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  1. hoangrocky

    Camjerk 2

    Hopefully he is done for the new years!
  2. hoangrocky

    If the Shoe Fits.

    I wish the author would tell us if he is good and how is he doing with this? This story is amazing!!!
  3. hoangrocky

    Ben and Roger

    Damn this should have been finished...
  4. hoangrocky

    The Janitor's Secret (Furry)

    Oh wow!!! That was hot!!! Please continue
  5. hoangrocky

    Halvor's Hard Body

    Great job @SuperWaffle. I just have one question.... Will you ever go back to doing furry stories or the game? I am just really sad that you ended it
  6. hoangrocky

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    Hi, I am so sorry that I may not be able to write for April 21st. It has been a hectic first week and I know the weeks to come wouldn't be that much better so I will just give you a heads up. I will try my best to write something but it could be hard.
  7. hoangrocky

    BBMSN Stories

    Does anyone know what happen to this author? They were a great storyteller and their stories are so hot. I hope they are on this forum! Down below are some of them: http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/bbmsn/index.html if anyone can find continuation of any of these stories, post here!
  8. hoangrocky

    The Hourglass

    Really hope you are doing good. Take your time!
  9. hoangrocky

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    I will do april 21st!!
  10. hoangrocky

    Surprising Ride

    Thank you so much for all the positive comments. Again, if anyone has any thoughts that they want to say, just do it! I will definitely try to finish that second part and release it as soon as I am free
  11. Note: Sorry for a late post. I just have a lot of stuff to do and I am still busy but I finally have time to post this. This is the first time I am writing a story and posting it here so I would really really appreciate if you guys comment and advise me on what I need to do better in terms of story writing. Thank you so much and have a great day. Enjoy the story! PS: English is not my first language so just tell me what is wrong grammatically in my pm. Surprising Ride Why am I doing this? I am a reasonable human being and capable of making rational choices. However, right now I am on the street, following a muscle-bound, hunky as fuck specimen of a man. He is about 30 feet from me and I am just trying to keep up with him and also try not to appear as a crazy person. He is going kind of fast like he is rushing somewhere so I have to jog to be able to catch up to him and keep the distance. Thank God there aren’t many people walking on the street or they would think I am a crazy gay stalker right now. This is definitely the stupidest thing (or the best thing) I have done in my 23 years of life. Wait! Now where is he going? I should have just stay on the bus and go home like usual an hour ago. ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1 hour ago, Wait, this is too close to the ride that will change my life forever, go back a little bit more! ---------------------------------------------------------------- 8 hours ago, It is Saturday. Finally, the start of the weekend and I can finally rest at home and lay on my bed all day and binge on Netflix. Sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Rocky and I am currently working for a bioengineering firm. I graduated on the top of my class from Stanford University and companies offered me many opportunities to have a great job but I picked the one at this firm because I major in bioengineering and the firm was working towards a cure to fatal diseases like AIDS, and cancer which is something I would love to contribute to. On the side, the firm also works on muscle tissue regeneration and I am really interested in that too. I groaned, got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. My eyes are still not fully opened yet and it is hard to see things when you are in such a drowsy state. Yesterday, I stay overtime at the lab to work on a project that was assigned to me and my friend, Ralph, about a special case of a man being cured of AIDS. “Hey Rocky, come over here! Look at his gene structure, it looks similar if not identical to our normal gene structure. I thought we would hit a gold mine.” said Ralph frustratingly. It was already 11pm and both of us are tired. “Yeah, I thought we would find something there. There must be something that made his immune system so strong to the HIV virus.” I said groggily while looking at Ralph with tired eyes. Ralph is a tall man standing at 5’11” (at least in my perspective) weighting at 160 lb. The reason I know that is I have been long time friends with him since high