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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Male muscle Growth
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    6.3" 244 lbs
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    Being 5% body fat
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    Muscle Lab
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    Bob paris
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    big backs

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  1. You really growing beautiful and powerful ! really need to get worshiped ! 

  2. latinherc

    short revenge

    Adam I were locked at the conciliatory closet the school have form so two people can solve their problems. It was a small space. Adam was a big guy almost reaching 5,10 and as a football player he was buffed up. Adam have bullied me over this year for being a very tiny and small boy,and this is the end I decided to fight back. Teacher Grass saw us starting to fight and locked us in the closet. I was very angry. Adam you are gonna pay for this! My eyes become a shiny green. What the fuck??? Adam said A tearing sound came from my feet as the grew massive and find their way out my sneakers. A flying button from the uniform shirt hit Adams head and make him look up from my feet. We were looking at the eyes each other, I grunted as my chest widened and popped open the other top four buttons. Another tear on my exploding calves make Adam look down my quads ripping my pants. Holy shit !!!! he backed a bit as the closet start to become small. No I was taller reaching my 6,10". I flexed my arms and they destroyed my shirt. A very wide back push them to the sides making me look wider and bigger. My transformation was coming to an end as I sproted a thisck 3 day beard and a nice fur covered my chest and legs. I shouted, you puny bastard!!!! Definitevely that closet was a good idea.
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