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  1. Marquis

    the Bullpen part1.

    I'll keep that in mind. We use the dash in french to signal each time a new charachter speaks. it's actually quite convenient once you're used to it. But hey, do in Rome as the Romans do
  2. Marquis

    the Bullpen part1.

    Here's a quick little story I wrote this week. I might continue it if I have the time. ;) let me know what you thnk of it so far. People have no sense of reality, responsibility or commitment. They will adopt cute little pigs or ducklings or puppies and when their cutsy itsy baby animal turn into a grown ass swine or duck or dog, suddenly they’re not cute enough anymore to be worth the trouble. Guess what Linda, you should have thought of that before. It’s the same goddamn thing with the fitness implants, sure it’s tempting to hack yours, amp it up to the max and live your muscle growth fantasy. But who’s gonna wipe your butt when you’re too big to bend your arms? Who’s gonna feed you with that fucking funnel to get the bare minimal 10k calories you need to survive? Who’s gonna sponge bath you? Who’s gonna take care of every one of your fucking needs because you’ll be as helpless as a fucking potted plant? I got stories like that every month, they’re nothing special. They’re sadly common stories of abandonment, broken dreams and aborted love stories. Ever since we opened the Bullpen with a few other guys, we’ve been receiving hundreds of requests to take in boyfriend, husbands or sons that were a burden on their family due to their size. But we can’t take everyone in, as much as we want to help those overgrown bulls. Their care is expensive, and we had to make the Bullpen a sustainable space. We take in up to 50 Bulls max, 30 gay bulls 20 straights there is an overlap for bisexual ones. We feed them, take care of them in a five star complex. Each bull have a dedicated caretaker that see to his every need. A happy bull is a growing bull and a growing bull is a bankable bull. The facility is filled with camera and we sell subscriptions to channel broadcasting the feed to muscle fetishists all around the world. We sell bulls from time to time too. We make sure the people adopting them are able to take a decent care of them. That allows us to have new bulls over and so on. Oh come on! Cut that fucking outraged face,i don’t need a lecture on how this is prostitution and human trade, I know what we’re doing. I don’t care what you think, we’re actually helping those big morons because no one else would. I’ll tell you the story of Rafael, how we got him here, how we rescued him from of a fucking shithole and how much better he is now with us. Rafael application was sent in by his boyfriend Chad. There was a lot of pictures documenting their story and a long long letter from Chad explaining why we wanted his beloved bull gone from his life. Let me tell you that letter wasn’t a touching text about the man he loved, it was the cry for help of an asswipe that didn’t see the writing on the walls. They met in college they were both 20 years old, Chad was your all american closeted football player and Rafael was a brilliant exchange student from Mexico. They fell in love, thoug i suspect it was only skin deep but I’ll never know for sure. Chad a square jaw blond hair blue eyes and that thick body of a football player while Rafael was a model like young man with dark almond eyes jet black hair, full lips and a very open and joyful face. I knew right away he’d be a hit in the bullpen. After a year of relationship Chad had opened to Rafael about his muscle fantasies and talked his very enthusiast boyfriend into getting his fitness implant unlocked and amped to the max. Like always it was fun at first. Within the first few month Rafael had turned into a real fitness freak. One of those adonis you see all over your IG feed. But that was merely a temporary state as Rafael was just beginning his journey toward freakdom. Six month into it, Rafael was already a big as a pro heavyweight bodybuilder, his shape was incredible, thin waist, ripped body, massive arms and ass and legs. Chad didn’t mention anything about it but from Rafael’s bulge on the pics of that period, he was also growing down there. It was probably the best period for them. Chad paraded his trophee boy all over the place. The tipping point was when Rafael dropped out of college. One of the very bad side effects of amping up an implant is that it upset the hormonal balance so much that it slowly turn people into dumb obedient and totally dependent persons. Bulls if you want. As it started to affect Rafael, he tried doing odd jobs but couldn’t keep one because of his degrading emotional state and shears size and range of motion. And yet, he was still growing. As expected, one year into the process Rafael had left the realm of humanly possible. Bigger than any roidhead, he was turning into a dumb obedient bull in need of constant attention. It was a full time care that Chad couldn’t provide. What happens in that sort of situation? What wasn’t said in Chad’s application? I had a faint idea of course. Rafael growth chart had started to curb down but he was far from done. Remember what I said : a happy bull is a growing bull. I knew Rafael wasn’t receiving proper care, I just had no idea how much of a shitshow it really was. Rafael was to be my new protege. My former one had been sold to an rich entrepreneur from the United Arab Emirates (with the utmost discretion of course). And as I perused the various applications I saw potential in Rafael and decided to be his caretaker. I took the Bullpen truck and drove all the way to their place to pick Rafael up. Due to their size, Bulls don’t do well in planes or bus. The truck has been modified for their comfort and has some material for emergencies an unplanned events. Chad and Rafael lived in a small house on the outskirts of the town. An affordable place for a low income couple. I remember pulling in their driveway an early morning of june. I was greeted by a nervous Chad, waiting for me on the porch. He was a gorgeous man but he looked like shit. Dirty sweatpants and t-shirt, messy hair and bags under the eyes. He was a wreck, it almost sparked sympathy in me but I knew Rafael was sort of the real victim here. -”Hello, Chad. I’m Leigh. We talked on the phone, I’m here to pick Rafael up” I said forcing an ultra brite smile. Chad eyed me from top to bottom, I knew the man was checking me out. I had a perfectly configured fitness implant and I dare say my body was fitness magazine cover material. I was wearing worn out jeans and a tight t-shirt that did hug my body in the most flattering way and a very expensive pair of shades, but the display wasn’t intended for him. -” Yeah, he’s inside.” he said nervous. I could feel something wasn’t quite right. Most of the bulls are waiting to be picked up more impatiently than their carers are waiting to get rid of them. I decided to probe around a little. -”Is his stuff ready?” I asked. -”He doesn’t really have stuff to pack. He doesn’t fit into anything anymore.” He said growing more nervous. “...And he doesn’t know yet.” I felt my face crack on the spot. Chad froze, probably afraid I’d just cancel the pick up. -”You didn’t tell him? That's irresponsible” I snapped. -”It’s not easy ok?!” Chad said eyes watering. I took my sunglasses off and stared right into his eyes until he squirmed on the spot. -”Spare me that bullshit.” I said flatout. “Let’s get going.” I said pointing at the door. When we entered, the first thing that I took in was the smell. It was terrible. And the second thing was the mess. It was equally terrible. We entered the living room, there was several dirty mattress piled on the floor. It was a makeshift bed for Rafael. he was still sleeping. I felt my heart tighten, he was dirty, unkempt. I wanted to punch Chad for doing that to his boyfriend. I had never seen a bull left in such a terrible state. Chad walked to Rafael and shook his shoulder softly. It felt unnatural. -”Rafael, wake up.” he breathed “wake up.” Rafael stirred. He was incredibly large compared to his boyfriend I’d say around 6’6 and over 400lbs with a body fat in the singledigits. Yet that seemed smaller than what I expected. It dawned on my that he might be underfed. Rafael slowly woke up, asking Chad for a hug. Chad looked dead inside, he went along but I could tell he wanted nothing to do with Rafael. and then Rafael spotted me. -”Who’s that?” he said. I remained silent, letting Chad take responsibility. -”It’s Leigh, he’s here for you. He’s gonna take you to the Bullpen.” To those guys the Bullpen is a fucking Disneyland on roids. Getting accepted in is generally the best day of their lives. So I did not expect the reaction that followed. -”YOU’RE ABANDONING ME?!” Rafael cried. The whole fucking house shook. Chad almost pissed himself of fear. I stayed stolid, straight in my designer leather boots. Two things about bulls: first they’re submissive stay cool and they’ll obey. Second, they’re practically harmless overgrown teddy bears. So I while Chad was expecting him to go on a roid rage like rampage I knew Rafael would most likely just start wailing and sobbing. -”You can’t leave me! You said you’d take care of me. That you wanted it.” Rafael said. Chad couldn’t even look him in the eyes. -”Babe, you said you loved me. That we were in it together. You can’t give me up.” Rafael said between heavy sobs. Chad remained silent as Rafael was stuck on repeat. His hair was long and unkept. His tears flowing on his cheeks, leaving trails in the dirt. That was the last straw. I laid my hand on Chad’s shoulder and shoved him toward the door. -”Get out of here. Wait outside. You’re useless.” I said I turned to Rafael who was looking at me for the first time really. -”I wanna stay with Chad.” Rafael said still sobbing. I looked for a clean spot to sit but couldn’t find any so I stayed up. -”When was the last time you two had sex? or even some sort intimacy?” I asked. “When was the last time he took care of you? When did he cleaned you last time?” -”I don’t fit in the shower anymore…” -”There is a hose outside, he could wash you. He could clean the dump he makes you live in. Does he even feed you correctly?” Pregnant pause. -”Look, I can’t force you to come with me. But I’m pretty sure you’re not happy here… Can I at least give you a haircut and a shower. We’ll talk afterward. Rafael nodded. -”Good.” I breathed. “I’ll be right back.” I walked out to the truck. It had basic clothes and an first aid kit. I put some clean clothes, soap, shampoo, sponge and an oversized towel in a bucket and walked back to the house. Chad was out by the door, smoking and staring at me. I shot him a nasty look. -”don’t move from here till I’m done.” I said. Back in the living room Rafael was up. Trying to cover his nudity with hands but he was so wide, thick, muscular and hung he had troubles being decent. I smiled to him and gestured for him to move toward the backyard. I made him stay on the concrete terrace -”Sorry it’s gonna be cold.” I said I then splashed the big man with water, He shivered as the cold water hit his massive body. I drenched him and then cut the water I grabbed some soap and the sponge and started washing him. I love washing bulls. I love rubbing their massive muscles. I started with his back, Rafael was really a gorgeous one, sinewy and massive. He had a tapered waist that highlighted his insane V shaped torso and his huge round ass and legs. His proportions were insanely erotic. I was boning in my jeans as I felt his thick muscle, rubbing suds in worshiping manner. He was breathing slowly, definitely enjoying some much need attention. I moved to the front. He was even more impressive upfront, he had proper bull neck and massive traps. His pecs were gorgeous full slabs of muscle adorned with large large brown nipples. His abs were hard, defined and bulged in an obscene manner. Between his legs was a fat uncut cock, probably a 10 incher, all chubbed up by all the attention he was getting. I rolled off his foreskin to clean him thoroughly his dick hardened in my expert hands. I teased him just enough to get him almost fully hard and flustered but not enough to send him over the edge. With the grime gone, his skin had a warm light brown tone that highlighted his incredible physique. I noticed a few stretch marks on his shoulders and ass. Bulls grow so fast they need a good skin moisturizer or stretch marks happen. I had some nourishing oil to fade them, I made note to use it afterward. I noticed a few dark traces on his pecs that hadn't disappear. I got a closer look and my heart sank as I noticed those were bruises. -”How did you get those?” I asked afraid of the answer. -”It’s nothing.” He said deflectively. -”they’re not noting. They’re bruises, the are blueish so they’re a few days old already and they’re on a weird place.” -”It’s my fault… i didn’t even notice them.” -”how so?” -”I can’t stop my growth. Chad said I needed to but I can’t stop it. I couldn’t obey him… and…” Rafael stopped breaking down in tears again. I hugged him, getting my clothes drenched in the process. We stayed a few minutes, I hold him tight, rocking him softly until his sobbing stopped. -”I’ll come with you.” he said softly. -”That’s a relief... I wouldn’t have left you here anyway.” I said. “I’ll take of you and I’ll make sure you’re happy. You can count on me. Let’s get this over and tear out of here. Sit.” He obeyed and i proceed to wash his hair and then buzz it in a short neat fashion. His gorgeous face was finally in full view. He was looking tired but he still was that drop dead gorgeous young man from his college picture. I rinsed him one last time with the hose. I oiled his marks, put some ointment on his bruises and then helped put on shorts short and a string tank top made of soft light brushed cotton. I got him a pair of flip flop for his massive feet. His fat dick was leaving a major dick print in his grey shorts and his tank was hugging his massive frame. He was even more handsome than i expected. I put all the stuff back in the bucket and we went around the house to get to the truck. I stashed the bucket in the truck and got my tablet out. I prompted the contract on it and hold it out to Rafael. -”I need your signature on that contract. The bullpen will be your legal guardian. We’ll see to your every need and well being. In exchange we’ll monetize captions of your daily life in the bullpen.” I said. Rafael looked at me and then at Chad still on the porch of the house where he had been chain smoking out of stress and/or guilt. Rafael’s last glance was heartbreaking but brief. He pressed his thumb on the tablet to sign. Without a second glance he climbed in the truck. I looked at Chad, and decided to ignore him. I’m pretty sure sure I wouldn’t have been able to control myself and would have punched him in the throat. Instead I climbed in the truck and drove away from here. The trip’s only event was our stop midway. we stopped for food and coffee at a dinner in the middle of nowhere. Rafael was like a kid on Christmas when I told him to order everything he wanted. The waitress was shook by the amount of food he ordered and all the patrons were staring at the massive man taking up almost two seats of our booth while he shovelled crazy amounts of food in his mouth. He looked so happy, it was contagious. I can’t save every bull in the world but I try. One bull at a time. He was totally oblivious to the nasty stares he was getting and so was I. I delighted in watched him dig in his food and as I ate mine I booted my tablet to get some stuff done. -”What are you doing?” he asked between two mouthful. -”Don’t talk with a full mouth. I’m just taking care of some… paperwork… regarding Chad.” I heard him gulp and from the sudden silence coming from his side of the table, I noticed he had stopped eating. I raised my head to look at him look at me with a concerned face. -What?” I asked -”You’reporting him?” I breathed deeply. -”Yes. For domestic abuse and endangering the life of others.“ Rafael laid a thick hand on mine. -”Please don’t.” He said. “He’s had enough trouble.” I shot a hard look to Rafael. making it clear i disapproved his decision. Relationship with Bulls is not just bossing them around and stuffing them. There needs to be trust and respect between a caretaker and his bull. So I deleted the report i was about to send. -”Fine.” I said. “I don’t approve of it but I guess it is your decision to make.” -”Thanks.” he said with relief. Once we were done with lunch I paid the astronomical tab and we were back on the road. It was 10pm when we reached the Bullpen. We were both exhausted. I took Rafael straight to his room. It was a vast room with hardwood floor, white walls and ceiling, a massive bed with white sheets and a little furniture in clear would with discreet steel reinforcements. It had windows that took all of the far wall of the room and showed the forest encircling the bullpen. I gave him a tour of the room before closing the blinds. -”I’ll let you rest for tonight. I’ll give you a tour of the facility tomorrow morning.” I said. -”Leigh?” -”Yes?” -”I don’t wanna sleep alone.” -”Of course.” I said. “I’ll just grab a shower and go to sleep with you. -”I could use a shower too.” he said shyly I smiled and gestured him to the bathroom. I went to the dressing and retrieved two pair of soft loose boxers for us after the shower and went to bathroom where Rafael was struggling to get undressed. The bathroom was a large room in polished concrete with a large wooden reinforced stool that doubled as a stepladder and a storage for shower supplies. It was designed for bulls to sit on and for caretaker to climb on to clean their bull. Their was sprinklers heads on the ceiling to ensure an efficient use of water. I watched Rafael try to take off his tanktop before, it was a turn on watching big guys struggle and that would definitely please the watchers of our channels. They loved seeing big guys struggle with mundane tasks. Rafael ended up looking at me with a pleading look. -”Sit.” I said. He obeyed. I climbed on the stool and grabbed the bottom of his tanktop and lifted it off his massive frame. -”Stand up.” I grabbed the waist of his shorts and yanked them down. He gasped as his big dick flopped in the open. I went to a laundry box by the entrance of the bathroom and dumped the clothes in them. It then turned my back Rafael and undressed. I felt him watch me. I wanted him to watch me. Bulls have a crazy sex drive they need sex several times a day to be happy. And that bull hadn’t had sex in a while. It was my duty to make him happy… plus Rafael had got me sort of horny. I turned around as if i wasn’t naked, exposing my perfectly shaped body and decent cock, walked to the tap and unleashed a a warm rain in the room. Rafael was on the stool in the middle, he was beaming… I wondered when was the last time he had felt hot water on his skin. I washed both of us, he sat obediently on the stool while I took care of us. I wasn’t just cleaning him i was massaging his huge muscles, caressing his huge frame, exploring part of his body that hadn't been touch in a while. His pits, his crack, under his pecs or under his lemon sized balls. He was hard as a rock. I grabbed his fat dick and stroked it pretending to clean it. He was looking at me, waiting for me to make a move. I leaned against him and kissed his soft lips. He moaned in delight. We made out for a few minutes. We then sat next to each other and started masturbating each other. His temperature was rising, we would exchange kiss and caress as we pleasured each other. -”Get on your back. I know what my bull needs.” I said Rafael laid on his back on the stool, licking his lips in anticipation. He raised his legs in the air exposing his hole. I grabbed the lube in the shower supplies and used a generous amount on both my dick and his hole. I started teasing his hole with my cockhead. He was breathing hard, looking at me with lust, he begged me to fuck him. I went in slowly and gently. He was tight and hot around my dick. I’d go back and forth with the tip to loosen him. Sliding myself further in everytime. Until I had all my seven inches buried in him. He was slowly loosening around me and soon I was pounding him good. It felt amazing having his massive legs around my body as I pounded his huge ass. I grabbed his dick and wanked him as I fucked his brain out. The moment he came I allowed myself to pound him harder and fill him with seed. His whole body relaxed, shook by occasional spasm of the afterglow. After a little rest, I cleaned both of us again. After helping my bull in a sitting position I turned off the water, towelled us and helped him put on his boxer before going to bed. Rafael was just at the beginning of his conditioning as a bull and he was already doing so good. He’d be one of the best we had ever had here. I knew it. We laid on the massive bed and hugged each other to sleep. -”Leigh?” -”Yes.” I said half asleep. -”thanks.” -”My pleasure.” I chuckled. I heard him from afar as I was falling asleep. -”Please… tell me you won’t leave me.” -”I won’t. You’re mine now...” I said before blacking out.
  3. Marquis

    Greed Demon Pt.4 Finale

    well I'll probably won't do that one, but I started working on a new story that I'll illustrate.
  4. Marquis

