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  1. Well I finally completed it! I do feel like I maybe rushed the ending just a bit, but overall I am satisfied with the outcome. Also I really bashed this one out quick so I apologize for any typos. I really appreciate all the love I've gotten on this. I definitely do not consider myself up-to-par with the rest of the writers on this forum so the kindness and support is seriously so appreciated. Anyways, without further ado, enjoy the finale! Part 4 It wasn’t until the next morning that I made my way back home. I’d spent the night wandering aimlessly through the streets. My mind was racing. I was so disoriented. Nothing made sense. I’d lost almost two full days and I was clearly bigger than I had been on Tuesday. I’d been purposely avoiding mirrors, not wanting to accept how much bigger I’d gotten. I knew, even without getting a good look, that I was much bigger. I just felt like I took up more space, and every movement felt awkward and clunky. I was fully exhausted by the time I walked through the front door, noting, to my dismay, that it was now a struggle to fit through the doorway. Tyler and Seth immediately ran to the door, looking relieved to finally see me. “Bro we were so worried about you after you ran out of the gym. And then when you didn’t come home last night…are you ok?”, Tyler said, looking very concerned. “Ok? Of course I’m not fucking ok! I look like a fucking freak man!”, I blurted out in anguish. It was then that I realized that, yes I was now a freak, but I was the same size as my brothers now. Even though I didn’t know exactly how big that was, visually, I could tell I matched each of them pound for pound now. I decided that I could no longer delay the inevitable, so I made my way over to the bathroom scale. I jabbed both of my shoulders against the doorframe, forgetting the immense amount of space I now took up. Turning sideways, I forced my way through the doorway and onto the scale. I blinked in pure shock when I saw the 300 flash on the screen. I suddenly felt like I knew this already, like this wasn’t new information but I didn’t give it much extra thought. I turned my attention to the mirror and was once again, shocked. The face that stared back at me was barely recognizable as my own. You could tell it was me, but a version of me that looked more masculine, more rugged. But the body attached to that face was completely unrecognizable. Each muscle on my body was absolutely engorged with muscle. No wonder I felt like I took up more space. I fucking did, that’s why. I was almost obscenely huge. And hairy. Fuck, I was hairy. My flat six pack of abs were long gone, replaced by a bulging muscle gut. My thighs flared out, writhing with muscle. Each one looked to be easily the size that my waist used to be. I found myself getting slightly aroused at the sight of my massive body, and it frightened me. Where were these feelings coming from? I hated this size that I’d put on. Where was this all coming from? It isn’t possible for someone to gain this much mass, even when they are trying to! The more I shifted my weight, and moved my body around, I began to grow more accustomed to, and even kind of fond of my new body. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad…wait, what? Fuck. What the hell is going on with my head! I gave myself one final look over and exited the bathroom. I was starving after wandering the streets all night long so I went and made myself an enormous breakfast, noticing that the pantry was completely empty. Confused, I turned to grab my keys and just go grab something quick. I was met by Tyler. He smirked at me and made some sort of comment about me devouring everything in the house yesterday, but of course I had no idea what he was talking about. I brushed off his comment and got in my car. Driving was going to be a difficult task, as well, it seemed. Even with the seat pushed all the way back, between my massive thighs, muscle gut, and beefy chest fighting for space, there was almost no space left to breathe. I needed a bigger car. I drove down the street to Taco Bell and basically ordered the entire menu. The drive thru lady handed me my bags of food, staring at me in shock. I guess I really was a sight to behold at this point. I didn’t even make it home to eat my food. I just parked in the parking lot and wolfed down all of it. I was so fucking hungry. Satisfied, I returned home and fell asleep on the couch for a few hours. I awoke, seemingly that afternoon, as Seth was gathering his things. It looked like he was getting ready to go to the gym. “Hey man, you headed to the gym?” I asked. Seth jumped in surprise, not realizing I had awoken. “Yeah, dude. Ty’s coming too. You wanna come?” A part of me didn’t want to, but there was another part of me that was aching to see what kind of heavy weight this body could move around now. My stomach growled in hunger. Again? Really? “Sure man. I think I will actually. Kinda interested to see what this body can do, ya know?”, I said while flexing my thick bowling ball biceps. “I’m fucking starving though. You got some protein powder or something I can chug on the way?” Seth smiled, knowing. “I have just the thing.”, he said. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I knew that Tyler and I had agreed not to give him any more of the powder for at least another week, but c’mon. The man was practically asking me to give it to him at this point. I went ahead and gave him a regular dose. I figured with his new mass, he would need the extra protein to fuel those huge muscles of his. I handed him the shake and he chugged it down without a second thought. I waited patiently, hoping Will was going to make an appearance. Right on cue, his demeanor changed to that of a dude he knew he was a fucking muscle monster and loved it. Will shot up, threw on some gym shorts that hugged his lower body perfectly and a tank that did absolutely nothing to hide his current mass. As if on cue, Tyler appeared in the doorway, shocked that Will was coming to the gym with us to lift, by choice. We arrived at the gym and had what can only be described as the most grueling workout I had ever experienced. I had never lifted as hard and as much weight as I did that day and holy hell did it feel incredible. Getting Will bulked up was the best decision we had made, just for our sake. He brought a whole new level of energy to our workouts now. And maybe it was just the pump, but Will looked like he was about to explode out of his skin. His clothes were plastered to his enormous body, almost bursting at the seams. “Fuck that was a great workout, my dudes.” bellowed Will. “Hell yeah it was. Fuck I’m not going to be able to move tomorrow…” Tyler said, laughing. “You can really throw the weight around now, man. You fit right in with us now, dude. Too bad you and Kenz don’t live in Chicago…then we could all lift together all the time….” “Hey man you never know. If the right opportunity comes along, it could happen someday.”, Will said with a smirk. Then, to all of our surprise, he turned back to the mirror and flexed a most muscular pose. His already strained tank just wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of muscle that surged forth and it literally disintegrated immediately. His body just exploded with bloated muscle. Even his shorts were starting to show tears in the seams where they were losing the battle against his titanic quads. He was definitely bigger now. This wasn’t just a pump. Before he lost any more clothing, we decided it was best to head home. We grabbed a few pizzas on the way home for dinner. Will finished off two of them all by himself. He patted his massive belly in satisfaction and decided to turn in for the night. We both watched as he struggled up the stairs, noting that he did, in fact, fill the stairwell with his mass now. God damn he was a big dude now. Each step groaned in protest as he thudded up the stairs and to his bedroom. We looked at each other, unsure of what the next day would bring. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The sun streaming through the window is what initially woke me up the next morning. I vaguely recalled the intense workout I’d had with Seth and Tyler the day before and groaned, not noting the depth that my voice now had, almost gravelly. I raised a hand to shield my eyes from the blinding sun and was shocked when I saw my hand and forearm. Both were enormous. My fingers were each thick and meaty, the size of sausages. My hand was large enough to easily palm a basketball. Attached to it was the largest forearm I had ever seen. Period. It rivaled the size of a Christmas ham. I turned over and was shocked to find that both my shoulders were clearing both sides of my bed. This was a fucking queen size bed. What the hell? My vision was completely eclipsed by the two enormous mounds of muscle protruding from my chest, so, with difficulty, I sat up and got out of bed. I swear that poor bed sighed with relief as I got up. Even without a mirror I could tell I was huge. I thought I was huge yesterday but that was nothing compared to now. It’s difficult to describe what I was feeling in that moment. Powerful just didn’t seem to do it justice. I needed to see what kind of freak of nature I looked like now. My first step to the door was intoxicating. The feeling of so much power being set into motion is indescribable. Approaching the doorway began to really put in to perspective what my true size was now. Literally only my pecs fit through the doorway, and even they were a tight fit. Apparently I had grown in height, because my head was several inches past the doorframe and there was no way in hell my shoulders were fitting through the doorway. It took me several awkward minutes to maneuver my way through the doorway. It took a combination of crouching, turning sideways, sucking in and eventually just forcing my way through. The sight that met me in the mirror was absolutely breathtaking - or at least the parts I could see. I had to crouch to see my face, which had become even more masculine and handsome, if that were even possible. I had a full on blonde beard covering my face now adding to that effect. Attached to my head was a neck that had to be thicker than a telephone pole. That led down to a set of traps that almost swallowed even that, rising like twin peaks on either side of my head. My eyes continued downward (and outward) to the enormous caps of shoulder muscle that stretched a yard in either direction. Each shoulder was the size of a bowling ball. Attached to those shoulders was the largest pair of biceps I had ever seen. I brought my arms up to flex and gawked as they exploded to the size of beach balls. Rock hard, muscular beach balls, easily bigger than my head. And there were those massive forearms I had first seen this morning, covered in a thick dusting of blonde hair and veins. I brought my arms back down to rest, noting that my arms, at rest, would not drop below a 45 degree angle. My back was just too damn thick. My pecs were bulging and swollen with muscle, also covered in a thick swirl of blonde hair, disappearing into the canyon between the two muscles. My eyes continued down and rested on the enormous gut that now bulged proudly where once upon a time, a flat six pack had been. I patted it proudly, feeling It’s solidness. My waist had to be at least 50 inches now and yet it was still thin compared to the breadth of my wide back and shoulders. I also noted with glee that even my dick had enjoyed some well deserved growth. Rock hard, it looked to be at least two feet long and as thick as a two liter bottle. My massive hands cradled it proudly, reveling in It’s thickness. My legs were truly a work of art. Each leg was easily bigger in size than my entire body had been previously. I don’t think that a pair of pants existed that would be able to contain these monoliths of muscle. No matter how wide I spread my feet, nothing would ever come between the mass of those legs. My calves also bulged with power, the size of a prize turkey. I continued to stare at my massive body, still not fully processing that this was actually me. I thought back to when I’d first arrived here and how obnoxiously opposed I had been to having muscle. Now that I had it, I couldn’t understand why anyone could not want this. I was desperate to know my current weight now, but I knew my bathroom scale had maxed out yesterday at my old weight of 300lbs and there was no way I’d be able to read the screen past my enormous pecs and gut anyways. So I attempted to make my way downstairs and awaken my brothers. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I awoke to what I initially thought was the sound of an earthquake. I bolted out my bed and ran into the living room. What I found instead was this unbelievably massive behemoth squeezing down the stairwell. Even turned sideways, it was a tight squeeze. As the beast made it to the bottom of the steps and turned to face me, I was shocked to see the face of my brother, William grinning down at me. He had definitely gotten bigger. MUUUUCH bigger. He most likely eclipsed even our dad in size now, and he was pushing 400lbs. Jesus Christ. I hadn’t ever intended on him getting this huge. “Bro. Look how big I got.” Will’s voice boomed. His voice had dropped from a tenor to a deep bass. It vibrated the whole room with It’s depth. He proceeded to flex his biceps and they just kept rising and rising, larger and larger. I didn’t think it was possible for a human to be this huge. He looked like an off season bodybuilder that ate another off season bodybuilder. Each thunderous step across the room seemed to shake the house. His awkward gait only added to the thudding of his enormous body traversing the room. “I need to get to the packing scale in the laundry room. It’s the only scale heavy enough to measure my weight now. I’ll need you to read the weight off for me. Not gonna be able to see much past these babies.” he said, palming each of his enormous pecs in his hands. I nodded, wordlessly, still trying to recover from the shock of it all. I followed him, making note of how large his back was, even compared to the massive gut he had bulging from his midsection now. He seemed to be nearly as wide across as he was tall, if that is even possible. I watched his thick globular ass bounce and contract with each step. Before I knew it, Will was waiting impatiently on the scale waiting for me to snap out of my stupor. “Helloooo? C’mon dude. Hurry it up.” His impossibly deep voice brought me back to reality. I peered over at the scale and gawked at the number on the screen. 