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  1. Henry was shocked and amazed at what was happening to his body. Sure he'd been working out a lot more lately, but this was incredible. He could still taste Pete's load on and was just realizing how much of his muscle juice he swallowed. "Am I growing right now?!" Asked Henry with worry and excitement in his voice. "Yes, yes your are", replied Pete in an excited, matter of fact tone. Henry already experienced his chest filling out and tightening his tshirt around his newly improved pecs. A few seconds later Henry felt the rest of his body surge with ecstasy. It wasn't an organism sensation, but more an endorphin rush after an exhausting workout. He filled out his shorts to the point where his quads were skin tight and the outline of his still-hard cock was extremely evident. "Holy fuck", Henry whispered to himself as he checked out his toned body. "Take your shirt off beast, let's see what we've created" Pete chimed in. Henry peeled off his shirt and was pleasantly surprised with his defined physique. He took off his pants and gave his legs a shake, memsemrized at his calves and quads. "Is this because I ate your load, how is that even possible?", Henry asked. Pete ignored Henry's question. He was enamoured with the idea that he was able to make Henry evolve into a more muscular beast than he was 10 minutes earlier. That turned Pete on like never before - the ability to share his muscle growth with a hot stud and make him grow into a freaky beast. Henry approached Pete standing on the other side of the room. Both men naked and still hard despite already blowing their load. Henry was still awe struck at this muscular god feeding him his muscle juice. "I want more", Henry stated, "I don't care how this is happening, and I want to grow bigger and I want you to make it happen". Pete grinned, "Then let's hit the free weights and push through some more reps." Henry grinned back and locked lips with Pete. Moving his tongue around the muscle studs mouth while he felt up his body. Pete did the same to Henry feeling the muscle he provided. "Fuck my muscle hole", Henry whispered into Pete's ear. Pete grabbed Henry and slammed him against the empty desk in the room. He loosened up Henry's newly thickened ass with his tongue. "Fuck me deep", Henry demanded, "I want to feel all of your muscle cock inside me. Cum inside me. Make me grow bigger." Pete already intended to do both. He slid his powerful cock slowly into Henry's tight muscle hole while Henry squirmed a little and moaned. "Yes, yes, this is amazing" Henry yelled out, "fuck me deep you muscle beast, turn me into a beast like you". Pete obliged and started pounding Henry, flexing his entire body with each thrust. Pete was so turned on, it didn't take him long to cum deep inside Henry. "Fuuuuck yes you beast, take my roided muscle juice". Henry came as soon as he felt Pete unleashed his seed inside him. Pete flipped him over off the desk and aggressively sucked on his juicy lips. He then noticed Henry's massive creamy load all over the desk, and couldn't help himself. He leaned down and licked it up. "Can't waste quality muscle seed" Pete said as he flexed for Henry. "Do you feel any different?" Pete asked Henry, hoping for more muscle growth. "Well my ass if killing me", Henry replied and they both laughed. Then Henry's eyes expressed the same shock and ecstasy he felt before but much stronger. "Woah, I fucking feel it Pete, it's happening again", Henry exclaimed. His defined physique slowly transformed into an inflated jacked junior bodybuilder. "Holy fuck this feels incredible, look at my fucking arms" Henry said as he flexed for Pete. Pete wanted in on the action and started groping Henry softly as Henry continued to transform and grow. Henry stood in front of Pete a full 30lbs heavier, made of pure muscle. The hair alone that sprouted all over Henry's body was enough to make Pete want to cum again. It was in that moment, Pete realized he was growing. "What the hell!" Pete said as he felt his body growing thicker. "Henry, its gotta be because I licked up your seed. Fuck this is amazing. Look at my pecs, look at how thick I am!!", Pete let out a slow intense groan and he flexed to show off his newly earned gains. Cum started dripping from his muscled cock and Henry ran his ring get along Pete's shaft and licked the roided seed so he could grow with his muscle beast. The room was rank with sweaty muscle man musk after their growing and worship session. Both men put on their skin tight underwear since nothing else fit, and made their way across the gym to the locker room. "Look at my abs and chest and traps and arms and fucking tree trunk thighs'" Henry exclaimed as he flexed for himself in the bathroom full length mirror while Pete stood behind him admiring the muscle beast's growth. "You're definitely getting there stud", Pete admitted as he flexed in the mirror. Henry could smell Pete's sweaty pits as he flexed and the taste of Pete's body lingered in his mouth. "Hey Pete, you have to tell me how the hell this is happening, and when we're doing this again!", Henry inquired, hoping his gym crush turned growth accomplice would still want to fuck and workout. "We're working out together every fucking day now", Pete said and laughed, "we just made each other grow and that was the best sex of my life". "If you want to know why this is happening, I'll have to introduce you to Bill", said Pete. "Bill, who is that?" Asked Henry as he continued to flex for himself and smell his own sweaty musk.