    Greed Demon Pt.4 Finale

    I am finally done with part4, I hope the wait wasn't too long. be warned it gets extreme and silly big... previsous parts are available here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Mammon was slowly running his gilded hands on his golden shaft. The Greed Demon Lord was a seven foot tall Adonis, with a generous and powerful musculature, and the face of a gorgeous man in full bloom from which stemmed long platinum horns. He was made of pure gold, living pulsating gold, with diamonds eyes, his big footlong cock was dripping liquid pearls. He was sprawled on a vast pile of gold coins and jewels, decadent treasure was amassed everywhere in his throne room, gorgeous males and females, humans, demons even an angel where enslaved, chained to the demon with opulent jewels and lock. A shiver ran across the golden demon. Something wasn’t right. Something was being taken from him. __________________________ Landon stood almost 10 feet tall, his body even wider than he was tall. Thick muscles piling on top of each other. Veins snaking all over his body feeding the growing muscles. His back muscles reaching higher than his head, massive pecs jutting several feets forward and casting deep shadows over ridiculously ripped and bulging abs. His legs were monumental, each one almost as wide as his torso. His skeleton had been twisted and deformed to accommodate the mind boggling amount of hypertrophied muscle stacked on his body. His dick was a 4 foot long 2 foot wide tube of pulsating flesh plunged deep into Damon, feeding on the ever growing demon power. Though less impressive, Damon’s appearance had drastically changed. His skin was a surreal dark olive tint, slick with sweat, his hair was an absolute black, eyes burning like embers, magnificent horns proudly coming from his forehead and coiling in an intricate manner. His body was massive. Almost as much as Landon used to be but it wasn’t striated ripped muscle. It was smooth, voluminous, bloated muscle, voluptuous looking, powerful and inviting. His massive pectits hanged heavily on his mighty chest, fat dark areolas slightly stretched by the muscular mass pushing under the skin. His globular ass filled by the monolithic growing dick of Landon. The huge cockhead could clearly be seen under the smooth silky skin of the demon, stretching him more and more with each passing second. The power the two were generating was off the charts, their symbiotic dynamic was nothing any realm had ever seen. Landon was the most visible part of that ever expanding power cell but it was only the tip of the iceberg. The real power surge was with Damon. The demon was reaching levels of power he’d never had thought he could reach. It was only a matter of time before he’d surpass the demon lords. He’d be powerful enough the overthrow the seven of them without even breaking a sweat. But first he’d have to find a way to hoist himself off Landon’s dick. He wasn’t going anywhere with that much cock shoved in him. __________________________ Lucifer sat upright on his throne, he was naked, displaying a body so absolutely perfect that anyone laying eyes on it would just stare at him forever. There were hundreds of them staring at the Pride Demon Lord , slowly letting themselves die while gazing upon the perfect form of the demon. He was a tall athletic black man with perfect proportions, a crimson velvet cape thrown back to fully reveal his glistening body. Bone curled horns framed his surreal face and a copper crown mocking the angel halos rested atop the magnificent figure. His whole body twitched, something suddenly upset him. Someone would ridicule him... __________________________ Garry’s mind was almost completely gone, only the joy of being used and treated as a sex toy remained. Lamia loved his new toy, it was nowhere near as powerful as Damon’s succubus but he was still enjoyable. He was still abusing the muscle boy’s ass when the words were burned in his mind. I NEED YOU AND YOUR FUCKBOY RIGHT NOW!!! Lamia violently pulled out of Garry out of fear and surprise, the muscleboy cried in pleasure. The demon grabbed his head with both hands, the pain of having another demon speaking right in your mind was almost unbearable. It was something only extremely powerful demons could do and they used it to terrorize lesser demon into obedience. -”Arrg, for fuck sake! That hurts! Why would you do this! Use the fucking phone”. Lamia was scared, If Damon mastered such a power there was no way of telling exactly how powerful he was and how powerful he’d get. But somewhere deep down Lamia knew it was probably best to be on the side of the rising Damon. His telephone rang and he picked it up immediately. -”Sorry, these powers are growing so fast I haven’t mastered them all yet.” Damon said -”Just don’t ever do that again.” Lamia muttered massaging his forehead. -”Yeah, I’ll try to avoid that, but right now I need that fuckboy of yours. As fast as possible. I will make it worth the trouble.” -”What are you up to?” Lamia asked. -”Let’s just say that there’s a hostile takeover of hell about to happen. And if you get both yours and your sex slave muscled asses in the meadows soon enough, you might get a promotion in the upcoming managerial reattribution. Don’t use the portal, I took it down.” Damon hung up. Lamia had never seen him be so bossy, he was definitely up to something and Lamia was definitely going to try to be on the winning side. -”Come on boy, walkies” he said to Garry. The obedient muscle guy climbed down the bed and followed his master out. __________________________ Beelzebub looked stunning at first glance, but should you look long enough at the Envy Demon Lord, you’d feel increasingly uneasy. Stitches ran all over the demon’s body. And each body part was a different tone than the other. His horns were mismatched and so were his eyes, which only made his glare more disturbing. Hard to say which parts of him where originals, he had ripped apart so many things from so many beings to claim as his own… ideas, properties, limbs… He sat in a dark room lit only by the dim light of countless screen on which social media feed rolled on forever. He’d occasionally click on some contents, archiving it, bookmarks for further harvest. He was restless, refreshing tabs faster, something was amiss, something was escaping his scrutiny, something he wanted but couldn’t have... __________________________ By the time the call had ended Damon was almost fully immobile. He was 11 feet of muscle bulging all over th his 15 foot wide frame and still expanding. Damon now had 3 solid feet of dick shoved in him. He needed to get off of Landon before the monstrous incubus turned him into a condom. Damon clamped his powerful ass and contacted his abs. Once he was tight and ready he focused his powers on making his behemoth orgasm, which given his newfound power was easy as pie. The cum blasted inside him created a pressure contained by his powerful abs and ass. Soon it was powerful enough and when Damon relaxed his ass he was propelled off Landon’s dick like champagne cork. Damon crash landed a few feet away. Cum was raining thick on the meadow. He got up, his hipbone fixing himself and his asshole quickly tightening back into pristine condition. __________________________ It was nearly impossible to get anything rational out of Satan, not even a word. The dysfunctional Wrath Demon Lord had been locked away in his castle. The muscular being was an uncontrollable fury, destroying everything and everyone he came across for as long as anyone could remember. His body was covered in bruises and scars. From his buzzed head emerged two broken horns. His eyes were burning with fire, leaving dark burnt trails on his forehead, while his mouth foamed like a rabid dog. While he was a restless storm of destruction to begin with, his fury suddenly amped up to the point he had a seizure. He fell to the floor, and for the first time in centuries, laid still. Crying to himself as he felt the rise of a demon overpowering him. __________________________ Lamia crossed the portal with Garry on his tail. Damon was waiting for them on the other side. Damon was around 7’ tall, thick muscle adorning his wide frame. It had a functional and powerful musculature like an olympic wrestler. He looked both intimidating and inviting. The slick black horns coiled back on his head and his burning ember eyes were a physical manifestation of his newly grown power. Once Lamia and Garry were close enough Damon smiled and shouted to Landon. -”OK darlin you can destroy that portal” Lamia and Garry turned in time to see the inhuman mass of Landon crush the stone portal with his bare hands, giggling like a maniac doing so. -”Good. We don’t anyone reaching us easily.” Damon said. -”Fuuuuuuck.” Lamia muttered. “He is huge… do you think he’s at his max?” -”Nope. That’s why I needed your toy. I obviously can’t take over hell with a mile of dick shoved in my ass. No matter how much I love that, I can’t. But I figured out I could build a proxy with that lil guy of yours… he hasn’t turned into an incubus right, I can possess him?” -”Nah he’s still just a human.” Lamia said -”Great. So here’s the deal, you give him to me, to use as I see fit and in return I’ll make you my second.” Lamia could feel the power emanating from Damon, he could also feel the bottomless pit that Landon was. There was not a single doubt that the seven Demon Lords would fall to Damon before the day was done, with or without his help. So the decision was easy to make. He grabbed Garry and pushed him toward Damon. Damon caught the beefy human with one of his arms and drew him close to his body. Grabbing the muscle boy’s ass with one hand, kneading it appreciatively. -”It’s a deal then.” Damon said, motioning Lamia to get closer. Lamia closed the distance to seal the pact, he reached to kiss Damon and immediately felt the powers of the demon imprint on him. He fell backward breathing hard as he realized the real extent of Damon’s powers. And they were about to grow a whole lot more. -”Now your turn buddy.” Damon said turning his attention back to Garry. Damon kissed him deeply. Garry’s submissive side was happy to give in to the demonic possession, to him it was the ultimate abuse and he loved it. Damon forced his power inside the man like a tide and in a matter of seconds Garry had turned into an extension of Damon. Possession was a way for demon to have several physical bodies, it simply pushed the host of a body in a corner and took it over. When they broke the kiss Garry was now just a spectator in his body. Damon was in full control. -”Perfect.” Damon muttered, “Now where were we?” he said turning to Landon. __________________________ Abaddon tossed and turned in his sleep. He looked like a pretty twink with unruly mousy hair and cute tiny horns. The Sloth Demon Lord opened one lazy yellow eye, pulled his covers tighter and went back to sleep. __________________________ Damon was helping Lamia back to his feet. The red haired demon was still reeling in from the deal they had sealed. Meanwhile possessed Garry was nuzzling against Landon 3’ dick and coaxing it into full erection. -”That’ll never fit in that tiny human.” Garry and Damon said in unison. ”But it’s easy to fix.” Garry’s body grew in thickness and stature. Just like Landon grew of greed, he grew from the delicious abuse inflicted on him. He rapidly reached 8’ tall and the caricature of a morphed bodybuilder. Once thick enough he turned his back to Landon, exposing his phat muscle ass and hole. Landon walked toward the offered body, with great difficulty. Damon grabbed the three feet pole and aligned it with Garry’s Hole. -”He’s all yours.” he said to Landon. Landon pushed himself into Garry. He felt the loose but comparatively small hole stretch against his cockhead. The silky inside encasing the tip of his glans, pushing against the firm muscles of the sphincter. The first ring offered little resistance but did apply some nice pressure on the massive shaft. The second ring followed shortly after and Landon kept pushing, inch after inch and soon foot after foot. Landon was finally reconnected with Damon through Garry who was now an extension of the demon. His whole body shook as his growth resumed. Damon felt his power surge. Soon he’d be unstoppable. Garry was mentally filled by Damon, who used him as a proxy for his powers, and physically filled by Landon whose growing manwood was stretching his midsection ever so slightly. What was left of his mind was in utter delight, and his body kept growing from all that abuse, allowing him to keep up with the ever growing Landon. __________________________ Belphegor was having diner. The Gluttony Demon Lord was always having diner. An obscene banquet with incredible dish succeeding one another. The scene was surreal, the overfed demon was massive, he looked like a muscle bear. A 10 feet tall 10 feet wide muscle bear almost immobile with muscle and chub. All over the place smaller less muscle bound demon were running around taking dished away, setting new on the table. Feeding the demon lord and occasionally massaging his fat penis to milk him. He’d then avidly drink his own spunk before he resumed stuffing his face (or more accurately getting his face stuffed). He was a merry character, but his mood slowly turned sour as an uneasy feeling of being outgrown by another demon crept on him. __________________________ The meadow was once a flat expanse, but now a pulsating flesh mountain was expanding at the center of it. It was almost as tall as Everest, quite wider, and totally made out of muscle. The bodies of Landon and Garry where grotesque masses of muscles colliding with other muscles. Comfortably seated between expanding cords of fibrous muscles, Damon watched the demonic realm shrink. He was growing too, though it wasn’t as fast as Landon or Garry, His physical form was twisted by the unfathomable and ever expanding power he possessed. He was 10 feet tall and weighed almost a ton of muscle. Thick ultra dense, powerful muscle. They were no longer full and inviting muscles, they were lean fibrous hypertrophied ridiculously vascular muscles and sinews. He had developed new muscle that didn’t exist on the human body to sustain his new improved body. Even his 15 inches dick had developed a set of functional muscles covering the whole shaft powerful enough to destroy a whole army. His tall frame had widened to allow him to have his full range of motion. He looked godly and ominous. Lamia was right behind him, looking at Damon with awe. He was also impacted by the tremendous development of his master but to much smaller scale. -”Damon, this power is unlike anything the Demonic realm ever knew. But I think they’re growing too fast. Aren’t you afraid they might be a hazard for the Demonic Realm?” -”Landon’s greed is bottomless. He’s going to grow to a unimaginable size and I need it to grow my powers. But you’re right he might get so big that he’ll change the face of the Demon Realm. But I do have an idea. Let’s get back on the ground.” Damon reached for Lamia in a graceful gesture. The myriad of muscle fiber rippling under his perfect skin. Lamia watched transfixed as the godlike behind grabbed him effortlessly and then leaped to the ground. __________________________ Asmodeus was a sight to behold, he was sort of a touristic attraction in the demon realm. The Lust Demon Lords body was a gorgeously crafted porno, with a glorious face, but the main event was his penis. The thing culminated at 3 000 ft (roughly 300ft taller than the burj khalifa for human reference) and a whole city had been built around it and on the very shaft. Stairs, lifts and railways, ran across it’s surface like veins but instead of blood they carried people living and working here. At the tip, near the urethra a luxurious spa had been built, it used the continuous and massive leakage of precum as a hot spring and you could enjoy bubble baths, massage jets and infinity-edge pool overlooking the city sprawling around the demon’s gonads. Somewhere in the palace at the base of the shaft, Asmodeus, despite being immobilized by his building sized penis was enjoying a never ending orgy with dozens of people. But his pleasure was spoilt as the sensation of not being the most hung anymore slowly crept on him... __________________________ On the ground of the meadow the noise was deafening, earth shoved aside, rock crushed under the pressure and the stretching leather like noise of multiplying muscle fibers. Landon and Garry were almost the same size, turning the once flat meadow into the highest mountain chain ever. Lamia was scared beyond measure of what those two were becoming and Damon’s indecipherable calm was only making things worse. Damon raised a hand toward the expanding mass of muscle, his whole body contracted like he was in the middle of a terrible effort. His body twitching, growing, densifying. The air around him started to burn, the ground under his feet turning to lava. Lamia had to step away from to scorching aura of Damon. The noise of broken earth and rock had stopped. That’s when Lamia realized Landon and Garry where slowly but unmistakably floating off the ground. The ascension of the still expanding muscle monsters accelerated. And within a few minutes they were leaving the atmosphere. The grotesque mass of muscle was nearing orbit of the Demonic Realm. Its growth slowly tapering as Landon became finally satiated. __________________________ The seven Demon Lords looked at the sky as a new moon rose. It was a moon made of muscle, of greed and power. The very sight of it was enough to make them feel weak for they felt that this moon was the work of their new Demon King.
  5. Marquis

    Greed Demon Pt.3

    Ok that third part was long overdue. It has been ready for a while now but I got delayed. I hope you'll like it. ____________________________ Damon hadn’t really planned on that turn of events. He had imagined he’d wait for Landon to come home before taking him to the demon realm and registering him as a familiar. Sex wasn’t in his original plan, which he’d now have to amend, since he was now naked and being roughly manhandled by the horny Landon. The display of strength and greed was turning on the demon beyond what he would have ever expected, and his massive 13-inch cock was rock hard. Landon effortlessly lifted the hunky demon, banging his head on the ceiling doing so. He was now mouth level with Damon’s crotch. Damon forgot how much his head hurt as he felt his massive dick pass down Landon’s throat. The man’s tongue massaging the base of the shaft while his neck muscles contracted around the rest of the shaft and the tip. Damon let out a deep howl. Within a minute of this treatment, he blew a massive wad in Landon’s belly. He steadied himself by grabbing Landon’s huge traps. As the fog of his orgasm cleared slowly he became aware of his grip shifting and a faint stretching sound could be heard. Landon’s was gorging himself on the demon’s powers, Damon needed to get him down to demonic realm before the incubus became a problem. Landon carefully pulled Damon out of his throat, slowly revealing the spit and cum-slick thick hose inch by inch. The head finally came out in a wet kiss and Landon put the demon back on the floor. He had a blissful smile on his face. Damon assessed the situation: Landon was starting to get too big to be a regular human, his greed wasn’t even remotely satisfied (could it ever be?). The amount of sin he could generate was unfathomable. Damon could use that to grow his power beyond anything he could ever have imagined. ”Well aren’t you a big boy now,” Damon said. He was caressing the flank of his incubus like some horse in a corral. He barely reached Landon’s nipple height now. Landon growled, delighted from all the attention, still high on his last growth and the promise of more. His dick was around a foot and half semi-hard and dripping on the floor. He looked down tenderly at the demon. Damon sensed the need to act immediately. ”I know you want more, gorgeous,” the demon cooed. “But we can’t do it here. If you come with me I’ll give you all the muscle you want.” Those words were enough to make Landon fully hard and focused again. He wasn’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye with Damon, he wanted more and he wanted it now. He grabbed the demon without a warning. Despite the size difference, odds weren’t in Landon’s favor. Damon looked amused at his power-drunk incubus, the major demon calmly grabbed Landon’s insanely thick and powerful wrist. Damon’s eyes glowed red and little horns poked through his forehead, roughly 3 inches and slightly curved (and cute as hell). Landon froze, his grip around Damon loosened and his whole gigantic body spasmed violently. He let a sharp cry followed by grunts. He was sweating bullets, convulsing ,and then busted the most powerful nut he ever had in his life. His mind emptied as gallons of cum sprayed from his two-foot cock, massive ropes of cum crashing everywhere on his living room. The orgasm was so strong his whole body shut down and he crashed face against the floor, whimpering, his body still shaking, his massive balls painfully empty as he shot blanks. After a few seconds Landon was nothing more than a monumental mass sobbing on the floor. That orgasm had been nothing pleasurable; it was so intense it was painful. It had drained him and shattered the illusion of power he had. It was now clear to him that Damon was the one in charge and that he was the one ultimately profiting from that whole mess. ”You done?” the demon asked. He kneeled next to Landon and grabbed the muscle monster’s jaw with his left hand. The grip was firm and irresistible, but still comfortable to Landon. Landon was still sobbing, his face ravaged by fear, disbelief and incredulity. Drool oozed from his mouth, tears had left streaks on his face, and his nose was running, as he sobbed out of sheer terror. Damon on the other hand was a mask of perfection, and his red irises and little horns only added to the fascination he exerted. ”Let’s get this straight darling. Try that sort of stunt again and I’ll drain all your muscles. Turn you into a pathetic weakling. I might even pour all that muscle into someone you hate. Your boss maybe… Imagine that little prick growing as big as you are while you shrink to be as puny as him. You know, I have a thousand things worst than death in store for you if you disobey me, and I’ll make you live through them all. Spoiler alert: death will not set you free. I’ll make sure your afterlife is hell. Literally and figuratively. “On the other hand, you do what I tell you, obey, and we’ll be best friends. You behave as I say and I’ll make your craziest dreams come true. I’ll make sure you get everything you want and then some.” He leaned in applying his soft lips on Landon’s, forcing his tongue into the incubus’ mouth. Landon gave in to the deep kiss, every ounce of resistance melting, his body relaxing. The promise of more had washed away everything in him. All that was left was the greed, the need for more, and he was happily willing to submit entirely to the demon. Damon broke the kiss, satisfied with Landon unconditional submission. ”There, there. It’s over darling. I’ll take good care of you.” He grabbed the remains of his shirt and wiped Landon’s face clean as the giant stood up. ”That’s better. Now, follow me and we’ll grow you some more.” Damon walked to the door of the flat and produced a key out of nowhere. He inserted it in the keyhole and opened the door. Behind it, in place of the corridor, was a vast open meadow. The sky was a vivid orange and red like a surreal neon sunset, and the grass was a dark green - almost black. Poppies were in full bloom everywhere, red petals flying in the light warm breeze. Landon was staring mouth agape at the weird, twisted, yet fascinating sight unfolding behind his doorstep. ”You like the place? It’s the Seventh Circle Gardens, a virtually endless useless space in hell. You’ll have plenty of room to grow here.” Damon said crossing the door. “Come on.” As Landon tried to go through the door, he realized his body was too tall and wide for the doorway. He tried to squeeze sideways, so impatient to rejoin Damon that he forced himself through, cracking the doorway. And as the doorway broke, so did the spell. The gateway abruptly dissolved, leaving a dumbfounded Landon alone on his destroyed doorstep. On the other side, Damon, mouth agape, stared at the now-inert stone portal of the Seventh Circle Gardens. The whole scene had left him equally alone and dumbfounded, but also incredibly aroused. “Aw, for fuck’s sake...” he muttered ___________________________ Kumquat: Small, orange citrus-like fruit which is native to Asia. Named after cantonese designations: 柑橘 (gam gwat) or 金橘 (gam gwat, literally “golden tangerine”). It also happens to be the safe word of Lamia and Garry’s currently unfolding domplay. ___________________________ Lamia’s bedroom was a vast, lush neo-Baroque place. Everything was in shades of crimson and gold. It looked like a brothel, an expansive one, but it was hopelessly tacky and devoid of any subtlety. Straight Garry was painfully hard, he was doing a poor job at sucking Lamia’s footlong (he had never touched another man’s dick, let alone such a massive one). The massive muscular red-haired demon had been flexing and verbally abusing the young lightweight bodybuilder for the last ten minutes. It was everything Garry never knew he fantasized about--being dominated--but it turned him on so much it didn’t matter if he was getting fucked by another dude. He was realizing how much he loved being manhandled by someone larger than him. Lamia pulled out his dick and used the massive tool to slap Garry across the face with it. ”Stand up boy,” he ordered Garry obeyed eagerly. He was eye-level with Lamia’s collarbone, half has wide as the demon. The glorious red-haired demon must have been 7 feet tall at least, and somewhere around 400 lbs. Garry was no small fry--at 199 lbs he had a competitor physique, but it was nothing compared to the hypertrophied, overly ripped and vascular monster. In terms of dick too, Garry had been a big boy, with a fat ten inches perfectly shaped. He had gotten quite a few stares in the locker room and several girlfriends complaining about it being too big (though many of the complaints were related to him not knowing how to use it). But still it was nothing compared to the extra fat, pulsating footlong of Lamia. Lamia grabbed the back of his head, forcing a kiss in the muscle boy. He then broke the kiss and slapped Garry across the face. ”Thank you, sir,” Garry said. He immediately went back to worshiping Lamia. Caressing, licking and kissing all his muscles. Lamia flexed his biceps and bounced his pecs in the face of his not so little worshipper. He then laid a meaty paw on Garry perky and fuzzy butt, his thick finger sliding in the muscle boy’s crack. ”You’ve never been fucked, have you?” Lamia asked ”No sir.” ”Perfect, I’m going to pop that cherry of yours, boy.” ”No sir, please...” Lamia, grabbed both wrists of his pup and lifted him a few inches from the ground. He was definitely getting off on this session, and so was Garry judging by his rock hard dick. ”Don’t you dare refuse me anything, boy. I’m the alpha here and if I want to fuck you I’ll fuck you. Got it?” This was too much for Garry and he felt he was about to use the safeword he agreed on with Lamia: Kumquat. Getting bossed around, slapped with a dick, grabbed by the hair and humiliated was amazing--but he wasn’t ready for this. At 25 years old, he had always thought of himself as a basic straight bro. And now he had a massive dom top ready to tear him in half. He couldn’t go that far. A few tears escaped him. -”Kumq.... Kum…” he sobbed Lamia eased his grip around Garry’s wrist, putting him back on the floor. He sighed, grabbing Garry’s jaw, forcing the boy to look in his eyes. ”It’s ok, boy. Say it,” Lamia said softly. It was too much for Garry, wilder than any of his fantasies. -”Kum…” he sobbed. “Kum in my ass please, sir,” he finally blurted out Lamia roared with laughter, grabbing his boytoy and throwing him roughly face first on the bed. He then spread Garry’s ass and went down on him, eating the virgin’s hole. Garry howled in delight, now sure he had made the right choice. ___________________________ Landon was alone in his corridor; naked, confused and scared. He had done some serious damage to his flat and was realizing that his neighbors could barge any moment and find his freakish naked self in the middle of his destroyed entrance. They’d call the police, he’d get in major trouble, get evicted, lose his job... As panic rose, he started hyperventilating. Stuck on the spot like a deer in headlights. The sound of a key turning in the lock his neighbor's door made his heart sink. He started sobbing. Despite all his monstrous muscles, he was helpless. Not fitting in the human world anymore. And worst of all, with Damon gone, he’d never get more. The greed inside him would never be satisfied. The door swung open, a warm reddish light flooded the corridor and out of it came the glorious sight of naked, horned Damon. Relief washed over Landon like never in his life. He stood up and walked toward Damon. The corridor was cramped for him now, barely wide enough for his frame. He hugged Damon and kissed him between heavy sighs of relief. ”Aw, hahaha. I’d never abandon you darlin’,” said Damon. “We need to leave quickly before anyone in here notices what’s happening.” Landon put him back on the floor. Damon closed the door he emerged from and locked it. He started walking toward the elevator, unphased by his nakedness. Landon followed, clearly not as comfortable as the demon. ”Do you have a garage under the building?” Damon asked. ”Yes.” ”Good. It’ll have a door big enough for cars. We’ll use that.” Next to the elevator was the door to the stairs. It was the same size as Landon’s apartment door. The demon sighed. ”You’ll have to burst through that one too.” He got into the staircase, it was narrower than the corridor but they had no other option. The elevator wouldn’t do. He turned and watched Landon squeeze himself through the doorway once again, tearing off chunks of wall as he did. It was as hot as the first time. Damon moaned at the sight and gave his dick a quick squeeze. With Landon finally in the staircase they moved down to the garage, the demon was alert and rapid, but Landon was having a hard time. Not only was his mass complicating his movement in that narrow space, it was exhausting him to carry it all. He was breathing hard, drenched with sweat, his body trying to cool down. When they finally reached the underground garage level, Damon went through the door leading to a wide hallway where large white garage doors lined up. He sighed with relief before realizing Landon couldn’t cross the doorway separating the staircase from the garage. It was as small as the others before, but the walls around it weren’t the flimsy partitions from upstairs. It was thick concrete. “Damon, I can’t!” Landon cried. He was desperately trying to worm his way through, but it wouldn’t work. He was starting to hurt himself trying to cross the doorway. Damon felt something weird inside himself, Landon’s cry, his struggle and the scratches and bruises appearing on his body were making him feel desperate. He couldn’t stand to watch that happen to Landon. Compassion and attachment were new things for him, and they prompted him to action faster than anything before. He turned to the garage door facing Landon, jammed the key in and lifted the white tin panel, unveiling the surreal meadow once more, basking the whole garage in a reddish light and a warm breeze. He then rushed back to Landon and kissed him deeply, forcing his power inside the succubus. Landon’s exhaustion from the descent disappeared, his wounds healed and his muscle swelled again. It lasted just a few second but it was enough to make Landon significantly bigger and stronger. Damon broke the kiss and took a few steps back. ”You can do it,” he rasped. Landon was in a second state, high from all the power he just had been infused with in so little time. With one mighty push he destroyed the concrete frame of the door, his newly enhanced frame unfolding in the vast hallway as concrete dust and chunks bounced off it. Cracks formed on the walls, the whole building groaned following the destruction he caused. With a surprising speed, he picked Damon off the ground, cradling him against his gigantic torso, and ducked to cross through open garage door. Once on the other side, he let himself fall flat on his back, giggling like a maniac, coming down from his power craze. He felt the surprisingly light weight of Damon climb down from him. Landon sat watching the demon move to the stone portal and close the gateway between worlds. He had reached a new level of freakishness. He was over 8 foot tall. His back muscles and traps had swelled so large they had amalgamated with his neck, putting his lovely face atop an obscene mountain of sculpted sinewy muscles. His torso was framed by gigantic shoulders, making it 4 feet wide. His arms were so massive they collided with his lats. The muscle then tapered to a powerful waist on which abs were carved in an hypnotic pattern. And then the massive legs--each quad as thick as the waist, an intricate assemblage of hypertrophied muscle fibers. And his monstercock draped across his legs, ridiculously fat and two foot long soft. Balls the size of footballs hanging low in his large sack. Damon on the other hand was looking smaller and thinner. His horns had receded back in his skull, his eyes were circled with black, like he had been sleep-deprived for days. And the once-magnificent piece of dick jutting from his groin was now just above average. Without receiving Sin in exchange for the energy he had pumped into Landon, Damon was weakened. Landon looked concerned at Damon, closing the distance between them and taking the worn out demon in his massive embrace. ”You ok? You look terrible.” ”I might have overdid it a little. I’ll be better in a minute.” Landon smiled mischievously and started caressing the demon, nuzzling his neck. He needed Damon to be powerful enough to grow him, and it was easy for him to give the demon what he needed. ”I need you strong, Damon. I need you to make me bigger. Please.” Landon growled. Landon didn’t have to fake anything, his greed was genuine. He needed more, and the thought of more made him so horny... and being horny made him want more. His greed was soon in full gear and he felt the demon feed on it immediately. Damon was unmistakably growing thanks to his ministrations. In a matter of seconds, his body was restored to it’s former glorious thickness. The hard mass behind the supple skin forcing his generous nipples to face the ground, his ass thickening into an obscene rump, his shoulders widening. The warm olive color returned to his skin and his horns grew back. He was still small compared to Landon but he felt so thick, maybe thicker than he ever was. Landon was so turned on by the sight of the growing demon and the promise of more. ”Yes, make me bigger please. Now…” Landon pleaded, still worshipping the demon. Damon growled in delight. Ready to please his incubus. ___________________________ Garry was on all foor, Lamia had taught him how to arch his back so that his wide shoulders and phat ass stuck out. His tight, brand new pink hole exposed. He felt weak, humiliated, dominated, and it made him hard. All he cared about was to be used for someone else’s pleasure. That someone else was currently lining up a slick footlong wrist-thick penis with Garry’s hole. The soft silky cockhead pressed ever so slightly against Garry’s virgin hole. He was equally excited to be used, and scared to be hurt. ”Do you sacrifice your virginity to me in exchange for a lifetime of pleasure and power?” Lamia asked solemnly Garry thought the phrase was weird but he was definitely enjoying that power play. He genuinely craved abusive sex, and he’d go to great lengths to satisfy that new need. ”Yes, sir. Take what you want from me,” He said his voice trembling with anticipation. ”So be it,” Lamia smiled. The red-haired sex demon pushed his dick inside Garry. A slow, implacable, unwavering trust, sealing the pact that had just been made. Garry went into a trance state immediately. His hole offered no resistance, opening just enough to welcome the behemoth’s dick and apply the perfect amount of pressure. It wasn’t only a dick forcing its way into him--it was power, knowledge, demon energy turning him into what he had always wanted to be: the perfect, obedient human sex toy.
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  7. Marquis