487lbs. This mother fucker almost weighed 500lbs. Overnight, he literally gained what he used to weigh in muscle - and then some. He had to be the most massively muscular man on the planet now. When I told him, he just laughed. And I laughed. It was the only logical reaction to such a ridiculous thing. It was Will’s deep, bellowing laugh that finally woke up Seth. In the middle of our fit of laughter, Seth came barreling around the corner, looking freaked out, like he had no idea what the hell could be making such a low noise. Upon seeing Will he immediately blurted out “What the fuck! Who the hell are you?” This just caused us to laugh even more, realizing that Seth had no idea that the giant mass of muscle standing before him was his own brother in law, Will. “Don’t you recognize your own brother, Seth?” Will said, coyly, while popping his meaty pecs. Seth gawked. There it is. That must’ve been what I looked like just a few minutes ago. I could see his thoughts processing across his face. Denial, realization, acceptance…he was processing it all. He couldn’t even get out the words to express what he was thinking. He just kept stuttering and saying nonsense. I grinned at him and told him “The big man weighs 487lbs now. I guess Dad isn’t the big man of the family anymore is he?” Seth just continued to stare in shock, still unable to form actual words. He just couldn’t believe it. The tight little runner’s body that Will had sported just a few weeks ago was LONG gone. It was ancient history, never to be seen or heard of again. Nobody would ever believe that the two guys were one and the same. “So….who’s hungry? I feel like I could eat a whole house.” Will said, grinning. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was just a few weeks from that day that Mckenzie returned from London after the once-in-a-lifetime experience that she had had. By then, Will had continued to grow, though not nearly as dramatically as he had in the past. He really wanted to hit 500lbs by the time his wife returned home. That would put him at an even 360lbs larger than he had been last time she’d seen him. And he had achieved that goal - and then some. The day Mckenzie was set to return, he clocked in at a massive 512lbs of off season beef. None of that cut and shredded shit. He was all muscle and fat and he loved it. Mckenzie arrived at her brother’s house in Chicago to meet up with her husband and, upon opening the door, was met with the most massive man she had ever seen. He was sitting on the couch, watching tv and he took up the entire thing all by himself. His shoulders spanned the length of the entire couch. He noticed her in the corner of his eye and looked over and smiled. “Babe! You’re home!” She knew that voice. It was a morphed, lower version of it, but she knew it to be her Will’s voice, but that was impossible. Her William was a taut, lean swimmer, not this enormous slab of beef. He saw the confusion in her face and immediately arose to approach her. “Babe. It’s me! Will. Seth and Tyler got me on a new work out regime and I kind of piled on the weight while you were gone.” he said, grinning mischievously, popping his juicy pecs. “Will? What….what? H-h-how? You’re…you’re HUGE!!” “I know! Isn’t it amazing! There’s just more of me for you to love now.” he said, again popping his pecs. He slowly approached her and put his massive paws around her waist, eclipsing her with his massive body. He embraced her, careful not to squeeze too tightly and hurt her. She just melted into his mass and starting sobbing. Concerned, he pulled away and kneeled down eye to eye with her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Babe are you ok?” he asked, worriedly. She nodded, silently then managed to get out “I just…I’m just overwhelmed that’s all. I’m happy that you finally decided to put on some muscle. You fit right in with the rest of my family now. I’ve secretly wanted you to get big for a while but I didn’t want you to feel pressured. I love you no matter what size you want to be!” He looked relieved. He knew that she would be accepting of his new size, but he was worried for a second when she had started crying. They proceeded upstairs to the bedroom he had been staying in all summer and he gave her the best sex either of them had ever had. Epilogue Will and Mckenzie ended up moving to Chicago. It just made sense. She could continue to further her career in musical theatre in the big city and Will had his two brother to work out with every day now. Due to Will’s large advantage in his weight, Seth and Tyler decided that they needed to take some of the protein powder in order to catch up to Will. He did need some muscle monsters that matched his size if he wanted to get a good work out in, right? So after a few weeks of careful dosings of the protein powder, the brothers had blown up to 485lbs apiece. Not quite as big as Will. They still wanted him to be the big man. But they were still the largest around, Will excluded. Thanksgiving would definitely be an interesting one this year, to say the least. THE END
  2. I keep starting it and losing inspiration. I will have it done eventually, but I don’t have a specific timeframe unfortunately. Hopefully sooner rather than later!
  3. I struggled a little bit with this chapter. I pretty much have an idea of how this story is going to end, I am just struggling to fill in the gaps and not just end it right now. Lol With that being said, I think the next part (Part 4) is going to be the final chapter and all will most likely be wrapped up then. There wasn't a whole lot of growth in this chapter, but I promise, there is ALOT more to come in the next chapter. Part 3 A few days had passed since that shocking morning that I had literally ballooned up with muscle and, unfortunately for me, I continued to pack on the pounds, despite my efforts to stop it from happening. Just in the past few days, I’d packed on another 10lbs. I just looked slightly bigger everywhere. Everyday activities were a nuisance now. The slightest movement caused all of my engorged muscles to bulge and fight against each other. I don’t know how Tyler and Seth functioned with their even larger muscles. Doorways were becoming an issue, as was showering, putting on deodorant. I had started to grow all of this gross hair all over my body too. As much as I wanted to shave it all off, there was no way in hell I would be able to maneuver myself in order to shave everything. Clothes were the one thing I didn’t have to worry about. In the efforts to hide my growing body, I had started borrowing my brothers’ clothing. Even at my larger size, their clothes still basically swallowed my frame. It was still pretty obvious that there was something large looming underneath the fabric, but it was better than the alternative. It was almost a week later when my weight gain seemed to be finally leveling out at an enormous 275lbs. I looked like a goddamn off season bodybuilder now. None of this made any sense to me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It had been a few weeks when I slipped William another one of my shakes while Tyler was out. Against Tyler’s wishes, I just had to slip William another shake. I cut way back on the dosage, though, so he won’t blow up like he did last time. I gave him probably half of what we’d given him the first time. I really just wanted to see this other William come out to play again. He made a damn good workout buddy. He guzzled down the shake quickly and no sooner had he set the cup down, did I see his facial expression start to change. His eyes glazed over for a second and then it was like he snapped out of it. He gazed hungrily at his beefy body and just grinned. Hell yeah, Will was back. “Let’s go fuckin’ lift, bro. I wanna see what all this beef can do!” grunted Will. Will changed out of his baggy clothes and put on some of his old clothes, obscenely showing off every crevice of his muscle-packed body. He strutted out the front door, his hairy chest literally falling out of each end of his too-small tank top. We went to the gym and we trained chest and tris. And it was one of the hardest and best lifts I’d ever had. This little hoss knew how to really push you past your breaking point. Three hours later, I had the best pump of my life and Will’s tank top had lost the battle at some point during our workout. The straps of the tank had literally blown off of his torso as his pecs had pumped up. What remained was still stretched tightly across his thick roid gut. We were about to go home, but Will insisted on going to the mall. He wanted to get some new clothes to show off his “fuckin’ hot bod” - his words, not mine. We went to the Nike store and basically stocked up on workout gear. He filled out all the XL sizes quite nicely now. He spent most of the day trying on all the clothes and posing in front of the mirrors, grinning stupidly at himself. He was literally intoxicated on himself, on his size. What a world of difference this version of William was from the other. We made our way home and there in the kitchen was Tyler. He could tell immediately by Will’s personality what I’d done. He glared at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and feigned ignorance. Will trudged up the stairs, muttering something about taking a nap. Tyler still glared at me. “What the hell, man? I thought we agreed to slow this down?”, he snapped angrily at me. “Chill out, bro I gave him a really small dose. I just wanted the ‘fun’ William to come back. He shouldn’t be growing any more than the residual effects of the last dose caused him to grow.” “Well ok, but no more for at least another week, deal?” “Deal.” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I groggily awoke the next morning. Fuck. I had only planned on taking a nap and I slept straight through dinner through the rest of the night. How am I gonna feed these growing muscles if I sleep through meals?! I rose from my bed and did my morning weigh in. I stepped on my scale, smirking at how difficult it was getting for me to squeeze my mammoth legs together enough to fit both feet on the scale. 300lbs - the screen blinked. I blinked. And then I roared. I had fuckin’ grown 25lbs and I had finally reached the coveted big three hundo. I responded by flexing my engorged muscles in the mirror, watching my thick tube of a cock rise to attention. It looks like WIll Jr. had grown too. The thick head of my dick was starting to graze the underbelly of my pecs, my egg-size balls practically churning full of cum. I threw on some of the clothes I had purchased yesterday, loving how much tighter they felt on me already. It wouldn’t be too much longer and I would be filling out those clothes I’d borrowed from Seth and Tyler. Fuck yeah. I waddled, yes literally waddled, downstairs to cook myself a big breakfast. I had to make up for the dinner I didn’t eat last night, after all. Damn, this stairwell just keeps getting more and more narrow, I thought. Downstairs, I prepared a massive meal. I cooked an entire carton of eggs, an entire package of bacon, and 6 slices of toast. I was in the middle of wolfing all of this food down, when Tyler turned the corner with a look of horror on his face. I let out a loud belch and smirked at him, flexing my big ole guns. “William what the hell are you doing?”, gawked Tyler. “Well I slept through dinner last night. I gotta feed all this muscle somehow. I am a growing boy, after all!”, I said, patting my increasingly larger muscle belly. “Dude how much do you weigh now? You’re looking huge!” I just smirked and popped my big, juicy pecs with each syllable as I told him, “3-0-0.” His mouth literally dropped to the floor in shock. Seth came bounding around the corner and his reaction was quite different. “Lookin’ fuckin’ huge bro! Hell yeah!” Again, I smirked and flexed every engorged muscle in unison. “FUCK YEAH!” I screamed. I finished off my enormous meal and basically demanded my two brothers come work out with me. I was really feeling it today and decided that we needed to do legs today. So legs, we did. I was mid-set on the leg press, pressing an inhuman amount of weight when I blinked and I was completely disoriented. I looked around. Why the fuck was I at a gym? I looked ahead and was met with two massive furry globes eclipsing much of my vision. What little I could see past those two globes was two giant, hairy trunks of pure muscle, working to push back an insane amount of weight. I lifted my hand, opening and closing it to make sure that this massive, hairy paw was actually mine. Attached to that muscled hand was what looked like a thick, hairy slab of a turkey leg attached where my forearm should be. I studied it, curiously. Without even thinking, I had locked the weight back in place and struggled to my feet. Fuck, I felt so heavy. Even heavier than I had before. I looked confusingly at Tyler and Seth before I had a complete meltdown right there in the middle of the gym. “Where the fuck am I!? What the hell is going on! HOW THE FUCK DID I GET HERE!”, I roared. “Dude. Calm down. Let’s not make a scene. It was your idea to come workout with us today. You said you wanted to work legs since you worked chest and triceps yesterday.” “Yesterday? What day is it?”, I groaned. “Bro it’s Thursday.” Everything started spinning. What the hell was going on with me. It was just Tuesday afternoon like two seconds ago. I seemingly blinked and a day and a half had passed and I looked even more massive, if that were possible. Before either Tyler or Seth could say anything else, I stormed out of the gym in a state of confusion and just started running. I didn’t even know where. I just needed to clear my head.
