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  1. zbear123

    What started this for you?

    This did it for me
  2. zbear123

    Incredible Hulk

  3. zbear123

    Incredible Hulk

    YES... it's amazing how big he's getting. He said he's going to start getting on gear to get bigger and it looks like this is the result! So MASSIVE!
  4. zbear123

    Father on steroids?

  5. zbear123

    Incredible Hulk

    I loved the Ang Hulk. I recently uploaded all of the great growth scenes in one big compilation too. http://mymusclevideo.com/72958/hulk-transformations/
  6. I saw your progress: Bro, you are huge!

  7. zbear123

    Dorm Room Growth Story

    There was a story (I think it was on the old forum) where a college guy meets his dorm roomate who is a huge bodybuilder. He cums himself uncontrollably at the sight of him and later finds out that his roommate has the power to make him cum. Anyone know which story I'm talking about?
  8. zbear123

    Incredible Hulk

    Would be awesome if someone could write a story to go along with it!
  9. zbear123

    Incredible Hulk

    Something like...... this? "REAGAN SMASH PUNY CITY!!!!!!....DAMN, GAMMA RAYS DO A BODY GOOD, I'M FUCKING HUGE"
  10. zbear123

    My Twin Is His Own Man

    When's the next part coming out? This was a great start!

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