school and we have been with each other since then. He has a more of a swimmer’s body but he have said to me that he wanted to work out more and get bigger. I don’t know why he wants to but I can’t wait to see him bigger. I have always somewhat have a crush on him but I never wanted to admit it and tell him. “Hey, I think this is enough for tonight. We can continue this next week.” I looked at the clock and it shows 12:30 at night. Ralph nods his head in agreement and we both went to clock out and go home. Back to the present, I am looking at myself in the mirror and I have no problem with my body. My height is 5’7” and weighting at a healthy 140lbs. I have a toned body because of my daily jogging and a healthy diet. Some people would say that I would look better with more meat on me but I object to that because I would rather have my man being a muscle freak than myself. Yup, I am definitely a size queen! After brushing my teeth and then cleaning my face, I am ready for breakfast. I am currently living alone in a big apartment with 1 bedroom, 1 big bathroom, a big living space and 1 small lab space where I can work on my own project. I am currently stuck and don’t know how to proceed with this but I hope something (or someone) can inspire me to continue. I went to the kitchen, get some eggs, flour and milk to make some pancakes. Took a little while but I finally finished my stack and I bring it to the table. “Man, I wish I have someone to eat this with.” I sigh, being alone in a big apartment isn’t as wonderful as I thought it would be. Having a roommate isn’t as appealing to me before but now I kind of wished that I found one. It is just that, I liked privacy back then and I still do now but it just feels empty in my heart sometimes. “Welp, let’s fill that hole with some Netflix.” I turned the TV on and there is this show called “This is us” on my recommended list so I thought I would try it. I binge like 3,4 episodes of that series and it is so good. Also, as a bonus, there are a lot of hot guys on there like Justin Hartley (real name – an actor) even though he is kind of a douche sometimes on the show. “WHAT! It is already 1:30pm. I haven’t even eat lunch yet and I am late.” I put on my casual clothes and then go out to wait at the bus stop. I dial some numbers and called my friend who I was supposed to have lunch with. “Hey, Sam. I am so sorry I am late……Oh you already ate lunch without me because you have an appointment with the doctor. Dang! I am terribly sorry….I will make it up to you some other time. Ok? ….Alright! Talk to you later.” I felt so bad. Sam is also my longtime friend from high school that I met and she is just the person who help me through a lot of hard things at those times. High school treated me well and it gave me my friends that I can depend on and cherish. I was going to get off the bus since I don’t really need to go the lunch place anymore but the door closed and I have to stay on the bus till the next stop. “Damnit!” I muttered to myself. I sat back for about 5 minutes or something. Just staring out the window, looking at cars and people and stores. Suddenly, there was a “Stop requested” signal to the driver and in my mind I was relieved and glad to get off. The bus stopped but I didn’t even got off because I was just paralyzed. My eyes are fixated on the person, a big hunky specimen of an alpha male at the door of the bus. He was big and I have never seen a man that big in my life (except for the Internet). ‘Holy shit’ I thought to myself. His arms are huge, cannonballs round and veins running on it and then the forearms and just riddled with veins. His shoulders looks so strong and rounded. Chest as big as fucking melons and definitely hard as granite. Even his neck is huge. He was just wearing a blue tank top with a Superman logo on it that barely fits him. His chest is just pushing on the material and it is just making my pants go on fire. I can’t really see his legs because it is just covered by the black sweatpants but I just know that his legs are pillars of stability. How can he even find pants that fit him? His face is a face of a rugged lumberjack with the strong jawline and a full beard that is just right, not too long and not like a stubble. “Fuck!” I muttered to myself and averted my gaze to the window but occasionally looking back at him. He is coming towards me and OMG he is sitting in the seat that is 1 seat away from me. I was seating in the back and he just sat down there like a normal person and waited until his next stop. He looked even more magnificent up close but I can’t even looked at him. He will think I am a freak and sue me or something. Now he just pulled out his phone and browsed through some stuff. I guess I will do that too. I