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    Write muscle growth stories as well as science fiction and superhero, coach tennis, web developer and programmer. I'm also a published author of a novel.
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    Short, 5'4", 200 lbs
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    To write and post stories, view art and photos, and to assist members of the forum. Also, I can deliver an EPIC role play, if you can catch me online at the right time.
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    Tall, 6'4", 300 lbs, muscle
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    I love ALL the stories on this forum!
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    Arnold! LOL!
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    Transformation stories involving rapid muscle growth, but also growing, shrinking, age change, and more.

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  1. Welcome back to the forum, Teknodave!

    Your subscription to the Unfiltered Section has been approved. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    --Scriptboy, Forum Senior Administrator 

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      Thanks man, already falling in love with the Unfiltered stories. 😈

  2. Hi @lolsam1888 Welcome to the forum! I saw your postings and they are very interesting! If you have any questions about where to post something, please don't hesitate to ask any one of our forum staff members! We can also move or hide any of your posts in case something is misplaced, so no worries! Again, welcome aboard. --Scriptboy, Forum Senior Administrator
  3. Scriptboy


    The applicants on Discord are: Andykins1996 = EnglishAltaria (Andy) Dandicoot = Dandicoot (Dan) theredder = Jack_Musclebro (Jack) barapekku = ? (I don't know who this is) RecoveringLearner = RecoveringLearner (Mark)
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    Since we're still in need of more Moderators on the forum, I think we will keep the application window open until all positions are filled.
  5. Huge Thank You goes to @saxton for his amazing muscle morph which is my new avatar!


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      He needs to morph that kid up even bigger--and BIGGER--and b-i-g-g-e-r--AND B-I-G-G-E-R!!  😈

  6. Scriptboy


    I'm a HUGE fan of superhero stories and I like where this is going. Alpha has chosen Johnathan for a reason and it seems like Johnathan is in for some big surprises! Being in the presence of a larger-than-life superhero is always a huge dream of any teenage boy, let alone being invited and flown to his home! That is the ultimate thrill ride. I can't wait to see where this goes from here.
  7. I'm mostly an Endomorph (short, chubby with waistline) although I do have some muscle in my legs already, so a little bit of a Mesomorph as well. I'm definitely NOT an Ectomorph.
  8. I was just watching THIS video from the same doctor mention earlier in this thread....
  9. This is a website about Keto. I like it because of the benefits for people with Epilepsy and because it lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure. https://ketodash.com/keto-diet
  10. Wow.... I'm just in AWE of the GREAT advice I'm reading up on in here! You guys are awesome! As a gym noob myself (8 weeks of lifting weights in the gym!) I must say I'm learning a LOT! I'm still learning from some of my dietary mistakes but I have cut down completely on a LOT of things (sweets, soda, junk food). One of my BIG inspirations on Instagram and YouTube, teen bodybuilder Tristyn Lee, swears by the Keto Diet. What do you guys think of that? Let me know!
  11. Scriptboy

    Hope Springs

    A wonderful story! I think we have a fountain like that here in Florida! LOL! Thanks, Cutlerfan!
  12. Scriptboy

    My Bodyguard (Epilogue)

    The story was very enjoyable, RPJ. I love happy endings and this was a fun, romantic "bromance" where two boys, a geek and a big muscle jock, actually end up as half-brothers! This is actually very much the type of story I would be inclined to write (if and when I have MORE time... Unfortunately, I have a "little" forum to run!). Your dialog is absolutely wonderful and I love the way you bring the characters to life. It's impossible NOT to like Nick and Roger in the story. Lastly, I think it's great how both boys end up growing in height and muscle... smashing all kinds of weight and bench records. I kinda expected AT LEAST Nick to get bigger and bigger, but Roger also grew and that was kinda a surprise for me. This is exactly the kind of story that most guys on THIS forum would like to read. Sure, lots of guys would want something darker, more violent, with more action, drama, suspense, etc. But that is not your style. Luckily, there are OTHER authors who can fill that void. They just need to step up to the plate and post their work. After all, writing stories like this is a labor of love (nobody gets PAID for doing this) and all you get back for doing this is praise, feedback and an occasional troll.
  13. Scriptboy

    My Bodyguard (Epilogue)

    OK I'm going to step in here. Nothing gets deleted unless it gets reported for violating the stated Forum General Guidelines. Forum members have the right to state their opinions here. Lastly, this is not a literary forum where people get awards for stories or for writing poetry. This is a forum about muscle growth stories and this story clearly covers this subject. That is the ONLY thing that matters for the readers of THIS forum.
  14. Scriptboy

    My Bodyguard (Part 3)

    FUNNY story! Typical RPJ classic! Muscle growth and romance!
  15. Scriptboy

    My Bodyguard (Part 2)

    I just LOVE the fact that BOTH Nick and Roger are GROWING....