  4. This part is a little bit longer than I had intended, but I got a little caught up in the growth part. Lol Here's part 2! Enjoy! Part II My brain couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing in the mirror. It wasn’t much, but I was definitely bigger than I had been just last night. It looked like someone had taken a picture of me and stretched it sideways ever so slightly, except this was real life. My shoulders were just a little thicker, the beginnings of caps forming on them. My back had gotten broader. I was starting to have that V taper look. My arms bulged slightly from my side, previously 13” arms now looking more like 16”. I now had the beginnings of pecs, a slight outline forming around my chest. My painfully flat stomach now had the slightest bulge now. It just looked thicker, not quite bowing out. I had noticed that my pajama pants seemed to be stretched slightly by my thicker thighs now. They weren’t tight but it was very clear that there was more meat filling the legs of my pants than there used to be. My ass looked perkier as well. It was then that I felt weightier in my front. I cautiously grabbed at my crotch and was shocked to find that there was even more there to grab too. I flopped it out of the top of my pants and marveled at it’s new size. It was at least 7” long now. I noticed how my hands seemed bigger as well, fingers slightly thicker and I had a soft dusting of blonde hair running up my arms and across my chest now. My face even had the beginnings of a 5 o’clock shadow. Curious, I hopped on the scale and gawked at the digital readout - 160lbs. What the hell was happening? I could barely remember anything from yesterday and then I wake up looking more muscular and hairy and twenty pounds heavier? I didn’t like it one bit. I couldn’t be gaining weight. My wife liked me tight and thin. I was beginning to look like a baseball player, not a track runner. I needed to work extra hard to get this weight back off. I decided to go for a jog and buckle down on my diet. I threw on some track pants and a t shirt, shifting uncomfortably at how much tighter the clothing felt on my bigger body, although my ass did look great in these track pants. I grabbed my keys and ran out the door, passing my brothers on the way out. I quickly just raised my hand, not even stopping to speak. The way my arms filled the sleeves now, feeling the fabric shift around my bigger body was too weird. I popped my earbuds in and started mindlessly running. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Both Seth and I just stood, mouths gaping as we watched William run out the door. The protein powder had already far exceeded our expectations. We had expected it to work, but not this fast! Just two servings and one sleep later and he had left track runner in the dust and was on his way past baseball player. Even in passing, it was clear that he was filling out those track pants VERY well. He had a great ass on him now and the material of the pants hugged every contour of his thickened legs. As impressed as we were with how quickly the protein was working. We knew it wasn’t near enough. We wanted him to get fucking huge. He needed to make us look like children. Hell, he needed to be bigger even than our hulking 400lb dad. My thick cock grew hard immediately thinking about how how William would look topping 400lbs of beef. While we waited on William to return, we prepared a serving of the protein for ourselves. Just because we wanted William bigger than us didn’t mean we didn’t need to get bigger either right? We each drank our shake and gorged ourselves on an inhumane amount of food and did some home body workouts to appease the nagging feeling of exercise that came with the protein powder. Two hours later, it was clear that we were bigger, and it wasn’t just from a pump. We heard the door open and saw William coming in, looking a sweaty mess. It was then that we finally got a good look at him and I’d be damned if he didn’t seem even a little bigger than he had been two hours ago. His sweaty torso was plastered against his tight shirt, enhancing the beginnings of a chest. I swore I saw a tiny swirl of blonde hair peeking out from the top of his collar too. His track pants were stretched even tighter by his quads, most likely pumped from the insane amount of running he had just done. He walked past us, panting heavily, and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. He smiled awkwardly at us and shuffled upstairs to his room, giving us a great view of that nice, juicy ass he now sported. As hot as this was, and as much as I wanted him to just fucking blow up with mass, I knew we needed to take it easier. If we did this too fast, he would figure out that something was up and he would take off. We did not need that happening. I knew even the effects that the protein had on him could only do so much. Clearly, even the amount he’d gained so far had freaked him out enough to go try to “run it off” for the past two hours. It seemed like the protein was still having some residual effects anyways so we would slow it down on the protein for a bit and let him get comfortable where he’s at. For now. I explained my thoughts to Seth, and though he looked disappointed, he agreed with me and knew it was for the best. So we let him get comfortable with his new size. Chalked it up to the change in climate or some bullshit. This went on for a few weeks. He had been jogging like a mad man and had cut carbs completely from his diet, trying anything to shed the additional weight he had gained, but to no avail. He had toned up slightly, but if anything he had beefed up a little more over the last couple of weeks. His arms were probably up to 17” now and his thighs seemed to fill his shorts even more than before. His calves were looking real nice, covered in a nice coating of blonde fur now. “I don’t fucking understand.”, huffed William. “I’ve been working my ass off these past few weeks doing everything I can to lose this weight and all I have to show for it is more muscle! I feel like a freak!” I smirked. I found it fascinating that he had no recollection of going to the gym with us back when he had first arrived. If he only knew what big plans we had in store for him. We only had a few more weeks with him, so we needed to get to work and soon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The last couple of weeks had been absolutely exhausting and frustrating beyond belief. Imagine discovering upon your return from that brutal jog that it had done nothing and you had somehow gained another 5lbs over the course of those two hours. It didn’t make any sense. So I became obsessive about losing the weight. I dieted harder than I’d ever dieted, I jogged longer and more often than I ever had. Three weeks later, I expected to be at least back in the vicinity of where I’d been. I really wanted my tight abs back. But that clearly wasn’t in the cards for me. It didn’t matter how hard I worked, I still managed to put on another 10lbs in three weeks putting me at 175lbs. I had managed to cut a bit and kind of got my abs back, but the extra muscle was just as frustrating. I hadn’t touched a weight in my life. How was I gaining mass like this? I stared at myself in the mirror, dumbfounded. I looked enormous, obviously nowhere near Seth and Tyler’s size, but I had never been anywhere near this weight so I felt very heavy. My pecs had started to grow out even more. A shadow was now able to be cast underneath my chest from the slight overhang. I was verging on the look of a running back. I really was getting beefy. I hadn’t grown any taller, just thicker. My arms now bunched up at the slightest movement. My clothes were on the verge of becoming too tight. I could feel my back spread and stretch fabric as I moved, my thicker thighs stretching the material of my shorts. But I refused to accept the fact that I needed new clothes. I was determined to lose the weight. So I continued to squeeze myself into the same clothes I always had, even when it became downright uncomfortable. I made my way downstairs and saw Seth preparing one of his infamous shakes. I looked at it hungrily. I hadn’t had even the slightest morsel of anything sweet or fatty in three weeks and just the sight of this shake was too much. I had been diligent for three weeks. What could one shake hurt? As disappointed as I was at my lack of weight loss, I felt I deserved a treat after going without for so many weeks. It was as if Seth knew I was going to want that particular shake, because when he turned around and saw me staring at it all misty-eyed, he just smirked and handed it to me without even saying a word. I slurped it down, probably faster than I should’ve but I didn’t care. This one tasted even better than the others. It tasted thicker, richer, there was something more that I couldn’t place. Whatever it was it was absolutely divine. I basically inhaled the whole thing in one breath. Seth gawked and smiled. Almost immediately, I started feeling hazy, like I wasn’t all there. I had a sudden urge to pump iron. I, all of a sudden remembered the last time this had happened. I remembered the workout and I remembered loving it. As if on cue, Tyler turned the corner, clearly on his way to the gym. he saw me with empty glass in hand and asked me if I wanted to come work out with him. I nodded blankly and followed behind him out the door, obediently like a puppy. The workout went about as smoothly as the last one had, except my lifts were up. Way up. I was a fucking animal, picking shit up and putting it back down. Heavy shit. Fuck yeah. We did another full body workout, like last time, but something was different about this time. I could’ve sworn I felt myself slowly pumping up after each workout. This wasn’t just a pump. This was different. By the end of the four hour workout, my shirt was noticeably tighter against my thicker chest, my shorts were starting to ride up between my beefy thighs. They were just barely brushing against each other. I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I developed that bodybuilder waddle. And I couldn’t wait. Tyler wanted to check my weight for some reason on our way out, so I hopped up on the scale, noting that more of my view was being blocked by my chest than I previously recalled. I was now up to 190. Another 15lbs since this morning. Fuck yeah. Gotta get huge. I strutted out of the gym with a new confidence, my chest pushed out proudly. I was literally starving to death after that killer workout so we went to a buffet and I think I gave even Tyler a run for his money. I put away way too much food. We arrived home, and I stumbled up the stairs to my room and passed out immediately. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was honestly nervous about how much this batch would affect William. We had tripled the dose in the shake we’d given him today. We figured we needed to make up for lost time right? The fact that he was visibly growing during our workout today didn’t help the situation either. But that workout was one of the best workouts I’d ever had in my lift. That protein was really some crazy shit. It was like William turned into someone else, like an alternate version of William that loved working out, like actively sought out the rush of the pump relentlessly. Even though he was currently half my weight, he somehow managed to push me harder than my hulking brother Seth ever had managed to. My lifts were up, breaking PRs left and right. I didn’t understand it. It was abundantly clear that by the end of the workout, he had already begun to grow. His chest bulged out further than before, his back had widened significantly pushing his bigger arms outwards more. His legs now very clearly stretched the fabric of his shorts, though they weren’t quite big enough to get in the way of each other. Yet. I could see his belly poking out again. His flat stomach was starting to look concave. I needed to know how much bigger he’d gotten so I made him hop on the gym scale. I was shocked to see that he had gained 15lbs just from today’s workout. Fuck. If he’d already gained that much in this amount of time, what did I have to look forward to over the next day? The confirmation of his weight gain only seemed to fuel his confidence. He walked out of that gym proud as a pumpkin with a swagger I’d never seen out of him before. It suited him. We got in the car and his stomach growled angrily. I chuckled and suggested we stop for some food on the way home. We found ourselves at an all-you-can-eat buffet and boy did we do just that. I was baffled at how much food William put away. Even though I outweighed him easily by almost 200lbs, he’d managed to inhale more food than I had. He seemed to be in a totally different headspace until he finally seemed to be filled to capacity. He patted his bulging gut with satisfaction and let out an obscenely loud belch. “Excuse me.”, he said, smirking. Was it just me or did his voice sound deeper? Sexier even? His neck had thickened significantly since he had arrived so I guess it made sense. God he was gonna be so fucking hot. Hell he already was. We arrived home and he stumbled up the steps to his room and passed out on his bed without another word. The poor guy had worn himself out after a full day of intense lifting. I, on the other hand, couldn’t sleep at all that night. My mind was wandering. I couldn’t stop thinking about what tomorrow would bring and what would come out of William’s room in the morning. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I awoke slowly the next morning. I felt groggy and strangely heavy and constricted. I figured I had tossed and turned enough through the night to cause the covers to wrap around me and that was what was constricting me. With difficulty, I rolled out of bed only to find that the constricting feeling had not left. I reached up an arm to scratch the back of my head and I heard a RIP. That’s weird. Still, I got up and made my way to the bathroom. Why did walking feel so awkward? I felt like weighed three tons. Like the simple act of moving one leg in front of the other was nearly impossible. I walked through the bathroom door and banged my shoulder on the door. Weird. I flipped on the light and I just about passed out at the sight that met me in the mirror. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. Staring back at me in the mirror was me, but not me. The being in that mirror was enormous, absolutely bloated with muscle and fat. