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    drawing muscle guys mostly.
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    5ft.9in / 176 lbs
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    Guys with the same obsessions :3
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    Anywhere over 200lbs
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    Peter Molnar, Andrei Vergei
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    muscle guys, giants, big dicks. the freakier the better.

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  1. I'll keep that in mind. We use the dash in french to signal each time a new charachter speaks. it's actually quite convenient once you're used to it. But hey, do in Rome as the Romans do
  2. (deleted by the author)
  3. well I'll probably won't do that one, but I started working on a new story that I'll illustrate.
  4. Marquis

    Greed Demon Pt.3

    (deleted by the author)
  5. Marquis


    (deleted by the author)
  6. Thanks a lot for your very nice comments he has a 30-ish coef. it's mentioned in the first chapter that he has a very low one.
  7. Well that was just a silly joke. I'm not a bieber fan (or enthusiast or anything... I actually don't care for that poor sod). I just wanted the name to be sort of a ringabell thing. We'll get to that for the grand finale.
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