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    Looking to be the biggest guy in my country make everyone else look small have the perfect body
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  1. New weight 153 lb still no where near

    1. cg12345


      Keep at it bro, you're gonna be a GOD!

    2. richard18


      keep going and never stop

  2. Hhmm webt from 145 to 150 in  2 days ..guess ill grow fastee this time

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. richard18


      incredible hope you keep growing fast

    3. rssrr


      Hope you get uncomfortably big :P 

    4. cg12345


      Hope you become a MONSTER!

  3. Finally got back in the gym get ready to see me grow guys ;) still looking for sponsors btw

    1. jojo9


      Looking forward to seeing your progress. 

    2. richard18


      looking forward to see you progress man

  4. Finally recovered the motovation after a ñong time now i just need the money to get back at it xD

  5. Hey guys im taking kind of a break from the gym for now dealing with lotabof stress abd depression right now soo youll have to wait a bit longer to see my grow xD .. also tomorrow is my birthday if u want to buy me slmethibg ask for my wishlist 😊

    1. a303guy


      You do know that hard exercise is proven to be the best non-medical method of climbing yourself out of depression and dealing with stress, right?

    2. blowingupmassive


      It may be difficult but try to get into an exercise routine, it will help you keep your mind off things and should reduce stress.  

    3. DutchPump


      Hope you're doing okay, and best wishes, i know depression can be a difficult thing to overcome or manage, just take it easy if you really can't handle everything in your life atm 

  6. A little update


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    2. kamimaree


      I actually lost a lot of weight but it was all fat

    3. ilovebb


      I see.. well you look SWOLE man.. keep it up.!

    4. cg12345


      Triceps looking godlike!

  7. Just a new pic of my back


    1. jojo9


      Its been a long time since you gave us and update. But I got say you are looking amazing! The V taper and muscle definition is awesome!

    2. musclelovingtwink


      Looking beautiful man, hard work's paying off.

  8. Just a little update on the cycle..they just got here beginon monday


  9. Hey guys ove been really busy with my new job etc etc but just want u to know im begining my first cycle next week soo wait to see how much i grow ;)

    1. rssrr


      Can't wait to see the growth!

  10. kamimaree

    Ready for bodybuilding competition

    i think i died a bit u look freaking huuuge
  11. Train heavy amd do pyramid sets. Eat more calories. You get there Kami

  12. Hey, Kamimaree.  I like your look.  You remind me of myself, thin but muscular.  How tall are you?  I'm only 5' 7".  I also like how you like armpits. ?

    1. kamimaree


      Hey im 5,11 :) and yes i love armpits and thanku :3


    2. Muscleinatl


      I just have to tell you that you're fucking hot.  Lol.  But back to the purpose of this forum, I love the feeling I get when I pump some serious iron, and that's what gets me in the gym.  When I see a big muscle guy, I think of all the muscle highs he copped in the gym getting pumped up.  I want to be that big muscle guy, of course.  It's kind of weird.  Part of me celebrates his past highs, and the rest of me wants others to see that I have experienced that high, too.

      I think the pit thing for me is that the pheromones emitted there get me hard.  And tasting them, I'm guessing, allows me to ingest the other guys pheromones.  Strange and kinky, but apparently it's how my libido is wired l think.