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My face was basically the same, albeit more manly looking and with a full fledge blonde beard covering it. Where the real drastic changes began was at the enormously thick neck attached to my head. It practically swallowed my head and it led down to a big ole set of traps. From my traps I saw a truly broad set of shoulders. No wonder I had run into the fucking door. I was so much fucking wider than I had been yesterday. My back flared out, allowing my arms to rest at about a thirty degree angle from my body. Speaking of my arms, they had to be easily 20” around now. I saw where the sleeve of my right arm had given up the fight and I realized that was the ripping sound I had heard as I got out of bed. My forearms were equally as thick and beefy and covered in a thick dusting of blonde fur. I then noticed how immense my chest was now. It really as a wonder that my shirt was still attached to my body. It was obscenely stretched in every possible direction by my burgeoning muscles. The collar was pulled down and ripped open, exposing the top cleft of my thick chest, which was now equally as hairy as my forearms. My six pack abs were surely a thing of the past now. I had a full fledge roid gut jutting proudly from my torso now. I felt like any sudden movement and my shirt would just disintegrate. Upon viewing my immense thighs, I realized now why walking had seemed so hard. They were literally fighting for space, such was their mass now. My poor shorts had already begun to rip up the sides. The stretchy fabric could only stretch so far over the massiveness of my legs. Even my calves were on the verge of fighting for space. I noticed a very sizable bulge gathered at the front of my shorts and I knew immediately that my dick and balls had grown as well. I was almost afraid to know how much I weighed now, but I knew I needed to know. I waddled over to my scale and was dismayed to see that, not only did I have trouble squeezing my legs together enough to fit both feet on the scale, but that I had to lean over my massive shelf of a chest to see the digital read out. The scale beeped and I stifled a sob at the number that appeared. 250. I was on the verge of tears. What the fuck was happening to me? The last thing I remembered was waking up yesterday and drinking one of Seth’s amazing milkshakes. The rest of the day was just gone. I remembered nothing. And then I’m suddenly 60lbs heavier than yesterday. HOW? No amount of running would be able to shed this kind of weight. Not anytime soon anyways. Running was probably not even an option now at my current size. Again, I hadn’t grown in height at all. Just wider. I didn’t even want to leave my room. I just wanted to hide in this bedroom for the rest of my life. I didn’t want anyone to see me now. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’d heard some thudding upstairs this morning and assumed William had awoken. After about an hour, when he still hadn’t come downstairs I got a little nervous. I made my way upstairs and nervously knocked on his door to check on him. “Who is it?”, a deep voice boomed from the other side. Oh, shit. He couldn’t have grown that much, right? That couldn’t be William’s voice on the other side of that door. “It’s me, Tyler. Just checking on you. I’ve heard you up here moving around but I was worried when you hadn’t come out.” There was a long pause. I heard the thud of some big footsteps and then the door slowly opened. The site that greeted me was equally as arousing as it was shocking. William was getting real big. He had grown ALOT last night. He still wasn’t anywhere near my or Seth’s size, but he had to be at least 100lbs heavier than the man that my little sister married. He’d skipped right over football player and landed right on off season bodybuilder. His torso was bare, save for a few scraps of the remaining fabric from his torn shirt. His chest was much thicker than yesterday and was now covered in a thick sheen of hair. His were nipples now curving downwards from the weight of his pecs. His six pack abs had been replaced by a beautiful roid gut, also coated in blonde hair now. It was evident that this size was mostly muscle, but there was a healthy amount of fat surrounding each muscle group. His tree trunk legs were still clinging ponderously to his poor athletic shorts, leaving literally nothing to the imagination. I grew hard at the sight of the immense bulge protruding from the front of his shorts. I could only imagine the size of the snake that was confined within those shorts. For now, at least. His legs were also now very hairy. His ass was now a globular piece of meat jutting from his backside. He exuded pure power. Even though I still outweighed him by a good 140lbs, I was slightly intimidated by him. I tried to hide my excitement of his recent developments since he looked so upset by his growth. I didn’t want to give myself away after all. His face had grown a full beard now, and had started to fill out, making him look even more masculine. His moppy, blonde curly hair remained the same, a large curl partially covering one of his eyes. “I know. I don’t understand it either.”, William bellowed in a deep baritone voice. “I can’t fucking remember anything from yesterday. Look at me. I’m a fucking freak. A 250lb freak.” I immediately gasped. His weight had gone up exponentially since last night. It was evident upon seeing him, but hearing the number just made it all the more real. “Hey man. I know you aren’t a fan of muscle. In fact, I know you absolutely hate it. But if it’s any consolation, I think you look fucking great, bro. And I think Kenz will love these changes as well. There’s just more of you to love now.”, I said, grinning. I was half trying to cheer him up and half convince him that he did want to get bigger. “Fuck man I hate it. I can’t even fucking walk right anymore. My legs are too god damn big.” “You’ll get used to it. I promise. Take it from someone who hasn’t been able to ‘walk normally’ in years.”, I smirked, flexing one of my own enormous thighs. I finally convinced him to come out of his room and come downstairs for some breakfast. His upper body took up more than half of the stairway. It wouldn’t be too much longer before even that was too small for him. He sat down at the kitchen table and slowly munched on some cereal. I had convinced him that there was no point in his healthy eating anymore. This was getting easier and easier. I just needed alternate William to come out again, and I needed him to stay. Then the real growth could happen. Seth came in from outside and upon seeing the massive back of William, he mouthed at me, “Who the hell is that?”. When he realized that it was our brother William, he started doing a happy dance like a fucking goofball. I quickly grabbed him and pulled him aside. “Chill out you fucking moron. He’s still taking this growth thing really hard. He can’t see us excited about this or he’ll figure out that we had something to do with it.” He gave me a look that told me immediately that I was a fun-sucker, but I didn’t care. As unbelievable as this was, we needed to still try and be realistic about it. I told him that we needed to hold off on the protein for a few days again. If the first set we gave him allowed him to continue growing for a few weeks, I could only imagine what residual effects this triple dose would have. Our goal of making William the most massive bear on the planet was looming closer and closer.
  5. This is a little something I decided to start working on. I don't put out a lot of content on here, as real life is so busy, but this idea has been running through my head for the last couple of weeks so I wanted to put it down while it's fresh. The first part doesn't technically have any growth in it yet, but it definitely builds up to it. Enjoy and let me know what you think! Part I “So we are for real doing this? Because once I hand him this, there’s no going back.”, I said seriously to my brother, Seth. “Hell yeah, man. William needs to gain some weight! He’s nothing but skin and bones!” So let me fill you in real quick. My brother, Seth, and I have a sister. Her name is Mckenzie. She recently married, adding a new brother to the family - William. He’s seriously a great dude. He was literally the perfect match for our little sister. We couldn’t be happier to add him as a part of the family. He was very attractive - had deep, blue eyes and curly blonde hair. There was just one problem. The dude was nothing but skin and bones. He stood a tall 6’5” but he couldn’t have weighed more than 140lbs of nothing. He was fairly active, as he would have to be since he married my sister. She ran 5 miles every morning religiously, rain or shine. So he is fairly active, so he has a little bit of toned muscle. He’s definitely not flabby. Even then, 140lbs spread across a 6’5” frame renders a pretty skinny dude. We just couldn’t have that. All the men in our family were big, burly men. Our father was truly a brute of a man weighing in at a solid 400lbs of muscle and flab. Seth and I were respectively hovering around 275lbs and 300lbs (Seth, 25, was the younger of the two of us, Mckenzie was the baby at 23). We weren’t in to the cut and shredded bodybuilder look though. We looked more like off season bodybuilders or powerlifters, as we were covered in thick coatings of dark hair, muscles bulging with a healthy layer of fat around them. Seth was the shorter of the two of us, so his 275lbs actually looked bigger than my 300lbs. His legs were his strongest feature, literally writhing with power and the slightest movement. Each leg was probably bigger around than William’s entire body, honestly. Seth’s bulging muscle gut jutted proudly from his body, but not more so than his incredible, hairy pecs. Those things were so thick and juicy, you could balance a whole jug of milk on top of them with no effort. I looked pretty much the same, just a little taller and a little heavier. I was slightly more mobile due to my height advantage. We were constantly aiming for the beloved 400lbs marker of our father and beyond, eventually. But we knew Mckenzie really needed a real man as a husband, not this twink that she had married. We had tried to talk William into working out with us and getting him on some mass gainer, but he refused. He claimed that he had no time and interest in weight lifting, and he was completely satisfied with his current weight and size. I call bullshit. What man wouldn’t want to be a fucking massive muscle beast? So that brings us to now. We had purchased this new protein powder that a buddy of ours had told us about that had incredible results. The protein powder also supposedly had a way of effecting a person’s acceptance to suggestions. Using this stuff, it would be easier to convince him to come work out with us and bulk him up quickly in the process. Hell, we’d use the stuff as well. Maybe it’d help us get to that beloved inhuman mass we were seeking sooner, rather than later. So as well as being a fitness nut, Mckenzie was also an incredibly gifted singer, classically trained, the whole shebang. She had landed the opportunity of a lifetime. She was moving to London for three months to be apart of the revival cast of Les Miserables. She was only an ensemble member, but still - what an experience! And perfect timing for us to enact our plan. While she was gone for the summer, William was going to move in with us. We called it ‘bonding time’ with our new brother. We’d obviously gotten to know him, while they had dated, but they lived on the other side of the country, so him moving in with us for the summer was going to give us a chance to really get to know William, while hopefully growing him. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had just landed at O’Hare and made my way out to baggage claim, where I was met by my two hulking brothers-in-law. They were seriously just so massive. I could never imagine being that huge and muscular. And hairy. I absentmindedly rubbed my toned, hairless torso, while walking towards them, thankful that I had managed to stay as fit as I had through college and the first year of marriage. “William! Bro! So glad you are here!” boomed Tyler as he thundered towards me and picked me up in a bear hug. My face was literally shoved in between the crevice of his massive, hairy chest. He smelled of pure man. He put me back down, grinning and popped his pecs a few times. Seth approached soon after and gave me a clap on the back, nearly sending me hurtling to the ground. Again, I couldn’t imagine having so much power, that you unintentionally almost knock someone over just by patting them on the back. It was disgusting. We hopped in the truck and headed to the house. They lived in the suburbs of Chicago, a quaint town called Naperville. It was a solid 45 minute drive from the airport to the house. We arrived at the house and as I was getting settled in the guest room, Seth came in with a chocolate shake and handed it to me. He wanted me to try it and see how it tasted. He said he was thinking about opening up a little soda shop and he wanted my opinion on the quality of his shakes. This was news to me, but I didn’t question it one bit. I took the shake from him and took a gulp. It tasted fucking incredible! It was seriously the best things I had ever tasted. Before I knew it, I had literally inhaled the entire drink, slurping up the remains at the bottom of the glass, hungrily. Seth just grinned at me as I started feeling kind of funny - like I wasn’t all there. “By the way, bro. Me and Ty are about to head to the gym and make some gains. I know you aren’t into that sort of thing, but if you wanted to come along, we would seriously love it.” He as right. I absolutely loathed lifting weights. It was boring and cumbersome. But at the same time, there was a small part nagging at me, saying that I should at least go with them. Maybe I could do some cardio while they did their lifting like a bunch of lunks. “You know what? I think I will join you guys. I could really go for a good run after sitting on that plane all day.”, I said. Seth looked annoyed, like he honestly wanted me to work out with them. They are so out of my league, I wouldn’t ever dream of working out with them anyways. We hopped in the car and headed toward the gym. As we stepped in, and I saw the massive expanse of gym equipment at our disposal, I was suddenly overcome with the urge to lift weights. We ended up doing a full body workout, working our way through chest, arms, back, legs, shoulders, even some ab circuits, but no cardio. Three hours later, three grueling hours later, I literally hobbled back to the truck, absolutely spent. Seth and Tyler commented on how impressive my lifts were, especially for my first time, and how well I was able to keep up with them. I didn’t know how I did it either. The entire workout seemed to fly by and take forever at the same time. I couldn’t explain it. I was in a sort of haze the entire time, almost like I didn’t even have control of my body. We got home, ate a hearty meal, Seth gave me another of his shakes and I downed it quickly and happily and immediately crashed. I was so exhausted between the day’s travels and that intense workout I had just had. I awoke the next morning, and I felt very strange, bloated maybe? I had expected to feel sore as fuck this morning after yesterday’s workout, but I felt fine, maybe a little tight, but not sore. I rolled out of bed and groggily made my way to the bathroom to take a piss. I flipped on the light and was absolutely shocked at what greeted me in the mirror. I was bigger.
