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  1. Good news for you Iowabear, there is the whole story: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4, our finale: Enjoy.
  2. Saw it's your bday, have a great one big guy. :)

    1. GiganticBeast


      Thanks man! I hope to!!

  3. Fuck, this is getting hot and exciting! Loved that description of Brad in the gym and the mystery of the giants.
  4. Oh jesus, I can't believe there's more! And now here I am hoping for another hit! Great work. Loving the lack of inhibition about size.
  5. Mmm nice comeuppance, love the action. Can't wait to see what chaos erupts, especially since there's more pills around.
  6. Mm one of my favorites has a new part! And I can't wait to see what these black pills do. I like the possibility of Chris and Luke having another fuck session, too.
  7. Quick search in the old forum says you're looking for Lazarus by muscl4life Hope it helps
  8. These just keep getting better and better. I loved the descriptions and can't wait for more.
  9. I friggin love this series and can't wait for more. I love the attitude shift especially in contrast to our meek little maggot back in the day. The best part is how he's learned to revel in his building enormity, while retaining his cunning. He's become a dangerously muscled predator indeed.
  10. Echoing that sentiment. Loved this stories beginning and can't wait for more. Especially the sexplay.
  11. So, I’ve decided to go with a slightly darker tone eventually. I will push those limits, and the plausible size difference one, eventually. This chapter there’ll be more fun to be had. The bad thing about having an every 3 hour libido is you have to time writing right before another session of muscle induced pleasuring. Remember to give all sorts of explicit feedback and as always, thanks for coming! Oh, and there may be a few writing shifts as I find my style, not exactly used to writing multiple points of view. Also, here's part 1 http://muscle-growth.org/topic/7827-umgsss-part-1/ -2- Doctor James Smith surveyed the damage Private Matt Miller had done to the private gym. Thankfully it was a converted laboratory so a machine could be brought in to pull the bars out of the wall, but this place was a shell of its former self. The machines had to be special made and were probably going to set the budget back a few more million, but if he could replicate the serum’s success it wouldn’t matter much longer. Looking at some indentations on the frame of a few machines, Doctor Smith observed that halfway through, the private must have realized this gym wouldn’t even wind him and started lifting the machines themselves. As he continued, he put together a chain of events that suggested after lifting the machines for reps, Miller must have decided to combine a few of them in order to do reps. As he finished writing up his report, he looked around and then it hit him. A type of musk hung in the air. It was thick and dominating, invading his mental space slowly but surely. He hadn’t noticed it before because he was away from the area of most effort, but now it was in his lungs. Doctor Smith felt it wash over him and began to feel a bulge in his pants respond. Ever professional, he adjusted himself and quickly left to finish his notes and call in a crew to clean this up. Meanwhile back at the barracks, Nurse Michael Peters pushed out another load. It had been his fifth since a few hours ago when he saw that immense private. The way he filled his vision, the bulges and contours enticing his eyes to behold true virility, it was almost too much then and there. He wiped up his latest mess and began to reach for more lube for a sixth round when he heard a knock at his door. Thankfully, as medical staff, he lived by himself, so Michael tucked his member into his waistband and greeted his visitor. He wasn’t prepared however, when it was indeed the object of his fantasies awaiting him. A smirk looked back at him, framed by pure power. “Hey Nurse Peters,” the words rumbled toward him like rolling thunder. All that ran through Peters’ mind was, buh, buh, he-… as his hand wandered back towards his waistband. Thankfully, Miller took the mouth agape as a hint and let himself in and shut and locked the door. As if on cue, Peters was overcome by horniness and attacked Miller’s pecs with his mouth. Miller felt the teeth on his quarter of an inch wide nipple clamping down and felt pleasure wash over him. Peters heard from above him, “More,” and increased his fervor. His hands meanwhile traced what had to be a river basin of veins from cannonball delts down to melon-sized biceps to river delta forearms, and