    Greed Demon Pt.2

    A common misconception about incubi is that they are beings transitioning to demonhood. They are actually power reservoirs for demons, sin generators if you will. They are beings generating massive amount of Sin naturally that get enhanced by demonic energy, turning them into Sin factories to which demons tether to grow their power. They fall in the familiar category and as such they have to be declared to the Demonic Authorities and removed from their homeworld to be safely stashed into the Demonic Realm. ________________ Landon awoke a little before noon, still sticky from last night trade. Grossly comfy rolled in his blanket curled in a ball so that his feet didn’t dangle from the bedframe (which was unusual for him). His dick was rock hard, rubbing against his abs. He absentmindedly rubbed himself and was soon rewarded by roughly 3 cups of hot spunk, spreading on his belly, soaking through his blanket and mattress. Landon immediately regretted his orgasm as he realized he had ruined his bed. He tried to stand up and discard his blanket at the same time. He had a moment of vertigo as he stood up his full 6’8 (2m7 almost a foot taller than usual). He stumbled to maintain his balance, his rapidly deflating monstercock now free from the blanket burrito swayed between his legs sending fat drips of cum crashing noisily on the floor, carpet and nightstand. -”Fuck” he groaned looking at the mess he made. Landon was breathing hard, everything felt smaller than used to. His body was feeling heavy and stiff. His arms were pushing against his lats to go to the side of his body, his pecs were heavy on his torso, his genital weighing heavily from his crotch. He was too panicked by those new feelings to register how nice they felt to him. He made his way to his bathroom, his footsteps heavy on the wooden floor, his pecs bouncing up and down, his fat slick cock slapping on his thighs. As he turned on the light of the bathroom, his reflection became visible in the mirror. His face was more or less the same, with a very bad case of bed hair, but underneath that, his body was one of a gigantic competitive roided out bodybuilder with a tight waist and heavy cock and balls. The surreal events of the past night resurfaced. The insanely hot middle eastern man, the crazy steamy sex, the growth. It all felt impossible yet the memories were crystal clear and his body was proof enough. Landon was halfway between panic and ecstasy. He had a body he would never have dared dreamt of having but the change was so violent. He explored his body, awkwardly flexing, feeling himself. It wasn’t exactly like the man he fucked last night, Landons was more massive, more ripped, when relaxed it felt firmer and denser. He flexed, it was rock with a soft skin layer on top. As he cupped his pecs, lust took over. His cock inflated, reaching its hard footlong state, his balls dropped an inch lower swelling with seed. Landon stepped in the shower, his wrist-thick hardon leading the way. As he drew the shower curtain he realized how cramped it now felt . He bent as best he could to turn on the water. The sensations were so different from usual. He was so tall and wide that his body blocked the hot water from pouring over both side of his body. He had to turn around to get his back wet. He then grabbed his soap and started worship himself a he cleaned himself. He soon realised he could no longer reach his back, he had to contort to get to his ass to clean it. He was musclebound and it felt amazing. He stroked his dick while he rinsed himself and soon enough he orgasmed in his shower. Pumping a literal gallon of thick cum in his tub. It took him a solid minute to reel in from his earth shattering orgasm. He has basking in the hormone induced bliss occasionally giggling and shivering at the sensory overload. ________ -”What do you mean he’s gone?” She said. She was gorgeous, today she had the appearance of a flaming redhead in her late twenties, long slick deep red hair neatly parted on the side framing a perfectly regular heart-shaped face on which shone two emerald eyes adorned with a sixties’ like trait of black eyeliner. Her body was straight out of a retro pinup calendar and so was her black snakeskin faux vintage dress. She was Damon best friend and one of the most renowned Major Lust Demons, Lamia. -”He left while I was asleep” Damon said. He was feeling embarrassed, Lamia had dropped by his place to congratulate him. If anyone could help get his hand back on Landon it was her. So he had to tell Lamia the whole embarrassing story, and it wasn’t helping that after almost 24h of being in a sexued male body he was starting to think in terms of hes and shes. He hated those simplistic human genders but for now he’d have to roll with it. -”And this is why you leave Lust to Lust demons.” she said flatly after listening to the whole story. “Though I confess you did quite an amazing job creating your body, that is quite the honey pot.” she said with professional appraisal. “I‘d vouch for you. Should you ever apply to a position in the Lust departement… though you’d have to be able to handle an orgasm to work with us.” she said with a wry smile. -”Thanks for the compliment, but if I don’t find Landon fast I won’t be unemployed. I’ll be dead.” -”Landon?! Calling your pet by it’s name! That’s sooooo cute.” she roared with laughter. Damon felt himself blush. One more thing to hate about human bodies. -”Well, that’s quite simple.” she said. “Ignore the CDeA messages for now, they are slow. It’ll take them weeks to notice you’ve lost your unregistered incubus. Assuming he doesn’t make a mess nor does he pose an exposure threat. You’ll just need to retrieve him quickly and bring him back to the underworld with you.” -”That’s all fine and dandy, but how do I find him?” Damon said -”For fuck’s sake, you’re a hunter demon! Finding an incubus in the real world is like hunting a fucking blue whale in a bathtub. The hard part will be getting to him before another hunter demon does...” _________ Towelling up had been an ordeal for Landon but it was nothing compared to dressing up. Landon spent an hour going through his wardrobe before accepting that none of his clothes would decently and/or comfortably fit. None of the clothes that weren’t destroyed in the process of dressing up that is. He ended up wearing an old pair of black lycra pants he bought for the gym but never dared to wear and a grey tank top. The lycra pants were stretched to their limit, his skin was visible through the thinned out fabric. The waist would have been comfy enough if it wasn’t for his huge package pushing at the front. He had to go commando and he was giving major dickprint. The tank top was simply ridiculous, stopping a few inches under his pecs, it looked like a 90’s crop top. But he couldn’t do any better with only his own clothes. Making a phone call wasn’t exactly easy either. Landon managed to make his boss’ number after 5 attempts, his enlarged fingertips pressing multiple numbers every time. He then found out that thanks to his biceps and shoulders he couldn't comfortably get the phone to his ear. He had to put it on speaker. -”Yes Landon, what is it?” came the annoying voice of his boss -”Er, hey Jeremy. Yeah… I might be a bit late this morning.” stuttered Landon “I have a little health issue I need to take care of this morning.” -”You ok? You sound terrible.” said jeremy flatly -”Well I need to get a few things sorted ASAP. But I’m ok, I’m not contagious or anything. I’ll be there mid morning. I’ll catch up those hours.” -”Yeah don’t worry, take your time. See you later.” Jeremy said as he hung up. Landon was relieved, that went better than expected. Given the fact that his boss was the kind of toxic tyrannic power crazed psycho rigid asshole, it definitely went better than expected. As soon as he left the house to go clothes shopping, Landon became conscious of how exposed and obscene he was looking, but also of how hungry he was. He decided to go to his favorite coffee shop on the corner of the street. He was grabbing coffee and breakfast there almost every morning and had a crush on the cute guy taking his order. He was both scared and excited to show his new body to the cutie behind the desk but in the end hunger prevailed. Turned out the cute guy didn’t even recognized him and worst than that, he wasn’t impressed by Landon. Ill at ease, slightly disgusted but definitively not impressed. Landon was sitting on a corner of the coffee shop with a huge ass bucket of coffee and a tray full of pastries (3 cinnamon roll, 4 cream filled donuts and 2 deep fried apple pie pockets) stuffing his face and trying to ignore the off put faces of the patrons and staff. He had polished off his tray in a just few minutes and left in a hurry. His belly had slightly rounded outward with all the food but he wasn't satisfied. All the greed inside him making him want more food to feed his body. On his way to the store he stopped by a fitness and bodybuilding supplement store. As he walked in the guy behind the counter gawked at him. He made his way to a fridge where protein bars and drink were stocked. -”Can I help you dude?” ask the cashier. -”Yeah,” answered Landon “Just had breakfast but it wasn’t really enough. I’m looking for something to get my fill with”. He said rubbing his little belly. -”Well those are non dairy protein drink made for slow absorption it’ll help you feel satiated. And the chocolate peanut butter bars just there are super tasty and will give you a bit of sugar and fast absorption proteins.” said the guy. Landon was looking at the items and at the young guy from the store. His name tag said Garry. Not exactly handsome, or pretty, or cute. Rather ugly actually but the sort of ugly guy that groomed and styled himself thoroughly and hit the gym religiously hoping that beefing up would get them laid. An excellent strategy Landon thought, he had a soft spot for that kind of guy. He guessed Garry was around 190 lbs of shredded muscle. He felt himself start to chub. -”Sounds cool, I’ll have both.” he said while grabbing a gallon of the drink and dozen of chocolate bars. They proceed to the counter, Garry literally drooling over the massive Landon. Landon paid while chewing on two protein bars at the same time. -”Mind If I drink a bit now? I really need it.” Landon said uncorking the gallon of protein drink. The cashiers shook his head as Landon started chugging down the thick sickening vanilla flavored drink. Garry had come around from behind the desk and was standing next to Landon watching in awe as the muscle giant’s belly stretched further. He laid his hand on Landon unable to resist the god in front of him. Landon looked down on his little worshipper and raised and flexed an arm. Garry moaned and suddenly he was aware of the monster tenting Landon’s lycra. He stared mouth agape. Landon chuckled stuffing 3 more bars in his mouth while pulling on his lycra to free his monster cock. Gary started massaging Landon, his muscles, his cock. Kissing the foot long monster, the muscles. Garry who had always identified as straight was ecstatic to feel all those muscles all that manliness. Landon finished the drink and tossed the empty bottle while stuffing the remaining bars in his mouth one after the other. He was stuffed. It all felt so good, he let himself go and rewarded his worshipper with a copious load of cum (while garry blew a little wad in his own pants). His gut receded as his body spasmed, dispatching all the matter in his belly toward his muscles. According to the pact with Damon, his greed was being rewarded with more muscle. And as he reached 363 lbs (165kg) his lycra finally tore giving way to his 34 inch quads (83cm) and his tank top ripped as his pecs grew until his chest reached a whopping 63 inches (1m58). Garry was so engrossed into worshiping the massive monster that he didn’t even realized Landon had grown right in front of him. -”I’m gonna need some gym clothes too.” said Landon still catching his breath “the biggest baggiest you have lil dude”. ________ Damon felt the orgasm like it was his. It actually was his orgasm too, he had a copious sticky mess on his jeans crotch to attest it. He had connected with Landon as the man climaxed. He had seen it all. The store, the fit worshipper, the ruined carpet… and he knew exactly where Landon was at that very moment. -”Got you.” he said to himself. He rapidly changed clothes and left for the real world, hoping to catch the trail before it got cold. ________ Landon was looking into a mirror in the big and tall store. The mood wasn’t the same as in the supplement store. The clerk beside him was nervous and having a hard time hiding how offput he was by Landon massive body. Landon was equally uneasy, his new size made him very self-conscious. He was so obvious, so sexual and he had no idea how to deal with it when people weren’t worshiping him. Which would be most of the time given the nasty stares he got since this morning. The new outfit wasn’t really helping, he had ditched the oversized shorts and string top bought hastily before leaving the supplement store for a more professionally appropriate attire. And though it was the best that could be done it was hardly professional and hardly appropriate. The light blue shirt had to be open to the middle of his pecs preventing him from wearing a tie, it was clinging to his body, making every muscle painfully obvious. The dark blue slacks were comfy though stretched over his massive legs like yoga pants. The outfit was complete with black leather shoes the clerk had to tie for Landon because he couldn't reach his feet. -”That’ll have to do.” Landon said. -”We can have the extra shirts and pants by Wednesday.” said the clerk “They’ll fit your frame better and you should be able to close the collar for a tie. By the way we do have safety ties to clip on the collar, it might helpful since ...errr…. you can not… reach.. Your neck…” he ended awkwardly as they walked (swayed in Landon’s case) to the cash desk. -”That is a good idea. Can you get me three in different colors?” Landon said blushing. He paid for his order, collected a paper bag with his gym clothes and made a beeline for the subway to get to work. It was a rather unpleasant trip. Everything felt too small and cramped. People were staring disapprovingly, muttering nasty comments and avoiding him. To make thing worst he broke his phone. He’d griped the thing a bit too strong while trying to answer a call. The damn thing got crushed like an empty beer can at a frat party. Probably his furious boss anyway. ________ The smell of semen was still lingering in the store, despite the efforts of Garry to mop the floor with a liberal amount of bleach. He was sweaty from the worship session and from all the cleaning afterward. He was pondering on what this morning’s session meant about his sexuality when a man barged in the store. The already sexually confused Garry felt himself get hard as he watched the middle eastern guy that had just came in. He was big (though nothing like the man this morning), gorgeous and so magnetic. -”Hello sir.” he said with a deep soothing voice “I’m looking for an unusually large man that visited your store today”. He produced a police badge and showed it to Garry. He looked thoroughly at the fit clerk, a look that meant “I-know-he-was-here-and-I-know-what-you-did”. The man radiated charm and authority. Garry was painfully hard and wet and his brain starting to play fantasies of being dominated by this man. He gulped hard, trying to focus to answer the man in front of him. -”Y-yes… d-did he d-d-do anything b-bad?” Garry stuttered. -”No but I need to find him quick for his own safety.” -”He-he d-did f-fill a-f-f-f-form fo-f-for a loyalty c-card.” Garry said. Proud to obey and be useful, he went to his computer searching for Landon’s entry. The man moved right behind him; much closer than necessary. Garry could feel the guy’s sizeable package nestle right above his own perky ass. The guy was looking past Garry’s shoulder at the screen. Garry could feel the guy hot breath on his neck. The big guy put his hand on the one Garry had on the mouse, browsing the form by using Garry’s own hand. -”Good. That’ll help me a lot. Thank you” he purred in Garry’s ear. He left leaving Garry out of breath and ready to burst behind his desk. Once in the street the guy took out his police badge. It shifted form and became a phone, he searched for Lamia in the contacts of the phone and send her the coordinates of the store and a message: Check that place for a nice beefy closeted submissive bi guy ripe for harvesting. Have fun Still smiling to himself he dialed Landon’s number. It rang a few time, there was some commotion and then it disconnected. He re-dialed, but the call ended straight to voicemail. Damon sighed, he still had Landon’s address. ________ The security guys at the entrance of the building had looked at him suspiciously, the receptionist couldn’t hide how disgusted she was when he greeted her, and his colleagues simply gasped and stared. Landon didn’t even make it to his cubicle after reaching his floor. Landon wanted to rush to his cubicle and hide there but he was intercepted by Jeremy. Jeremy wasn’t very much wider than one of Landon’s legs. Not very much taller either. Yet Landon felt his heart sink as his boss did a double take seeing the recently overgrown Landon. -”Landon, glad to see you’re doing fine and you’re finally with us.” Jeremy said without breathing and with an absolute disregard for punctuation. -”Morning. Yeah sorry I had…” -”Can you come to my office? Now.” Jeremy interrupted. He had a blank stare, lost way behind Landon, his smile automatic and utterly out of place on his otherwise closed face. That wasn’t good. Landon sheepishly followed his boss toward the glass office at the other end of the floor. He was now seeing the cubicles from above and that new point of view was particularly depressing. His colleague were looking at him with worry, disgust, disbelief or a mix of all three. Part of him was amused to allow the monster he was to be bossed around by the puny asshole in an ill-tailored suit strutting in front of him. They entered Jeremy’s office, he closed the door and the blind behind Landon and gestured for him to sit in the chair facing his desk. Said chair creaked under Landon’s weight and much to Jeremy’s annoyance he was almost eye level with Landon now that he was seated. Jeremy half sat nonchalantly on his desk trying and failing to look relaxed and assertive. -”You know why you’er here Landon.” Jeremy said. -”I took too long this morning?” Landon asked as innocently as he could. Jeremy let an annoyed sigh escape him. His face was contorting trying not to show how offput he was by Landon. -”Listen, I’m gonna have to let you go. We can’t have you roaming around the office like… *annoyed gesture in Landon general direction* that!” -”Ha. Yes.” Landon answered. “I’m sorry about the outfit, I can’t find my size off the racks. But I’m getting tailored outfits later this week so...” -”Don’t…” Jeremy interrupted. “I don’t want to hear any excuses. I don’t care about you getting outfits to cover *another indescriptible gesture toward Landon* this! We can’t have you around the office like that, period. Have you seen the commotion you caused when you arrived? No one inflates over night like you did. Need I remind you that we got a very strict no-drug policy that you signed when we hired you. So you can leave now or we can have a mandatory drug check before kicking your freak ass out of here.” Landon slowly stood up and took a step forward jeremy. He was towering over Jeremy menacingly. Tilted his head down to look his boss in the eyes, his wide shoulders rolled forward forming a closed space around his boss and his pecs bunched up giving his body an intimidating shape. Jeremy felt his heart sink, Landon smiled softly. God he was gonna love that . -”Bring the cup that I need to pee in buddy” he said softly almost seductively “Make that a bucket actually cause you got that freak part right. Guess what? You won’t find any drugs or shit in it. You think I’m high on roids? Bad news buddy, I’m not. I wouldn’t be growing that fast if I was and yes buddy, I’m probably not done growing. I know you already find me disgustingly big.” Landon loomed closer to Jeremy “but more than disgusted you’re frightened. Frightened that the illusion of power you had over me is gone. Now, it’s just you versus me with raw physical force. And, buddy, it ain’t looking that good for you.” Landon leaned further in, laying his palm on the desk each side of Jeremy. Bringing his muscular body just a few inches of his boss. The power he had at this moment was intoxicating. He wanted more. ”If you’re scared and grossed out now buddy, just wait till I grow even bigger. Maybe you’ll even see it with your own eyes. Actually… I think I’m about to make an example… unnnnghh” The greed inside Landon swelled up Landon’s speech was rewarded by the weirdly recognisable sound of a grown up pissing himself. That wet cascading muffled sound of a pint of piss soaking through business slack and dripping on a cheap office carpet. Landon straightened himself taking a step back, looking triumphantly down on Jeremy. -”I think I’ll take my afternoon then.” smiled Landon “You cover me for skipping work and I’ll cover you for pissing yourself. See you tomorrow morning boss and don’t forget the bucket, I would hate to further ruin your office carpet.” Landon left the glass office with a big smile on his face and spring in his step. His heavy pecs bounced in rhythm. It felt so good he was oblivious to all the stares he got from his coworkers. Going home seemed like the best course of action. He wanted out of his clothes, to maybe rub one out, or ten and rest. He was pondering last night, thinking he shouldn't have left Damon’s place, that guy ought to know what happened, he might have even helped Landon get more. But Landon had been beside himself after sex and the end of the evening still felt surreal and blurry. As he entered his flat he had made up his mind, he’d go back to the bar he was in the night before and try to find Damon. He was so into his head that he didn’t notice straight away the muscular figure sprawled on his couch. -”You’re home early honey. Lucky me.” purred Damon. -”hehehe. Lucky you indeed.” growled Landon. Not bothering to understand how and why Damon was in his living room, Landon pounced on the hunky demon, kissing him deeply and ripping his clothes from his body. ________ Garry was closing his store, he had waited for this moment the whole day. He had noted Landon’s phone number from his loyalty registration form. He dialed the number and was crestfallen to end straight on voicemail. Before the recorded message ended he felt someone grabbing his phone from him, softly but firmly, irresistibly. He turned around and was suddenly facing a man as massive as Landon was. Impossibly tall wide and muscular. He was a Gorgeous red hair with emerald green eyes.He was so stunning, his crisp white t-shirt emphasizing the volumes of his chest and his tight raw jeans hugging his monster legs and cupping an obscene bulge. Garry didn’t notice the odd and out-of-style snakeskin boots the man wore. The muscular giant was looking down on Garry smiling warmly as he hung up the call and handed the phone back to Garry. -”Forget about that Landon dude. He isn’t for you. But don’t be sad cutie. I’d be happy to take care of you.” Lamia said tentatively.
  8. Marquis

