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  1. I love your writing style. Can't say I'm usually into furry themes, but this was very hot to me. Spank bank mission accomplished, thank you very much.
  2. Gosh, I remember loving this one. Can't wait to see your second part. Thanks for all your contributions!
  3. Here's one more: https://silicondog.muscle-growth.org/stories/intview1.txt
  4. Just WOW. I like everything about your style. Can't wait for the next part!
  5. I'm trying to find a story, and I can't remember the name. The main character was a pretty well-muscled guy who ran into a kid at the gym. He dared the kid to prove he had bigger arms, and the kid ends up growing. His arms eventually way outgrow the older guy's size. That's not a whole lot of description, I know, but does anybody remember what I'm talking about? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hey ugalawguy, I'm guessing you're at the University of Georgia...welcome.  What's the muscle scene there like?

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    2. Muscleinatl


      I live in Vinings.  Where do you work out your muscle man muscles? 

    3. ugalawguy


      LA Fitness.  I'm in the city, so I usually use Spring Street or Ansley.

    4. Muscleinatl


      I go to LA Fitness.  Sometimes At Ansley Or Buckhead, but mostly at Akers Mill. 

  7. The story I'm thinking of used a smartphone app for the muscle growth. There was more than one story that used this, I recall, but the one I want to see in particular had more than one part, and a bully from the gym ended up taking it from the protagonist and using it on himself. The bully swelled and swelled with muscle until he outgrew a house. Any help, please? Much appreciated!
  8. Please please post Part 3!!!
  9. I loved that story... I was hoping there would be another chapter to it.
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