  6. Does anybody know what happened to that story? It was a sequel to My Twin Moves On and My Partner Moves On. There is still a thread on the forum for it, but the story itself is gone.
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    Any chance for some new chapters any time in the near future?
  8. I believe you are thinking of The Growth by Plasmatic
  9. Sorry at the moment I don't have any future plans for this one. It was intended to just be a one and done kind of story.
  10. I was starting my third year of college sharing a dormitory space with my best friend, Marcus. We met each other when we both came to IU at the same time two years ago and quickly bonded. So when both of our roommates graduated after our sophomore year, naturally we decided to become roomies. For the two years that we had already been at IU together, we had been fairly consistently going to the gym, but with limited results. We weren’t taking it super seriously, and with our hectic class and work schedules, it was hard to dedicate as much time to the gym that was really needed to show the results that we wanted. That was one place where we differed. Marcus was a solid 160lbs at around 5’11” with some flab but you could definitely see the faint outline of some pecs and abs under the fat. His goals were really to stay about the same weight, but just lose the fat and get a little more definition, maybe put on just a bit more size. The bottom line is that he didn’t want to be one of those “musclebound freaks” as he called them, obnoxiously swinging their enormous legs around each other just to walk and with their arms forced outwards by their big backs. I, on the other hand, desperately wanted to be one of those musclebound freaks. I wanted people to move out of the way as I walked past them because I demanded so much space with my size. Unfortunately I was very much the opposite of that. I was what many would affectionately call a twig or a beanpole. I stood tall at somewhere around 6’4” but weighed at around 150lbs. And I was even lighter than that back when we first started working out two years ago, though I’m pretty sure most of that weight was from the “freshman 15”. At least with Marcus’s shorter stature, his 160lbs filled out across his frame, decently, but my 150lbs stretched across my 6’4” height made me look extra skinny. Marcus always joked with me that if I turned sideways, I’d disappear. It was all in good fun, so it never hurt my feelings or anything, but boy did I want to change that some day… My other predicament was that, although Marcus didn’t want to get all massive and whatnot, I did and I wanted him to get big with me. I wanted my best friend to be a beefy bodybuilder right along side me, but he wanted nothing to do with it. He said it was just impractical. It would be hard finding clothes to fit, doing every day things, etc. He just always had to think so analytically. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I was on my phone one day, scrolling through facebook, when an ad came into view. It was for this new limited time offer hypnosis set that you could purchase through any platform that supported audiobooks. It was titled “HypnoGro”. I watched the ad intently as they showed example after example of men being transformed from skinny geeks into pro bodybuilders by this audio series, supposedly. I am very much a skeptic when it comes to hypnosis and all that mumbo jumbo, but for some reason, this caught my eye. The set was only $10 so I figured fuck it, right? If it’s just bull shit, I’m only out $10. I followed the link and downloaded the series to my Audible app and read the description on the home page. It had very explicit instructions on how to use these audio files. HYPNOGRO ——— FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY. RESULTS MAY BE UNPREDICTABLE IF NOT FOLLOWED ——— — Listen to each session in the exact order provided — Listen to no more than one session per day — It is recommended to listen at night before bed, as some have reported losing consciousness during sessions; turn off autoplay if you choose to go this route — Think BIG. Ok…seemed easy enough - the losing consciousness part made me a bit nervous though. Each session seemed to be about fifteen minutes long and seemed to have different themes such as mindset, nutrition, activity, libido, body, and orientation. So this was supposed to be like a six day program then. Well, now is good a time as any to get started. I popped in my airpods and hit play as I hopped in bed. I heard a deep, masculine voice begin - “HypnoGro Session #1 - Mindset”. “You are a bodybuilder. You are a manly bodybuilder. Bodybuilding is all that you care about. Bodybuilding…” The man continued repetitively for several minutes, as my eyes got droopy. I slowly dozed off as I continued to hear the man speak, sounding far off in the distant, but very much still there… ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I groggily awoke the next morning, struggling to remember when I had fallen asleep last night. I struggled out of bed, wiping the sleep out of my eyes. Everything felt achy and tight. I walked across my room I did a double take as I passed my mirror. I was bigger. It wasn’t much, but there was definitely some actual definition in my muscles now. My cotton shorts were pulled tight by a pair of slightly bigger thighs and a perkier butt. My t shirt was pulled tightly across a set of small, but well defined pecs and a nice pair of toned arms. I lifted up my shirt and gasped as I saw a tight 6 pack where my shapeless stomach used to be. Holy shit was the hypnosis working? I checked my scale. It said 160lbs. Shit. I had put on 20lbs of muscle in the course of a night. I came out of my room and noticed Marcus in the kitchen making some coffee. He glanced over at me and did a quick double take. “What the fuck man? When did you get jacked!?”, Marcus exclaimed. Trying to feign ignorance, I said “I don’t know what you’re talking about, dude. I’ve just been doing our usual gym routine. I guess I’m finally starting to show some results…I haven’t noticed anything different though…” Not wanting to put too much thought into it, Marcus just shrugged off his thought and went about his business of making coffee. After my coffee and a slice of toast, I went to get ready for the day. Upon stripping down, I was made aware of just how much I had changed over the night. I looked like an ultra shredded olympic swimmer swimmer now. My pecs were still pretty small - not quite big enough to cast a shadow over my shredded six pack…yet. The rest of the day went by fairly uneventful. I caught a few girls staring at me, whereas I never got a second glance from anyone just yesterday. I smirked, loving the attention this improved body was getting me. They way my shorts felt on my slightly thicker thighs was exhilarating. Class was no different, although I was distracted by my slightly meatier forearms, tracing the new veins protruding from underneath my skin with the tip of my finger. I got home that afternoon and was anxious to listen to the next session. I ate a solid dinner and got caught up for the day and laid in bed, popped in my earbuds, and hit play. That same deep voice came through my headphones - “HypnoGro Session #2 - Nutrition”. “You have the appetite of a bodybuilder. You are constantly eating to fuel your bodybuilder muscles. Your body is a bottomless pit for food…” This went on for the rest of the session and, despite not having fallen asleep, I was now absolutely ravenous for food. It didn’t matter what, I just needed to eat and NOW. As soon as the session finished, I lept out of bed and practically ran to the kitchen. I slung the fridge door open searching for anything to eat. Before I knew it, I had devoured everything edible that was in the fridge and did the same to the pantry. With my hunger satisfied for now, I went to bed, noticing the prominent bulge protruding from my stomach now, due to the insane amount of food I’d just ingested. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I awoke the next morning feeling heavy and sluggish. I groaned, noticing that my voice sounded slightly deeper. Weird. I rolled out of bed, feeling constricted by my clothes. I knew even before I got to the mirror that I had grown more in the night. I reached the mirror and almost passed out at what I saw. There was no mistaking the size I had put on this time. My shirt sleeves were pushed up to the shoulder and stretched dangerously close to bursting at the seams. My arms were two beefy slabs of meat now. My shirt was pulled tight across two thick, juicy pecs. My shoulders were capped with muscles the size of baseballs and my back had thickened, giving me the beginnings of a v taper. My shirt having been pulled outwards in every conceivable direction was hanging on for dear life. My eyes bugged out once again as I looked lower. My now thick, beefy thighs had stretched my cotton shorts out more than I thought possible. My ass had grown considerably as well, jutting proudly from my backside. My calves were not left out in the growth either. They had grown to the size of two juicy turkey legs. I was absolutely in awe. Even my face had begun to change. It looked more manly and full. It wasn’t quite chubby, but my jaw had thickened considerably to support my thicker neck. I brought my hand up to touch my face and noticed that my hand had also increased in size and my fingers had grown to be thicker and meatier. I had to know how much weight I had gained now. The scale blinked at 195lbs. Another 25lbs. How the hell was I going to explain this to my roommate? A 20lb gain was one thing, but there was no way in hell I was going to be able to easily pass off a gain of 45lbs of muscle in 2 days. I opted to skip classes and call in sick and just hide out in my room until he left. I knew I had to face him eventually but this at least gave me more time to figure out the best route. “Hey this is Tyler-“, I stopped for a moment, still not used to my deeper voice. This might actually help me sound sick! “Yeah I woke up this morning feeling like absolute shit. I’m not going to be able to make it in today.” Luckily, the deeper voice helped fool them, but it also helped that I had a pretty chill boss that didn’t look into call-ins that much as long as it wasn’t abused. With that done, I figured I might as well listen to another session, since it was technically the next day, I didn’t see the harm in it and it would give me time for Marcus to leave the apartment. I popped in my airpods and started the next session. “HypnoGro Session #3 - Activity”, said the masculine voice. “You love to work out your bodybuilder muscles. It is all you want to do. Eat and workout. Workout like the bodybuilder you are and eat…” These were beginning to get a bit predictable, but the man droned on. As he finished, I suddenly felt the need to workout, but first I needed to eat breakfast. Marcus had to have left already for classes so I knew the coast was clear. I threw on a light jacket and the baggiest sweat pants I could find to try to conceal my new size as best I could. We were all out of food, still from last night, so I opted for the diner down the street. After wolfing down an insane amount of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage, I patted my bloated belly in satisfaction and I made my way to the gym on campus to get in a good workout. I needed to satisfy this sudden urge. I couldn’t decide what to train today so I just did a full body workout. It was like I was in a trance the entire time. The only thing on my mind was turning the food I had just eaten, into fuel for my growing muscles. I started with bicep curls and each set, ended up grabbing larger dumbbells. With each rep, I felt my biceps swell with size. At first I thought it was just a pump but this was too much to be just a pump. By the end of my fourth set, my arms were straining the sleeves of the baggy jacket I was wearing. Next I decided on chest. I loaded the weights up on the benchpress - trying out slightly more than I was used to since I did have larger muscles since the last time I had worked out. Even that ended up being too light after a few reps, so I loaded up even more weight. Same as before, with each rep I felt my pecs pump up. By the time I had finished I had the beginnings of a nice pec shelf. On and on I went with my workout with the same results each time. Before long, my back and shoulders were wider, which now made my once baggy jacket stretch tightly across my enormous upper body. The sweatpants I had put on this morning fared no better. My big, juicy ass defied gravity now from the squats I had done. My thighs had thickened enough to fill each leg to capacity - and then some. I now had the beginnings of that iconic bodybuilder waddle that I had so longed for. I sauntered over to the nearest mirror and marveled at my even bigger size now. I was the size of a junior bodybuilder now. The gym scale indicated that I now weighed 220lbs, meaning I’d gained another 25lbs - a total of 70lbs since Monday. I guess now was the time for me to tell Marcus what I was up to. There was no avoiding it at this point. