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    Anything muscle and muscle growth related. Ideally, I'd like to find a guy I get along with that is even more growth crazed than I am. One that will let me push him and support him until he reaches true musclegod status. :)

    I'm a big guy, but if you wanna make me look small one day, let's talk. :)
  • What are your stats?
    6'4 245 currently. Have been up and down over the years.
  • What are you seeking?
    I tend to read these stories a lot. It's my porn, there is nothing better.

    Really interested in meeting new people here in Chicago since I just moved to town.
  • What are your dream stats?
    Realistically 6'4 260, but I definitely would not stop if I get there. :)
  • Favorite Stories
    The Impossible Discovery
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Rob Kreidler offseason, Branch Waren, Frank McGrath...that's such a hard question. Lol. There are SO many.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Sweat, growth, strength, steroids, and cockiness. Love dom/sub and alpha types.

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  1. Kdub123

    Jock into Superhero

    Where do I find “Super Bro” mentioned a few times in this thread?
  2. Kdub123

    Birthday wish from a geek

    I can’t open that link, it routes to another site. Any ideas?
  3. Kdub123

    Teacher grows

    No clue what it’s called, but would love to read it!
  4. Such an interesting topic!! Maybe I'm just horribly pessimistic and cynical but I think good supportive relationships in general are something reserved for the very fortunate. I know I have spent far too many years chasing the dream of simply finding a fellow lifter or bodybuilder that would simply let me support them in that way. Impossible no, but something that very few lucky souls will ever find, yes. And yet I read posts by some men on here and can't quite grasp why you'd stay in relationships with no support from your loved ones. I have zero support, but no loved one...I guess I'm just confused why there are great men with no support and plenty of men and women who would love to support these great men. Small minded maybe, and cynical for sure. But what am I missing here? Genuinely asking. Not trying to rub anyone the wrong way.
  5. Kdub123

    Steal shortcut: Bully Wins

    I love macro! I'm going to read this tonight! Thanks Mr A!
  6. Kdub123

    Steal shortcut: Bully Wins

    I LOVE stories along this line. I would love to read some of anyomr has any in mind!
  7. Thanks for the follow mate.

  8. Kdub123

    Kid changes reality

    Thanks for posting the link! I couldn't remember the name of this to save my life.
  9. Kdub123

    Kid changes reality

    There is a story I remember reading a while back where a kid can change reality. He ends up growing his younger brother to a super intelligent beast and ends up being manipulated by his younger brother. This sound familiar to anyone?
  10. Thanks for the follow bro! 


  11. Kdub123

    Demon Muscle Theft Story

    Hey. Thank you for that link! How did you find that? I still can't find any other part except part 4.
  12. Kdub123

    Demon Muscle Theft Story

    That link goes to part four, and I can't seem to find part one on that site. Not very good at navigating that site though.
  13. Kdub123

    Winter Break

    GREAT story! I like the pace of things. Can't wait for more, if you're planning a part two!
  14. Kdub123

    Troy's Maggot - 4

    I'm really liking this story! Great job with making it so good to read, all from one persons point of view. Very cool! Thank you.
  15. This is a great story. I would love to see more!!! Thanks for what you have written so far!

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