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  1. Due to reasons I cannot go into, I have decided to stop contributing to this forum. I have also removed my existing works and will no longer be writing fiction of this nature. Please do not send me private messages, as they will not be read or replied to. I will continue to read/view content from other contributors under a new username.

    Thank you for your interest.


  2. I cried substantially when I read the final chapter. But that was yesterday. I wanted to read it again, and give it a sort of movie "end credits" send-off/fade-out ambience. So this is the music I listened to as Jake wrote his letter to Dean, and as his tear hit the page; and then when Jake closed his eyes for the last time and fell asleep in Dean's arms. Now I'm sobbing my eyes out and this music felt very appropriate. Try this if you want a REALLY good cry: MUSIC LINK
  3. Well that was quite an unexpected ending. Such a tear-jerker. Speech, you created something truly amazing, profound, moving, terrifying and unforgettable. I've just wiped my eyes clean and I'm sitting here feeling somewhat empty, but also satiated. So you're going into the Navy, are a bodybuilder yourself, AND you have this amazing talent. I'm sort of picturing another Adam Charlton, who not only has god-like looks himself, but is one of the most amazing artists I've ever seen. His stuff is photo-realistic. It's not fair that such average blokes like me have to share the planet with multi-talented geniuses like you, sir. And now I'm picturing you as a hunk in your own right. Maybe you modeled Dean off yourself, lol. I'm two chapters in to my own superhero story, but I write in spurts, and sometimes the next one doesn't happen for ages. But if I do get through it, I won't be posting it until its fully completed. "The Man Who Saved Me" has ended, and I'm feeling loss because of it. Still, I'm honoured that I got to experience something so emotionally stimulating.
  4. I'm a 48 year old man crying like a 14 year old girl 'cos the Spice Girls split up. I love how we got a mushy chapter after that tremendously tense chapter with the Home Sec. Speech500, at the risk of condemnation flung at me from your other adoring fans... pull this story now and get it published properly. It's too good to be given away for free. Err... I didn't really say that, did I?
  5. I mentioned to you the movie "Brightburn" that's coming out in May. Watch the trailer on YouTube. It TOTALLY rips off Superman's origin story, but it's a horror film. And your story sets a new benchmark for quality. Don't sell yourself short. There are some independent film makers that make awesome movies: Mark and Jay Duplass; Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead. I love their stuff. Check out Creep and Creep 2 and Room 104 from the Duplass Brothers, and Spring, The Endless, and Resolution from Moorehead and Benson. Their stuff is AMAZING. And you've inspired me to quit drinking and get writing again. I'm not publishing my story "Bloom" on here until it's finished. I'm dedicating it to you. 'Nuff said.
  6. Aye, monster indeed. Ch 20 absolutely terrified me. I've never been affected by literature before, the way that chapter had me shaking in fear, whilst tears streamed down my face. I can't get the visions of what Dean did to those men out of my head, and it's been a few days since I read it. Speech500's writing pops out at you. It has a clarity I rarely experience from fiction, not even from my own (and I wish I could write like that). To me the best book ever written is Stephen King's "The Stand". And "The Man Who Saved Me" is the best thing I've ever read since reading "The Stand". I can't give it high enough praise. OMG, the things Dean Lawson did to those men... I'm tearing up just thinking about it (again). I'm not upset for the men at all. I'm horrified at what they made Dean do, and that Jake had to witness it, although there was absolutely nothing he could have done to stop his boyfriend -- nay, his soul mate -- from becoming a monster. But things have moved on. Jake managed to get him on a leash during the confrontation with Kat's wanker boyfriend, and the dialogue in that last chapter we read was alive and pulsing and so easy to see in my mind. It played like a movie in my head. The way Speech500 described Dean's muscles through that shirt was utter perfection.
  7. I agree with you that this story is a great work and that Speec500 is exceptionally talented. I read this quietly aloud in my room, mouthing every word as if acting out the scene. I had tears in my eyes throughout. I think he's on to a winner here, and suggested previously that he should pitch this as a movie. Mainstream Hollywood would never pick it up, of course, and if it did it would most definitely be painted over with heterosexual tones. The story works because it emboldens gay desires which sets it apart from simply the hero and the damsel in distress. It would have an audience, of course, in us. But there's not enough of us buying tickets for the studio to turn a profit. And independent studio might be interested, and Netflix certainly would, as they dare to be different anyway, and their LGBT library is growing. In fact, there is a marvelous movie on there called "Holding the Man" and I totally recommend it. Imagine what could happen if the director/producer of that film were to read "The Man Who Saved Me". Superbly written and acted and is about two gay blokes who fall in love in the 1970s and the obstacles they encounter over a 15 year period. I would give away all my worldly possessions to see Speech500 become a massive success with this. I mean, we live in a horrid time where fat, bored housewives can write S&M shite and make millions from it. Of course, if the movie did get made, Dean would be impossible to cast. CGI is nowhere near where it needs to be to create a believable massive muscle-god with the body of an Adonis ramped up to 1,000,000. I don't think it would work if he was the size of a fitness model or bodybuilder. He'd have to be at least as big as the Hulk. Still, we can dream. Anyhoo, best get back to the story I'm writing, but "The Man Who Saved Me" is tremendously good inspiration to keep my creative juices flowing. I eagerly await the next chapter.
  8. Yeah but that was before Jake was kidnapped by sinister types who tortured and mutilated him. Jake had no idea these events would happen. Those bombers were terrorists cowards who are a stain on humanity. However, all things considered, Dean's power terrifies me. He's flattened most of the Antarctic mountains; so he's running out of things on which to vent his anger. Admittedly, flying a bloke thousands of feet into the air, then ripping off his hand and then arm, terrified me. Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age. I come here to read muscle-porn in order to 'come'. But on this rare occasion I read an incredibly well-written tale that stirs within me the entire spectrum of human emotions. Gods are terrifying, but can also be beautiful. But a man writing about a god -- and in doing so decides whether the god kills or spares a human life -- is somewhat god-like himself. And also god-like for writing such an amazing story that deserves far greater respect and recognition than having it posted here (not that I'm demeaning this site in any way, 'cos it's great, and all). 'The Man Who Saved Me' would make a brilliant movie, infinitely better than the shite Hollywood constantly dumps on us
  9. Oh I can' wait. I was going to head to the cinema this evening, but sod that. I'm here for the long haul. Superb work. Aquaman can piss off. I'm spending the evening with Dean Lawson ;-D
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