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    Bears and massive muscle bears and huge cocks
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    5'8" 215#
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    hot stories of muscle
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    5'8" 300#
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    too many to list!!
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    Branch Warren
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    Muscle bears, gear, orgies

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  1. ToolShedCub

    The Arab Prince

    GOD DAMN! This ending was hot!
  2. ToolShedCub


    damn thats HOT! Is there a list or could we make a list of stories in this series? Researched and located what i could find. Why you shouldn't trust Saul Bennet Priapus Pictures Twink number Twelve
  3. ToolShedCub

    Dad’s Changes - Part 1: Pick Up

    God damn that was HOT!!!!
  4. ToolShedCub

    …And Sometimes, I Watch My Dad Go to Work…

    I hope daddy fucks his boy in the next chapter
  5. ToolShedCub


    Good story!!!!!
  6. ToolShedCub

    Greed Demon Pt.1

    Christ this was HAWT! keep it up!!
  7. ToolShedCub

    The Intergalactic Adventures of Eero - Chapter 4 (Teaser)

    I think i got lost somewhere. if this is the 4th chapter teaser where is chapter 3? where did Frisco come from?
  8. ToolShedCub

    Muscle Growth Interactive Game - Public Alpha Test (Part 3)

    ok i'm assuming that all the dead links in red are future content?
  9. ToolShedCub

    Santa And My Big Papa Bear

    Bears rule man
  10. ToolShedCub

    Dominant Muscle Master

    U might wanna mark this as a snuff story. Honestly not a fan. I had a rock hard boner until he started killing people.

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