pulled out my phone and open it and texted Sam. “Holy shit, man! You won’t believe what is happening to me right now” I texted her, still in shock as to the muscular guy next to me. Now he is just looking out to the windows and now in my direction. Damn! His eyes are beautiful. Then he just looked back to his phone. *brrrrrrrr* I looked at my phone and she texted me back “What, Rocky. I am just done with my appointment and I am a little bit annoyed right now. You better have something good to tell me!” “What happened?” “My doctor is just ass that is all. Now what’s happening?” “The most beautiful and hunky and biggest man I have ever seen is literally right next to me.” She was the first person I came out to and she is the most supportive and also the person who is trying to hook up me with people the most. “OMG! You are finally going to get fucked by your dream man. Congratulation!!!!” “Wait what! Who said that? We are just sitting on a bus.” “I am just joking with you man. What are you doing on the bus?” “I was going to meet you but you were at the doctor’s so yeah.” “Ohhhhhh, ok. So are you at least going to say hi to him? Don’t waste this time texting me. Socialize with him. That is what you do best.” “I don’t know. I have never been in this situation before.” “You can do it, Rock. I believe in you. You have to at least do something with him *wink emoji* ” “Ew, Sam. You are nasty!” “What?! I am just trying to get you to know how it is to be in bed with a big man like that.” “What do you know? You don’t know what he looks like!” “Oh, please. Based on the number of pictures you send me about what your dream guy will look like, I can picture him from miles away. He is probably not my type.” “True.” “Get that dick, man.” “Shut up, Sam. Talk to you later.” “Bye” I turned off my phone, took a deep breath and turned around to see that there is no one there and he just got off the bus. I quickly stand up and got of the bus to follow him. “Shit. My only chance and I have ruined it.” I kept my distance and follow him ---------------------------------------------------------------- And that leads us to this moment. He just went into this rundown mall that I have never seen before and went into the bathroom. The mall just has a lot of stores closed with just a few open and it is still brightly lit “Fuck! Should I go in? Come on, only chance. Now or never. I already went this far.” I took a deep breath and went into the bathroom. To my surprise, the bathroom is actually clean with not too bad of an odor. It smells like breezing detergent. I went to the urinals and of course, he is not there? “Guess he is in the toilets.” I thought. I went to the toilets and I saw only one closed door which is the disabled toilet part so I just went to the one next to it. “Dang! He must be too big for the normal toilet stalls. It is probably too small (about 36” in width) for him.” I closed the door and unzipped my pants to let out my aching hard and dripping pre-cum cock out. I am pretty proud of my normal length of 6 inches erect and a good girth of 5 inches. I was pent up for so long, maybe 2 or 3 weeks now that I haven’t got some alone time. I pushed the lid of the toilet down and sit on it. Right when I put my hand on my hot cock, a loud and bestial moan broke out and I immediately know that it is the huge muscle man in the stall right next to me. “Omg!” I squeak silently. However, it wasn’t as silent as I thought it would be. “Hey! Help a guy out here man. I am so damn pent up right now. Haven’t fucked anyone in weeks.” He shouted deeply across the door and I immediately stood up. My cock drips a little bit more cum and I just don’t know what to do. Even his voice is manly and sound more ‘muscular’ than mine. “I am ….. not gay though.” I said shyly. “Doesn’t matter! Put your mouth on my cock now!” He demanded dominantly. Suddenly, he punched through the wall of the stall that is between us and create a glory hole. “Shit!” We both uttered at the same time but for different reasons. He barely missed me and the hole he created was big and I can still see his huge and hairy fist and veiny forearms that just punched through solid plastic like it was nothing. I was still stunned by his amazing strength and I can’t even believe that that just happened. “Suck, boy!” I look down at the hole again and I see a huge cock that is thick and dripping. I can see one angry vein runny across the penis that just makes it more powerful. The cock was just so tempting and hot when I touch it that I just wrapped my mouth around it. I barely fit his cockhead inside my mouth and I took in like about 3-4 inches of his cock and it is already hard. Never have I done this before so I am just overwhelmed with all the sensations happening to me