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    Bodybuilding, basketball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, nutrition, anime, video games.
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    My realistic long-term goal is to compete at a lean 210lbs. That'd put me at around 230lbs of pure awesomeness in the off-season!

    As for a dream goal, why don't you just message me and find out ;)
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  1. anonymister

    The new normal

    Great post! Thanks for letting us in your head a little. #swolelife
  2. anonymister

    Using clothes as motivation

    With all the bulking and cutting I do I end up doing this pretty often. Sometimes I go on splurges and drop a couple hundred bucks on workout attire. Really gets me pumped up!
  3. Hey dude what's up

  4. anonymister

    reps for abs

    Crunches suck. Go for the feel, not the reps. Planks are wonderful and so is anything that involves hanging from a bar. But really, if you're doing your primary lifts with good form (deads, squats, pullups, etc) you'll be working the abs well enough imo. Also, what musclelad2 says is true. Abs are made in the kitchen!
  5. anonymister

    Breakfast a very important meal

    I can't remember the last time I had breakfast. It must've been months. I only eat one meal a day really. I say eat however makes you feel best. Everyone's body is different and will respond differently.
  6. anonymister

    Ab cramps

    I know exactly what you're talking about. The first time I got one (at 18) I sent myself to the ER because I thought I had a hernia haha. Tends to only happen if I train abs less than two times a week. Gotta stay hydrated and make sure my electrolytes are okay too. Other than that, I stretch it out then I'm fine.
  7. anonymister


    I love myself some revenge stories. The bully becoming the bullied can be hot but the bully becoming humiliated can be even hotter!
  8. anonymister

    DIY deadlift form

    Hey R33c3 if you could send me a clip of you deadlifting I could help you out with form correction. Also, I don't think the Romanian deadlifts would help too loosen up your hamstrings. That's an exercise that specifically works the hamstrings which is great, but ultimately tightens them because you're contracting the muscle. If you want to loosen up the hamstrings, I'd warm them up with some light cardio and bodyweight squats + jumps followed by some stretches. Good luck!
  9. anonymister


    Message me for live lessons on skype
  10. anonymister

    A GROWING Relationship Pt 1

    Dawww :')
  11. anonymister

    New AIDS Problem

    This goes to show that unprotected sex still poses risks even with the best drugs available. Don't be silly wrap your willy! Hopefully a cure is not too far away.
  12. anonymister

    Demon Muscle Theft Story

    Here's a link to part 1 http://www.coiledfist.org/article.php?story=sarnaqj_lordasher01
  13. anonymister

    Pro hormones?

    1. Stats and pics for a reference point? 2. "pro hormones are a safe alternative to steroids" no.
  14. anonymister

    Demon Muscle Theft Story

    You're looking for Lord Asher on coiledfist
  15. Thanks for the photo comments guys! You're all very kind.

    1. ShortMusclStud


      well deserved, you look awesome!