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    Really want to talk to a nice guy and maybe feel some muscle. However, just talking a nice person and RP with them would be nice! Message me!
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    Just a slim guy that is really fun. 5’7 and 140lbs
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    Something exciting and someone hot maybee. Feel free to message me to rp or just anything
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    Loving the Gardener by Charles Reeza. AJ and Noah
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    Muscle growth and worship

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  1. It’s fucking amazing so take your time but update us soon. Also hopeyou do well and not disappear on us again
  2. Please don’t worry!!!! Take your time and i am sooo glad you continued!!
  3. Love to see you post more stuff soon and today is the 5 year anniversary!!
  4. Can you continue this amazing story and write more?
  5. Hey just to revive this since it has been so long. Is Reeza on the forum or where is he? Please check!! This story has been amazing! We need more authors like him. If anyone knows him, please tell him to come back.
  6. Hopefully you are continuing this!!
  7. hoangrocky

    Camjerk 2

    Hopefully he is done for the new years!
  8. I wish the author would tell us if he is good and how is he doing with this? This story is amazing!!!
  9. hoangrocky

    Ben and Roger

    Damn this should have been finished...
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