    Greed Demon Pt.1

    The Demonic Realm is quite straightforward. Think of it as a firm whose aim is to rake in as much sin as they can. It’s their currency. And yes their direct competition is a Divine Realm thriving on benevolence. The agents of both realms blend in with human society and meddle with the lives of everyday people to serve the interest of their own kind. Not to bore you with the details but here is a quick overview of the Demonic Realm: There are Major, Superior and Inferior Demons which indicate their potential for harm (there is also the supremes but you’re unlikely to cross paths with one. They can not manifest physically in the human world, least they destroyed it). They assume various functions, pretty much like the human society (and yes they have demonic IT guys… If you have ever dealt with an IT service you don’t need any proof). And there are seven main branches. One per deadly sin, obviously. You’d think gay clubs and bar would attract Lust demons and you’d be right. But what Landon was looking that night was a Greed Demon. And he couldn’t tear his eyes from it. It was a Hunter Greed Demon to be precise. A Bloodhound trained to track greed in men’s hearts and nurture it to cash in a much sin as they could. Think of it as a demonic salesman. There's an army of them trying to feed of our worst traits (just like ad there's an army of Hunter Angels trying to turn us into self-righteous dicks. Yes, they both suck). The demon seated at the bar had picked Greed because it was fun. One day you’d be messing with traders in the finance district, the next you’d be taking care of a fat bastard at all you can eat buffet. Greed was so deeply rooted in mankind and took so many forms that it knew it would never get bored and that it could find more exotic forms of greed to have fun once in awhile. Landon was seated alone at a small table in a corner of the bar. The demon had smelt his greed a few weeks ago while bursting a few speculative bubbles in the financial district (resulting in five bankrupt firms, two burnouts and one jumper, that would earn him quite a nice bonus this month). Landon was a trader, 32 years old stag fag, cute though unremarkable. What interested the demon was Landon’s recently found obsession with growing muscle. He fancied that getting more muscular would make him loveable. Or at least more fuckable. Over the last few months he had started working out, dieting, supplementing and he was wearing what meager gains he had achieved as a badge of honor. The demon immediately took an interest in him. Not that he would get much sin out of Landon but it would be fun. It had assumed a form specially designed for Landon. And it worked. Landon had his eyes glued to it from across the room. Eye fucking the demon, drinking in the sight, recording the images for later fantasies. It was stunning. In his late thirties, 6’4 tall, around 230lbs of muscle with just a tiny bit of bodyfat to make it look comfortable and powerful. The mass was sumptuously distributed. It wasn’t an athletic body, it was a pure porno body, sculpted for sex. The worn out jeans were skin tight, putting the emphasis on its powerful legs and huge round ass. The tight waist flared into a powerful torso with broad shoulders and almost disproportionately huge arms. The white t-shirt was hugging every inch of it and highlighting the massive pecs. Two fat nipples clearly visible pointing downwards, the dark wide aureola contrasting through the flimsy white fabric. A bull-thick neck stretching the collar supported a face that had Landon totally engrossed. It was clearly modeled to look like an Arabian man. The deep olive skintone, thick jet black hair with a few grey ones buzzed short on the side with a short fauxhawk on the top. Square features enhanced by his perfectly styled stubble, wide smiling mouth with a plump lower lips, strong nose and eyes like polished onyx adorned with dark lashes and crowned with extra thick perfectly shaped black brows. It was looking at Landon with a sly smile. Landon was comparatively small and unremarkable. 5’9, 185 lbs, mousy brown hair, dirty green eyes. Though he was definitely a handsome man he didn’t stand out in crowd. He also wasn’t used to be noticed, so when he realized the Man he had been staring a was looking back and smiling he panicked and looked down. He felt beads of sweat form on his forehead and his sweat levels go through the roof as he was flushed with embarrassment. When he finally lifted his head to look up, the Demon had crossed the room and was standing on the other side of the table. Landon was staring directly at the Demon’s obscenely bulging fly. Landon dried, as all the moisture his body could generate was currently in his briefs. He looked up, the generous pecs partly hid the magnificent face but a predatory smile could still be seen. He gracefully moved around the table and sat right next to Landon invading his personal space. Its gorgeous face going to his ears, its juicy pecs brushing against him, its heat radiating on his skin. “-Hello cutie I’m Damon” Its voice was deep, warm and husky. Landon hesitated for a moment, not sure he heard its name right. The first syllable sounded off. But his brain quickly shoved that thought aside. “-I’m Landon.” he said. Damon smiled, looking tenderly atLandon. He could taste the man's greed. An exotic greed, fresh, newly formed. An obsession for muscle and size. A compulsive need for more. More muscle, more food, more cock, more manliness, more sex, more size. A bottomless pit. A perpetual motion machine. Whatever little gains made calling for a bigger one. It wasn’t just the grueling workouts, the overeating, the race for calories… now that it was close, Damon smelt other things. Landon had recently botoxed his scrotum and gotten hyaluronic acid in his dick. He had skipped a couple months of saving for retirement to get penile enhancement. Landon’s greed was phenomenal. Damon had hit jackpot. It was easy for Damon to lure Landon to it’s den. A few flirty words, an ushered invitation and Landon was ready to follow the hunky demon anywhere. Just two streets away from the bar, Damon pulled out a key and opened the entrance of an apartment building. Had Landon not been starring at the glorious massive ass of Damon, he’d have noticed the key looked too old and didn’t match the modern keyhole. Or that the entrance they stepped through was too large to belong to the building he thought he had walked in. He might have even noticed that he had entered an alternate dimension. Damon was amazed at how easy that was. Lust Demons really had it easy. Be attractive enough and humans will throw themselves off cliffs without even giving it a second thought. Plus having a sexualized body was feeling nice. It usually assumed the unremarkable appearance of a average human male or female, not bothering with details like nipples or genitalia or body hair. The body it was wearing tonight was designed to be seen and desired. Though it was mostly a facade, the muscle mass made it feel dynamic and strong. The way it bounced and flexed was addictive. A big fat cock with a set of extra large balls was nestled in its briefs between its thick thighs. It was the first time he gave himself genitalia, and to be honest he’d have to do it more often. Especially having a dick. It felt ridiculously good, and it realized the bigger it made its dick the more satisfying it felt . It had to reel in and keep itself in check to avoid being too much of a freak. Damon’s apartment was gigantic (space is much more malleable in the underworld) it looked like a French Haussmannian interior (just look it up) everything was the same shade of clinical white. Like some 3d designer carefully sculpted the whole thing but forgot to put a texture on it. He led Landon to the living room dominated by a huge lush sofa on which Damon was sprawled. Its powerful legs opened to put its massive basket on display. He patted the spot next to him inviting Landon. Landon sat a respectful foot away from Damon, visibly ill at ease, stiff on the edge of the sofa. -”Aw for fuck sake” Damon growled rolling his eyes. He closed the distance between it and Landon grabbed the back of the man’s head and french kissed him. Landon was overwhelmed by the soft lips of Damon, its scruffy stubble and powerful tongue. His hand slowly found Damon’s body and he started caressing the big muscular demon. It was his first time with someone this size and it felt (ironically) like heaven to him. He loved it, he wanted to be like this himself so much. The experience was pleasant to Damon too but what was getting it off was the Greed inside Landon. It just needed to enter a pact with Landon and it would soon be rewarded by a tsunami of greed. Abandoning any subtlety, Damon got up. Its 13’’ boner was leaving a serious dickprint on its jeans. It took off its shirt and threw it away revealing his powerful torsos glorious pecs. Its mouthwatering pecs ever so slightly dragged down by their own obscene weight toward the perfectly carved abs. Landon was looking at him overcome with disbelief, joy, lust and envy. He couldn’t function anymore, he needed to be as muscular, no, more muscular than Damon. -”I know what you need” rasped Damon. “ I know you want to get bigger. You need to. That’s why you’re killing yourself in the gym. Why you got injections in your dick. Because you want to look like this!” it said, flexing. ”Or this!” he added grabbing his dick through its jeans. Landon was about to cry, his face burning, feeling humiliated, anger and jealousy rising inside him. Damon looked down on the human sitting in front of him and chuckled. -”Don’t get all worked up baby. I’m here to help.” Damon cooed, unfastening his fly. “Tell you what... You worship me and I’ll give you all the muscle you want, all the dick you want. You want to be a freak? Sure baby I’ll make you a freak. Just worship me.” It had its jeans around its ankles, a 13 inch wrist thick rock hard uncut cock jutting from a perfectly groom pelvis. Landon was still mistruful of the cocky hunk in front of him, but greed took over. He leant on grabbing the glorious penis, unsheathing it. -”Do we have a deal?” said the demon? -”Yeah...” Landon said before stuffing his face with as much dick as he could. Damon, growled and felt his knees buckle. He had underestimated Landon’s greed. They were just getting started and it was already exceeding what it had anticipated. Plus he was getting head for the first time and he fucking loved it. It could feel the energy flux going both way. Its demonic energy leaving it, fuelling Landon’s growth and Landon’s greed filling it making its power greater. Like a river flowing in two directions at the same time. He tried to focus back on Landon. Damn his clothes were stretched tight. He was already starting to look like a fitboy. It forcefully pried its dick from Landon, pushing back the man’s head with little ceremony. -”Undress.” it simply ordered. Landon complied, eager to get more from Damon. Landon was already looking like he had been hitting the gym for years. Faint abs showing, little pancake pecs emerging, the hint of a V shape. A decent 6’’ inches cut dick was painfully hard and leaking. This was going much faster than Damon planned. Damon shook its jeans and shoes off, it fell back on the couch, lifting its thick slightly hairy legs in the air and spreading them to expose its hole, magnified by the lovely shape of its muscular ass. -”How about we take it up a notch?” Damon said. Landon, positioned himself, caressing the powerful legs of Damon and rubbing his cockhead on the demon’s hole. It was unlike anything Landon had ever felt, clean, silky, warm and slick like it was already lubed. Landon kindly pushed himself inside Damon. It was unlike anything he had ever felt, the insides of the demon were deliciously smooth and warm, the muscle rings were applying the perfect amount of pressure on his dick. Damon was perfect, flawlessly designed for sex. The intimate connexion between the demon and the greedy human opened, unleashing a tidal wave. Landon’s greed making the demon more powerful than it would ever have imagined and Damon’s power growing Landon at a worrying pace. Landon’s body was starting to resemble a gymrat's. Unbelievable muscular definition,wide shoulders rounding up, bulging biceps, striated triceps, thick forearms, nice thick pecs bouncing up and down as he fucked the demon. Damon felt the strength of the plowing he was receiving augmented as Landon’s ass became more muscular and defined. The demon was delighted to feel Landon’s penis grow inside it, the stretching feeling was utterly amazing. It reminded Damon how it had wanted to give itself a freakishly big dick. It let its own penis fattened and lengthen beyond what was humanly possible. Landon looked in disbelief as the magnificent uncut dick reached the thickness of the demon thighs and a sufficient length for him to suck on it it while he fucked the demon. He obviously obliged giving the demon a blowjob while he pounded his ass. Landon adjusted his stance, his thighs were getting too thick and his balls too fat and hanging too low. His 10’’ dick wrecking the now distended demon hole, making obscene wet noises with the piston motion and the gallon of pre coating its insides. Landon was almost as big as a bodybuilder. His thick pecs casting a shadow on his rock hard abs. His shoulders striated and overblown with muscle, arms now too thick to bend entirely. He was constantly shifting and changing his stance to accommodate the mass that added to his frame, his bones were stretching to accommodate the onslaught of mass packing on his body. It was all too much for him, for both of them. Landon started pumping his load in the demon. Thrusting harder, harder and harder trying to pour his seed as deep as he could. Meanwhile Damon’s mind exploded as it’s power reached that of a Major Demon. As new powers and knowledge flooded its mind Landon semen flooded its inside. Its mind was wrapped in a warm lush blanket and as it experienced human male orgasmed for the first time it drifted into a deep much needed blissful sleep. On the other hand Landon who had been prone to sleep immediately after orgasm, resisted the hormonal tide quite well. Despite feeling week in the knees and hisdick softening, he was still mostly awake. He pulled out from the demon, the gross suction noise it made was accompanied by a ungodly amount of cum cascading from the demon distended but rapidly recovering hole. Had it been awake it would have regretted choosing a white sofa. Landon was still reeling from all the muscle and power he had filled with. He was monstrous 6’8 (2m7) and 328 lbs (149kg). He had 20’’ arms(51cm) and his glorious pecs got his chest to a glorious 55’’(1m40) while his waist remained barely thicker than his arms at a mind boggling 25’’ (65cm). He was in a haze, like he was severely drunk, and answering to his automatic habit of dressing up and leaving after hooking up. He grabbed his underwear,vaguely aware his 9’’ softy and lemon sized balls would never fit. Still he was surprised to feel them rip and disintegrate in his hands as he yanked them to pull them over his now gigantic quads. He discarded them and tried to pull on his jeans and T-shirt. The waist of the jeans resisted despite several threads popping, the seams of the quads and calves burst open as soon as he moved and his tee ripped on both sides, on the back and the sleeves were purely destroyed as he awkwardly put his clothes on. He stumbled toward the exit of the flat with just tatters on his back. A few minutes later the front door of the building spat him back into the real world. It was well past noon when Damon woke up. A reddish sunlight bathing the surreally white living room. Its 2ft morning wood dripping a steady trickle of warm pre on its chin, it shifted, stretching enjoying the feeling of its hard dick and its sore rectum. A satisfied smile on its lips Damon got to its feet, thinking it might keep this body for while(though he’d have to get his penis to a more manageable size). He rummaged through its discarded jeans to check its phone. It had received a shitload of messages. Damons smile grew wider as it went through countless messages congratulating him on becoming a Major Demon. In the middle of all those message was one from the Central Demonic Administration (CDeA not to be mistaken with CDia which is the Central Divine Administration). It requested Damon to register its familiar. As the pieces of the evening fell back in place its smile faded. He realized that Landon left its place leaving just a destroyed pair of briefs behind. It had its incubus on the loose. It was accountable for him. It was supposed to register him to CDeA and it was potentially responsible for a risk of exposure to humans. It was in deepshit trouble. -”hu..fuuuuuuck” Damon whined. To be continued
  9. Marquis

    Second service.

    I'm feeling inspired lately It was our traditional friday night beer, at our usual gay pub. I met with three or four friends to down a few beers, and then a few more beers, get tipsy, take the best leak of the week, and then finally go home, eating some greasy take away. I love those evenings; it’s the best way to blow off some steam, talk some shit and have a great laugh. I knew all the patrons at that pub, so it wasn’t unusual that I’d hear someone shout my name to get my attention. “Oh my god! Is that you Tony?!” I heard behind me. I turned and froze. Half of me knew exactly who that man was; the other half refused to acknowledge it. Kevin Cox (yes, that is his real name. Kevin motherfucking Cox). My ex boyfriend. Not just my ex boyfriend...my ex boyfriend from high school. We were together from 15 to 20. Last time I saw him was 10 years ago, when I dumped him. “Kevin? Oh my… I didn’t expect to see you here. It’s been been forever. You look great buddy,” I stuttered. He did look great, but the two main reasons were that my most recent memory of him was a 20 years-old acneic boy, crying his eyeballs out so much that he had a running nose, and then shouting at me that “IcouldnotdumphimbecausehestilllovedmethatwasunfairandIwasacoldheartedbitch” with such force, that his face was red and had veins poping out. So yeah, that alone was a major source of improvement. The second reason was he did actually look great. He was a bit taller than I remembered, and had obviously been hitting the gym. He had beefy shoulders and arms, pecs showing under his tee, tight flat midsection and his legs stretched his jeans in an almost indecent way. “Thanks you,” he beamed, “you look amazing too. You even lost the little fat you had as a teen,” he said way too loud, putting his huge mitts on each side of my midsection. Asshole. I did have a bit of chub around my waist 10 years ago, and I went to great lengths to get rid of it. I even became quite athletic. Nothing like him, to be honest, but still decent. I smiled warmly trying not to show that he had hit a sensitive spot. But I’m sure he knew it. Kevin was, and still is, extremely clever. Too clever for his own good, and for the good of others, since he is a major sociopath. When I started dating him at 15 I was on cloud nine. He was handsome, he had a goofy smile and a face so adorable, everybody found him endearing. That feeling tended to disappear shortly after you got acquainted with him, though. He hated people, he was a convinced misanthrope, he only loved book and sports. When I say sports, please understand I mean performance...his performance. He’d do track n’ field and swimming at a high level, and was obsessed with his results. At first,all his entourage was relieved that he came out and found himself a lovely, cute, popular boyfriend (me, obviously). But, as the only human he deemed worthy of his affection, I rapidly became one of his pet obsessions and every means to keep me by his side was good. Over our five years together, he developed an eating disorder that he tried to force on me, cut me off from all my friends and shamed me about my body and my preoccupations that he deemed frivolous. And he dealt with our breakup the same way he dealt with anything not going his way: by throwing a major tantrum and being an abusive twat. That being said, you’d think I’d punch that toxic, piece of shit in the throat and walk away. I would have, if it wasn’t for the following three key element. One, it was ten years ago and people change over the course of ten years (or so I wanted to believe). Two, he’s hot, and I try to avoid antagonizing thick, strong, hot, cute, thirty-year old men, since they might be mating partners, even if just for a night. Three, I’m terrible at making decisions. “ I’d never have thought I’d run into you,” he said. “ After all I did to you, I was sure you’d avoid me like plague.” “ Actually I was,” I slipped. “Ouch. Fair enough,” he laughed. “What are you drinking? I’d love to catch up with you handsome! ” “Beer, obviously.” I said, raising my almost empty pint. We downed many beers. Much more than I usually do. We talked about what we did over the last ten years. Where we both were in our lives now. And so on until it was past midnight. I was halfway between tipsy and wasted, when I decided it was time to move on with my friday night routine : peeing, eating takeaway, going home. First, taking a piss. I don’t care much for bodily waste fluid evacuations but the friday night piss, after a shitload of pints, is just the best feeling ever. “ I’m gonna go take a leak,” I said to Kevin. “ Same here. Lead the way,” he answered. So, we went to the bathroom, I positioned myself on one of the urinals, he respected the bathroom etiquette by leaving an empty one between him and me. I heard him unzip and take a quick powerful piss. Meanwhile, I was struggling with my zipper, and my feelings. He was done before I had even opened my fly. “ Tony? Are you seriously that wasted?!” he laughed, getting behind me. He reached around me and undid my fly, slightly pulling down my jean and reaching my underwear. He grabbed my dick with one hand, pulling on my foreskin so I could pee while the other hand steadied my hips. I lean back on his powerful torso and started releasing myself. Fuck that was the best piss of my life. As I emptied, I hardened between Kevin’s fingers. Once done I was painfully hard and Kevin gave me two slow strokes. “I missed you Tony,” he breathed, in my ear. The whole scene was surreal. But before long, he tugged my hardon back in my briefs, zipped up my jeans, and let go of me. I almost fell backward. He chuckled. “Let’s go to my place.” A few minutes later, we were back to his place. It was spotless and clinical. Everything was white; it wasn’t so much a bias, than an utter lack of taste. White neutral furniture, sofa, appliance, it looked almost like a fake space. The only sign of someone actually living here, was the numerous and gigantic piles of books, DVDs and CDs everywhere. “First, shower,” he said, pushing me in the equally white bathroom. He undressed unceremoniously and I did the same. As we stood face to face naked, I became very aware of our size difference. I watched us in the mirror on the opposite wall. I was almost 6’, I keep myself trim, I workout to be tight, strong and defined. I keep my body hair clipped short all over. My face is quite angular and I have clear, brown, unruly hair, a short 3 day beard, and blue eyes. He was over 6’, his pale body naturally hairless, except for nice untrimmed bush above his big dick. His body would have looked sof,t but the muscle popping under the skin, and his perfect shape, gave a totally different impression, especially his shoulders to waist ratio. He looked intimidating and powerful. His face was clean shaved, with that still boyish look, and he had black eyes and his hair was a weird shade of dull black. I was both intimidated and totally horned up. I was rock hard. He was all smiles and looked down to his slowly rising manhood. I followed his gaze and my heart stopped. As the magnificent dick hardened, I realized he was dwarfing me down there too. He must have been around 9’,’ and it was sort of thick. Last time I saw him, we were almost the same size down there. I couldn’t help but feel sort of jealous. “Let’s get cleaned up, so we can get dirty,” He said. We both hopped into the shower. The enclosed space made me even more aware of how large he was compared to me now. I was even still wrapping my head around how much larger he was, and that idea of growth got my engines revving. He pressed his body against mine, kindly turning me, caressing my ass, fingering me. I never loosened up that fast, and when he presented his cockhead on my hole, I was shocked to realize that the foreplay and hot water had me ready in a matter of minutes. He didn’t ask or say anything, he just grabbed me by the hips and entered me. We both gasped. I felt his bush against my crack, and before he could even do a single back and forth, I felt his grip tighten unbearably, his whole body shook violently, he almost tripped in the shower, I felt his dick pulse inside me and deliver a fat burning load. I was dumbfounded. “Fuck!” he cursed, “Fuck, fuck fuck fuck! Aw fuck,” panting, “ I’m sorry,” more panting, “fuck you feel so good. Just gimme five minutes and I’ll be ok to go again. Fuck!” He pulled out and we finished showering. He was truly vexed, his face was closed, and his demeanor much less gentle than a few moment ago. Still, I was somehow happy to see this, instead of one of the tantrums he would have had years ago. I imagined his larger, stronger self, having one of his outbreaks of rage that I had been been familiar with. My blood froze. He must have felt that I was drifting to a dark place. He suddenly focused back on me, and pull me in to cuddle and rinse me. Once out, he towelled me off, and we move to his living room, where we crashed on his couch and started making out. In a matter of seconds he was hard again. He grabbed lube, from god knows where, and lubed his hard, big dick. “This time, I’ll make sure you get your fill,” he chuckled. He laid me on my back, lifted my legs, and started aligning with my hole. He slid in without any resistance. I can not believe I took such a massive cock so easily. He adjusted his position on his knees in front of the couch, while I was flat on my back. He squared his shoulders, puffed his impressive chest, and started thrusting strongly at a regular rhythm. Kevin was alway one for steady, powerful, unimaginative sex. And to be honest, I loved that strong, and to-the-point sort of shag. Before long, we were both sweating heavily, and he had a maniacal smile on his face. “I waited so long for this,“ he growled, “I can’t believe it!” He flexed one of his thick arms and the biceps bulged. My eyes were glued to this display of muscle, and I was almost drooling. His smile turned into a smirk and he lowered his arm so I could grab it and feel it. Had it been possible, my dick would have gone harder. “I remember you had a thing for muscles,“ he mused, between rhythmical thrusts. I suddenly vividly remembred the day he found my pornstash, filled with Hsmuscleboi drawings, photomorphs and bodybuilding pics. I love outrageously massive muscle, and when he found out, he gave me hell, and made sure I felt like a deviant freak. Once again, he felt the uneasiness of the situation. His fucking slowed down to a soft, slow, back and forth, and he covered my body with his. “I know I haven’t always been good to you. But don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you now,“ he purred, kissing my neck. I started freaking out inside, as I realised Kevin wanted back in my life. I mean he’s hot, and hung, and muscular, and a great fuck, but I wasn’t exactly planning on taking him back, and the mere idea of having to break it to him after sex was panicking me. He straightened, ready to resume his pounding. “I actually have a surprise just for you. I know you’ll love it,” he said, producing a little bottle, filled with pills, from somewhere by the couch. “Wait, how did you know we’d meet?” I asked, as he dry-swallowed pills from the bottle. “What the fuck? Are you taking drugs?!” He laid one of his thick hands on my chest, stroking me softly and trying to calm me. “This isn’t drugs! Seriously, you know me I’d never take drugs. You’ll see,” he laughed, “And yeah, I might have forced destiny a bit. I had to have you back,” he smiled, apologetically I felt rage, pride, affection, disgust, lust, and fear, mix inside me, but before one of those feelings took over, I noticed a shift in Kevin’s posture. “Fuuuuuuuck, it’s coming,” he rasped, locking eyes with me, “enjoy the show.” Kevin’s muscle started to grow. It was unmistakable. His size and definition were steadily increasing. That was just insane. He resumed his fucking and I started moaning, and he hit every spot inside me. What I saw was straight out of my wet dreams, veins poping on his body, feeding his growing muscles. His abs became more visible and his lats started to show. His pecs became more prominent; their shape becoming sharper and his nipples being forced down by the sheer mass of them. His shoulders widened again, and then so did his neck. He flexed his arms and I almost came. He was looking like a bodybuilder. His growth subsided and there was only fear and lust in me. “So what do you think,” he asked cockily. Fear finally took over, and I frantically tried to straighten on the couch, and hoist myself off of his dick. But he was fast, and before I could do it, he grabbed my waist and slammed me back on his dick. I let out a sharp cry out of surprise and pleasure. “For fuck sake Tony! Calm down,” he scowled at me “Seriously, I deserve another chance, I know I can give you what you need,” he said. He produced another pill and dry-swallowed it too. He saw the fear in my eyes and as he resumed his thrust much more slower this time he talked to me in calm voice. “I’m doing this for you Tony, I don’t like muscle, but I want to give you what you like. There it goes. I’ll be your muscleman Tony, and you could be my little worshiper,” he whispered. His body resumed its growth, and Kevin picked up the pace as he fucked me. I realised his dick was also slowly growing inside of me. I gasped, the increasing stretching feeling was starting to be quite noticeable. “Fuck, I missed you,” he kept rambling and growing. “I can’t believe I’m finally having you. After ten year,” he gritted his teeth, and his eyes started watering, veins popping on his muscular body. “I can’t fucking believe it. After you abandoned me for ten years,” he started thrusting harder. “Why you did this to me?!” and harder, “I fucking love you, and you dumped me!!!” and harder still. Kevin was slowly reaching the size of an heavyweight bodybuilder. He was pounding me like a mad man. He didn’t care if I liked it or not. He was using all his strength, which was increasing alongside his size. His newly augmented dick had gotten me so loose, that the cum from the load he fired in me while we showered started escaping me. His grip was almost hurting me, and he was punching my prostate with each thrust. This was some major revenge fuck; he was abusive and insane. The worst part, was that I had never been so turned on in my life. He flexed his arm, and the hypertrophied biceps swole, thick veins feeding the slowly inflating muscle. He started thrusting his dick at a vicious angle, each thrust forcing a sharp cry from me. “Look what you made me do,” he growled. “I’m becoming one of those ugly freaks you like for you. Fuck! I’m gonna be the biggest! You’ll never want to leave me once I’m done,” he smirked “This is how much I love you”. He laid himself on top of me, kissing me deeply. He was crushing me under his weight. His grip transformed into tender caresses. His pounding became less violent. He shoved my head in his pecs and flexed for me. He straightened again and looked down on me tenderly, while still fucking me. The view was breathtaking; he was bigger than a pro heavyweight bodybuilder. He wiped the tears from his face. “You’re not leaving me. Ever again,” he rasped, “you understand?” I could only nod, and sob. I had no other option, or he’d harm me or worst. His face softened, and a genuine look of concern took over his face. “Don’t cry baby. I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he said, wiping my face with his thumb. “Come here,” he said, standing. He effortlessly carried me, still impaled on his dick. He hugged me against his massive frame. He was sweaty, burning hot and the stench of sweat was strong. He bobbed me up and down, like he was trying to comfort me but with more than 10’’ of dick buried in me, it made me gasp and tense in his arms. “There, there,” he whispered, “ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I did some work on myself, I’m better. I got better for you. I got bigger for you.” He started lifting me up and down on his dick building, a nice rhythm. “Hummmph, this is so good. You’re so small, and tight and I’m so big and strong. I feel like you could never run on me anymore,” he laughed. At that point, my common sense had checked out. I was following the flow and taking what was to enjoy in that glorious trainwreck. I buried my face in the thick pecs of Kevin, and reached around, grabbing his wide, strong, sinewy back, grinding my dick in abs. “Aw baby, yes, you like it,” he said, caressing the back of my head. “I wasn’t sure I wanted to go all the way. But now that I have you in my arms, I know I have to do it.” He popped two more pills and swallowed them. I braced myself. This time, I could feel the growth and see it. His temperature rose. He was radiating an unnatural heat and I could feel it from inside me. His pulsating rod was so hot against my tender insides. His whole body tensed. As the growth resumed, the muscle fibers started to show underneath his skin, each muscle getting more defined and more exaggerated. He kept on fucking me, the whole time, his dick slowly getting longer and thicker, hitting new places inside me and stretching me in ways I had never imagined. His neck got thicker than his head, and his traps rose and fattened almost reaching his ears. His shoulders thickened and were pushed apart by his growing back. The muscles were stacking on top of each other, pushing against each other. My hands and arms forced opened by his growing back and lats. His pecs were getting so huge that they started sagging ever-so-slightly under their own weight, but every flex would make them ripple with thick cords of muscle in mindblowing way. I could feel his abs fattening and the crevice between them getting deeper, almost swallowing my dick as I rubbed it against them. His arms got thicker, and he had to reposition them due to his growing biceps. The head splitted and new bulbous muscles would emerge. His triceps were insanely large and they made two-thirds of his arms almost thicker than my waist. And his forearms were now almost as thick as his biceps giving and insane silhouette. Underneath all that his legs had each reached a gargantuan size to support his frame. They were arched, forced apart by the crazy amount of muscle packed on them, his quad were massive, ripped and each micro movement he made to balance us would result in an insane display of muscle moving under his skin. His growth finally stopped, and I would later learn that kevin was now over 500 lbs of muscle. He started to lose the rhythm of his fuck, his thrust getting erratic. I knew it meant he was getting close. Over his pecs, I could see his face contorted by pleasure, eyes rolled back, and his mouth agape with drool trickling from it. I myself was in a daze, a mix of terror, lust and obedience, my body wrecked by the growing monster and the the wave of pleasure sent by my devastated prostate, my mind shattered by bliss and abuse, my dick rock hard rubbing with abs that no human being should possess. I heard an unintelligible growl and my insides were once more flooded by the burning seed of the man.this time it was an insane amount a proper cup of hot cum filling me. The pressure and warm were so intense I unloaded too, a comparatively small load on his abs. Kevin was giggling, his whole body spasming and rocking under the strength of the orgasm. I could feel each spasm inside of me through his dick and my body followed his lead shaking and shivering in response like I wasn’t in control anymore. Well, I actually wasn’t in control anymore. Kevin slowly lifted me off his dick and set me down carefully. I was unsteady on my feet, weak in the knees, trying not to fall and not to let the cum inside me escape. But I was shaking and stumbling and rapidly cooling drops of cum were slowly running on the inside of my thigh. Kevin still hold me by the shoulders, dwarfing me. It was two time and half as wide and the thickness was overwhelming. “Let’s clean up and get some rest baby.” he panted “ we have big day tomorrow, I have to go clothes shopping and we need to collect your stuff so you can move in with me.”
  10. Marquis


