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  1. Well - to keep this thread alive. I've been a lurker her for many many years but recently thought i'd put my 2 cents in on an occasional topic. Hiring muscle/bodybuilders for muscleworship - well was doing that for probably 30 years starting in eary 90s to today when i can affort it. I used to make good money in late 90s-say 2007 and for family reasons am on more of a budget now so dont hire many anymore. But lord knows how many 10's of thousands ive spent over the years if i were being honest. From some big names - such as brad hallibaugh as mentioned above - to people like billing harrington, nate from strengthnet, tom katt, chad connors or scott randsome (sorry so long ago cant remember which - both blond good looking and great body lol), mark wolff, from websites fame rob cody and darryl parker, tony pitt, and a real old reference from the 90s, eugene from miami (former mr. argentina - he was high on some drug and fell asleep towards the end of the session! lol but damn he was built!) just to name a very few. Frankly i know there are others people who have been into muscle long enough would recognize the faces of other guys ive hired but for the love of me cant remember their names! Some of the best experiences though were when id go to nyc for a weekend and go to the long defunct Gaiety Theater - otherwise known as muscleworship heaven to people who went. Guest dancers/strippers danced nude, and had a refreshment/mingling room that the guys would come to and mingle when their sets were done and arrange sessions. Met some incredible guys with incredible bodies there - one of which every so often I'd pay like $1000 and he would come to the city i lived (not nyc) for like 4 days and we'd just hang out, i'd take him to my gym, go to movies and of course muscle sessions - wonderful guy - like 5'8" and 210 of pure hot muscle. He did it cheap because was like a vacation for him on occassion and he knew i wasnt asking for sex so win-win. And again, never once asked anyone for anything more than muscleworship w me jacking off as they flexed. To me it was always about muscle and power not sex. In fact, mentioning brad hallibaugh above - while he and i had our session and id be egging him on about power, muscle, that it was more about that than sex, at one point he says "you really get it, dont you?" - meaning i understood muscle and muscleworship is more about muscle and pure power and less about just sex.
  2. OK...long time (very long time! lol) lurker here. But thought i'd put my 3 cents in (inflation you know lol). Ive been into worshipping muscle for prob 25 years - of actually worshipping muscle. And to be honest, much of that has been through hiring muscular/bodybuilding guys for muscle worship - no sex frankly other than me jerking off - its all about muscle and power for me! I've been fortunately enough to meet up with some amazing big name muscle/porn stars over the years (including people like tom katt, billing harrington, mark dalton (on his first trip to ny in early 2000s - perhaps most elusive - nate from strenghtnet, just before he did any vids for strenghtnet (most amazing biceps ever, really -better in person than video!)). For me, as i said its all about muscle and power - not ever being bodybuildy level or close kind of shape, its mainly fantasy for me - what would it feel like to have that kind of muscle, that power? So for me, big part of a successful worship session is getting these guys to realize just how massive how strong they are and get into showing it off because they understand they are the super alpha males of the world - if you can get them to see and feel just how powerful they truly are, get them to enjoy showing their own muscle and power - even worshipping their own power because they get it (many of these bodybuilders have been big so long its natural to them - they don't even realize how fucking amazing that level of muscle and power is) - once you do that, frankly you can see the muscle awareness, muscle lust in each others eyes! And at that point, you unleash a musclebeast inside them that maybe they never even understood was there - then they get into showing off that muscle and power on a whole new level - and then you're into an amazing worship session. Its about both of you recognizing how incredible real muscle and power is - if you can do that - unbelievable muscle worship session ! Let me tell u - one best moments in my worship history - getting nate from strengthnet so amped on his own muscle and power that he almost roars "god, i feel like i could lift a house!!". Amazing! lol
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