right now. The musk coming from his big bush at the base of his cock and the taste of the cum just drives me up the wall. “Mmmmm…..Your mouth is hot. Keep sucking.” His voice is just so deep and manly that I can’t refuse but the thing that happened next was almost too much for me. He started to move his hip fast and push more of his penis into my mouth. That is when my gag reflex started to kick in and I was just coughing so much. He then pull out a little bit to give me some breathing space. I can see that he isn’t such an asshole after all. Not that I think that just because of his dominant talk. “Sorry, man. Just got carried out there that is all.” He said with a passionate tone and followed by a loud moan. “It’s …o…kay.” I tried to sound out those sounds with his still huge cock in my mouth. I can feel that he is close right now and I want to see if he can hold it in. I relax my gag reflex and start to slowly take more of his dick in and use my tongue to rub against his hard dick. It is clearly working cause I heard this. “Uh….Uh…Whatever you …uh ….are doin’…uh uh…. Keep …uh …doin it.” Loud and faster moaning sound coming from the alpha hot male. He begin to buck his hip again and started to push more of his cock in. I didn’t have too much trouble anymore and I begin to follow the rhythm. I am in cock heaven right now. My mouth is fill with so much cock I can barely think. At some time during this oral sex, my hand wonders off to my cock which is close to orgasming as well and start jacking it off. He is also having so much fun with the loud moaning and cursing that I have been hearing over there. “Ah….fuck…you…’re …ah fuck….good. I …. Am ah …..ah….close….” Moans are filled in the room and the testosterone level from him is getting higher and higher if it is even possible. Then, it happened. “CUUU……UUUUM…….MMMMM……MMMMM” It sounded like a huge bear roar trying to scare away its opponent. It made me immediately orgasm but I was so fixated on the amount of hot cum in my mouth that just fills me. It could have been ounces and ounces of cum in there. I try to hold my mouth in but the geyser is just too strong so I pull out from his cock. The cum taste like the nectar from heaven itself and I swallow a mouth full of it. His cock kept on spurting many loads even after I pull out from his cock and it was just spurting its juice at my face. Not that I am complaining. I look down and the puddle next to my cock was a big one maybe because I am pent up. My dick really have done me proud today. I took a little bit of time to recover and then I wrapped my hand around his still hard cock to help him finish. After 1 minute or so, we (or just me) were just basking in our juice and pleasure. We were just sitting on the toilet seat now. “Dang. That was great. That must be one of the best blow job I have ever received in my life. Thank you.” He said cheerfully across the stall “Well I have to thank you. This is my first blow job that I have ever give to anyone and not one as hot as you.” I said and I was still recovering from that amazing orgasm from both of us. “Well damn then. You should do that more often then. You are a fucking great cocksucker.” I blushed a little bit at that. Or maybe a lot. “Thanks….I am gay. I just lied to you cause I was so afraid of what was happening next. I was wrong.” “It is fine, man. Being gay is fine. Come on, go to my stall and then we can see each other.” He said it friendly but at the same time demandingly that just makes all my fears goes away and I obeyed. I stuff my spent dick in my boxer, pull my pants up and went to his stall. What greets me was just breathtaking. The muscled freak of a man was just standing there with his jeans on and his dick out but that was the only article of clothing on him at the time. His huge veiny biceps was the thing that caught me first. It just look so powerful and from what happened before, it is strong as fuck. His bicep was just filled with big veins to power his muscle to work and that just makes my cock hard again in an instance. Then it was it hairy and veiny forearms that is bigger than my puny quads. His chest was big and perfect with a big nip that is just jutting out proudly. Those basketball sized pecs was also matted with hair that just makes him even manlier. After that, I follow his trail of hair towards the brick wall that has 8 hard and granite bricks on it. I felt like I spurt a little bit with all those muscle. “Hey! I know I am hot but stop looking at my muscle. You aren’t the only one who is hard again now.” He clapped his powerful hands to wake me up from my muscle-induced trance. I then realized what he just said and look down at his dick and sure enough it was hard again and it was just pointing at my face. I looked