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I came home to Marcus with his back to me on the couch. “Hey bro we need to talk.” I quickly grabbed my throat, once again shocked at how much more my voice had dropped since this morning. Marcus turned around confused, not immediately recognizing his roommate’s deepened voice. When he saw his now enormous roommate, he nearly screamed. “What the fuck! I knew you had gotten bigger the other day! What the hell kind of drug are you on dude?! You’re starting to look like one of those freaks!” I took a beat and ignored the last thing he had said. I then explained to him about the audio files I had purchased on a whim and that clearly they were working so far. “So this is the final product then?” asked Marcus. “Not quite, I’ve actually got three more sessions to go so I’ll most likely get even bigger.” This caused Marcus’s eyes to bug out. “BIGGER? Man you’re already too big!” With this comment, I smirked and gave him a quick bicep flex. This was all that was needed to cause the seams of my jacket to finally give way to the burgeoning muscle that was hiding underneath, giving me and Marcus both the first glimpses at the body that had been hiding underneath. I was completely awestruck and so was Marcus by the looks of it. My pecs were now big enough to constantly battle for space at the slightest movement of my body. My thick arms hung at my side at an awkward angle - forced outwards by my wide, muscled back. I gaped at my enormity while Marcus gaped on in pure disgust. How could he not want this? The feeling of having this pure, masculine power was absolutely intoxicating. I knew what I needed to do to get bigger, so without another word I sauntered from the living room back to my room and popped in my airpods for the fourth session. Fuck the rules and this “one session a day” bullshit. “HypnoGro Session #4 - Libido” The voice began, “You are constantly horny. No amount of sexual encounters will satiate your bodybuilder size lusts. You have a cock suitable for a bodybuilder and a set of balls to match…” Well this was a little different than the others. I was disappointed that it didn’t sound like this session would cause me to grow any bigger, but on the otherhand, any improvement to my meager 4 inch dick is definitely appreciated. As I dozed off, I wondered just how big it would get…? ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I awoke with a start and smiled at the sight before me. I hadn’t even thought of it the night before, but laying on my back, it was starting to become difficult to see past my big pecs. I reached around with difficulty and felt a considerably larger bulge bunching up under my sweatpants. I immediately got out of bed. I had to see this. As I approached the mirror, my new giant cock grew hard at the sight. This caused the sweatpants to join in the fun of exploding off of me. Despite my worries from the last night, I had grown noticeably more muscular in the night. It wasn’t anywhere near the gains I had made in the last three days but it was at least another 15lbs. My enormous pecs heaved with each breath, twitching at the slightest movement. What really excited me though was the sight between my legs. My once average cock had grown to a grotesquely huge size with a pair of orange size balls hanging below. It had to be over a foot long and as thick as a baseball bat. It was long enough to rest comfortably in the valley of my two juicy pecs. Anxious to see Marcus’s reaction to my most recent growth, I thundered out of my room and into the kitchen, not even caring that I was naked. Marcus was absolutely mortified, of course. He had never seen a cock so big in all his life. He didn’t even have anything to see to me at this point. He just finished making his coffee and stormed out. I couldn’t understand why he was so upset with me. I’ve always been very open with him about my desire to get huge and it was finally coming true. So what if he didn’t want the same for himself. Couldn’t he even pretend to be happy for me? Well I’d show him. It was time for the next session. “HypnoGro Session #5 - Body” “Your enormous muscles are growing bigger and stronger. You need to be a bodybuilder, after all. Bigger. Stronger. Massive. Beefy…muscle…” I heard the voice drone on as I passed out from the suggestions being made. This was going to be real good. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I awoke seemingly minutes later, feeling very heavy. My head was tilted backwards, as if my back was propped up on something, giving my head nowhere to lay flat. I tilted my head up and was met with a wall of flesh. Shit this couldn’t be my pecs now could it? I then noticed that my arms were hanging off the sides of my bed. Both sides. Both sides of my queen sized bed. I got out of bed, struggling with the extra weight. As I made my way to my mirror, I noticed how much I had to swing my legs around one another just to walk and that the floor thundered with each step of my immense body. How much bigger had I gotten? I gasped as I approached the mirror. My body didn’t even fit in the damn thing anymore, I was so wide. There was no way I could’ve been prepared for the sight I was met with. My pecs bulged up and out with such mass, I could easily rest my chin on the enormous shelf of muscle. Their thickness prevented me from even bringing my hands together. There was a light dusting of dark hair, now covering my pecs as well, leading down to my abs, which were now so big and bulky that they gave the appearance of a slight roid gut. My traps now rose up past my ears and my enormous bull neck. My face had filled out even more. My bowling ball shoulders were easily four feet across with a back so thick and wide, my arms were forced out to an almost ninety degree angle. No wonder my head had been tilted back. The thing my back was laying on was my fucking back. It is so thick now, that my head is elevated. My arms were unreal. They had to be at least 27 inches around now - unflexed. They writhed with power, even at the slightest movement. My forearms were each the size of christmas hams and were now, to my surprise, covered with a coating of thick, dark hair. I marveled at the thickness of my fingers now, each the size of a sausage and attached to a hand the size of a dinner plate. My legs had to be my favorite feature of all. They had grown the most out of all of my muscles. So thick they were, there wasn’t even definition - just big bulging masses of brawn, the size of redwoods. My feet were spread shoulder width apart and still each leg was crammed together fighting for space. Once again, my calves were not left out. They also bulged with immense muscle - almost comically big. I was almost afraid to see how much weight I had gained. I forced my feet together enough to step on the scale and leaned over my pecs to try to see the weight. 315lbs. What the fuck. This couldn’t be real. That’s a gain of 80lbs just this morning, meaning I am now nearly 200lbs heavier than I was just four days ago. Holy shit. Marcus wasn’t ready for this. I just laughed, a deep, booming laugh, picturing his expression when he came in the door. Speaking of doors, they were nearly impossible to navigate now. I was definitely too wide for them, and between the thickness of my back and the thickness of my chest, even going at it sideways proved to be very difficult, but I managed. I called in again and spent the day gorging myself with insane amounts of food and working out my new enormous body. The largest, baggiest pair of shorts I owned were stretched like lycra over my enormous legs. There was no way in hell I had anything remotely large enough to cover my upper body though. I ended up stopping at a shop on the way to the gym and purchasing a XXL tank top that I still barely managed to squeeze into, but I liked it that way. I returned home with just enough time to get settled on the couch as Marcus returned from his classes that afternoon. He opened the door and was met with the most massive bodybuilder her had every seen taking up over half of their couch and the behemoth did bear a resemblance to his roommate. That’s when it hit him. I was really enjoying the look on his face as he worked this all out in his brain in front of me. “Holy shit. Tyler is that you? What the fuck man? This has gotten way out of hand! You were already too big this morning and now you’re like the fucking hulk!” I just grinned at him as he stared on in horror. My enormous cock jutted obscenely from my body, leaking a river of precum. I got up, with some difficulty and thundered over to him. Even with the small difference in our heights, I still had to lean over to see him over my massive chest. I absolutely eclipsed his meager 160lbs. I was just about double his weight. You could line up two of him beside each other in front of me, and I would still be wider than both of them. This kind of power was intoxicating. I felt like I could literally conquer the world. My mind still couldn’t fathom how Marcus was so disgusted by this. The rest of the evening went on in silence. I couldn’t wait any longer to listen to my last session. Fuck the one a day rule. I’d done it once already and I’m fine. I popped in my earbuds and hit play. The man’s deep voice began to talk and I chuckled, deeply, at how much deeper my voice was even from this guy’s now. “HypnoGro Session #6 - Orientation”. “Being the massive bodybuilder you are, women are not going to find you attractive anymore. But men will and they do. They will give you the attention and love you deserve. Men truly appreciate the male anatomy so you should too. Nothing will satisfy your immense libido like a man can…” As the last recording pandered on, I caught myself battling thoughts. I had always been attracted to women and I didn’t want to be attracted to men. I never realized that this was part of the deal. Before I had too much time to think about it, though, the recording’s suggestions overtook my own thoughts and soon all I was thinking about was fucking men senseless. Huge, beefy, musclebound men. The bigger the better. The recording ended and my thoughts were consumed with thoughts of fucking Marcus’s brains to oblivion. But how much more enjoyable it would be if he were as big as I am…I knew what I had to do. As Marcus was asleep in his own room, I squeezed through his door and tried my best to sneak across the room to his bed. Luckily he was a deep sleeper, because no matter how hard I tried, it was impossible for my footsteps to not thud across the floor. I stuck my headphones in Marcus’s ears and opened my Audible app and hit play. I turned on autoplay so he could get through them all in one night. I had done two in the last day and nothing happened to me so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. I “snuck” back to my room and hurled my immense bulk into bed and fell asleep. