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  1. Please let us have the rest of this story. The Father's growing size and cocky Alpha personality mixed with His son's slow acceptance of His superiority is super hot
  2. This seems promising. I'm eager to keep reading as it progresses.
  3. I'm really hoping this story continues. It's really awesome so far.
  4. Agreed. This story is great, and I really hope it gets continued
  5. I'd love to read it as well. If not a public post, please send it privately.
  6. AleksBulldog

    Raised Boy

    There has to be a bit more to this story. It's amazing.
  7. I really need that last part. It's such a tease seeing 3/4 and never getting to that 4/4... This story is so good!
  8. So glad somebody bumped this story. It was worth the revisit. It's too bad there's not more.
  9. Hey guys, I am looking for more stories featuring police officer muscle growth. I found a few, but some have been deleted from the old archive by the author. Point me in the right direction please. Cheers!
  10. Please give us more! This story is amazing.
  11. Could I get the link to this one as well? Thank you!
  12. Yeah that was awesome. Let's see more!
  13. yeah, this was awesome. I'm not sure how I missed it on the old forums.
  14. This is great! I just hate having to wait for the next installment. Big fan of your collection
  15. Great stuff man! Awesome
  16. This story is amazing. Please finish it when you can. I can't believe I've missed it til now.
  17. Mmm... Muscle milk... That story was sweet.
  18. There's an unfortunate typo in your second paragraph which kept me rereading it several times before I could move on. The other ones are easily cleaned up. Fun idea for a story. Cheers mate
  19. So fucking hot. I'm loving this story so far. Massive muscle cop using a boy? Hell yeah. Great pacing with your descriptors too
  20. This is super awesome. Let's see and enjoy his new size a little more before the next victim and he gets even bigger and more powerful. Best new story thread in a while
  21. Let's get Shawn even bigger. Like the man in the beginning and in the dream. I love it
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