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    Saint Louis, MO
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    real profile.
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    Bodybuilding, theater, music
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    Currently bulking at around 180+ pounds 5' 9". Working to bulk up to 200 by April and then cut again back to 180.
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    Happily married!
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    Realistically, would love to hit 200 lbs. and 10% BF.

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  1. Thanks for the positives!

  2. I started working out at 28 when I realized I was getting chubby and (a) was not comfortable running/biking/etc. and (b) have absolutely no hand-eye coordination for ball sports. Have been pretty consistent since then--now almost 45--with a couple of "vacations" for babies and re-locations.
  3. Hi, thanks for the likes!

  4. I would say that for most Americans over the age of forty, the ideology of socialism is only a step away from communism--there is a distrust in giving the government any more say in our daily lives than it already has. Especially in terms of health care, taxes, etc. and that's why there is a distrust for Sanders. Not that we have any particularly better choices on either side of the political fence.
  5. The older generation is wary, and rightfully so, of anyone calling himself a socialist (Democratic or otherwise).
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