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————— I awoke suddenly the next morning to a loud boom. I got out of bed as quickly as I could and made my way into the kitchen. What I found can not be logically explained. The man that was digging through the fridge was fucking massive. His bulk took up almost the entire kitchen that he was standing in. He was WAY bigger than I was. I couldn’t even comprehend that. I had thought I was already pushing the limits of logic with my size, but this was on a whole other level. The muscle monster spun around as he heard me walk in. I nearly fainted. This man. This fucking massive beast was my roommate Marcus. My best friend. He had literally exploded with muscle overnight. Maybe this is why you don’t listen to all the sessions at once. He grinned at me stupidly, as if there was nothing even slightly out of the ordinary about him being so huge. He just stood there watching me as he took a bite out of a whole chicken, the thing looking like a tiny chicken leg in his massive mittens. His size was incomprehensible. It was then that I noticed that his bedroom door was now a massive hole in the wall where he had busted through the wall and his bed had collapsed from the immense weight of his body. “What’s up stud? It looks like someone is happy to see me!” he smiled coyly, referring to my massive erection resting between the valley of my pecs. His voice boomed, rattling the windows of our apartment. I couldn’t even form words. His mass was too much for me to take in. He had to be over 500lbs. How is that even humanly possible? He had gained a few inches in height, now matching my height, but 500lbs of muscle only had so many places to go even on a 6’4” body. Unlike my ultra shredded massively muscled body, Marcus had the look of an offseason bodybuilder. He had grown a massive hairy roid gut that jutted out even further than his enormous pecs did. He was definitely as wide as he was tall now, if not wider. His shoulders were the size of basketballs. His entire body was so obscenely muscled, it seemed impossible. His back bulged and writhed and stretched outwards three feet in either direction from his telephone pole sized neck, tapering down to what had to be at least 40 inches of off season gut, but still looked tiny compared to the breadth of his shoulders and upper back. His pecs quaked with power, jutting at least two feet from his chest, bulging with pure muscle. He gave them a quick pop and I swear I heard a boom as they came crashing back down to their resting position. His thick nipples pointed towards the ground, surrounded by so much powerful beef. You could lose a whole arm in the deep valley of his pec cleavage. There were no striations. His body fat was too high for that. They were just big massive globes of beef. Between the size of his massive 34 inch arms, his immense chest, and his wide back, his massive hands would never again be able to touch one another. There was just too much mass fighting for the space that rested between them. If his upper body was monstrous, his lower body was twice as much so. After all, one would have to have an incredible set of wheels to be able to support the immense upper body that he now carried. One of his thighs was easily bigger around than his entire body used to be. They were thicker than redwoods and it didn’t matter how far apart his legs were spread, there was not going to be enough space for those massive legs to breath comfortably. I snickered, thinking how much he had been opposed to being big enough to have to waddle with each step. He had surpassed that size and then doubled it, I thought with a smile. The sessions had done what they were supposed to though. Not only had he beefed up with more than 350 lbs of muscle and fat, he seemed very much to enjoy the feeling of his new size. I knew all it would take was just a little persuasion. Even Marcus couldn’t ignore the intoxicating feeling of having that much power surging through his body, but whatever persuasion he had still needed, the last session file took care of. As he grinned at me, he began to make his way over to me with the most exaggerated bodybuilder’s waddle I had ever seen. It clearly took every muscle in his body to move this immense body across the room. I swear the ground actually quaked with each step he took. All it took was one step. All it took was one look at his enormously muscled thighs fighting to go around each. My cock literally exploded. A jet of cum sprayed out of my enormous cock, coating Marcus from head to toe in my jizz. He laughed heartily and picked me up in his massive beach ball sized arms. He carried me into his room through the massive hole he had created and threw my massive 315lb body onto his bed as if I was light as a feather. I practically begged him to fuck me senseless with his massive two foot long fuckstick. We went at it for the rest of the day, only taking breaks to eat. This actually was a dream come true. My roommate was the massive muscle beast I’d wanted him to be all along. We ended up dropping out of school and opening a gym since all we had been programmed to do, basically was eat, workout, and fuck. We reached out to the owners of HypnoGro and obtained rights to the sessions and we started to play them through the gym speakers, masked behind music. We simplified the sessions to gradually hypnotize our gym patrons to grow and it also kept them coming back for more. Before long we had the busiest gym in the entire midwest and it was filled with the most massive motherfuckers on the planet, present company excluded of course. The largest person so far is just shy of my now 350lbs. If you’re ever in the Indianapolis area, come check us out at GroGym on Mass Ave! THE END
  11. So me being the idiot that I am just now realized that the baby is the genie having been reborn. Mind blown. Lol
  12. I know what story you are talking about but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Lol
  13. I'm desperately trying to find Southern Suitor's stories. He pulled them from the old archive saying he was thinking about publishing them. I would definitely be willing to purchase if they are anywhere to be found, but I am having no luck finding anything on his stories, particularly Southern Werewolf. Any help is appreciated!
  14. gameboy487

    It's Natural!

    This is a quickie that I just hashed out real quick. Enjoy! Coltin and Tyler had been best friends since they were in diapers. They were born a month apart and their families were very close so they literally grew up together. They went to the same school growing up from kindergarten to senior year. They were inseparable. People even thought that they were brothers, because they actually favored each other a little bit. So it only made sense for them to be roommates when the opportunity arose. They both decided to go to University of Memphis, obviously. They couldn't go to different schools. So they also planned on being roomies. They got moved in everything put in It’s place and wanted to go for a walk around campus. They were walking around the University Center as they spot a group of guys playing some football in the big field in front of the UC. "Man those guys are JACKED.", Coltin blurted out. Tyler laughed and agreed. It was no secret that Coltin longed for more size but it just wasn't in the cards for him. He wasn't a bad looking guy by any means, though. In fact, he had quite a handsome face with a nicely trimmed beard with reddish blonde hair. He had a very lean, toned physique dialing in around 170lbs at 6'2. But he wanted more. He observed how these guys playing in the field wore workout shorts that stretched perfectly over their taught butt and beefy quads, how their pecs had a slight bounce to them when they ran. He wanted just a portion of that. That's all and he would be happy. Tyler, on the other hand, just preferred to look at it. He was content at his current physique level, which was pretty close to Coltin's with just a little extra flab. Coltin was definitely the more active, sports-oriented of the two. "Dude just go talk to them and see if they'll give you any pointers on bulking up.", Tyler told Coltin. Coltin sighed, "I feel like I've tried everything there is to try, but I guess it wouldn't hurt." Coltin jogged out to talk to one of the guys and Tyler watched as the guy he talked to gestured for him to join them. Coltin pointed back to Tyler, not wanting to ditch him. Tyler gestured back that he was going to run into the UC to grab a bite to eat and cool off and encouraged him to join them. After about an hour, he glanced out the window to see Coltin still outside playing football with these jocks. He was getting bored so he just shot a text to Coltin, telling him that he was going back to the room and that he would see him there later. Later that night, Coltin returned to the room, a sweaty mess. He seemed excited. Through his heavy breathing, he managed to get out, "The guys want me to try out for the team and they said they'll help me bulk up!" "Dude that's great! I'm excited for you man!" A few weeks had passed and Coltin came in from an intense workout from the gym, looking extra pumped. Tyler had no idea what kind of regime those jocks were putting him through, but he could already tell that whatever it was, it was working. Coltin still had his lean physique, but you could tell that his chest was just a little bit thicker, arms bulged just slightly larger than they were a few weeks ago, and his legs looked more defined. His shirts started to fit him better. "Bro that workout today was killer. You should join us some time. You could use some extra muscle." Tyler chuckled, "Nah man I'm good.", thinking that he would rather do just about anything else instead. "Suit yourself dude. They've gotten me up to 180 as of this morning.", as he raised an arm and flexed casually, prompting a decent size bicep to stand at attention. And he smirked. "This is the heaviest I've ever been. And I don't plan on slowing down." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The semester flew by, Christmas break was just around the corner. Coltin was close to breaking 200. He was looking beefier than ever, clothes stretching over his thicker pecs and beefy arms. He had really wanted to break 200 before going home, but he wasn't complaining. He'd managed to pack on around 23lbs of muscle in a semester's time. Tyler thought it seemed like he was putting on the weight a little faster than he thought possible, but he just shrugged it off. Coltin was to go home for break, while Tyler went with his family to California for most of the Christmas break. His family had gone to San Diego for Christmas every year for as long as he could remember. So as they parted ways, Tyler gave his best friend a big hug goodbye, as it would be a little over a month before he saw him again. It was a couple of days before school was to start back for spring semester when Coltin got a phone call from his buddy, Tyler. "Hey man I got some news. My mom had the bright idea to go out on the rocks today when we were visiting La Jolla Cove and a wave hit and swiped her off the rocks." "Jesus Christ Tyler is she ok!?" Coltin gaped. "Yeah man she's fine, but she's in no condition to travel right now so I'm stuck out her indefinitely until her condition gets better. The doc says it could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months." "Man that really blows! I miss you man! Tell your mom I send my regards and that I hope she gets to recover sooner rather than later." "Will do man. I'll keep you posted." They hung up and Coltin just sat there. He couldn't believe it. He and Tyler had never been apart this long and he wasn't sure what he was going to do without his best bud at school with him. I guess it would give him more time to focus on his workouts and football practice. So school resumed a few days later and Coltin did nothing but go to class and go to the gym. He was determined to break 200lbs soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It ended up being close to April before Tyler's mom had recovered enough for them to travel back home. He and Coltin had tried to stay in touch over the last couple of months with updates on his mom, but it was tough. Tyler decided he wanted to surprise Coltin, so he didn't tell him that he was on his way back to UoM yet. He entered the hallway of the dorm building and he could hear voices further down the hallway. One of them sort of sounded like Coltin, but the voice was muuuuch deeper, so he knew it wasn't him. He made his way down the hall and as he rounded the corner, he was met with the largest human being he had ever seen. The beast was facing away from him talking to someone else, who was completely obscured by his massive back. His body almost stretched to both sides of the hallway. He had on what had to be a XXXXL tank top that was hanging on for dear life. The massive bodybuilder heard someone round the corner and turned around. His eyes lit up with surprise as he saw that it was his best friend, Tyler. "Buddy! I didn't know you were coming home!, boomed the man in his deep, bovine voice. Tyler, on the other hand, was steadying himself against the wall upon realizing that this behemoth was his best friend Coltin. The man standing before him could've eaten 3 of the previous Coltin's. He tried to take it all in slowly. His face looked exactly the same. Same old Coltin. He was the same height as before, just four times as wide. Attached to his head was the thickest bull neck that Tyler had ever seen. No wonder his voice had dropped so many octaves. His neck was threatening to be swallowed up by a set of massive traps on either side, tugging at the straps of that poor tank top. If he shrugged, his neck was sure to disappear completely. His shoulders were the size of beach balls. And his chest. Holy fuck his chest. It was magnificent. His pecs were so thick and juicy, any woman would be jealous of his cup size. The tank was so tight, he could see his quarter size nipples were erect and pointed straight at the ground, completely overshadowed by his mammoth chest. The slightest twitch in his body sent them bouncing. His back was so thick and wide, it was physically impossible for his arms to go past a 45 degree angle. Speaking of his arms - they had to be at least 30 inches around. 