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    Bodybuilding, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, nutrition, anime, video games.
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    33 waist
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    ~10% BF
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    Friends, chat, role play
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    My realistic long-term goal is to compete at a lean 210lbs. That'd put me at around 230lbs of pure awesomeness in the off-season!

    As for a dream goal, why don't you just message me and find out ;)
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    Joel Stubbs, Aaron Reed, Morgan Aste, Martyn Ford, Bob Paris, Ronnie Coleman
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    Ha! That's a good one.

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  1. anonymister

    Alternatives for Leg Extensions?

    Hack Squats are GREAT for quads!
  2. anonymister

    Improving form when workout out alone.

    Record video!
  3. anonymister

    Protein daily amount and growth

    You'll hear wide range of protein requirements wherever you look. There are a lot of different variables at play such as age, body composition, physical activity level, and goals. What I generally try to shoot for, and I am no sports medicine doctor, is 1.2g per lb minimum. I currently weigh 235lbs so that's about 280g of protein per day. As I'm bulking I'm not too worried about eating too much protein as I welcome the additional calories
  4. anonymister

    Flexing and pumping

    I find consistent flexing to be beneficial to my physique and don't see how it wouldn't be positively affecting my muscle development. If you're flexing hard enough it's a great workout! Can easily pump myself up and break a sweat.
  5. anonymister

    Coaching Gyms

    Hey there and welcome aboard the gain train! Don't YMCAs have trainers? Since it's in such a convenient location for you I'd start there. And since you're a newbie to weighlifting I wouldn't think you'd need a specialist from a boutique club or anything like that to teach you the basics.
  6. anonymister

    If I were to compete...

    I'm so excited to hear that you're considering competing bud! IMO I think your bf % is low enough to warrant a bulk. I'd give special attention to building up the chests and lats. I think you have some great arms! You can certainly manage to fit junkfood into your diet. You just have to plan/schedule it in advance. For example, Saturday afternoons are typically reserved for pizza
  7. anonymister

    Need Help With My Program

    Hey bud welcome aboard. I'm glad you have a friend who's willing to help you. Are you able to hire a personal trainer? That's my recommendation for anybody who's completely new to the gym.
  8. anonymister

    The new normal

    Great post! Thanks for letting us in your head a little. #swolelife
  9. anonymister

    Using clothes as motivation

    With all the bulking and cutting I do I end up doing this pretty often. Sometimes I go on splurges and drop a couple hundred bucks on workout attire. Really gets me pumped up!
  10. Hey dude what's up

  11. anonymister

    reps for abs

    Crunches suck. Go for the feel, not the reps. Planks are wonderful and so is anything that involves hanging from a bar. But really, if you're doing your primary lifts with good form (deads, squats, pullups, etc) you'll be working the abs well enough imo. Also, what musclelad2 says is true. Abs are made in the kitchen!
  12. anonymister

    Breakfast a very important meal

    I can't remember the last time I had breakfast. It must've been months. I only eat one meal a day really. I say eat however makes you feel best. Everyone's body is different and will respond differently.
  13. anonymister

    Ab cramps

    I know exactly what you're talking about. The first time I got one (at 18) I sent myself to the ER because I thought I had a hernia haha. Tends to only happen if I train abs less than two times a week. Gotta stay hydrated and make sure my electrolytes are okay too. Other than that, I stretch it out then I'm fine.
  14. anonymister


    I love myself some revenge stories. The bully becoming the bullied can be hot but the bully becoming humiliated can be even hotter!
  15. anonymister

    DIY deadlift form

    Hey R33c3 if you could send me a clip of you deadlifting I could help you out with form correction. Also, I don't think the Romanian deadlifts would help too loosen up your hamstrings. That's an exercise that specifically works the hamstrings which is great, but ultimately tightens them because you're contracting the muscle. If you want to loosen up the hamstrings, I'd warm them up with some light cardio and bodyweight squats + jumps followed by some stretches. Good luck!

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