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  1. Scriptboy

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I try to make my time in the gym about 60 to 75 minutes max. I spend 30 minutes doing cardio (treadmill) and the other 30-45 minutes doing strength training.
  2. Thank you @ravenweremuscle for putting together the results of the Olympia for us.
  3. Yayyy Roelly Winklaar from Curacao!!! That’s where I’m at right now! Way to go to snatch third place!
  4. Scriptboy

    The Car Salesman - Chapter 4

    @dw2098lj please respond to my message. Thread locked. --Scriptboy, Senior Forum Administrator
  5. Wow, I got to meet the coolest teen bodybuilder from Texas, a young muscle guy named Isaiah! Check him out, here (unfiltered section):


  6. Check out the Muscle Teens of Instagram thread. I know you'll like it.


  7. Scriptboy

    The Arpeejay Formula

    Richard, we had talked about this at length already, since you had shared this experience with me before posting it here. Keep doing what you’re doing because you love what you’re doing and you’re passionate about your stories and the characters you write about. Publishing your work as ebooks will only broaden your audience beyond the membership of this forum. I think the idea is fantastic and you should give it a try and not listen to the opinion of just one person. In fact, I like the idea so much, I would almost propose we should publish an annual story collection of the most liked stories that are posted on the forum throughout the previous year and publish it as ebook on amazon or something. I mean, why not? Anyway, that’s my 2 cents’ worth of advice. We all love your work and I know for sure that I would be among the first who would buy your ebook. Cheers!
  8. Scriptboy

    I'm looking for "The Coven Coin"

    It's in the muscle-growth archive https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/17092-p1.html
  9. Scriptboy

    I'm looking for "The Coven Coin"

    Who is the author of this story?
  10. Welcome to the new Story Commentary section! In this new section, you can comment on stories in general. Here, you can highlight your favorite stories, authors, genres, characters, etc. If you have any questions about this section, please contact a forum Moderator or Administrator.
  11. Scriptboy

    Spank Bank (Commentary, NOT a story)

    Thank you, Richard, for starting this thread. However, this is indeed a Commentary, and not a story. A lack of a "Commentary" section or sub-forum is forcing you to post this in the stories section, which is not entirely the best place for it because this is NOT a "story". Creating a new sub-forum is easy, however, I hope it will become utilized and not become a little branch of the forum which only holds just this thread. May we see many MORE "commentaries" and opinions expressed by many other writers and readers who want to talk about their favorite (and their not-so-favorite) stories which are posted on our forum. Let's get some feedback regarding this idea and we can take it from there.
  12. Scriptboy

    Big, Brawny and Blind

    Thank you! So far, I'm very pleased with the comments, the feedback, and I'm hoping for a tremendous number of LIKES. That will pretty much guarantee a sequel to the first chapter! THANKS!
  13. Scriptboy

    Big, Brawny and Blind

    Just so you guys know.... The character of Hunter is inspired by a close friend of mine on Facebook who REALLY IS BLIND.... I did not make that up... And the references and situations mentioned in the story came from my conversations with him. And, we really do have a Division or Office of Blind Services at some educational facilities here in Florida.
  14. Scriptboy