30 inches of pure muscular power. His forearms were probably bigger around than my legs, so fucking big. His hands were so thick and meaty, Tyler wasn't sure he could even use a cell phone anymore. At least Siri was a thing now. His eyes wandered next down to his midsection, where he saw that the tank was bulging out from the size of his massive muscle gut, but even with the size of his muscle gut, he still had that incredible V taper due to the massive breadth of his shoulders and back. Fuck. And his quads. Fuck. The slightest shift in his weight caused them to writhe and contract with pure power, stretching his mesh workout shorts dangerously close to the breaking point. They were the size of redwoods. His feet are spread wide and still his legs are fighting for space, his massive calves still touching. This man that was Tyler's best friend was so massive, he was still speechless. His entire body was covered with a good amount of reddish blonde hair. He could see it swirling out from underneath his tank and down his massive forearms. "I....er....uh." Tyler couldn't even form a sentence. Coltin gave a big, hearty laugh causing his enormous pecs to bounce. "I guess I grew a little bit while you were gone, huh?" boomed Coltin. "Fuck man. A little bit?! Are you on drugs dude!?" This made Coltin laugh again. "Roids? Bro roids wouldn't have even worked this well. I took something a little more....natural." grinned Coltin mischievously. "How? What?....How much?" Tyler had so many questions. "Well I have to use a packaging scale now, but this morning I weighed in at 447lbs. Tyler. I've gained almost 300 lbs of fucking muscle bro." With that, he flexed his mighty biceps. Tyler swore he heard a boom as his arms exploded in size. He wasn't ready for the size of those amazing arms flexed. He swooned and grabbed onto the wall for support. He watched as Coltin slowly made his way to his best friend, swinging one massive tree trunk around the other. Tyler knew that he had to touch him. He wouldn't be able to convince himself that it was real until he could feel that amazing muscle with his own hands. As he approached, he marveled again at the fact that Coltin hadn't seemed to have gotten any taller. Tyler had always been slightly taller than him and that was still the case. This made Coltin look even more massive. 6'1" is fairly tall, but when you have this much muscle packed onto that frame, there just isn't anywhere to put it all. He ran his hands underneath the tank top through the thick carpet of hair over his bulging muscle gut. It was hard as a rock. He caressed his massive pillow pecs, marveling at how rock hard they felt, despite them looking plump and juicy. A moan escaped Tyler's lips. He'd never felt this way about a man, much less his best friend, but he was so turned on by all this....this beef. It was clear that Coltin was feeling hot too, as Tyler glanced down, his eyes bugging out. He realized that Coltin's body wasn't the only thing that grew. The outline of a giant sausage the size of Tyler's arm was slowly expanding underneath his gym shorts. Tyler was also just noticing how fucking gorgeous his ass was now. He didn't think it was humanly possible to have such a large voluptuous ass that was simultaneously rock hard with muscle. Tyler moaned again and before he could even think about it, he shot a load right there in his jeans as he finally passed out from shock. The last thing he remembered, was the feeling of Coltin's massive hands catching him before he hit the ground. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tyler groggily awoke. He had had the craziest dream that Coltin had exploded into a massive muscle monster. He saw a mass move in the corner of his eye and his eyes shot open. It wasn't a dream. His massive best friend was sitting on their couch waiting for him to come to. "Jesus Christ bro. You just about fill out that whole couch by yourself." exclaimed Tyler. "Heh. Yeah It’s just about the only thing I can fit on these days." "Ok so I have to know. What the fuck happened. Last I was around, you were just working out with those jocks. Did they have something to do with this?" "Fuck yeah man. You should see them now. I look tiny compared to them, but I'll catch up to them eventually.", he smirked. "You mean you're not done!?" shouted Tyler "You're a fucking freak man! You're already past the realm of possibility!" "Hell yeah man. All those guys are pushing past 600 now, but they're growth is starting to taper off, so I know I'll catch up in no time. Anyways. We were all working out over the break when one of the guys walks in looking fucking massive. He had probably gained 60lbs since the last time we had seen him just a few days ago. He then told us what he had discovered. Cum makes him grow." "The fuck?" Tyler said, completely grossed out. The thought of drinking another dude's jizz made him gag. "Just his cum or just cum in general?" That was when Coltin really started smirking "Anyone's. We all tried it out on each other. After we figured it out, it was like a nonstop orgy for weeks, basically. The only reason those guys are so much bigger than me is because they had a head start." Tyler couldn't believe what he was hearing. Coltin wasn't gay. At least he wasn't a few months ago? He then started thinking about earlier when he came at the mere feeling of Coltin's muscular body. Tyler had always been satisfied with his body, but after feeling Coltin's burgeoning muscles, he was kind of curious how it would feel to have that much power on his frame. He then looked back over to Coltin and stared at his mammoth cock, licking his lips slowly. Coltin could see the glint in his eye and just smiled. Tyler got up and made his way over to Coltin and struggled to pull his shorts down over his beefy quads. Coltin's enormous tool sprang free and stood at attention, seemingly beckoning Tyler to service it. He struggled to get his mouth around such a massive instrument and began pumping it in and out. It was so thick and long that he could only get about 6 inches of it down his throat-less than half of it! He heard Coltin's deep voice groan in ecstasy and he felt his cock throb. Next thing he knew, a hot jet of Coltin's jizz was shooting into Tyler's mouth and down into his stomach. He held on tight, not wanting to miss a single drop. You know, just in case Coltin was right about this drinking cum making you grow thing. He ingested so much, he felt his shirt start to tighten around his belly as it filled up with an obscene amount of cum. As the flow seemed to lessen, Tyler removed himself from Coltin's cock and stood up and he heard a sloshing noise. He had so much fucking cum inside of him. He looked down and his belly was bulging out like a frat boy beer belly. He waddled over to the recliner, suddenly really tired and fell into a deep sleep. Coltin stayed exactly where he was. He did not want to miss the show that was about to happen. He smiled to himself, realizing he hadn't told Tyler one last detail. Tyler probably just ingested in one sitting the total amount that Coltin had over the past few months, mainly due to the size of Coltin's baseball size nuts. This meant that Tyler was going to go through a pretty massive growth spurt and Coltin couldn't wait to see it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tyler was awakened by a strange gurgling noise. He sat up and realized that the noise was coming from his bloated belly. Before Tyler could do anything else he felt a burning sensation over his entire body. He glanced over at Coltin who was looking on with extreme interest, eyes twinkling with excitement. He felt his shirt getting tight again. He looked down and gasped when he realized that his belly was slowly growing and it began to feel harder and thicker, like Coltin's had felt. But that wasn't the only thing causing his shirt to get smaller. His once nonexistent pecs were bulging and groaning as they expanded, fighting for the limited space that was underneath his medium size shirt. He felt his back and shoulders sliding across the back of the recliner as his arms seemed to explode with mass. He felt his body being pushed upward by the sudden growth of his butt. By now, his shirt had been absolutely obliterated by his increasing mass. His jeans lost the battle soon after to his increasingly massive thighs and calves. He groaned and marveled at how much deeper his voice had gotten, though it was nowhere near Coltin's boomy voice - yet. Suddenly he heard the poor recliner groaning in protest of the incredible weight that it was now trying to support. Before he could even think about trying to get up, the recliner just disintegrated under him as he plummeted to the floor. Coltin was laughing his ass off at this point, all of his muscles bouncing, but he quickly returned his attention to Tyler because it seemed that he was still not done growing. Tyler was sprawled out on the floor at this point, still expanding. How much more was he going to grow? He had to be nearing Coltin's realm of musculature surely. His back continued to widen and thicken as he could feel it rubbing across the carpet and simultaneously pushing him further off the ground. His chest had long since grown large enough for his entire view in front of him to be obscured, as he lay on the floor. Finally it felt as if his growth was coming to an end. He stood up, with effort, trying to keep his balance. He definitely wasn't used to carrying so much extra weight. He could feel pure power coursing through his body. It was absolutely intoxicating. He clenched and unclenched his fists, watching the cords of muscle in his forearm flex and unflex. He looked to each side and felt like his width stretched at least two feet in either direction. His biceps had to be close to 30 inches. He made eye contact with Coltin and immediately felt something in his unbelievably tight boxers stirring. How they had even managed to stay intact was beyond them. At first he thought he was just getting a hard-on, but it became clear very soon that it was so much more. He felt his cock expand to It’s usual size, but it didn't stop. His cock and balls kept lengthening and thickening, causing the bulge in the front of his boxers to push further and further out until they finally gave in. HIs enormous cock burst free and shot up and smacked right in the middle of the deep valley of his pecs. Coltin practically dove onto Tyler's cock. Because of the transformation that he had just gone through, Coltin barely got his mouth around Tyler's enormous member before he came. And boy did he ever come. Coltin didn't think it would ever stop, but he managed to catch every last drop. Coltin immediately felt the all familiar burning sensation in his muscles. He immediately began to swell even larger with power and muscle. He actually shot up a couple of inches, so that his body could handle the extra mass that it was about to hold. His body widened and thickened all over. Forget doorways. Hallways were going to be an issue from now on. Tyler marveled as Coltin's already massive body just kept pulsing and growing. He heard Coltin's voice drop another octave as if that was even possible. As the growth slowed, Coltin was breathing in and out heavily, causing his enormous pecs to bulge in and out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They eventually made their way to the scale and weighed themselves. It took some time and work, seeing as neither of them could fit through doors comfortably anymore. Even turning sideways proved to be a problem, because of the thickness of their chests. Tyler's cock hardened instantly as he watched Coltin waddle in front of him, seeing both shoulders grazing both sides of the hallway at the same time. Tyler had gone from a measly 180lbs to an unbelievable 452lbs - just past Coltin's previous weight. Coltin had gained another 200 glorious pounds, pushing him past even his football friends at 650lbs. He was the largest and most powerful human being on the planet. And he knew that his best friend and lover, Tyler would be joining him very soon. University of Memphis was about to have the strongest football team it had ever had. THE END
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