    Choranaptyxic : ability to change size to fit the available space. When using dating apps you know you’re in for little surprises once a while. I had a big surprise a few month ago. Still not sure what happened but, it was probably the best thing to ever happen in my life. I was feeling lonely, after having had a shit day and as I was browsing on Grindr, I decided to finally give a chance to Max, a guy that had been messaging me for ages. His profile pic looked nice: he was 35, mixed, had an athletic frame and was quite a looker. I dunno why I hadn’t agreed to see him before. The guy sounded genuinely overexcited to see me, which sort of eluded me why. At 32, I was well-kept and well groomed, and I looked younger than I actually was. I was 5’9 with a tight, toned body. Decent looking, but nothing out of the ordinary. When I met the guy later that very evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was quite thicker than his profile pic had suggested. He was slightly shorter than me and quite stocky. He had a thick sweater on, and it kinda concealed his body. But there was no mistaking that he had broad shoulders, a thick waist, and big arms. He lacked definition, but the mass was there. We sat on the couch in my living room, after I got us a couple of beers from the fridge, and we quickly started talking and flirting. He was handsome, with sharp, defined features, and a softness in his eyes that reinforced his calm and friendly demeanor. His voice wasn’t very deep; but it was soft and soothing. The man was a perfect balance of natural strength and softness, and in just a few minutes I was under his spell. After just a few more minutes, I was just dying to kiss that stud. When he finally moved in to kiss me, I felt a mix of relief, fulfilment, and sex, like I never felt before. My hand started to explore his stocky frame, feeling the expanses of smooth skin, and the amazing firmness of muscles with just the right amount of chub on them. He was tender and kind, but there was no mistaking that he was the one in charge. And I loved it. He took off my shirt and undid my pants. I was half naked and he was still fully dressed. I felt vulnerable, yet protected by this man. He pressed himself on top of me; caressing me, kissing me, making me feel the full weight of his body.. “You’re so tight and pretty” he growled in my ear. He removed his stocky frame from my body, then sat comfortably in the couch and proceeded to take off his sweater. I went to straddle him, to help him take off that thick sweater, but was surprised to find his lap was wider than I thought it was. I readjusted myself on top of him. “You’re wider than I thought,” I said, as his sweater finally came off. I stared in shock at the shirtless man under me. His torso was wide and powerful, just as I thought it would be. The thin layer of fat shielded his abs, but above them, was a pair of big pecs. Perfectly shaped, with deep brown nipples, forced downward by the mass of muscle on the man’s chest. I cupped them, staring blankly at Max. “Yeah, I still have some extra holiday weight to lose,” he chuckled. “What?! Nah you’re perfect,” I snapped out of my reverie. “Your pecs are huuuuuge.” He smiled warmly, put his hand on the back of my neck, and then forced me down between his pecs. I had never, ever, actually seen or touched pecs that size. I was in heaven, worshipping that man. His other hand found its way onto my lower back, and I submissively arched my back. I was rewarded by a flex of his pecs, and his hand sliding in my pants, cupping my ass. I pulled my head out of his muscle cleavage, only to see his beaming face. He put both his hands on my waist to secure me, and then stood up, carrying me while I still straddled his waist. I gasped and giggled at the display of strength. He let out a soft chuckle as he put me down on the floor. And that’s when the evening took a fantastic turn: I was looking at him at eye level. It felt weird, as I positively knew he was shorter than I was. That was the first thing I noted about him. Yet, now we were even. Before I could show or express my surprise, he took me by the hand. “Where’s your bedroom handsome?” he smiled. The gentle, flirty, and firm tone suppressed any concern I could have voiced, and I obeyed him happily, and took the large man to my bedroom. Once inside, he engulfed me in his arms, kissing me deeply. In a matter of seconds, my pants were on the floor. Slowly, but unmistakably, I felt his head rise as I kissed him, and his back widened under my touch. I broke the kiss to try and understand what was going on. I was now at eye level with his mouth. I was shocked. He pushed me onto the bed and i fell onto my back. He was towering above me, and I realized that he was wider too. Under his massive pecs, the outline of his abs were now faintly visible. His shoulders were rounder, and his arms looked more defined. His waist was still very thick, but his wider shoulders gave him the beginning of a “V” taper. He was looking like a serious gym rat now, probably around 200 lbs but maybe more. I was at the same moment both freaked out and turned on. “Don’t mind if I get comfortable,” he said, taking off his jeans. As he pulled down his jeans, I was once again shocked by the man. Inside his grey, worn-out boxers, a thick hardon was clearly visible. More than clearly visible actually. The head was poking out of the bottom hemline and it was probably about 9 inches long. “Ooops,“ he laughed, tucking in the fat monster. “It’s massive,” I said, in utter shock. “Don’t be scared,” he said, with mock concern. “Come say hello. It won’t hurt you, I promise.” Once again, his strong hand grabbed the back of my neck, pulling me closer to the bulge, while his other hand, pulled down his boxers. Finally, the whole thing was exposed; the long fat shaft, with an equally thick head, sheathed in a long thin layer of foreskin. And hanging under it, a set of bull balls. I kissed the head; soft pecks at first, then progressively I got more and more of the head inside my mouth. I slid the shaft in, and started sucking and licking the whole shaft. I was rewarded by a deep growl, and felt him shiver under my ministration. I looked up at him. That’s one of my signature moves: giving expert head, while looking up at the dude with a pleading/ingenue look on my face. And for the first time in my life, it didn’t work! His face was totally blocked by his massive pecs. I never thought I could get that turned on. I ran my hand down his torso (the abs were definitely starting to pop on his stomach!) and grabbed one of the massive pecs. They were unmistakably bigger and firmer. As I sucked his dick and kneaded his pecs, I felt him get harder in my mouth. His penis fattened again and a solid half inch added to his shaft. Blowing him was starting to be a challenge. He took a step back, and his fat dick popped out of my mouth. I don’t know if he was any taller, but he was looking pumped! His definition was augmenting, and his muscles were starting to pop all over his body. The sight was breathtaking. We wrapped his strong arms around my waist and flipped me upside down. Before I knew what was happening, he had my decent sized dick down his throat, and my face was shoved on his dick. As we both went down on each other, I felt his strength grow. The pressure he put on my waist was noticeably augmenting, and I heard a faint stretching noise coming from inside his body. Though I couldn’t see, I knew Max was growing more muscular, and growing taller too. My dick popped out of his mouth as he grew up. Soon, he was tall enough to bend his head and rim me while I was upside down blowing him. Max flipped me back on my feet before too much blood reached my head. He was eversosligthly out of breath from carrying me. And I was now eye level with his clavicle. He was massive. Bodybuilder big now...I’d say about 250 lbs. His definition and shoulder to waist ratio was much more impressive now. And his pecs were mind blowing and out of proportion. I was breathing hard; he was turning into a monster right in front of me. He pushed me back on the bed and laid by my side. “Mmmmhh, you’ve got a nice mattress,” he purred, pulling close to him. My face right in his massive pecs; I suckled on them, licking and groping the massive muscles. I felt one of his thick fingers slide inside me. I gasped and he muffled me by pressing my face into his huge pecs, while he slid a second finger in my ass and started working me. “Do you have lube, handsome?” he asked. I tear away from the massive man and fumbled into the bed stand to grab a tube of vaseline and hand it to him. He helped himself to a decent dose, lubed his shaft, grabbed me, and pulled my face back into his pecs while stuffing his greasy fingers up my ass. Once fully lubricated, he layed me on my back and lifted my legs, exposing my hole. Once he aligned himself, I could feel his cockhead locking in my asshole. Probing and ready to fuck me. Then, he entered me. His fat 10-incher started sliding inside me. And as he he pushed, inch by inch, that was it. I finally saw it happen. He was growing. The stretching noise was perfectly audible. This time, the speed was alarming. Half his dick was in, and he was looking like Peter Molnar, only taller, and with even larger pecs. As the second half of the delicious schlong entered me, punching my prostate on the way, Max kept growing at the same pace. When his balls finally slapped on my ass, he was looking like one of those morphed bodybuilders. 300 lbs..may be more. I lost it. I came. I screamed and arched my back under the strength of the orgasm. Three ribbons of cum escaped me and crashed on my torso. “Oh my,” he chuckled. “Spent already?” he said, starting to pull out. “Not even close,” I panted, “I need you to fuck me.” I smiled and he started thrusting softly inside me. I started to loosen around his huge pole. I was moaning like a little bitch, as I felt his dick rearrange my insides. He lifted my ass, so he could lower his upper body on me and kiss me. That’s when I realized that he was almost as wide as my king size bed. His growth wasn’t as impressive as when he entered me, but it was still happening. My bed groaned under the ever increasing weight of the massive man. He straightened, grabbed my waist, and stood by the side of the bed, with my little body (compared to his) still impaled on him. He carried me like I was nothing. As gravity pulled me down I now fully felt the intrusive mass of his dick inside me. It felt thicker and longer. He started moving me up and down on his shaft, like I was just a fleshlight. My ass was unbelievably loose now. He was still growing and his muscles were unlike anything I had ever seen: shredded, massive, hypertrophied. And his head was inching toward the ceiling. He was over 7 feet tall! The amplitude of his thrust augmented, until he was fully pulling out of me and slamming back in. The suction noise was disgusting... and unbelievably sexy. He rammed his foot-long wrist thick penis inside me three final times, with a strength that could have killed me. And as his head bumped against the ceiling, and his form popped into an inhuman display of hypertrophied muscles, he roared and unleashed a torrent of jizz inside me. I’m still not sure how I felt at that moment: was it the earth shattering orgasm of a lifetime, or a near-death experience? I don’t know. Maybe both. Max must have blasted close to a liter of pressurized cum inside me. It almost tore my insides, and squirted right back on the floor. I don’t know how I managed to make it through without getting any bone cracked in the process, or how I ever regained a normal use of my sphincter. He lifted and put me on the floor. My legs were unable to carry me and he had to catch me before I fell on the floor. “Oh oh, looks like I exhausted my little dude,” he chuckled, cradling me between his gigantic pecs. I half remember him squeezing through the doorframe to the bathroom to clean both of us. I was nothing but a half conscious ragdoll, and it was utter bliss. Once we were both cleaned, he went to the bedroom. He grabbed a pillow and the duvet, then laid on the floor. He would have crushed the bed. Using the tiny pillow for his head, he laid me down on his massive torso, and threw the duvet over me. When I woke up the next morning, he was still massive, happily snoring under me. I confess, I never slept that well and I never felt as good as when snuggled against his monstrous frame. And as I was trying to process what had happened, I spotted his jeans on the floor. They were utterly oversized, like they would actually fit him now. I slid from under the duvet and went to the living room. I found his discarded sweater on the couch. It covered half of it. That was impossible. I retrieved my phone and checked Max’s profile on Grindr. The picture was exactly the same, him sitting in some random garden, except he was the massive version sleeping in my bedroom, not the one I greeted at the door yesterday. Below it, his stats read 7’5, 683 lbs. I stared dumbfounded at the screen for a while., A loud rumble jump scared me and shortly after, Max was squeezing his massive self into the living room. It was quite a sight to behold. The massive mounds of muscle, fighting against each other, as he moved with a surprising ease. He picked me from the floor, and lifted me to his face to give me a big kiss, before putting me back on the floor. He then sat on his huge ass (he was almost taller than me standing) and looked at me with puppy eyes. “Can I get breakfast? I’m starving,” he whined. “Sure, what’d you like?” I asked. “Anything. I’m easy,” he beamed. I never talked to him about that growth episode on our first encounter. It’s like Max had always been that oversized muscle monster. We started dating after that episode, and a few months later, we moved in together. He is the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met, and I think he’s the one. I noticed his size varies from 7’ to 8’, but he seems totally oblivious of the fact. So do the people around us. He height and thickness are the source of many inconveniences, but if I’m honest, it turns us on more than it annoys us. End.
  11. Marquis


    Had a slow day at work so I wrote a little something. (Once again I have my friend Derek to thanks for proofreading/editing) My name is Tom. I’m one of the many mutants that tried to remain hidden and to live like regular people. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t save the world in a stylish outfit. My powers do not exactly allow that. Like many mutants. I discovered my power in a stressful situation as an adolescent. I was 19. It was my second year of college and I was (and still am) the cutest twink on the campus. Lean athletic body, dark hair neatly combed on the side, brown eyes with very dark lashes, slightly tanned skin, square features...I looked like a model. Well, a pocket sized model. I was sort of short….5’5”, to be exact...which is why I didn’t have much success with guys. This changed when I met Chris. He was in his first year of college. He was 18 years old and built like a power house, at 6’7 the blond hunk was 196lbs of muscle. I noticed him the moment he arrived at college, he was everything I loved. A big, cocky football player. I would just stare at him lustily every time he was close. My favorite thing to do was go to the gym at the same time he did. I’d take advantage of the mirrors to stare while we both worked out. Everything was cool until he caught me staring at him. He was with his girlfriend; he had been doing biceps curls, showing off and I had been enjoying the gun show. Unashamedly looking at the way his biceps balled up. And he saw me. I noticed it too late. He was looking straight at me with a hard look. I felt like a deer in headlight. We froze, staring at each other. It took me too long to gather my spirits and flee to the locker room The few days following that event were days of terror. Whenever we were in the same room, park, hallway, he would stare at me. His face was closed and hard, he was staring intently. It felt like he was studying me to figure out the best way to get to me and hurt me. I had to avoid him. I hoped he would forget about me. I even stopped going to the gym at the same time he did. It was the fourth day since the incident and I was drained from the stress and fear of running into him. It was around 9p.m. I was showering in the empty common bathroom of my dorm floor. Chris had left an hour ago to some frat party. I was looking forward to that burning shower to relax me. As I opened the door of of one of the shower stalls, I realized too late someone was behind me. I spun and found myself facing Chris. He pushed me inside the stall and pinned me violently against the cold tiles wall, his forearm pressing on my throat. He towered over a foot above me, his powerful muscles tensed and he grinned, looking down at me. “Gotcha” he growled. “Now what should I do with you” I started sobbing uncontrollably. He giggled cruelly and released the pressure on my throat, only to replace it with the grip of his big thick hand. His other hand grabbed my hip. “If you promise not to scream, I won’t hurt you.” I nodded “Good. You feel so small, I love that” His grip tightened on my hip. “You got a thinner waist than my girlfriend!” he said mockingly. His hands caressed my body, travelling to my shoulder. He pressed down on them. He wanted me kneeling in front of him. I complied and looked up to him still scared. I didn’t even reach his crotch in that position. “Seriously?! You’re that small” he exclaimed, half laughing. He bent over pick me under my arms and sat me on the bench in the middle of the bathroom. Now I was face level with his bulging crotch. “Better.” He growled. He grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved it on his crotch. The coarse denim fabric and his hard bulge weren’t nice. I wanted to scream and run away. but at the same time I was turned on by the man. He opened his jeans and shoved back my head on his underwear. It smelt like sweat, soap and a hint of urine. I could feel a long, hard, not so thick shaft under the fabric. I looked up: Chris was heavily flushed and breathing hard. He grabbed my hair with one hand, pulling me away from his crotch and took off his underwear with the other. He pushed me back, forcing me to lay on my back on the bench. He grabbed the waist of my sports shorts and pulled them down with my briefs. He lifted my legs in the hair, spat on my hole like we were in a porn movie and then he positioned himself to fuck me. I was terrified; I wasn’t ready for anal. I’m not even sure I was consenting, and there he was, ready to take me or to beat the shit out of me if I resisted. I winced as his cockhead pressed on my hole he was about to force his way in and suddenly something changed inside me. My sense expanded past the boundaries of my body. I became aware of his body like some sort of magnificent machinery. It all made sense from a mechanical point of view and I could feel energy pouring from my body into his. It took him some time to him to realize something was happening. Mostly because, as it happened, my inside relaxed and welcomed him in. He was so ready to force his way in, that when I relaxed he actually entered me in a single thrust. He gasped for air and a trickle of drool escaped his mouth, while it hung agape. His whole body twitched as he resisted the urge to shoot his load after a single thrust. He chuckled as he regained his sense, and then started to fuck me slowly. The flow of energy was still escaping me uncontrollably, pouring into him. And I realized his muscles were growing. It was very subtle, but it was building up and soon enough Chris felt it too. He was looking like he just had a killer workout. He picked up the pace and flexed his biceps. The view made me even more aroused and suddenly the growth accelerated. He was visibly growing now. He started pounding me harder while flexing his other biceps, his pecs, his abs. “Yeah little man, gimme more muscle. Grow me. Aw fuck. Yes. Moar!” Chris was just droning on and on about his growth while pounding me. He was apparently aware that I was the source of his growth. I was overwhelmed by the force and the pleasure of that fuck. Anyone fucking me that hard would have hurt me badly, even with a regular dick. Chris had been a hung man to start with and as the pressure inside me increased I knew his dick was growing too. After a few minutes of fucking and growing, Chris started to lose his steady rhythm and soon enough it was just brief shallow thrusts as he bust his nut inside me. As the hot semen filled me, the flow of energy died and Chris growth subsided. He was unmistakably bigger. His pecs were fuller, shoulders wider, arms thicker, pulling his tank top high. His abs were visible even relaxed. He must have been over 200lbs now. He pulled out from me and his cock was slick and dripping with cum. He tried to put his junk back in his pants and close them, but the added muscle and inches got his clothes fitting him in an unusual (and way hotter!) way. He flex his arm and giggled. “I’ll be seeing you soon” he said to me, before leaving me still half naked and leaking cum from my hole, unable to lift myself from the bench. The fear of someone walking in finally snapped me out it. I moved in a stall closed the door and let a burning shower poor over my body. I started to survey my body and particularly my butthole expecting to find that some serious damaged had been done. As my finger reached it, I felt a jolt of delight, it was pristine and I could feel the energy I felt earlier. I started fingering myself, letting the energy flow inside me. It was different then getting fucked by Chris, less pleasurable, but still pretty awesome and the energy building from that was intoxicating. I came and the energy stopped flowing. I felt tight and tensed like after a workout. I finished showering and got back to my room. Before sleeping I tried to masturbate a little to see if I could get more energy out of me, I wanted to test my power. But the earlier sex session had drained my sex drive and I couldn’t get a proper erection. I didn’t feel my power manifest and finally passed out from exhaustion. A few days later Chris was approaching for seconds. By that time I had figured it out: pleasing me anally made people grow more muscular and more hung. Also, my ass seemed to be extremely stretchable, resistant and “welcoming”. I mean I literally, accidentally, fisted myself. Which lead me to understand that the more extreme the pleasure, the more extreme the growth. I was slowly giving myself a perfect body. I had ditched my lean athletic build and was working my way to a fitness model body. I explained all that to Chris, we’d fuck twice a week and everything was fine. Chris would flex for me, fuck me silly, and grow. I had never been more sexually satisfied. I should have known that complication would rapidly ensue. While I managed to keep my transformation under radar, three weeks after our initial encounter, Chris was slightly over 300lbs, and quite an obscene sight. The blond teen still had a thin waist, most of his mass was in his pecs and arms or in ass and quads, his basket was making an embarrassingly big bulge at the front of his pants (after our last fuck it was around 12½ inches and god that felt awesome!). He looked like a drawing of HSMuscleBoi and he behaved like one too. Cocky, aggressive, sex crazed… Basically everyone thought the boy was juicing. He got suspended from the football team, drug tests were being conducted. His girlfriend dumped him. Word on the street was that he hurt her because his dick was too big and I tend to believe that. After a whole week without hearing from him, I thought he might have realized we overdid it. In just three weeks, I had blown him from a hung jock to a heavy weight bodybuilder with a monstercock. As far as I was concerned, I had other things in mind: what would happen the day I’d have a boyfriend? Someone I’d date for months, years?...I was thinking about contacting mutant association so that I could find a way to harness my power. Despite spending hours mulling over catastrophic scenarios, not expecting the one that would actually unfold. “grow me little guy”. I was walking out of the shower. It was late and I was the last guy in the bathroom. Chris had waited, singling me out like on our first encounter. He was naked and already hard, pre dripping on the floor. I nervously pulled my towel tighter around my waist. “Chris, you’re already huge. I mean, the football team is suspicious , maybe…” “Screw them!” he cut me “I don’t give a fuck about football! I want more muscle!” he said closing the distance between us. “Chris please” I begged. But the muscle monster moved closer, tore away my towel and flip me over making me face the wall. He caressed my ass, one of his thick fingers toying with my hole. I felt it loosen immediately, against my will, my power ready to flow into the monster. “I haven’t had sex in a week. That bitch Lily dumped me ‘cause she couldn’t handle me.” He said visibly vexed. “Fuck her. You’re the only one who understands me.” He started kissing my neck, pressing me in the whole with all his bodyweight “I should date you instead.” His finger left my asshole and I felt the huge dick head of Chris poke at my rosebud which loosened further to welcome him. “Chris…please…you’re going to get too big… please. Don’t.” I pleaded “I can’t believe it. You too? I thought you understood me.” I felt him ease the pressure like he was moving away from me. I was relieved, thinking that he would just walk away. I felt a sharp pain as he plunged his footlong inside me in one violent thrust. “You’re gonna grow me whether you want it or not! I’ll tell you when I’m too big” Chris pounded me harder than he ever did. Intentionally making sure that he hurt me, crushing me against the wall. A dark part of my mind was loving every second and every inch of the abuse and the flow of energy escaped me like a torrent. I could feel Chris get bigger and stronger at each thrust. He laughed as he felt the energy return to him. I tried to control the flow to restrain. It was the first time I actually tried to control it and I could feel it react to my will. I started slowing Chris’s growth. He must have felt it too. He spun me on his dick and lifted me so that my legs were around his waist and we faced each other. One of his hand supported my back, the other clamped my face. “If I were you, I wouldn’t. If you don’t grow me, you’re of no use to me and if you’re no use to me, I won’t need to make sure you’re safe” I let the flow resume its habitual pace and Chris relaxed his grip. As he started to grow again he gently hugged my body, his growing cock buried in me, gently fucking me. He started kissing my neck and my face. “oh yes! That’s it little dude. Don’t you want a muscle god of your own? Don’t you love growing me??” I had no idea how big Chris was, it was impossible to asses, no human had ever reached this size. He looked like one of the morphs you’d see on the internet. I was scared out of my wits, Chris was totally hooked on the growth. He was dangerous and yet more and more muscle stacked on his body. I knew his growth would stop once he’d cum but Chris was in no rush of finishing himself. Anyway he was big and strong enough to kill me with one hand. His arms were almost thicker than my waist, he was almost as wide as tall, nearly 6 feet from shoulder to shoulder. I felt him adjust his stance because of his growing legs, each one was now thicker than his waist. Shortly after it was his arms that needed to be readjusted his growing biceps and forearms prevented him to move like he normally would. I suddenly realized that this was my chance to neutralize Chris. Instead of trying to cut the flow I forced it on Chris. It was like a tidal wave of muscle. Chris exploded in size, the noise of muscle stretching resonated in the bathroom. His muscles bulged in every direction fighting against each other and in a matter of second Chris had doubled in size, his head trapped by his traps and pecs. His back muscle reaching almost higher thans his head.His arms forced at 90° of his body parallel to the floor due to their sheer size, biceps so huge the collided with his pecs. his legs forced apart at an awkward angle. All of it ripped beyond any measure, cord of muscles bulging with useless power, fat vein feeding the now inhuman mass of muscle. the pressure inside me grew to be almost unbearable. I could feel Chris inside me the unbelievable hardness, the warmth, the pulsations of his heartbeat. All that through the almost 2 feet of dick I was impaled on. My formerly tight muscular belly was distended by the overgrown penis inside me. It made a bump of almost half a foot apparently my stretchiness was quite considerable. Chris was immobile, he could only mumble unintelligible things. His jaws were forced shut by his pecs and traps. Out of sheer spite I forced a new tidal of growth on hin. It was much less strong than the first one. I shouted because the inside me was now making a bump sticking a full foot out and was almost as thick as my leg. That last growth spurt had left Chris bloated beyond any measure. He was a blimp vaguely shaped a a human. A collection of hypertrophied hyper muscle. He must have been around a ton of muscle, all of it crammed on a his 6’6 frame. His head almost hidden in the muscle mass. It was outrageous, almost abstract and yet, the ungodly sight made me hornier than I had ever been. Once the initial shock of the growth passed, I found Chris’s humongous dick to be extremely enjoyable. His muscles twitched randomly and mumbles could be heard. The flow was still steadily pouring into him and he was ever so slightly still inflating with more useless muscle mass. I slowly slid from his dick and was relieved to see my body tighten to its usual state and to feel my butthole revert to a vrigin tight rosebud. I was about to leave Chris to his fate on the floor of the locker room when I heard a sinister crack coming from him. I turned to face him and a series of plops and stretching noises reverberated in the locker room. Chris was changing it’s shape. Slowly his figure rose up, he widened again and slowly Chris mumbles tuned into a terrifying laugh. He was regaining mobility, his mass was redistributing on a wider taller structure. His head emerged atop the mounds of muscle of his body. “MOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Chris shout shook the whole building. Chris had gone from a 6’6 ball of muscle to a 8’ hyper muscle freak (his head was unchanged which made him look positively gigantic). Has he started to move slowly, getting used to his new body. His freakish mass still limiting his movement but he could stagger and fling his arms. Despite his clumsiness and limited range, he seemed fast. I ran from him. I was naked and bare feet I couldn’t go far. I made it to my room and barricaded the door, as silently as I could. I was trapped. I considered the exiting through the window but I’m sure Chris would eventually get to me. Running was just a temporary option. I’d need someone to overpower him… someone I could trust with insane amounts of raw physical power. An idea formed in my head, that was a long shot but if it didn’t work I would still be time to run and try something else. I grabbed my dick and started jelqing. Once I had a nice semi, I sat, spread my leg and bent my dick toward my hole. I could only rub the head against my rosebud but it was enough to get the energy to flow into myself. “COME NOW, LITTLE GUY! DON’T RUN FROM YOUR MUSCLE GOD! I WON’T HURT YOU!” Chris’s voice was deep and resonated through my whole body. It’s frequency was almost inhumanly low. I heard screams of dudes getting in the hallway to see what the commotion was all about. Chris’s laughter was a loud thunder, shaking the wall. His thumping was so overwhelming, that I almost failed to notice that my cock head was now inside my own hole. The flow of energy kicked in and I finally focused on myself. Forcing my power to go full strength. The feeling of my own dick in my hole, stretching me, pleasing me, was so intense that the flow of energy was stronger than when I forced it on Chris, and it was only dialing up. The growth was so fast and so extreme I was immobile in a matter of second. Due to my shorter stature I wasn’t nearly as strong as Chris, but I kept forcing myself to grow. My dick was already two feet long, with at least a good foot shoved up my own ass. I needed more. Not only to overpower Chris, but I just needed more. My muscles were so big they blocked my sight. My pecs were preventing me from seeing anything. My traps and neck muscle were so overdeveloped I couldn’t turn my head. My back was so hypertrophied, it forced my face into my monumental pecs. I could feel furniture pushed aside by my growing body, crushed under my weight. I was delighted by the sensation of my lats and oblique making the connection between my ever enlarging upper body and my still tight waist. My abs felt like bricks, fighting against each other. My legs were so thick, the mass on them was unbelievable, twitching with power. And at the center of my growing body a penis so gigantic, it was shoved inside me and starting to make a serious bump on my mid section. My balls were so large that despite being set on the side so I could selfuck myself they started to uncoil my penis and force it out of myself. Then I felt the wall of my room press against me. I was filling the whole room. I could feel them creak under the pressure of my growing physique. Than I became aware of something else. Vibrations, roars… Chris had found me and he was trying to tear down the door and wall between us. He didn’t have to try hard. In a few seconds, he had knocked that wall down. I could only imagine his face when all he found behind that wall was a living wall of indestructible muscle. That ‘s the moment I lost it. All the sensations were so much I came. It was a real cataclysmic orgasm inside me. My body exploded with a final surge of growth, knocking down walls, breaking the ceiling, colliding with Chris monstrous form. And as liters of burning sperm filled me, I felt my body accommodate the mass I had build. I was growing taller, regaining a bit of mobility. My penis finally plopped out of my hole and a tsunami of cum cascaded to the floor. I unfolded, wrecking the dorms. Finally I could see again. Everything seemed small. Even Chris. I was staring at me, mouth agape, dick hard and dripping with a fresh load that had just escaped him. I was half as tall as he was, maybe 14 feet tall and I was way freakier than him. My shoulder must have been 10 feet wide and my pecs and back were so hypertrophied that I was even thicker than I was wide. Ropes of muscle tapered to a waist tight and powerful under which legs three time as thick as my waist supported my titanic new body. My dick jutted from my pelvis almost as thick as my waist and reaching below my new. I had beach ball sized testes and I could feel them manufacture a gargantuan fresh load of cum. I grabbed Chris’ leg with my left hand and pulled. He fell on his huge ass with a loud thud and I flipped him over. My dick engorged as I used my other hand to part his asscheeks, exposing his tight virgin hole. Before I could pop his cherry, I started feeling dizzy and blacked out. Turns out the commotion attracted the mutant control patrol. And they knocked out Chris and I. Chris was put under therapy and then released in the nature. Since he isn’t a mutant he had no reason to be put in a center. On the other hand I was forced to join a center for mutant with sexual related power. I’ve had my share of fun, but that is another story.
  12. Marquis