    Big, Brawny and Blind

    Big, Brawny and Blind A short story by scriptboy It all started around the third day of the semester when I received the call from the Office of Blind Services on my cell phone. They had received my application to become a guide for another student during my Junior year at the community college and they were happy to get me paired up with a prospective student. Since I had an uncle who was blind as well, I already had experience working with people who were bind or visually impaired so signing up for this was a complete no-brainer. The lady at the office was extremely excited that I had signed up. She told me that most Guides were females and I was the only male Guide who had signed up all year. That was another incentive right there. Maybe I would end up working with some cute college girls? Who knows. So, they called me up and asked me to show up at the local restaurant which was down the street from the dorm where this student lived. It was also right down the street from the gym. I thought it sounded interesting that a visually impaired student worked out at a gym, so this would be fun for sure. My name is Alex Weas and I’m just a junior in college, age 21. What was just a meeting between my blind student would end up changing my life completely. I showed up at “The Cave”, a small sandwich shop near campus. Which had a good crowd that afternoon. I was supposed to meet the current guide, Felicia Snow, there. So, as soon as I walked in, I started looking for a young lady and a blind student. Of course, I had never met either one of them, so I had no idea what they looked like. I scanned the area as I looked around, when I finally spotted a young lady in the back corner sitting with another young guy at her table. “Uhh…. Hi…. I’m looking for Felicia? Is that you?” I stuttered since I just didn’t know. I didn’t have a good look at the guy since he was sitting in the corner where it was rather dark. “Hi! Oh, are you Alex? Good, you finally made it! Great! Well, Alex, this is Hunter Hollander, your new student! He is a freshman!” she said as she got up and shook my hand. I’m only 5-foot-6 inches tall and this young lady was about my height. She had long, black hair and deep brown eyes. She grabbed her handbag and she quickly turned around to address the boy. “Hunter! Come over here! Your new guide has arrived!” Suddenly, the boy moved over, and he slid off the booth, so he could stand up on his two feet. When he got up, I realized how tall he was. He was at least six inches taller than me, six feet tall, and much wider. Now, I’m a skinny, short guy, so this kid was BIG! “Uhh…. Hi!” the boy smiled as he extended his right hand while holding his cane in his left one. “Hi! I’m Alex Weas! You must be Hunter?” I said as I shook his hand. His hand was big, and he had a firm grip. Of course, He was wearing a raincoat with long sleeves, so I couldn’t tell what he looked like other than his face. He had straight, short, black hair and a friendly face. Of course, I had no ideas what his eyes were like since he had them closed the entire time. “Nice to meet ya, Alex!” Hunter said to me. “I’m so happy to have you as my new guide!” “Great! Now, Hunter, if you need anything, you call me, okay?” Felicia said as she seemed to be in a hurry to leave the restaurant. “I’m supposed to meet someone here and I’m already late!” “Thank you so much for helping me get oriented around here…” Hunter said to her as he embraced her. “You’ve been a big help…” Just then, a tall, blond guy walked in with an angry look on his face. He looked around and he became even angrier when he saw Hunter hug Felicia near the entrance to the restaurant. “FELICIA! I’ve been waiting outside for you for the last TEN MINUTES! ARE you DONE babysitting that misfit? Can we GO NOW?” the blond guy shouted at her. The blond guy grabbed her arm and yanked her away from Hunter’s embrace, almost causing the blind boy to stumble over. “RON! Can you wait? May I say goodbye to my student? Come on!” Felicia shouted angrily. “Wow! Calling me a misfit isn’t very nice!” Hunter shouted back, loud enough for everyone to hear. “Oh yeah? Well, what are ya gonna do about it?” Ron growled as he marched up to Hunter and grabbed his raincoat with one hand. But Hunter reached out with his right arm and grabbed Ron’s shirt collar, and, using incredible strength, he lifted Ron’s entire body several inches off the ground! Then, he held him up, with his feet dangling in mid-air, until he tossed him to the floor, hitting one of the wooden chairs and knocking it over, breaking it in the process. People got up and the manager came. It became very quiet in the restaurant. “Hey! No fighting in my restaurant! Do you realize you just tossed this man up against one of my chairs and broke it?” the manager shouted at Hunter. “I should call the police!” “No sir, he didn’t realize that…. I apologize!” Felicia said calmly. “What do you mean, he didn’t realize that?” the manager asked her. “Didn’t he SEE IT? He broke one of my chairs!!!” “No, he didn’t see it because…. He’s blind.” There was a murmur coming from the crowd as Ron struggled to get up while Felicia tried to help him. I stood next to Hunter, holding his thick arm. “Come, Ron…. Let’s get outta here….” Felicia said to Ron as she helped him get up… “You’re gonna pay for this, you PUNK!” Ron shouted at the blind boy as he turned around and marched out of the restaurant. Then, I grabbed Hunter by the wrist and pulled him towards the table where he was sitting earlier. “Hey…. Let’s finish our lunch and then I’ll take you back to the dorm, okay?” I said to him. “I don’t want any more trouble in this place!” Under that raincoat sleeve I could feel a lot of muscle…. BIG muscle. I think there was a lot MORE to the big, blind boy than I realized! What was he hiding? We each ate a burger and we had a milkshake. I paid for his lunch. Then, he grabbed his cane and he walked out the door. I walked right behind him. “So, Hunter…. What do you like to do for fun?” I asked him. “Well, I like to help blind athletes. I’m really big into sports!” he replied as we both walked back to his dorm. He had told me which dorm he lived in, so I escorted him to the building. “Really? Very cool! Do you…. Uhh…. Play any sports yourself?” I asked him. I wasn’t sure if that was the right question to ask a blind guy. I mean, how can he play sports if he can’t see what he’s doing? “Yeah! I lift weights! Which is why I was hoping I was gonna get a new guide was a guy!” he responded. “That was… We could go to the gym together and I don’t have to ask other guys at the gym to help me!” “Oh, sure! I’ll take you to the gym, big guy!” I replied. As soon as we entered the dorm room, he took off his rain coat and shoes… Then the jeans came off… Hunter was left wearing just his tank top and his underwear. “Whoa!” I gasped out loud when I got my first look at the kid standing before me. He was big, tall, and ripped! His shoulders were round and wide. His arms were thick like pythons, and covered with thick, long veins all over. He had well-defined delts and traps across his broad shoulders. His chest was like two large spheres of muscle sticking out from his upper body. His abdominal muscles resembled a washboard and his quads were bigger and wider than tree trunks, completely covered with thick, long veins all over! “H-H-Hunter! You…. You’re a bodybuilder!” I exclaimed at the sight of the big, blind muscle boy. “You got muscles everywhere!” “Yeah…. I can’t see them…. But I can FEEL them!” he chuckled as he flexed his right arms while he ran his left hand over his large, bulging bicep, which started to swell up from his arm together with his triceps until it was the size of a bowling ball which was completely covered with veins all over. “Holy shit! No wonder you could easily pick up the guy in the restaurant! You’re REALLY strong!” I said as I just gawked at the big muscle guy. What an incredible sight. And, he was only a Freshman! “Well… I wanna apologize for that! The dude pissed me off when he called me a misfit. Blind dudes get no respect at all. We’re always treated like outcasts around here…” Hunter said sadly. “Hey, man… I can’t blame you! I mean… You can’t help it that you got a disability. I think it’s way cool that you’re spending so much time lifting weights in the gym!” “Yeah… But…. Somebody needs to help me and show me where the weights are. I can’t do it alone!” Hunter sighed. “Otherwise I’m lost when I go to the gym. None of the signs are in Braille and it’s too noisy in the gym for me to hear my screen-reader software…” “Uhmm… I don’t lift weights at all… But… You can show me!” I shrugged. “You’re the muscle guy in our new team from now on!” “Awesome! From now on…. You’ll be my eyes…. And I’ll be your muscles!” Hunter smiled. I felt like this was going to be the beginning of a very special friendship….
  15. As always, thanks to Youth Muscle for the awesome avatar! I've been doing arm curls every day. You guys like my biceps?