at him with a dumbfounded face at what he just said. “It is because of you boy. Your slim body just make me so hot. It makes me even hornier that you followed me all the way here.” “Wait, you know!” “Of course I know. I can recognize you from thousands of miles away.” He grins happily. “You are not mad?” I was still stunned by his nonchalant attitude. “Course not. I am glad that you are that into me to do that.” He blushed a little bit and that just makes me so happy. “Well, you are built like an overbuilt Hercules and a hundred times manlier than him that fell from the sky.” I blushed right after I said that. “That is just the nicest thing anyone has said to me. Thanks boy.” He did a double bicep pose and then blinked at me. I blushed again and begin to step closer to his hot body to feel his hard and veiny bicep. It felt like a hard rock. NO. It’s like a hot piece of iron right out of the forge and it is just so damn beautiful. “I can see that you like this, boy.” He grins mischievously. He lowered his flexed bicep to my face and I just begin to do whatever anyone would do in that situation. I lick his muscle to feel how hard it really is. I just lost it there. My tongue was going everywhere on his bicep. Tracing his veins and then towards his hard nips. He was starting to moan again. The sweat that it on his chest hair was a bonus that make my taste bud feel tingling sensation. I was sucking on that nipple like a lollipop. I then follow his treasure trail to the 8 hard abs that make me feel like even a sledgehammer won’t even dent them. They just felt so damn tough and shredded. Finally, I saw the huge stick I just met a few minutes ago and I just bonded with it again. I wrapped my mouth around the cock again and it was already close to orgasm. I begin to suck on it slowly to build up the tension and then he did something amazing. “Now you already give me the most amazing orgasm I ever had to me so I think it’s time I give it to you.” He grabbed both of my legs and place my legs over his shoulders. Then he hold my waist with his bulging biceps and place my cock into his hot mouth. We were doing the standing up 69 with him just suspending me almost in midair and I felt a little bit light headed but I finally readjusted. It just took about 2 minutes for both of us to cum again. I thought was out but I still came an impressive amount and he swallowed it all. However, that was nothing compared to his load that again filled me and I almost choked but He move my head from his orgasming dick and flipped me pack to my normal standing position. I felt like I was in a rollercoaster and I don’t even know which way is up or down. He have to catch me so I won’t fall. His bulging biceps was just supporting me like I was lighter than a feather. “Your cum is good, kid. Better give me some more of that next time.” I was still dizzy but I heard everything he said and felt so elated. We were just staring into each other eyes and the most amazing thing happened. He kissed me. The taste of our cum just exchanged in our mouths and out tongue intertwined in a lovely way. It was the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me and it was as if I was in a fairy tale. “That was amazing, uh…..” I said with a blush but I stop midsentence. “Anderson. Yeah, it was amazing and you are?” “Rocky. Nice to meet you.” We were just blushing at each other for a long time silently and then I said. “Do you…. Want to come over to my house?” I was hesitant but then just blurted out the whole sentence. “Yes. I would love to.” We kissed one more time and then put our clothes on. While holding hands, we went outside of the mall and towards the sunset. The End…? Note: This can be a standalone story but I decided to have this as the prologue to my new series which I will begin to write soon. I am sorry that there wasn’t any actual muscle growth but I hoped you guys enjoyed it. There will be a LOT of that in the series though so wait for that in the normal stories section. Also, I am also going to write a part 2 of this prologue and then to the main series. Again thanks for reading and constructive criticism is highly encouraged.
  12. hoangrocky

    Flint McLargewood - The Muscleman

    I am so so so glad that you decide to go back to writing stories again! Hope you get better
  13. hoangrocky

    Growing Grentle Giant Boyfriend

    Do you have the link for it?
  14. hoangrocky

    Billy grows his dad

    yup! Would really want to read this
  15. hoangrocky

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    I wish there are some gay sex and less straight sex though but other than that. The description of Chad is really hot and such a tease. You did a good job!

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