    Enhanced muscles and futuristic porn #4+Finale

    Thanks a lot for your very nice comments he has a 30-ish coef. it's mentioned in the first chapter that he has a very low one.
  13. art1 is available here Part2 is available here Part3 is available here here are the two final part of my first story. I decided :to bundle them together because part 4 doesn't have much growth (but features other sort of goodness) and part 5 is very short. I was reading the "blue pills" series (<3) while polishing it off and was amused to see that I was coverieng a common subject but in a different way Part4 It was easy getting λ183 a job at the S.I.Z.E. I’d just need to implement some data about stripping and gogo dancing in his mind. At first, I was looking forward to seeing him perform on Friday night, but as the week passed by, I actually decided not to go and just send λ183 by himself. It had been a rough week; with the forge out of order for a day, I needed to work extra to be back on my usual schedule. I also had an unexpectedly tough time after I sold σ267. It had stayed with me only a month, but I had grown very attached to him, and at the moment, I believed it was reciprocal. I know it’s stupid; vassals have mnemonic limitations and ego inhibitors, so they can’t develop a personality or an affect. As I realized that, I also realized I was lonely and living in a dollhouse. As Friday night rolled in, I was alone skinny-dipping in my pool, depressed, and sipping on some expensive rum, produced in one of the farming district of the convoy. All the vassals were stored away in their rooms, enjoying a good night of undisturbed sleep. “YER GETTING ME RADGE LASSIE!” the roar almost gave me a heart attack, “I never thought of ye as the type of wanker to bail out on me,” he went on, as he waddled down the pool stairs all dressed in jeans boots and tee. He stopped and stared at me. All the of fear, pent up sadness, frustration and the guilt of letting down a friend had got to me, and I was sobbing uncontrollably. I started pouring out all my heart in an incoherent wavery rant, fueled by mild intoxication. Angus made his way to me and offered the comfort only a Scotsman could offer: a bitchslap with the back of his hand. “Like staying home is gonna help ye, ye bastart. Let’s get you dressed and let’s go,” he said, as he slung me over his meaty right shoulder and groped my ass to keep me in place. He grabbed the rum bottle with his other hand. Angus and I showered together, there wasn’t any sexual tension between us. It was clear he was a little pissed, yet trying to help me. I was starting to feel mildly ashamed of my behavior and complied without a word. After toweling ourselves, he poured two glasses of rum, stuck one in my hand and walked me toward my dressing room. The dressing room was bigger than my room, and was packed. Some of the clothes in there, I had never worn and never would. It ranged from everyday casual wear to kinky stuff and high end designer clothing. As Angus took in the enormity of that room, he looked at me like he had discovered one my darkest shameful secret. “Ye think I could borrow some clothes? Mines are a wee bit wet,” Angus said. Twenty minutes later, we were leaving the ship towards the S.I.Z.E. Angus was wearing the white hooded robe I had used to get λ183back for the Hecatonchires. Under it, he had a bright orange, rubber harness, with black mesh pants, a pair of black high top sneakers, and a black fitted cap. I wore grey ripped jeans with worn out sneakers and a white kimono, that I wore open, showing my athletic torso. “Yer lookin good. Still overdressed, but good,” Angus told me, as we sat in the shuttle. “I got a bonnie young man ye need to meet. I have a feeling ye’ll get along just fine.” He said with a smug face. Angus refused to say more, despite my many pressing questions. When we reached the S.I.Z.E., it was packed. Much more than usual. I noticed Angus’s vassal working as a waiter and various guys I had worked on over the last few months. Angus was craning his head, scanning the crowd . “Sorry ‘bout earlier,” He said, in a tone that sounded more like a scolding. “ye need to stop working that much. And to stop buying clothes. That’s why yer cracking right now.” “maybe you’re right” “course I am... Where is he for fuck’s sake,” he muttered, scanning the crowd once again. We heard the crowd roar as λ183 strutted on the stage. He was wearing bright red shorts that hugged his ass and package. They compressed it tight, and it still looked huge, but it was impossible to guess how massive it actually was. He started undulating in rhythm with the music. The guys were mesmerized by the sight of the dancing behemoth. Even Angus had stopped searching the crowd and was riveted to the spectacle unfolding on the stage. λ183’s body was a sight in itself, but to see him dance was out of this world. His massive muscles were oiled, glistening, and they changed shape as he moved sexily. He struck a few poses of bodybuilding now and then. This was a pretty amazing routine. The guys in the audience were crazy. Their eyes were glued to the dancing monster. λ183 ripped his shorts, revealing a white bikini poser. His package almost doubled in size as the pressure from the shorts was removed. I had no time to have a custom made one. So we settled for the stretchiest, skimpiest, largest one I could find. Even soft, his dick was a good foot long and half a foot wide, and it came with a set of melon-sized balls. The posers weren’t hiding or holding anything. They just made the whole show more obscene. The crowd was hysterical. λ183 was caressing himself. Flexing and licking his own muscle. His dick started to harden and leak a lot of pre, making the poser almost transparent. A few minutes later, the posers snapped, and his dick swung, as it was released from the useless undergarment. As it did, a graceful arc of pre escaped it, splashing on the first row of the audience. The show went on for a few minutes over which λ183 edged himself. He was sweating, heavily flushed, veins criss-crossing his whole body. He had given himself a pump before going on stage, but the excitation made him looked fluffed even bigger. He was positively freakish. Panting on the stage, he worked his dick with both hands, and then picked up the pace, going in for the kill. The girth of his cock augmented substantially, the cockhead flared even bigger, and with a roar that covered the loud music, he ejaculated the first massive rope of cum, which made it to the middle of the club. The second blasted all the way to bar on the opposite side making the whole crowd cheer. He then spurted a few more ropes over the rest of the room before leaving the stage. The show had got everyone reeving, it was only a matter of minutes before an orgy of mythical proportions blossomed in the club. A note from the owner of the club requesting λ183 on every Friday night, popped in my ICT. “Have you seen that Angus?!” came a youthful voice from behind me. “Ha! There ye are!” say Angus I turned to face the owner of the voice, and gawked at the man that had walked to us. He looked in his early or mid-twenties. He had short, messy dark hair, steel grey eyes, and very black lush lashes, olive skin (probably had Mediterranean origins). His feature were strong, yet refined. He was muscular, but not huge; probably a hair short of 200lbs., but it was distributed in quite an impressive way: broad shoulders, very narrow waist, and ripped beyond measure. His body made him look aggressive, almost like a predator, and it contrasted with his gorgeous and friendly face. He wore a tight red tank top and black loose jeans with sneakers. I noticed he was looking at me with the same intensity I was looking at him, a faint smile floating on his face. I suddenly felt very self-conscious. “Hi I’m Kadar” he said extending his hand “Alex” I said shaking his hand. “Angus didn’t tell me he had a date. And quite a looker I must had.” He said grinning. “He’s not my date.” Angus said. “the wee lad is all yers. See Alex, that’s the bloke I wanted ye to meet. I’m sure ye’ll get along fine,” He said, before leaving with a satisfied smile. “I had no idea Angus opened a matrimonial agency,” I said, trying to break the ice. “Neither did I, but this is a nice surprise,” he said, sitting next to me, so close our thighs touched. “Did you see that guy on the stage?! I heard he’s the latest work of the Dr. Levenez.” “I’m quite positive it is,” I said. “Quite an impressive performance.” “Yup. But just you wait, I’ll dwarf that guy. I have a meeting with Levenez next week. I’ll have him grow me huuuuuge. BOOM!” he said, hitting a most muscular. “Wow, you’re quite serious about it! That’s so cool. I’m sure you’ll look stunning.” I said. “So, you’re a big boy in the making?” “The biggest boy in the making,” he said, cheerfully. “I take it you’re a muscle enthusiast?” he added, turning to face me. “You have no idea,” I said, smiling softly. I turned my head to the dance floor where the guys had started an orgy with an energy I had never seen before. I turned back to face Kadar who was looking in the same direction. He then turned to face me and smiled, raising his eyebrows. “I’m not in the mood for promiscuous sex with random strangers, d’you wanna go in the upper lounge so we can have a civilized chat before ripping each other’s clothes off”. He asked “What a great idea,” I answered, leading the way. We spent quite a while talking in the deserted lounge. With the loud music gone, I could fully appreciate Kadar’s melodious and sometimes husky voice. Kadar’s energy was contagious. We talked about his project of getting huge, and of various experiences we had. It was a lighthearted chat like I hadn’t had in awhile. He had no clue I’d be the one fulfilling his dream, and I took great fun in that. As we talked he moved closer and soon we were against each other talking about what we wanted in life. I don’t remember the detail of our conversation, just that it seemed so mundane, yet so intimate. It eventually gave in to an agreeable silence between us; the muffled throbbing of the music of the club wrapped us like blanket. Kadar slid his strong arm around me and as I turned to face him he moved in to kiss me and I happily returned the kiss. It was a tender kiss: slow, soft and long lasting. I think it could have gone on forever, if we hadn’t been interrupted by a very intentional cough. Is it possible to cough with a scottish accent, because I swear that’s what I heard. Angus was a few feet of us with a fake smile on his face and mild discomfort in his eyes. “Yer missing all the fun lads… well not all of it. obviously” he said “The fuck ye’re doing Alex, ye’re to give him a procedure next week!” he added through our ICT so Kadar wouldn’t here “We were in the mood for something different” I answered “You didn’t mind when I gave you procedure. Why does it matter to you?” I added dryly to Angus “it’s not the same here”. ”ye should join us, really”. ”ye and him it’s not just sex”. The ICT and real conversation were starting to collide I realized he was probably having another heated ICT conversation with Kadar. “Ok can we stop those private conversations before Angus head explodes”. I said. Angus looked relieved, and Kadar looked a little embarrassed. The big Scotsman took advantage of the momentarily calm to resume our ICT talk. “Does he know how ye are?” He asked “No. And don’t you tell him. That’d change the way he looks at me” “He’ll know, sooner than later, ye daft arse. What if you were the one to change the way you look at him in the end.” He said calmly “I’ll leave ye to it lads, ye behave.” He said leaving. “Damn that killed the mood.” Said Kadar as we headed towards the club exit “how about a proper date next Saturday? Without our ginger chaperon.” “that’d be lovely, pick the place and I’ll pick you up. When do you see Dr. Levenez extraordinaire?” I asked mentally checking my appointment of next week. “Monday afternoon. I might be a bit bigger for our date.” He said as we walked through the long corridor of the S.I.Z.E. “you must be impatient.” I know I had never been that impatient for a Monday. “I’m mostly apprehensive, this might be a little awkward. What if Levenez is an old creep?” He said. I laughed “You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” I reassured him. We kissed again, he pulled me in holding me tight. I got hard and gently grinded my crotch against his waist. “Someone’s happy. And clearly hung” he said We said goodbye and parted. I slept like the dead that night. For the first time in a while. I spent the rest of the weekend tidying up the ship and waiting for Monday afternoon. Angus sent several messages apologizing for being a bit rude back at the S.I.Z.E. and telling that Kadar was someone good and that I should take care of him. I found that endearing and told him I would. I was fidgety all Monday morning, half expecting Karad not to come. And when his shuttle docked the ship I almost scared to death to confront him. I sent λ183 to greet him and direct him to the aquarium, a lounge suited underneath the swimming pool. It had a glass ceiling that also was the bottom of the pool, it cast a soft blue light on the white room with the pattern of moving water was caressing the whole scene. The furniture was white very round and luminescent adding the finishing touch to that eerie room. I never used that room for business it tended to distract people. Karad was to seat on a chair from which he couldn’t see the door. I entered the room less than a minutes after him mustering all the courage I had in me and putting on the smuggest face I could. “Good afternoon Mr. Karad Al Malik, I’m Dr. Alexandre Levenez. What brings you to me?” I said in a cheerful tone. Karad jumped at the sound of my voice and turned to face me. “You son a bitch! “ he exclaimed. Karad looked mortified and I felt a little guilty about not telling him the truth straight away. I sat on the chair opposite to him. The distance between us felt weird, I wanted to tell him it was just a joke and hold him in my arms but I did not dare. He looked wounded, and his broad, ripped and powerful body reminded of a big cat ready to pounce and claw my face off. “At least I’m not an old creep.” I offered. “That’s still pretty fucking awkward mate.” He said looking away. “Look, I’m sorry. I thought that would be a harmless joke. I was also a bit concerned you’d behave differently with me if you knew who I was. I like you.” I said trying to minimize the fact that was head over heels. ”I don’t want us to be a doctor and his patient. I actually want to help you reach your goal, as a partner.” The word seemed off but it was awkward enough pouring my feelings out just after seeing the man for the second time in my life. “we barely know each other, what if we’re not a match? I can’t accept a free ride from someone I can never repay.” he said turning to face me. “you won’t owe anything to me, I just wanna help you, because I can. And if you want to leave after that because of… whatever reason, then so be it. ” I said softly. “I really liked what little time we spent together so far and I wanna give it try. I’d hate to regret not doing it. I’d hate to let you walked away as just another patient.” Karad sighed after an excruciatingly long silence he looked at me and said “I like you too. “ the distance spreading across us was a nightmare. “you’re being awesome actually but it doesn’t make things easier… I sort of wanted not to tell you a few things about me. And now I have no choice. There are a few doctor offering the type of nanites interventions you do now. But they are not as good as you, even medical structures are lagging behind. And Just don’t want huge muscles and a huge dick. I want a real, beautiful dick” he said. I could feel he was letting out deep fantasies, secret he would never confide in anyone else. I felt overwhelmed and I wanted him to know he could trust me. “You came to the right person” I said. “You’ll have your work cut out for you handsome,” he said, with a smirk. “Test me,” I said, flatly Karad’s face hardened, his frown carving a violent “V” line on his youthful face. That, combined with his light stubble, and he once again reminded me of an angry, big cat. He stood up and took off his shirt. He was dense, big for a lightweight bodybuilder, but with a very prominent V taper. His pecs were quite large for his size, and they cast heavy shadows on the upper row of his abs. His lower abs had a trail of short pubes that looked so soft disappearing into his pants. He opened his pants and got ready to pull them down, along with his boxers. “Aren’t we supposed to have a date first?” I asked, trying to mask how stressed I was to see him naked. He dropped his pants. And stood there, naked, looking at me with anticipation. To say Karad was gorgeous was an understatement, his body was the result of grueling workouts. It was sharp, ripped and powerful. Under his narrow waist were powerful legs, that formed a perfect counterweight to his broad shoulders. A light dusting of short dark hair was covering his legs, plexus, pecs and arm. He was exuding power, violence and sex. I let my gaze fell on his manhood. It was 3 inches long and ½ an inch thick, it looked clean cut and pinkish. I was about to say that I had amazing results with guys less endowed when I realized, I wasn’t looking at a penis. “Wow!” I breathed, in admiration. “You look amazing. I had no idea you were in transition!” “I started quite a few years ago. Testosterone treatment and a couple of cycles of roids have done quite a wonderful job down there but there’s quite a lot of work still” “That should be easy, since it’s mostly rewiring and mild remodeling” I said, as I browsed personal notes from my studies and advanced articles on genital reassignation. “Really?!” Karad asked, incredulously. “Yeah, gimme half an hour and I should have a protocol ready. I think I even could build testes, sort of. They wouldn’t produce spermatozoids, but they’d produce seminal fluids and testosterone and later on we could grow them to match the rest of you… …why don’t you take a dip while I work on that?” I said, pointing at the swimming pool above us. “Yeah, I need to cool down a bit” he said. He walked out of his clothes, leaving them in a balled mess on the floor and walked toward the door. On the other side, λ183 was waiting. He couldn’t fit through the door and was taking most of the space of the doorway. “Enjoy being the big guy while you can. That won’t last” Karad said to λ183. I watched his muscular ass as he left. Karad didn’t have a bubble butt. He had a very muscular ass, with carved in sides and fibers were apparent, even when he was relaxed. As he reached the doorway, he turned smiling at me, like he was about to say something and then left. I started pacing around the room, compiling data to form an intervention protocol. I was so absorbed in work that I almost didn’t notice the change in the pattern on the wall. I pulled back from my ICT and looked up to see the silhouette of Karad swimming he was graceful and powerful and I wanted nothing more than to satisfy his hunger for power and muscle, and to help him in his quest of exaggerated manliness. It took me twenty minutes to get everything in order. By the time I was in the patio, Karad was sunbathing in a chaise longue. “Shall we get started?” I asked. “Let’s do this,” He answered. “This might put a slight strain on your body, so we’ll have to have separate procedures for reassignation and growth. I’m going to build what I’d call a genital archetype. It’ll be a real penis, but pretty much non-descript. It’ll take a week or less for it to become fully functional and in that span it’ll change its appearance to assume its final shape. Questions.“ “Will I have foreskin?” his voice gave away his excitement. “Yes. Unless you don’t want it.” “I want foreskin!” he said, cheerfully. We entered the white space of the forge and I went straight to the part of the wall where the hypodermic gun was. I retrieved it and moved back to Karad. As I got close to him, he pulled me in, hugging me tight and he kissed me deeply. He let go of me, I applied the gun on his arm and gave him his shot of nanites. Karad’s data was being mapped. I crouched in front of him to see what I was doing. I could tell he was uneasy having me that close to his crotch in such circumstances. I started with the labia, sealing them and extending the skin to create a scrotum. Karad winced as his inside where remodeled in order to create a synthetic prostate and a set of balls. I rerooted several canals as I created a urethra at the end of what would soon be his dick. He sighed in relief once it was done. “Hard part is over,” I said. I than set out to achieve the transition of his clitoris to penis. It lengthened and widened. Soon, it was 5 inches long and almost two inch across. The tip now had a nice head, made with the soft sensitive skin. The shaft was smooth and regular and a nice fold of new skin appeared to sheath the head of Karad’s new penis. I tenderly cupped his brand new manhood, and cupped my own hard monster in my pants. I couldn’t resist giving him a little extra. Karad gasped as his balls grew to the size of eggs and his soft dick reach the 6 inches mark and over 2 inches across. I looked up to Karad he was heavily flushed, breathing hard, sweating. Had it been possible his dick would have been rock hard. “It might be unpleasant, I know you must be extremely aroused, but it needs a little time to be fully functional. No masturbation for the upcoming week, avoid sexual stimulation, let it settle in. you might need some time to get used to pee with it, I hope you got a good aim because you’re quite a big boy.” I told him He grabbed me and kissed me passionately, compressing the air out my lungs. The embrace lasted several minutes until I felt the his strength leave him. He was drained after the procedure. “You can go rest in one of the rooms” I offered. “Thanks but I think I’ll go home.” He said “I don’t think I can stay close to you and avoid sexual excitation” he said, as he caressed the back of my head and kissed me again. He left and I suddenly felt alone. We were both so tired and overwhelmed by what had happened, that we both forgot to schedule our date on Saturday. I refrained from sending a message to him to ask him. Karad was probably too harassed to think of that. In the evening Angus called me. I could tell he was dying to ask me what had happened with Karad. “Sooooooo….” He ventured after way too much idle chit chat. “Sooooooo…” I echoed “Ye and Karad.” he said. A silence followed. “Go on. Ask your question” I pressed him “Ye know.” “I don’t, it’s is a rather vast subject ranging from innocent gossip to medical secret.” “Are ye two together?” “Errr I’d say yes. Or more accurately I hope we are …or will be soon.” I heard Angus giggle like school girl. “Shut up” I snapped “look he was pissed at me for hiding how I was but at the same time there was quite a lot of kissing today. He also didn’t mention our date on Saturday but at the same time I haven’t mentioned it either.I’m a bit lost here I’ll tell you later.” “I knew ye two’d get along. I just didn’t know how much” he said amused “don’t overthink stuff, I’m sure ye’re both knackered. He must have undergone quite a transformation and ye’re way out of yer comfort zone. Get some rest.” I followed his advice and went to sleep. The next day I sent a message to Karad asking him where he wanted to go Saturday. It took almost the whole day before the answer came in. By that time I was almost desperate. Hello handsome. I slept all day, I was exhausted. I can’t wait to see you Saturday. You said I could pick the place, can we go to the French unionship? I heard they got the best restaurant ever! I booked a table in a small bistro I knew and answered Karad. I’d pick him at 8PM on Saturday. