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  1. maxwm

    Worship Session, Accident part 3, resolution

    Totally awesome!!
  2. maxwm

    The Internet Staulker

    Fantastic start! Hitting a lot of my own fantasies! Can't wait for more!
  3. maxwm

    Worship session, beach adventure, part 2

    I can't find the words to express how exceptional & hot I think this story is. It has all the components of my wildest dreams!
  4. maxwm

    Worship session, beach adventure, part 1

    Exceptionally hot & well written is right! I sure hope there are many more chapters to come!
  5. maxwm


    Fantastic! I sure hope there's going to be a lot more!
  6. maxwm

    New Gym, Part 1

    Fantastic! Hope there will be more of these two and maybe the rest of the gang!
  7. maxwm

    Never Underestimate Muscles

    Another fantastic story, Londonboy! Thanks!
  8. maxwm

    Ginger muscle

    Fantastic! Can't wait for the next show!! Please don't stop!
  9. maxwm

    Today's Gripe: Gym Etiquette

    I completely agree with FLMuscle's comments above. Matter of fact I'd almost swear we go to the same gym with the blaring TV's (and in my gym music at the same time), yakking people (mostly women on adjacent treadmills), and I had the same experience with the cool guy who runs our gym. I thought he was going to have a stroke when I started to pull off my shirt on the gym floor to try on one I wanted to buy & he too asked me to go to the locker room. Damn it's a gym & I honestly think some of the women are more obvious in their skin tight work out pants & skimpy tops than a shirtless guy would be. If there was a warehouse gym anywhere near me I'd join in a heartbeat!!
  10. maxwm

    Kindle books

    You may want to give The Gardner by Charles Reeza a try! There is some growth & the story is outstanding!!
  11. maxwm


    Very creative! Really enjoyed this one!! Thanks!
  12. Fantastic! My kind of Christmas story & as usual yours are always the best!
  13. maxwm

    Too Big - Part Ten

    Londonboy, you are the best!!! Thanks for this awesome chapter!!

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