  2. Here's Part 1: ------------- Henry - The Beast Within 2 The gym was slowly becoming Henry's second home. It helped that he had Pete as motivation. After their first friendly encounter, their paths didn't cross quite as much as Henry hoped. He still saw Pete almost every morning, but there wasn't an opportunity casual enough for them to talk. Henry constantly daydreamed about the perfect ice breaker but never had the confidence to go in for the kill, and Pete was also too focused on his clients. Finally one morning when the gym was oddly quiet, the distance between them was on course for a head on collision. Pete was putting in an extra workout because his 8am was a no-show. After Henry came out of the change room getting ready for a solid back and bicep workout, his eyes zoomed in on his secret crush in the free weights section, doing some intense curls with weights Henry only wished he could lift. This was it, he knew he had to make a move, or at the very least walk in the general direction of Pete's bulging biceps. He picked up 35lbs dumbbells and headed to a bench two down from Pete. Not too close and not too far. With only about 8 other people in the gym, Henry hoped some sort of interaction would happen. He could hear Pete's focused and controlled breaths between each rep. Wanting to show off a bit and not look like a complete amateur, Henry mimicked Pete and started focusing on his own moderately sized biceps while he pushed his body to its limit. On his final rep of his last set, he heard a faint holler on top of his blaring earbuds. Pete was waving, smiling, and trying to get his attention. "Good form man, and solid breathing. For a rookie you're not doing so bad", said Pete. Henry was freaking out! He was waiting weeks for this casual/well orchestrated conversation to happen. "Thanks man, just trying to get big like you" said Henry. Ugh, thought Henry, what the hell kind of line was that?! "Haha, thanks, but I'm not that big", said Pete as he gave Henry a slow double bicep flex. Henry's jaw dropped and he couldn't help but stare at Pete's thick biceps and massively sweaty pits on his cutoff shirt. Pete noticed the reaction and loved the attention, all of the attention, even Henry's tent popping up in his gym shorts. Henry didn't notice but Pete decided he would have a little fun. He got up from his bench, walked over to Henry, "Mind if I give you a few pointers?". Henry was in shock. Not only was he fully engaged in conversation with this complete muscle stud, he could smell the ripe musk rolling off Pete's muscled body and sweaty clothes. "Uh, sure of course you can", said Henry. Pete then instructed Henry on proper form for a curl and got right up close beside Henry, rubbing his drenched clothes against Henry's face. After showing Henry a few different variations, and clearly seeing that Henry was also drenched in sweat now and exhausted, he suggested they both finish up with a quick ab workout. Then headed to one of the studios. Pete chose the one he knew had most privacy. Despite the glass walls, there wouldn't be much foot traffic this morning anyways. "So what kind of ab workouts do you usually do?", asked Pete. Henry shrugged, "usually just some crunches." Pete gave Henry a playful look and lifted his shirt partly, "you don't get these from just doing crunches'" Pete said as he pointed to his abs and flexed. Henry laughed, "ok then boss, show me how to get ripped like you." "Are you sure you want this?", Pete joked back. "Yes I absolutely do," said Henry. Pete raised an eyebrow and told Henry to get on his back. Knees up and feet on the floor. Pete squatted at Henry's feet and then instructed Henry to start