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  1. I really hope this is just a start of a series.
  2. Mystery Project

    It's already past noon of Feb. 1 here on the east side of the globe (or at least where I live). I'm really eager to know what this is.
  3. Insane hyper cock growth

    Thanks. I've read that a long time ago, but I guess I can read it again.
  4. Insane hyper cock growth

    Looking for some good hyper cock growth stories. I know there's a lot of stories that fall in this category, but I'm trying to look for stories with absurd cock growths -- ranging from something 10 feet long, or bigger than buildings, etc. Any suggestions? No macro/giants, please. ^^;
  5. Stories focused on Biceps

    @flame: Yes, I've read that story before. Both the original (by GBM), and the rewrite (by AT2000). @red: Nope it isn't. XD I'm actually wondering if there are other bicep-focused stories besides the above. I've seen a lot of pec stories, but not really much focused on arms. :/
  6. Stories focused on Biceps

    Still no suggestions?
  7. Stories focused on Biceps

    I'm a huge bicep fan and I was wondering if you guys have story recommendations that are primarily focused on biceps. Thanks in advance.
  8. Big is Better/Hearts & Iron stories

    Try this catalog: http://www.heartsandironcomic.com/store.html I think it's best to contact the author/artist, Jeff Jacklin, himself.
  9. Machu Man - Part 7: Equality

    Sorry for bumping, but is there any chance we'll get to see the next part anytime soon? It has been two months since this chapter was originally posted... Hope things are well.
  10. Pokémon

    I have Y and AlphaSapphire, though I haven't touched it for months. Still waiting for Z to be announced.
  11. Machu Man - Part 7: Equality

    Hopefully the next chapter is posted before Christmas.
  12. Machu Man - Part 7: Equality

    Yes, I actually did notice that you try to keep things less extreme and more realistic compared to 'My Nephew'. I can totally understand your reasons. I also need to stop comparing this with Kyle. I'm sorry if you feel like I've been pushing my totally over-the-top ideas. Those are just my inner fantasies talking and I know not everyone enjoys the same fantasy I want to see. Of course, I still appreciate this story and commend you for your writing skill. I will continue to enjoy whatever you come up with. You're still one of my favorites on here.
  13. Machu Man - Part 7: Equality

    I wish I was their next-door neighbor... watching them do their stuff by the window, or secretly stalking at them. Heh. Pretty much what iceman said. It's really amazing how you come up with crazy ideas for your stories. One thing I like about your stories is that, a lot of underappreciated muscle groups are given attention. I'm still waiting for the extreme parts though. They're pretty much limited to the confines of their house. And even if they're outside, then don't exhibit the same extremities that Kyle did. Now that we have two Muscle Gods, there are twice the possibilities than your first story. They should take a trip to a place where they can go all out, without having to worry about destruction. I wanna see them flex pecs that can possibly push back floods, stop avalanches or landslides. Or adjust off-orbit satellites with their biceps (was it too extreme?) How about just the two of them flexing just for fun. Or the two of them building a new Machu Picchu as a sign of their love? Anyway, thanks for this amazing chapter. Really looking forward to the next part. Keep it up!
  14. Machu Man - Part 6: A Little Freaky Fun

    Another outrageously great chapter! I really like the character development on this one, especially with Mason becoming more honest with himself. Can't wait to see them explore other muscle groups. Hope it gets freakier.
  15. Machu Man - Part 5: Awakening

    Another great chapter! I really like that Mike isn't overwhelmed by the new changes and that he's actually enjoying, more accepting, and can easily adjust to what just happened to him. Can't wait to see Mike explore more of himself. Also, I'm glad you went to this route. With Mason and Mike being equal, and with both of them being gods, it really provides a lot of story ideas and opportunities. I can totally see why you're inspired/motivated to write. Would be really nice to see a bit of friendly and playful competition between the two. Perhaps a flex-off with strength feats that would probably end sensually. Thank you. Looking forward to the next parts.