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep that night. The rest of the week seemed to stretch on and on forever, like I’d never reach Saturday. But I eventually reached it and as I was sipping my morning coffee I received a message from Karad. A simple picture. It had been taken while he was in bed, morning light bathing the whole scene in a soft warm that contrasted severely with the main subject of the photograph. From the short soft rug of his pubic hair, emerged a massive tower of flesh. Karad’s penis was at full mast, it looked huge and his shape was totally different from Monday. The foreskin had been totally peeled back by his erection, exposing the sensitive pink skin. The corolla of his cockhead was quite noticeable now and the head was looking slick and dramatically engorged. Beneath it, the shaft was adorned by thick angry veins and was thicker on the upper part beneath the glans, like a cobra. At its base, Karad’s balls looked slightly bigger than Monday. The scrotum was smooth and had a skin uncommonly regular and beautiful for that part of a manhood. It looked powerful and hard beyond measure. Like the rest of Karad, it evoked dominion, feral strength and largeness. Under the picture, a caption said: I thought you’d want to see my very first morning wood. I’m saving my very first load for tonight I needed an emergency wank right away. Less than 1 minute later, I had relieved myself right on the kitchen floor. At 8 P.M. sharp I was ringing at Karad’s door. He lived in a small flat in a popular district. I had dressed in matte black, latex slacks and a blazer with a nude gaze shirt, I had done my best to sculpt my short hair into a neat sideswipe. Karad opened the door straight away. He was dressed in slacks that hugged his powerful legs and made a show of his package. He had an extremely fitted dress shirt, a very very light shade of almond green, that he wore untucked. The collar was forced open by his bull neck, and his big pecs. I was speechless. He looked larger and more muscular than he did Monday, but I couldn’t tell if it was true, or just my mind playing tricks on me. We carefully moved close to each other and I stood on my toes to reach his lips for a kiss. His strong hands rested on my lower back. The soft kiss rapidly turned into something more savage, and the soft caress of his hands became an iron grip on my butt and my hips. He pulled me inside his flat and slammed the door. He had me trapped in his grip like I was some sort of prey. He threw me on the couch, grabbed my ankles, spread my legs and moved on top of me. His hard bulge pressed against my crotch. He kissed me again, sloppy and strong. And then, murmured into my ear: “I want to take you. Please.” “I want you to take me.” I murmured back. Karad face took that hard, feral mask that scared me and turned me on at the same time. He took my clothes off and then his. He stood in front of me so I could admire him. his muscular body was quite a sight, he had clearly worked the aesthetic aspect of it, his hard cock reached past his belly button. I sat in front of him, overwhelmed by the energy he exuded, and started to caress him, his rock hard abs. He shoved me back on my back in the couch and kneeled. “I’ll have you worship me later.” He growled. “I’ve got needs to take care of first,” he rasped. He then shoved his face between my buttcheecks and started rimming me. I howled with surprise and delight. This was some expert, unashamed ass eating, and I was soon squirming in Karad’s grasp, begging him to fuck me. He positioned himself on top of me, as I laid on my back with my legs up. He dominated me with his large body, filling my field of vision. Karad was like a muscular sky above my head. He aligned the tip of his cock to enter me, and as he did, he started to pant. His mouth was wide open and his face contorted, as he took in the new overwhelming feeling of penetrating someone with his body. He slid himself in, a look of surprise on his face. Karad felt big inside me, red hot and hard. And soon, he was in to the hilt. his soft pubes against me. He swallowed hard. “I… I… won’t last. I can’t…” he said between ragged breath And with that he pulled almost totally out of me and slammed back in. I shouted as he punched my prostate on the way, making me feel like nothing but a hole. He slammed himself in a second time, even stronger and then a third time at full force. Then, he convulsed, as I felt my insides get filled with a large amount of hot cum. Karad’s eyes were shut tight, drool was dripping on me from his opened mouth, uncontrollably jerky and giving forceful shallow thrusts like he was trying to shoot even more semen inside me. He slowly come to his senses. He looked about to collapse on top of me, maintaining his posture over me with whatever strength he had left in him. he looked at me and balancing the weight of his body on his right arm he moved his left hand to my face. Wiping the tears that had formed under the force of his fucking. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you? I’m sorry… I am… I couldn’t control myself…” Karad started to panic, still holding my face in his strong hand “I’m fine. More than fine actually. It was just so strong… and so good.” I breathed. Karad giggled out of relief. “Well, sorry I didn’t last long,” he said. “It’s a question of training. And believe me, I’ll make sure you get plenty of exercise. And I won’t go easy on you,” I said, squirming under him expertly to get his penis out of me. Karad was momentarily thrown off balance by the feeling of me moving around his dick but he quickly regained his senses and violently pinned me under him. he gave me a nasty smile and violently pulled out of me with a disgustingly hot suction noise. He then crossed his arm on top of my chest and started pressing on me with all his weight. He had a soft tender look on his face as my breathing became shallow due to the pressure on my lungs. He leaned to my face and tenderly kissed my lips and my neck. That display of strength and domination got me so horny I was harder than I ever was and leaking as I grinded against Karad. “Good luck with that pretty boy. I’m quite the tough guy as you’ll find out. Not that you seem to mind.” he said lifting himself so I could breathe again. ”Don’t worry, I’d never hurt you, I got quite an amazing control of my strength.” He said as he embraced me and cuddled me softly. “now, why don’t we take care of that” he said squeezing my hard monstercock.”you’re so big, I can’t wait to be that big or bigger” he added. He got up and started to flex. He was clearly trained in bodybuilding posing. The sweat dripping on his body made him look even more impressive. His flexed his left biceps, the muscle rounding up. “Why don’t you come closer and worship your man.” Karad said softly and firmly. I got up and moved close to him I started caressing him with on hand, burying my face in his pit and sniffing his manly odor. He flexed his arms as I caressed him and then flex his pecs, they were magnificent, square and proeminent. The pink nipple at their bottom facing down due to the mass of muscle behind them. He grabbed the back of my head and directed me to it. I started sucking on his nipple and as I heard him moan in delight, I shoot a copious load on his leg. He pulled me up for a kiss and hold me in his arms lovingly. “I’m hungry, do you think we’ll make it on time to the restaurant” he asked with genuine concern in his voice. “Yeah. Let’s shower and head out.” Twenty minutes later we were in the faubourgs of the French Union Ship. We both had ditched the clothes we originally planned to wear (they were balled up and covered with various bodily fluids in Karad’s living room) and were wearing jeans and T-shirts that seemed to be the only articles of clothing Karad owned. It hugged him in all the right place while it looked baggy and ill-fitting on me and my hair had was back to my habitual messy style. “You’re much less intimidating dressed like that. I like it” he said mockingly. “Don’t get used to it” We had finally reached the bistro. Karad was like a kid in a candy store, watching the faux-streets of the ship build to look like Haussamaniens streets of Paris back on earth. Or so I heard, since I have never seen earth. The whole string had building of stone and zinc with a design that predated the stellar era. Above the streets was a huge dome with stained glass forming an art deco floral picture. Some tile were colored and some other were showing the galaxies behind them the whole thing stretched across the whole block. It was the perfect place for a first date. The whole evening was amazing. Karad was funny and lovely we talked about many things including his obsession with size and his need to be larger. I could tell he was happy he had find someone that understood his inclination and was supporting him. it was strangely arousing watching him gorge himself on food as he told me all that. He confided he loved dominating smaller guys and apologized for maybe being a little bit rough with me. I reassured him and by the time we were back out in the streets it was clear to each other that we were a perfect match. He took me in his arm I felt his food stretched belly press against me. “I’m so stuffed you almost feel smaller.” He said delighted I turned in his arms facing him and embracing him. I rested my face against his pecs and said. “why don’t we go to my place, so I can actually grow some more. To be continued. PART 5 Later that night... I was laying on my back on the floor of the forge, and Karad was thrusting into me, and panting like an animal, while unloading an ungodly amount of cum inside me. The nanites had finished mapping him and we were ready for it . “How much do you think I’ll grow?” he asked, breathless. “I haven’t even checked your coef… let me see.” “The higher the better, is that it?” “Pretty much,” I said, shivering as his cum overflowed from my insides, dripping on the floor. For the first time the number that came up had three digits: 100%. Karad was a statistical and physiological impossibility. I just stared dumbfounded at the number. Karad ‘s dick hadn’t softened after the orgasm and it got even harder inside me, forcing more cum out. The dripping sensation called me back to reality. “How good is that?” he asked. “I have never seen anything like that. I have no idea how far I can take this…” I confessed. “Do you wanna find out?” he asked mischievously. “There is nothing I want more than this. Though I must warn you, we are entering unknown terriority, you might not even look human once I’m done.” I felt Karad throb inside me. “Well, you don’t seem to mind,” I said cheerfully. “My processes are rigged with a failsafe, so it’ll notify me if we are nearing a state where your body isn’t able to sustain itself anymore. The moment we get an alarm we stop. Growth can be intoxicating, that could be a terrible mix with your err dominant side” I felt Karad’s eyes linger on my neck that must still have had some mark from him choking me while we fucked a few minutes earlier. He had the decency to blush a little. “Remember you’re filled with nanites and I control them. The moment I feel threatened, I’ll shut everything down and immobilize you.” Karad looked utterly shocked. “I want you to immobilize me, but I want you to do it by inflating my muscles and dick, not by tasing me.” He said sitting down and holding me impaled on his spear. ”I’ll be a good boy” he said playfully, bobbing me up and down his dick, making me squirt more of his cum out with a wet suction sound. He giggled. “Anything you want in particular?” I asked “yeah, don’t grow me up, I just want muscles. And take it slow, this could be the last time I can penetrate you. I wanna savor every second of it.” I nodded, and with that, I set to work. Karad stats were 5’9; roughly the same as me, and 203 lbs of pure ripped muscle, with a 9 inch penis. I grew his dick to 12 inches in a whim. He gasped, but recovered quite quickly. Karad stood, lifting me at the same time, so that he stayed inside me. The extra inches made that easier. “From now on, you’re officially bigger everywhere.” I said. I slowly started to grow him, as he fucked me gently. His legs were getting thicker and thicker and soon, he was supporting both our weights without a strain. They were almost as thick as his waist to begin with, but now it was clear they were getting larger. His shoulders bulked out, slowly making him wider and wider. His arms also increased in size, his growing triceps creating quite an insane bulk. He had crossed the 300 lb. threshold and was just getting started, and he was already looking like a heavyweight bodybuilder. As his muscles kept growing, I also slowly increased his dick inside me. Slowly, so that I could keep him inside me as long as I could. As he neared 400 lbs, he was 12½ inches. He was starting to look freakish, his body covered in a bulging mass of fibrous muscles. As he grew past the 400 lb. mark, his body slowly crept toward inhuman grounds. His waist was still thin, but layers of abdominal muscles, intertwined in each other, made sure it could sustain his whole body. It connected to his lats and flared into the most impressive V shape I had ever seen, and it was growing by the second. His pecs were massive. They created a deep cleavage and the fibers split them into an almost geometric pattern, his nipples had grown a little and were forced downward by the gigantic mass of his pecs. His traps had rose up and encased his bull neck. Underneath his waist, his legs where each half as thick as his waist, rippling with cords of muscles half bent due to their size. Karad blasted another load inside me, he howled as more than a liter of cum was poured inside me. His body tensed and as he spasmed from the orgasm, his growth accelerated. It ripple through his whole body, I could hear each wave course through his body, a stretching muffled noise came at each twitch. It was too much for me and I came too. In the span of a minute Karad had broke the 500 lb. mark. On his untouched height, it was sheer insanity. Still growing he pulled out of me. A torrent of cum escaped from inside me as he put me down on my feet. I could see him in all his massive, still-growing glory. His shoulder were as wide as he was tall. Arms akimbo, due to his hypertrophied muscles, his lats flaring connected to his obliques in an intricate pattern. His pecs were a gigantic entanglement of muscular beams, subduing under each other and formed two massive slabs jutting more than 5 inches from his chest and casting a dark shadow on his torso. His tapered waist ended in a dramatically V shaped Adonis belt from which his now 13+ inch cock swung, the balls behind were orange size and starting to sag a little. They were framed by massive quads. The fibrous muscle mass formed prominent drops adorning his legs. The mass of his body forcing his legs to be slightly bent. He looked like a savage, overgrown beast, and atop that violently massive body, his gorgeous face, made even squarer with muscle, was supported by the massive column of his neck. He was smirking as he adjusted his stance deliberately when he closed in on 600 pounds. “Get on your back, legs in the air handsome. Time for the pounding of a lifetime.” He said, throbbing with power and growth I did as told and soon he was on top of me, his arms fully extended to prevent his physique from crushing me. He speared me through my ass with his pulsing, growing dick. It was so long and hard, I didn’t even had to lift my back to stay in position. I was stuffed in the angle he needed me to be. The view was mind-boggling, muscles were everywhere I watched, pulsating, growing, expanding. As he pounded rhythmically, his physique grew bigger still. He regularly adjusted his stance, his legs were grating the floor like he was some raging bull. His pecs were inexorably growing toward my face. His arms starting to bend, as Karad’s pecs forced them apart and his very biceps started to get in the way too. As he shattered the 700 lb. mark, his pecs reached my face, threatening to suffocate me in his cleavage, while the now almost 15 inch long, 5½ thick dick was keeping me pinned under him. “Karad!” I called nervously ”It’s getting cramped down here! You’re about to crush me” the end of my sentence was muffled as his muscle engulfed me. I heard and felt a deep laugh as Karad rolled on the side to prevent me from getting crushed by his growing physique. I screamed in pleasure as his dick forced me to follow the movement and shoot another cataclysmic load inside me . One on his huge hands reached to stroke my side (at the cost of much effort) as he breathed heavily from the orgasm. “Told you. I like it rough but I’d never hurt you,” he said, forcing his gargantuan body in a seated position. His finger lingered on my abs deformed by the massive penis invading me. Karad was well over 800 lbs now and showing no sign of slowing down. I started reinforcing his bones, internal structures and organs for him to sustain that mass. All along, I was pleasuring myself and Karad by slowly moving up and down on his huge pole. At 900 lbs, he was ready to grow even more, his back was starting to be noticeable, even when facing him it was starting to reach the base of his head reaching outward. “Karad, you’re already the most muscular man in the universe.” I felt his dick twitch in delight, it was like a burning tremor within me at his size. ”I think I can grow you even more,” another twitch, I gasped. “but your body will undergo severe modifications to accommodate more muscle there is no going back and no way to say how you’ll look,” I said calmly. “Alex, I’m more concerned about you. If I grow again I think I’ll lose whatever mobility I have left. And you’ll have to take care of me I’ll just be a monstrous mountain of muscle with a gigantic dick, unable to move. This… This is what I want, what I wanted since I’m a kid, to be that extreme, stupidly huge behemoth… But I can’t force the responsibility on you . We just met and uhnnn!!” his speech was cut short, as a growth spurt hit him. “Don’t worry about all that. Let’s just grow you,” I said. With Karad still inside me I pushed him past the 1000 lbs mark, with a 17 inch long, almost 7 inch thick cock. I felt stretched beyond measure, and felt Karad’s heartbeat resonate inside me, through his dick. Karad was starting to change his shape as his muscle mass reached a ridiculous size. Back traps and shoulder now so hypertrophied they reached higher than his head, preventing it to move by more than 10° in any direction. His arms so full of muscle started raising higher than the 45° mark. His pecs now so huge they were almost as thick as his torso was underneath them. They hung slightly rounding down, due to their insane weight, and their delicious gumdrops nipples were almost hidden under the bulging mass of ripped muscles. His torso tapered into what looked like a small waist but Karad was now so humongous his waist was already probably over 50 inches. His legs were forced apart by his soccer balls sized testes, they were twice as thick as his waist now, with delicious cords of muscle rippling alongside them. “MAKE ME BIGGER! PLEASE MAKE ME BIIIGGGGEEEER!” Karad growled his dick throbbing inside me. He flexed his muscles, he could barely move but I could see him tense various muscle groups. His muscle control was amazing. He did a pec bounce that got me cuming without touching myself. First his left pecs rippled the mass of sinewy muscle raising hiding half of his head the sound of the fibers grinding against each other could be heard. Then he relaxed it the massed fell back in position boucing slightly before assuming his relaxed form. He did the same with the right and I was like hypnotized. I barely even registered my belly stretching under the pressure of the 18 inches of cock invading me. As Karad reached 1100 lbs, I realized that he was now so big that the extra hundred of pounds was barely noticeable. He noticed it too, I saw his face harden in that feral masked that made him look so bad and so hot. His whole body flexed, in a symphony of muscular display. Everything bulged and striated. The ungodly sight would have scared any sane person, yet I was impaled on the behemoth’s dick, drinking in the view. “DON’T SLACK OFF. GROW ME MORE!” He growled, playfully twitching his dick inside me. I screamed of pleasure as the gigantic member tensed and relaxed inside me. He let out a deep sneer as he shook my whole body with his penis. “COME ON HANDSOME. GIVE MORE.” I picked the pace growing him to 1200 lbs in a matter of seconds, then to 1300 lbs. I was expecting alerts to flash any second to say his exaggerated hugeness was nearing failure. But it didn’t happen. Even as we crossed the 1400lbs line. “YES! YES! THAT’S IT MAN! MAKE ME BIGGER” Karad let out a massive roar as he came once again inside me. The amount of cum was beyond anything I’d have thought. The pressure inside me was almost unbearable. And most of the cum was immediately expelled out of me, squirting out of my ass in high pressured squirts. Red numbers started to pop around my body. The now 19 inch dick and his pressure orgasm were taking me to the limit. Karad saw it and started to panic. He tried to reach for me but at now 1500 lbs it was impossible for him to move. His whole body tensed in a vain attempt to reach for me. He started sweating profusely due to the effort. “GET OFF ME! I’M HURTING YOU!” He shouted with a unexpectedly powerful deep voice “I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO” He panted regaining control of his voice, but still panicked. “I’m fine. Don’t worry, I can fix it” I smiled “I need a bit of training that’s all”. The number were slowly returning to acceptable level. I would not withstand another of his orgasm without major adjustments on my body. But there was no way I was pulling out now. As Karad reached 1600 lbs, the gains once again where less visible and I accelerated his growth again. At that stage, Karad was just growling gibberish, a low rumbling mantra about growing more and more. At 1700 lbs, his body started showing signs of reaching his maximum size for this structural height (his actual height must have been close to 7 feet as his muscle reached higher than his head did). 1900 lbs was soon pulverized and his growth slowed dramatically. We were reaching his maximum potential. We both realized it. Karad snapped back to his senses. “MORE! PLEASE GIMME MORE! I NEED MORE” he cried. I forced more growth into him, inflating each muscle indivually, making his whole body swell just a little bit more. He looked out of this world. His gorgeous face inlaid in a wall of pulsating muscle. His back was rising so high, it was pressing on his traps, the sinewy wave stretched for several feet on each sides before crashing against the gigantic shoulder, each muscular beam of his shoulders exaggerated to the max. from them his arms extended almost parallel to the floor due to his massive flaring lats and to shear size of his arms. At the thickest, they were somewhere around 70 inches cold, his triceps bulged so far away they prevented any movement, and his bis were fighting against his lats and his pecs. His forearms where a collection of fat cords of muscle tapering into massive hand. Karad hands were also impacted by the growth each muscle could be seen through the skin. So big he could barely move his fingers. Karad’s pecs reached his chin and covered half of his torso. They were beyond any measure they had a cleavage that could swallow my body and each one was carved following the several beams of muscle. His torso was as intricate as ever, each oblique and ab exaggerated to massive proportion and subduing under numerous other muscles. It was like new muscles had formed to sustain the megastructure of his body. They all converged into his plexus. Karad’s leg were forming a 90° angle as he sat due to theire size each thigh was thick than his monstrous waist, rippling with muscle so exaggerated they blocked any movement. Massive teardrop shapes forming at his knees. The bulbous mass of muscle preventing the articulation to move in anything then the slight angle it had. His calves so big they lifted his legs from the floor they spitted into two massive globes of muscle. Karad’s feet where huge and like his hands deformed by overdeveloped muscle. Emerging from his pelvis Karad’s genitalia was a glorious sight 23 inches, long 8½ thick, I could tell the very shape of the stake impaling me. The profiled head flaring in crown the cobra shaped shaft below it, every finger thick snake-like vein pulsating angrily. Karad had finally surpassed the metric ton, 2016 lbs to be precise. The gigantic mass of muscle shivered, karad was about to cum once more. I swiftly hoisted myself from the massive pal just in time to witness the first tidal of cum escape the glorious spear. It crashed on the ceiling, the wall, the floor, and was followed by many more. In the end, the gigantic Karad had flooded the forge. He was slowly falling asleep, drained from the growth and multiple orgasms. I stayed up late that night, fixing my body, making it to accommodate my creation’s penis. Karad snored softly which contrasted with the bloated mass of ripped muscle he had become. He was radiating heat and power like no one would ever. Once I was done I climbed on top him and fell asleep sheltered by his pecs. The next day were quite busy. I had to close the forge, Karad couldn’t be moved from it. A quantic battery was installed on Karad because no amount of eating could sustain him. I set up an emergency forge that over the month became a new fully functional one. The former forge became Karad’s room. We had to build it around him I used the nannite support system as way to monitor his health and maintain his size. First we had to force the ton heavy behemoth standing that was the hardest part and it took a whole day. After that remodeling the room was easy. A window showing the galaxy outside and the ships cruising by was installed. As well as a Mass Data ICT Router, the ICT network was his only way to get out of his room. I also had drains installed and a water hose to clean Karad and the room. The latest add-on was a sort of remote controlled penis pump in which Karad could relieve himself if needed. His needs were off the charts and no man could suffice him. I’d often find him spent with an over bloated cock from abusing the masturbator. Over time, our mutual attachment had grown. I rarely slept in my room, most of the time I’d just curl up on my gigantic boyfriend. Our friends would often visit (I had clothes tailored to make decent once in a while).Those days we were even planning to get married. I remember as we were planning the event, he chuckled, his whole shook behind me. I pressed him to tell me what was amusing him. “I WAS THINKING YOU COULD GROW ME UP A LITTLE. YOU KNOW AS A WEDDING PRESENT”. [END]
  14. Marquis