doing sit ups. Each incline, Henry would see Pete smiling back, pushing him to do more. Henry kept pushing and Pete kept yelling, more, more. By the final rep, Henry was competely spent. He collapsed on the ground. Pete was still at his feet, and Henry's thick hard cock was fully throbbing and tented in his shorts. "You always get a chub when you do sit-ups?" Pete teased. Henry was so embarrassed, but then looked at Pete who was now standing up and showing off his hard cock that tented his gym shorts. Henry smiled at Pete, and Pete winked back. "You serious about muscle growth, stud?" Pete asked. "More than you know. Well, I guess you can see that I am", Henry said as he glanced at his own shorts that were now leaking precum. Pete took Henry's hand and led him to a small office near the back corner of the gym. "Get in here" Pete ordered, as he closed the door behind them. It was a rarely used health exam room for newbie gym members to asses their physical level. Pete knew it wouldn't be used today. Henry could smell the rank muscle scent from Pete as they stood in the small poorly ventilated room. "I've been watching you for weeks" Pete confessed. Henry blushed, "and I've been watching you!". Both men laughed. "You're hot as fuck" admitted Henry. Pete smiled and gave Henry another double bicep pose. Henry stared transfixed on his size and girth. "Go ahead and touch them", Pete said. Henry slowly reached out and caresses his arms. "No, like really fucking touch them, give them a squeeze" Pete said as he flexed harder. "I can tell you have the potential to become massive, you just need to unleash the beast within, and I can help you do that," Pete said. "Yes, so much yes" Henry pleaded as he continued to grope Pete. Henry caught himself still touching this muscle stud standing in front of him, and quickly removed his hands. Pete laughed, and grabbed Henry's right hand and placed it on his muscled cock that was throbbing through his tight trainer gym shorts. Henry looked directly into Pete's eyes and without either of them saying a word, Pete took off his shirt and his shorts. Standing in front of Henry was a total muscle beast, offering to transform him into a beast. Henry came immediately. Warm creamy cum oozed down the side of his leg. He wasn't even embarrassed. Pete placed his hand on the top of Henry's head and slowly guided him down to his sweaty muscle cock. Henry could feel the heat and dampness of his muscle cock as he wrapped his lips around it and started sucking him off. The precum on the tip of Pete's cock tasted sweet like nectar. It didn't take long for Pete to cum. He held Henry's head tight against his cock and balls while his thrusted himself into the aspiring muscle beast's face. Henry didn't even attempt to pull away, as Pete warm load shot hard down Henry's throat. "Mmmm ya take my muscle juice" Pete groaned as he unloaded his seed into Henry. Henry licked up every last drop and collapsed backwards on the floor. Pete held out his hand and lifted Henry up. With a big smirk on his face, Pete kissed Henry. "Just wanna see how my muscle juice tastes on your lips" Pete said. Henry smiled and leaned in to kiss Pete more. A few seconds later, Henry stopped and stepped back. His nipples felt sensitive rubbing up against Petes naked body. "You okay beast?" Pete asked, still with the smirk on his face. Henry started to slowly rub his chest. "I feel weird", said Henry, "not bad, just weird". His pecs started to feel thicker, and then the fabric on his tshirt seemed to feel tight. "Are you seeing this?" asked Henry. "Seeing it and loving it", said Pete, "and I hope you're ready for more because we're just getting started."
