who could be big enough and brave enough to try and get this kid to stop and go home. When the crazed kid kept leering back at the original musclekid and grinning eveilly, that's finally when the original musclekid figured he'd been conned, raced into the locker room, and sure enough, found the bottle of muscle water TOTALLY EMPTY! The weak kid had secretly downed the ENTIRE BOTTLE, and was alnost up to the original kid's size and strength now, after just a few hours of working out! And he was not even remotely appearing to slow down in growth. That's when the original kid suddenly got a horrific thought, and to the gym owner's dismay, left the gym and raced back to the school. He raced into the school gym to see a horrified fast food delivery boy dashing out in terror. Uh-Oh. When he went into the weight room, in his words, the "room was filled with giants". The five boys who had been trying to guess his secret were now MUSCLED TITANS, over 8 feet tall, with chests and biceps so big, each part equalled or exceeded the size of men's bodies. Their calves alone looked the size of basketballs. They had to duck to keep from breaking through the cement ceiling, and were totally nude, because their bodies, muscles and sex had grown to superhuman sizes. The five boys, who were taking turns at pumping all the iron in the room, and ordering on their cells literally dozens of chickens, pizzas, and every other thing they could get delivered to feed their growing muscles, finally stopped to gather around the once former tall musclestud, and looking DOWN at him, hands on hips, their muscles swelling and glistening with sweat, they began jeering and heckling him with all the confidence of possessing bodies of invincible and unstoppable power. The original kid warns the main leader, who is even bigger and taller than the others, "They'll find out about this. They'll know.". The other kid bellows in powerful laughter and says, "Oh, they're going to find out, all right. But too late for them to do anything about it. We're just getting started, here!" Then the giant boy goes over to his discarded and ripped clothes, fishes out five pills which the original kid recognises as the huge-sized muscle pills that he had, and he notes that they "look like small tic-tacs in this brute's now enormously huge hand". The giant hands out the pills to his other four friends, then taking the remaining pill, he sneers evilly, "Bottom's Up", and pops the pill in his mouth whole, and swallows it. God Knows how many pills are in his system at this point, and the last dose hadn't even remotely stopped making him grow. That's when the original kid runs from the room to the sound of these giant titan's laughter, and the clanging of more weight being lifted. The kid goes back to his room where he had locked the pills in his dresser drawer, found the drawer forced open, and the entire bottle of pills (holding literally dozens and dozens of them in there) now GONE!!! The original scientist, who created the pills, and who decided to pretend he was the school janitor there, whom at this point the kid knows of, pounds at the kid's dorm door, comes in thouroughly PISSED, and barks at the kid, "Obviously, we have a really BIG problem!!" And that is where the story STOPPED! The author had written this last story installment, aplogizing that it had been nearly a YEAR since he had written this new insatllment, and said he'd try and improve on that. Everyone in that thread was going completely nuts to see what happened next. I certainly joined them in trying to encourage him I believe I have the entire story up to that point, if I can ever get permission to repost it here, in his behalf. I don't get over to this site very much now (although I intend to eventually). ARPEEJAY, you are one of the major members over here. If you can ever find a way to get the author's permission to allow me to repost the story in his name, I will be delighted to bring this wonderful, wonderful story back into our lives again. I'll monitor this thread, and my PMs, if anyone wishes to contact me regarding this story (or for any other reason, for that matter).
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