    Enhanced muscles and futuristic porn #3

    Well that was just a silly joke. I'm not a bieber fan (or enthusiast or anything... I actually don't care for that poor sod). I just wanted the name to be sort of a ringabell thing. We'll get to that for the grand finale.
  15. it was supposed to be a 4 parts storybut it looks like it'll be a 5 parts story in the end. Part1 is available here Part2 is available here and here is part3 (enjoy! feedbacks are more than encouraged: As I developed my activity as a broker (buy vassals, turn them into muscle freaks and sell them), I had less time for actual patients. I’d thought I’d have lost quite a few,given the extreme nature of my work, but word had got around that I was one of the only doctors working that was doing cosmetics with nanites, and that the results were flawless. I was buried under work and had to refuse mundane jobs. But I was happy. I was building muscle freaks; 6’6 and 300lbs were the smallest stats the vassals I build could have. My personal best was still Deon. I had seen him once or twice at the S.I.Z.E. (I didn’t go out as much as I’d have loved to), and I was dying to blast that record. I could tell countless stories of guys growing to inhuman proportions. I’d do 3 to 5 vassals per week and they were all incredible, unique and massive. But I’ll focus on my second breakthrough. It was a little after 6 months of me working as broker. I had connections, since I needed to be first to every sale of vassals to get the ones with real potential (above 60% of plasticity coefficient). I was known and respected at the hecatonchires, the prison ship. It took work, diplomacy and bribes, but I was now part of the premium brokers. I’d get calls or messages every time a promising vassal would go on sale. I should have expected people to try and take advantage of that. It started with a call one evening: Sir Tomas Strebel, a 32 years old man that was a high ranked administrator at Stellar Commonwealth Convoy Central Organization (S3CO), our equivalent of a government. I had worked for him, and he had me give him one of those bodies I love to compare to ken dolls. I vaguely recalled a man looking much younger than his age, cutish rather than handsome, soft, if a bit excitable and eccentric (not the good kind of eccentric). “Dr. Levenez, I’m so happy I could get a hold of you. You see, I have a favor to ask of you. And quite an urgent one, I might add. I need your talent, your celebrity and most of all your discretion. For it’s an urgent, and also quite personal matter, you see.” Despite the vertiginous speed of his speech, his elocution was perfect. Every word clearly understandable, which actually only made things worst for any person listening to him. “It’s about Jude Vieber, you see.” Dramatic pause. It was probably supposed to be a big surprise but I only vaguely remembered the name. “the errr singer?...” I asked,as I did a quick search through my ICT. A mosaic of pictures of a bland young man surged, while I also noted a few headline about felonies and crimes… I started connecting the dots. “Yes, the one and only! He’s going on sale tomorrow” the excitation in voice was almost painful to hear. ”I’m willing to pay double the rate of your usual works and cover the potential extra fees of that acquisition. Since I know it’s not your habitual way of working, I’ll owe you a huge favor. If you ever need someone at the S3CO to intercede in your favor for anything…” I sighed (off ICT broadcast). The money wasn’t worth the trouble, but collecting a favor from someone like him could prove invaluable. “I’ll make a few calls, Sir Strebel. I think I can get that sale done tonight, so he doesn’t get bought by anyone else” The answer that came was a high-pitched delighted squeal. I couldn’t help but smile at that reaction. We cut the ICT com and I set to work. Two hours later I was at the Hecatonchires. Vieber was supposed to be on sale next morning, but the staff was happy to get rid of him before. Tomorrow morning, paparazzi, teenage fans and bored people would be all over the place, discouraging any serious buyer. The Hecatonchires was a gigantic maze of non-descript metallic alleys. I had become familiar with it over the last few months. Every person sentenced to vassality ended up here. Thanks to eugenics, there was no shortage of handsome men at the Hecatonchires. I mentioned it before. The reason is called eugenic dementia syndrome, or EDS for short. EDS appeared when the first generation of eugenics reached 18-20 years old. Everyone can be built to be perfect now, but there is still only one step on a podium. EDS happens when eugenics experience failure and can’t cope with it due to the fact they’ve been created “perfect”. Turns out 1 out of 5 eugenics suffers from mild episodes of EDS, ranging from depression to slight psychopathology, and 1 out of 5 of those 5 will degenerate into a more serious form, leading to criminal behaviors, suicides and volunteering as a vassal. Vieber fell in the first category. Apparently, he suffered from mild crisis but drugs and mediatic exposure progressively deteriorated his state until, a few days ago, he crossed the line with a sordid murder affair. I was browsing the internet through my ICT as I walked behind a Hecatonchires guard on sales duty . Apparently, Vieber’s sale was a hot topic and due to the nature of his sentence, people showing interest into buying him were frowned upon. To say the least. I felt comforted that I stopped by my tailor to get a hooded robe made out of safety reflective fabric. Should it come to this, any flash photography would be rendered useless. I had ditched my usual sleek business look for a pair of sneakers, structured grey sweatpants, and a white T-shirt with a full body rubber harness above. I was ready to run if needed. I also hastily wrote a confidentiality contract with heavy penalties that I sent to Strebel, to make sure he didn’t leak any information on that transaction. I received the signed copy just as I entered the sales room. What was formerly Viber was seated on a grey metal chair in front of a grey metal table in a grey metal room. His ashy complexion matched the walls. He was wearing white boxer short, the usual outfit for vassals on display. λ183 was displayed next to him, his new name since being stripped of his former name. He was looking ill from the various drugs still present in his system: emaciated, red eyes, grey complexion and it contrasted violently with his fashionable yet ridiculous haircut and the warm calm smile every vassal has as a default attitude. His body was that of someone who ate right, and exercised from time to time: 5’9”, and 154lbs. The guard was nervous, probably because he knew that no one would buy a vassal in such a terrible state. “I’ll take him, I have a client that wants him” I said. The guard was visibly relieved. As we were concluding the deal through various secured networks, I saw him shift his attention toward his ICT. It’s quite unusual for guards on sales duty and I knew straight away that something was off. “Is anything wrong?” I asked calmly. “We have a large amount of ships moving towards this end of the Hecatonchires.” He said, surprised I had noticed he was on his ICT. “Some of them have been identified as journalists. I think they know we’re selling him!” I pulled the reflective robe out of my bag and tossed it to λ183. “Get that on and pull the hood over your head,” I said to him. “Do you know if I could have a clear escape route,” I asked the guard. “We already are transferring your shuttle to the front end of the Hecatonchires, so you can avoid the fleet that’s orbiting around here,” He said. If any of them got a hold of my shuttle ID they’d be able to track me down. And I didn’t want a fleet of paparazzi and fangirls orbiting my ship. I needed to leave as stealthily as possible. We took an elevator that lead us to the front docking bay, a part of the Hecatonchires usually reserved for official representatives and Hecatonchires workers. I boarded my shuttle with λ183 close behind me, cut my identification broadcast and left hastily. I could have received a heavy fine for this, but that would be useful should anyone decide to tail me. As I left the Hecatonchires gravity pull, I noticed five fast crafts breaking from the fleet at the rear end of the Hecatonchires. I accelerated and set the course opposite of where I lived to the closest densest habitation cluster. I could lose them here. It took me two hours of paranoid chase, of hiding and convoluting in highly frequented areas before I got home. It was almost midnight when I got to the lobby, and I was pissed beyond measure. λ183 was following me silently. σ267, one of the vassals I recently worked on, was in the lobby, apparently waiting for me. A gorgeous bearded blond bear, almost 7ft tall, 550 lbs of muscle, covered in short golden fur, and his white brief stuffed to the limit with a tuft of blond fur deliciously poking out of it. The view of the marvel had a tranquilizing effect on me until he walked to me and spoke. “Alexandre, Sir strebel is in the patio waiting for you” Not only was Strebel the last person in the universe I wanted to see, but it was clearly not an appropriate time for anyone to visit, and on top of that, the patio was in the private part of the ship.It was a pentagonal garden, connecting the various rooms with the kitchen and the gym. It had a small swimming pool, a lounge, and was filled with colorful flowers. I was royally pissed at Strebel, but I had to conceal it. I wanted him and λ183 out of my hair. Strebel was comfortably seated in the lounge when I joined him. He had two of the vassals currently residing at my place (that were to be sold this week) with him. One of them massaging his shoulder, the other one standing idle beside him in case he needed him. He wasn’t the man I remembered, he obviously had work done on his face. Something supposed to make him look younger and prettier, but that just ended making him look strange. His features weren’t bad in themselves, but they had been assembled disregarding the global harmony. What should have been a collection of desirable traits, actually ended up being a hot mess. Skin tight and shiny, puffy lips that looked like frankfurters, bulgy cheekbones and a nose too narrow to properly breath. “Sorry for the intrusion Dr.Levenez,” he said, “but patience is not my strong suit, and as you French say, il faut batter le fer tant que il est chaude.” His frankfurters curved in a smile, revealing teeth a worrisome shade of white. I usually enjoy hearing people try to speak French, but Strebel’s condescending tone felt like nails on a chalkboard. “You two can go to bed and send σ267 here; he was in the lobby,” I said softly to my vassals. “Sir Strebel and I have business to take care of,” I added, smiling to Strebel as I sat in the chair opposite to him. He look pained to see the two vassals go and almost immediately replaced by the immense hairy blond. Strebel wasn’t one for body hair I figured. “λ183, you can take your robe off,” I instructed him. Strebel was displeased that I didn’t use his former name, but that quickly subsided as λ183 revealed himself. Strebel looked almost emotional, and for a moment I wondered what the fuck was going on. “Acquiring him proved to be more complex than I’d have thought. He will also need to be nursed to health, due to the ingestions of various substances. I suppose you want him to keep his tattoos.” “Indeed,” he said. He was standing close to λ183, inspecting him closely like he was a work of art, while all I saw was a poor devil with a bad comedown. “That might be extremely difficult to rescale or extend his tattoo to match his expanded body. It’ll take me at least a week to get it done,” I stressed the last sentence, hoping that he’d feel like a fool for trespassing in the middle of the night. “Of course, I understand,” he said, “now, about the price..” I was already adding up what λ183 had cost me and what his intervention would cost, I wasn’t even close of the checkout and the poor devil would be expensive. “Here’s my offer,” said Strebel, surprisingly calm and collected. The number displayed was only a third of what I’d ask for a regular work. “Sir Strebel, this is not what we agreed on,” I said flatly. “This isn’t even what I would charge for my habitual work.” “Yes, yes, yes. I know that Dr.Levenez, but that is the only price you’ll sell him. None of your customers will buy him, and the moment you’ll hunt for a client, paparazzi and fans will be gravitating around your lovely spaceship. That would be bad for business.” “I cannot sell him that cheap, that doesn’t even cover the acquisition expenses,” I protested. “Come on docteur, be reasonable. It’d be a shame that your amazing business suffer from such a bad publicity” “Are you threatening me?” I asked coldly. As I turned off the ship’s ICT network, putting my whole ship off the grid in a split second. No info could get in or out, or be recorded. “Oh my! No, I would never,”answered Strebel in a nervous laugh. He was nervous and afraid, because I was furious and he could feel that the hold of the situation would escape him any second. “Of course you would not. We have a contract that requires your absolute discretion on that matter. Should you ever break that contract, I’ll make sure you take the plunge. And once those legal aspects are dealt with, I’ll send a few friends of mine to pay you a visit. They’re a fun bunch...they love to play with crowbars and knives. I taught them a few tricks I learned as a surgeon. Useful stuff like wounding and disfiguring someone beyond repair. Sir Strebel, I will overlook the fact that you tried to double cross me, but should you try anything against me again, I will make sure you live long enough to really regret that decision. See, that was a threat. Do I need to elaborate?” “No,” he answered faintly, livid. “Gooooood,” I said smiling broadly, as I tenderly stroked σ267 furry thigh like an expensive cat. “Good. The deal is off the table. σ267, remove Sir Strebel from the premises.” Strebel face fell and before he could protest, σ267 had him slung on his shoulder and left the patio. Turning toward λ183, he was still standing and smiling to me, like I didn’t just threaten a very influent S3CO member. I was too unnerved to go to sleep and I needed to make λ183 unrecognizable fast. “Go wash that stupid hair… no, better yet, go to the master bathroom and buzz it. After you’ve washed it! And meet me in forge,” I told him. As I left the patio, σ267 was coming back. “Sir Strebel left. I helped him,” He said happily. “You look tense Alexandre” He grabbed me with his huge hand, lifted me and hugged me. Shoving my face in his massive furry pecs. Since I started working as a broker, I had 5 to 7 vassals living with me, I’d max their bodies out, and then put them on sale. In the meantime, they helped me with administrative and domestic tasks, and I used my favorites as intimate partners. σ267 was one of my most favorite ever, and I was kneading his huge pecs while he held me there with one hand and massaged me with the other. He took me to the forge, not letting go of me. As λ183 arrived 5 minutes later, σ267 pulled me in for a deep kiss and put me on the ground. I noticed his 14 inch dick was rock hard and had escaped his briefs. “Are you sleepy?” I asked him “No,” he smiled. “Could you send messages to cancel all my appointments tomorrow? I’ll need to sleep in and rest, but tell them I’m sick. Make a note to t985 and β113 that they are both on lobby duty and I will need them to reschedule all the cancelled appointments.” “I’m taking care of it,” he said, with a reassuring tone. “σ267? If you’re not too tired, could you stay with me tonight?” “I’d love it Alexandre”. I knew σ267 had no feelings, he was just an empty shell behaving as I wanted him to, but right now, it was the best I could have. And, to be honest, it was the best I ever had. I had made a few friends in the last few months, including that crazy scottish bastard Angus, but I never had a real lover, a boyfriend. As I shot nanites in λ183’s arm, I felt tired and sad. σ267 huge hand grabbed my neck and gently massaged it. He could have snapped my neck with two fingers, but the thought didn’t even phase me, as I melted in his hands. “Messages are sent, everything is arranged for tomorrow. I turned off your alarm clock and got the large bedroom ready.” The large bedroom was room with a bed large enough to support three of my monsters, I had it build after I broke an expensive bed trying to sleep with a 500lbs man. “Taking initiative? That’s new,” I remarked. “I thought you’d like it,” he said smiling. “You did well, thank you,” I surprised myself. I generally skipped politeness with vassals. I’d need to sell σ267 soon, before I got too attached to him. I turned to λ183 and started working on his skin. First, I corrected several deficiencies and erased tattoos. The grey coloration soon left, for a healthy, if not a little bit bright, pink. His face looked fuller, and for the first time, I found him sort of handsome. His buzzed hair was darker; he must have bleached it before. His now rested face looked more angular, and sharp. It would have been hard to recognize him already. I checked for his plasticity coefficient, afraid of what I’d found. And when the number prompted, all I could do was stare at it. 88% I had never seen such a high coefficient… all signs of exhaustion were gone. This was it, he could be my biggest, freakiest creation. I lowered his boxers, trying to wrap my head around what I was about to do. His penis wasn’t big by any means, not that it mattered, but it was beautiful. A regular shaft, well proportioned, uncut, with a nice big set of low hangers. Without a warning, I launched the nanites at full force, and in the span of two minutes he was already looking like a 300 lb. heavyweight bodybuilder. His dick had rocketed to its hard state, dramatically expanding in the process. It was now a bit over 10 inches. I stopped to look at him, his face had been altered in the process: wider jaw, more angular, more muscular. It was impossible to recognize the pop star now, as he wasn’t exactly handsome, but he looked powerful. I loved it. I undressed, and moved close to him. It had been a while since I last grew someone inside me. I laid on my back and ordered him to enter me. As he positioned himself, I watched as σ267 had discarded his briefs, and was looking at us caressing himself. He used his thick finger to collect a drop of pre and licked it. I felt λ183 trying to enter me, I relaxed for him and focused on his powerful chest, tensed by position, like he was ready to do pushups. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my hands exploring the intricate pattern of his abdominal muscles. And soon enough, he was fully in. I slowly moved my hand toward his muscular ass and started to give him a rhythm to pound me. I moaned in pleasure and decided to increase his height to the max right away. λ183 started to stretch. He had to readjust his stance every 10 seconds as he grew past 6’, rapidly reaching 7’. I had to augment his dick to 12 inches, because his size was preventing him from giving me a proper pounding. I also had to free his waist from my leg, as I could not reach around anymore. I felt small as he approached 8’ tall. Right before he hit the 8’ mark, a red warning flashed on various parts of his body: structural failure and a high risk of cardiac distress due to his size. I reacted quickly by slowing down his growth and reinforcing his bones, then thickening them and reinforcing them with structured patterns I had created. I also augmented his heart and soon enough he was ready to grow again. I had never got a man past that size and so I proceeded carefully. Muscles monsters are easy to make, but giants are fragile and they need specific body structures to live correctly. λ183 looked more than healthy as he reached 8’ and then kept going. Once again, I extended his penis to facilitate the fucking, but even with a 15 inch dick, he was too tall. He stabilized at 8’4 and was now the tallest I had ever made anyone. I felt tiny next to him. He still carried that bodybuilder bulk, but on his new taller frame it was already 450 lbs. I ordered him to stand up, and he did so while keeping me on his dick. At this point, he was using me as a toy. σ267 was standing too, watching with his mouth agape, and wanking like a madman. He let out a groan and shot a heavy load that must have been well over a pint of cum. I knew he had more in him. He got closer and started worshipping λ183 and caressing me. I resumed λ183’s growth and focused on muscle this time. His bodybuilder stature was gone, and his muscle now hypertrophying in a unique pattern. Past that size, everyone has a different shape; a different way to be a freak. λ183 was well balanced and he was getting thicker all over. His definition was amazing and his mobility was still incredible. He was now past 500lbs and growing fast, but due to his height, it wasn’t until he reached 600lbs that he started looking like a real muscle monster. His neck was thicker than his head, and his traps were fat cords of muscle, reaching to his head. His face, slightly squarer, was exuding a manliness that his former self lacked. His pecs were square, striated, and voluminous, creating a deep cleavage. His shoulders were insanely wide, to support his gigantic arms. λ183 had round, extremely well sculpted biceps, with massive veins feeding them. His triceps bulged, making his arms so thick that they collided with his massive lats, forcing them at 45°. His midsection was engraved with deep patterns, created by his abs and obliques. His lower abs and Adonis belt, formed an amazing V, at the bottom of which, surged the root of his 15 inch long, 3-½ inch thick cock. Supporting that titanic body, his legs were as thick as his waist; a collection of hypertrophied muscle cords and tendons, at the bottom of which, massive feet supported his weight. I was still impaled on his dick, and now that he stood, my face ended between his pecs. He held me there and I couldn’t see anything but the valley between his pectoral muscles. He wasn’t fucking me anymore, yet it felt amazing. Those growing pecs, the still inflating man holding me, and his dick slowly stretching me as he grew. I came, spewing a small amount of hot creamy cum on the monster’s abs. The hormonal discharge of the orgasm, and the exhaustion, hit me hard, and so I fell asleep in the arms of the growing man. I awoke with a start, unsure of how long I had been sleeping. I felt a slight hindrance inside me; something familiar, as I tried to move and stretch. It dawned on me that λ183’s dick was the reason. It was still inside me and it was huge: 18-½ inches long, 4 inches in diameter, and 6-½ inches at its thickest, near the root. The number flashed in red in my augmented reality display - it was apparently close to my maximal capacity. But I didn’t need a blinky red number to understand that. My abs were stretched, deformed by the monster inside me. I could even see the corolla at the bottom of my pecs. I caressed it through my skin enjoy the feeling of being utterly filled by another man, of being stretched beyond measure, and of feeling his heartbeat resonate through my whole body. This man’s penis was almost 20% of my body volume. I tried to look at him, but all I could see was an abstract mass of pulsating hypertrophied muscle. He had grown so much while I was out. I caressed him harder, squeezing, and then I heard λ183 groan. He was apparently holding his orgasm. I realized it would probably hurt me. λ183 had stretched me to the max and I could not take the huge amount of high pressured cum in balls. “Ok, breathe deeply and slowly lift me off your dick” I said. He did as I told him: slowly, excruciatingly lifting me up and pulling out of me. It was delicious, but as he was halfway out of me, I started feeling horribly empty. λ183 was fighting hard not to burst a nut inside me; his face was contorted, and he was breathing as deeply as he could. He was almost there, but as tried to pull his glans out of my hole, he lost it. The feeling of my rings squeezing his corolla drove him over the edge. The first shot was easily a pint and filled me with hot sperm. He pulled out of me in one swift motion, and then blasted an even larger load right on my perineum. My lower body was drenched in hot cum. λ183 blasted a few more ropes of cum and then gently put me down, before he collapsed on the ground, reeling from his orgasm. I had trouble standing on my legs, still recovering from being ravaged by the biggest human being that ever existed. He was 8’4 tall and 1181 lbs of muscle. As he rose up, I wondered if I could get him out of the forge. As it turns out, I could not. λ183 had to break the wall around the door to get out. I sent a message to the repairmen in charge of the ship maintenance, instructing that I’d need the forge fixed and I’d need to have bigger doors installed on some parts of the ship. λ183 could not fit through any doors, except the large arches leading to the patio. Rather than have him wreck more doorways, I got him to the patio. σ267 was sleeping soundly and snoring right on the floor of the forge. His dick looked raw from beating off and he looked exhausted, so I let him sleep. It was warm in the patio, the artificial sky was displaying countless stars, and a gentle warm breeze was blowing. The monstruous λ183 carefully laid down on the lawn, trying not to crush and of the small trees and flowers. I chuckled, watching that mass of muscle ripple and fight for space, as the monster tried to make himself comfortable. He ended up flat on his back, or at least as flat as he could be. His back muscles were so huge that they forced his upper body into an inclined position. His neck muscle tensed to hold his head up, the tension and strength was visible and seemed disproportionate with the effort. That couldn’t be comfortable. I moved one of the lounge chairs under his head, so that he could rest it and sleep. Λ183 sighed, as he could finally relax his neck. I then climbed on top of him, laid on his torso and put my head between his pecs. It wasn’t comfy at all, as the muscle beneath his soft skin was rock hard. His abs formed a series of hard bricks under me, moving as he breathed, low screeches muffled by his skin, could be heard as the muscle fibers fought each other for space at the slightest movement. He was radiating heat like a stone that had stayed too long in the sun. It wasn’t comfy at all, but I fell asleep right away, happy and horny. So horny, that I actually woke up early, and my huge morning wood found its way to the crevice between λ183’s two columns of abs. I started grinding against him, against my muscle monster, groping all the muscles I could. As my eyes got used to the synthetic morning light, I noticed σ267 standing by us. He was holding a tray with a copious breakfast on it. He was staring, dick at full mast, and leaking. “The repairmen are here. They’re already working. We also rescheduled your appointments and I made you breakfast” he said. “Lovely σ267, just put it on the table and why don’t you climb right behind me?” I said, arching my back and sticking my butt in the air. σ267 rushed to the table to lay down his tray, and then climbed on λ183. I felt his huge paw grab my ass, part it, and then stick his bearded face between my cheeks and rimming me. I was in heaven, and soon, I was begging my toy to fuck me. σ267’s 14 inches felt surprisingly small, but still satisfying. I was still a bit scared to try and fit λ183 inside me. He almost ripped me in half the night before. σ267 laid on top of me, sandwiching me between the insanely huge λ183, and his 550 lbs of furry muscle. He pistoned me hard and viciously, as I ground my dick between the abs of λ183. It was only a matter of minutes before I shot a copious load on λ183’s abs. I clenched my ass as I came, and I felt σ267 spasm and pound violently, as he unloaded a delightful load of burning cum inside me. I also felt a trickle of drool land on my neck. That orgasm must have been quite strong for him too. After that amazing fuck session I sat in the patio for breakfast. σ267 was resting on top of λ183. It was only after my shower that I noticed that the patio reeked of sweat, cum and sex. I sent σ267 to take a shower. λ183 was sitting on the floor waiting for instructions. It wouldn’t be as easy with the 8’4 tall muscle monster. Half an hour later, the patio was clean and smelled like grass again. I had amped up the heat to make it feel like a hot summer day, and I was sunbathing, clad in tight white jammers (because yes I don’t give a flying fuck about tan lines). One of the vassals barged into the patio, out of breath. I sat on my chaise longue to see what the ruckus was all about. “Alexandre, it’s Angus...” he began, before being cut by. “GET OUT ME WAY, NUMPTIES. ALEX! ALEX!” I could here the big man roar, before he even reached the patio. “It’s ok, let him in,” I told my vassal. Shortly after, Angus reached the patio and froze as he saw me. “Ye arite? I heard ye closed today, and I saw the Forge is proper pooched” he said, visibly confused by the fact that, despite the ship being trashed, I was having a day off. “I’m fine Angus, I had a very rough night,” I said. Before I could explain what happened, I saw Angus watch the pool behind me. Huge bubbles breaking the surface had caught his attention. I saw his face turn white, as the surface of the water curved upward, with a massive form emerging from the water. λ183 slowly, deliberately, stood up. Water was cascading off his gigantic muscle. He looked even freakier in daylight, his overdeveloped muscle shimmering with water drops. His strong, handsome face, encased by huge traps and a neck that would put a bull to shame. The water reached to the middle of his thigh, and a great deal of his dick was still under water. “Fack, he’s immense,” Angus whispered. “It’s the only way I’ve found to clean him,” I said, matter of factly. “So, do you wanna have fun with him now, or should I tell you about my evening first?” I said, cheerfully. “This is Vieber ?!” Angus asked “was.” I corrected him “his name is λ183” “such a pretty name…” Angus mocked. “If his real name leaks, I’m fucked. He is unrecognizable but I can’t sell him. Any buyer would access his log and would know who he is.” “so yer stuck with him” I sighed. “Well ye could have been stuck with worst.” Angus said giving himself a squeeze “look at that…” He moved closer to λ183 and caressed the powerful waist of the beast. Angus was roughly eye level with λ183 armpits. λ183 let out a low appreciative growl. Angus let go of the humongous vassal and turn to me with the face of man that just had an epiphany “ye could make him work at the S.I.Z.E. as a barmaid or an entertainer!” he exclaimed “He’d earn his keep and then some. A loon that big, they won’t ask any question.” “you’re a genius. I’ll call them right away to get him on the stage Friday” “do that.” I said as he returned his attention to λ183. “Do you mind if I borrow him, for a few moments?” “knock yourself out, I’ll leave you both in the patio, he can’t fit anywhere else” “you want to join us” Angus asked seductively. “I’d love too but I had enough action for this morning.” I answered as I left the patio. To be continued.

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