  3. The stale smell of sweat that constantly lingered in the air was like a trigger for Henry. After 8 months of avoiding the gym, he finally got his ass through those gym doors and committed to a membership. It didn't help that this gym in particular was in the basement of a building, but he had no excuse to avoid it since he lived down the street. He missed it. The hot gym rats obsessed with the pump, the tight clothes, the lack of clothes, the glimpses of swollen bodies in the change room, and that overwhelming gym aroma. As soon as he swung open the gym door, he was hooked again. Escaping the busy city streets with traffic noise, and entering the world of clanking iron weights, grunts of exhaustion and pure muscle growth. Henry always wanted to become massive. Ever since he was young growing teen, when he first saw bodybuilders in an Olympia book at the local book store. He was mesmerized by it. The seed was planted, and he knew he'd be huge some day. Henry didn't realize how fucking hard that would be. Now, standing at 5'10, 160lbs at 27 years old, he wasn't exactly the muscle freak he fantasized about. He had the typical excuse that life got in the way. First it was school, then work, then his dating life. His last boyfriend wasn't much of a fitness enthusiast, and Henry, being a creature of comfort, followed suit and avoided the gym. It didn't fit in with the life plan at the time. That all changed after a messy breakup. Tired of not looking after himself, and feeling misdirected, he always felt there was something missing - it had to be the gym. Every other aspect of his life seemed to be perfection to anyone on the outside looking in. He was a 20-something guy, living in the city, newly single and easy on the eyes. Henry just wasn't happy being skinny. That deep inner passion was finally being unearthed and he was listening to it. After a two weeks of lifting, Henry's early morning workout was becoming a routine. It was less busy at the gym in the morning, so he didn't feel as self-conscious while we got his footing with his workouts. The intense pain he felt was slowly subsiding day by day. His body scorched with pain for days after each workout, but he secretly loved it. He knew his body was responding to his growth plan, and it was worth it to see the results each day. It wasn't insane growth, but he noticed it. He started to become a gym regular. He was greeted by name as soon as he approached the front desk, he noticed a few regular early morning gym rats as well. He hadn't had the nerve to speak with anyone yet, it was easier to just keep to himself, but there were definitely a few guys who stood out. Maybe it was a matter of time until he became gym bros with them. There was one trainer in particular that stood out. Henry avoided getting a trainer, despite the aggressive efforts from the gym owner. Too much money, and he wanted to go at his own pace. But this trainer was hot as hell. Around 5'7", and easily 200lbs. He was the only trainer who trained early in the morning, always had a smile on his face, and was well aware of how pumped and swollen his body was. Henry kept a low profile and assumed he was under the radar and unnoticed the whole time, but could have sworn this trainer gave him a side glance a few times. Nothing more annoying the a gym induced crush - completely throws off the gaydar! Especially from a trainer! In any case it was motivation for Henry to get up every morning, with the hopes of seeing Pete the trainer. Henry never made any obvious effort to workout near Pete while he was training clients. The odd time though it would happen by chance. Usually Henry would turn down his earbuds and see if he could discretely listen in on his conversation. Keeping it casual so he didn't draw any attention to himself. On one specific morning Pete's client started a chat about drinking the night before, and Pete expressed his love for wine. Henry noticed how self conscious Pete became. His client, an uppity annoying middle-aged woman, was shocked by his response. WINE?! And Henry was shocked by HER response, thinking, what's wrong with wine?! Is wine gay? He laughed to himself. Well, he thought he laughed to himself. The muffled laughter was within earshot of Pete. For the first time Pete looked directly at Henry, and smirked. That of course was such a subtle insignificant signifier to make Henry's mind race for the rest of his workout - maybe Pete really is gay! Given his profession, the bro-culture, the muscle, the sweat, the client-base, maybe Pete's been on the down-low out of his own insecurity. It was driving Henry mad, but he wasn't about to outright ask Pete. A couple weeks went by. Henry kept to his routine as much as possible. Up early, get to the gym, maybe Pete is working. Most mornings he was. Made all the effort worthwhile when Henry saw Pete laughing and talking with a client in his tight white shirt, waddling around the gym. Leg day. Leg day is when everything changed, 6 weeks into Henry's secret muscle growth plan. He was in the squat rack, which happened to be near Pete and his client. Henry was just finishing up his last set, when Pete walked by. "Nice form", he said. HOLY SHIT. Henry's heart would have started racing if he wasn't already exhausted. Henry grabbed his towel, and wiped the sweat streaming down his forehead. "Thanks, I think I'm getting the hang of it", said Henry. "Well, if you ever need any pointers flag me down anytime, I can tell you have a lot of potential. Would be good to see you get the most out of your workout", said Pete. "Ah, thanks man, really appreciate it but I can't afford a trainer right now. Thanks for the compliment though", said Henry. Pete laughed, "Free of charge buddy, I don't charge unless it's a full session, you've seriously got a frame to get freaky", and then winked at Henry as he walked over to meet his next client. Henry couldn't help himself from smiling. Finally, he had an in.
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