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  1. <wag wag wag pant pant pant> Isn't about time for updated pix / stats? <drool drool drool>

  2. cwr32565

    Out of weights?

    I got tired of doing incline dumbbell presses with 120s and my gym only goes up that high. So I got creative and put a 10 lb dumbell on the 120s to make them 130 and it worked like a charm. You have to have rubber coated dumbbells to do this... Please dont' attempt this with metal ones, but they actually stayed in place and never budged. I had to have two spotters though to lay the 10 lb dumbbell on top when I got to the top of the movement.
  3. cwr32565

    Why no love for weight gainers?

    I make a homemade weight gainer shake when i'm bulking i've used for years, its cheap and tastes decent. One cup liquid egg whites (pasteurized in carton), one cup milk, 1.5 cups of quick oats, one banana, and 2 tbs of natural peanut butter. Throw in blender until smooth and chug lol. It's roughly just under 1000 cals per shake.
  4. cwr32565

    Obesity as a turn on?

    I'm glad somebody posted on this topic. I have for years found it quite erotic the idea or even the realization of weight gain by guys weather it be fat or muscle. To me I guess its a size thing. I just find size hot lol. Big fat guys, big muscleguys, and every combo in between. It's glad to know i'm not alone on this. In fact, I've experimented over the years with some pretty massive contest to offseason weight swings and odd thing is as proud as I am of my contest achievements, I'm always happer fat in the offseason lol. Yes I love seeing guys get fat.
  5. cwr32565

    Big arms

    Looking for a new bicep/tricep workout. Always like to hear what has worked for others.
  6. cwr32565

    Incredible Hulk

    Lou Ferrigno will always be the hulk for me. These new series of movies with a cgi hulk I could not get into.
  7. cwr32565

    Posing Trunks

    oh wow decisions decisions lol. I am leaning towards blue now after seeing it. Don't think neon yellow or hot pink I could stomach.
  8. cwr32565

    Posing Trunks

    These are older pics from last year, but that is what i looked like in black.
  9. cwr32565

    Posing Trunks

    i like that. thinking i might go with that one.
  10. cwr32565

    Posing Trunks

    Thanks guys, I have very fair skin, but at the contest I'm as dark as everybody else there with the competition color. Blue is my favorite color so I might try some shade of that.
  11. cwr32565

    Posing Trunks

    Sort of stupid question I guess, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I am doing a bodybuilding show in august and I've been competing for four years now, but I've always used black posing trunks. Got told black is so boring and I should pick another color, but I have no idea what color to pick.... suggestions?
  12. cwr32565

    Bodybuilders With Facial Hair

    I keep a goatee most of the year, I actually want to grow a full beard, but i'm totally bald up top and shave little left on sides so if a grew a beard I'm not sure where I'd stop it lol.
  13. cwr32565

    Who's Going To Compete This Year?

    Dieting for a show in Aug. 6 weeks left thank goodness. lol I can almost taste the pizza.