finally massive mitts on his ass. Peters was glad they were on his ass, given it was his best feature and worked in the gym to make sure it was better than anyone else’s on base. Of course, that was probably a moot point now that this titan was here, but still. Like lightning, Peters felt himself being lifted and carried to his bed. He quickly found himself pinned like a butterfly to corkboard, but his mouth never left that hard pillow called Miller’s pec. His shorts vanished just as quickly and he felt one of the mitts that he had caressed fondling his junk. It was clumsy, as if it was unfamiliar with this dance, but its power did the job well enough and Peters felt himself getting harder against the wall of flesh. The mitt then travelled downward towards his ass. With little effort one huge finger popped into his hole followed by another. Peters felt a moan escape of its own volition from the fingers fucking him. Soon enough the fingers retreated and he felt something larger, warmer, and wetter at his hole. Inside, he knew he wanted it, but he wasn’t sure he could take it. It didn’t matter though as it shoved its way inside, making the hole conform to its enhanced thickness and veins. Peters felt the invading rod stop after a few seconds as his ass made contact with Miller’s pelvis. His ass was now filled with an immense 10 inch monster and he couldn’t believe his hole stretched to contain the 8 inch circumference. Then, Miller began to pull out and push back in again like a steam piston. Peters grabbed on to either side of his sheets and began to moan uncontrollably as his prostate was being practically steamrolled by Miller’s redwood log. He heard cracking behind him as the block wall was being battered with incredible force by the bedframe. As Miller picked up the pace, Peters eventually settled into a rhythmic pattern of “Oha oha oha!” Looking forward, Peters saw that his torso and some of Miller’s stomach was covered in cum that he had been shooting uncontrollably throughout. It was then that Miller bent forward and grabbed ahold of either wrist and turned the pace even higher. Peters heard guttural grunting but his attention was quickly taken to his ass being filled up with something. Miller was cumming but it wasn’t a normal amount. His new cannon begin to unload a barrage into Peters’ ass. Gushing forth like a tidal wave the lucky vessel began to fill up as more cum shot upwards and inwards through the intestines at this rate. It felt extremely hot and soothing as it oozed into the orifice. Soon enough Peters began to fill full as if he had a huge dinner as his stomach began to distend. After a good minute and who knows how many shots, Miller pulled out and rolled off the bed. As Peters caught his breath, he looked over and saw that the private was already getting dressed and ready to go. He was simply too exhausted to say anything and he only felt pleasurable afterglow and a painful gaping from Miller’s cock. The last thing he saw before he passed out was Miller shutting the door behind him as he left. Sometime later, Peters came to with Dr. Smith standing over him, taking notes. “Ah! You’re awake! I was going to wake you, but you had such a smile on your face. I was worried when you didn’t report back in. I see Private Miller seems to have had his way with you, do you want to tell me about it?” The doctor was his usual self, concerned with the experiment, but with a hint of care. Peters looked down, remembering his bloating stomach, only to find it empty. It seemed that while he was passed out, all the cum had forcibly oozed out of him, leaving his bed a sticky, goopy mess. His ass thankfully didn’t hurt, despite the ramrodding it received. Looking back to the doctor, he replied simply, “I had some fun with Private Miller. I couldn’t control myself, but it was pretty fun!” The doctor chuckled to himself, writing something down on his pad. “You seem to be no worse for the wear, Michael. Report to the commander and bring some requisition forms for your new bedding.” With that Dr. Smith was off to who knows where. Still basking in the afterglow, Peters put his arms behind his head and felt the still warm goo on his inner legs. At the regular base gym’s sauna, Miller waited. A towel was crudely draped across his wide legs, which left very little to the imagination. As steam built up and concealed his large form, he began to think back of his last experience in here. It had been about a week ago, when he had finished his workout. He was relaxing in the sauna, letting the day’s troubles run its way down his body when he was shaken out of his relaxed trance by an asshole. Said asshole was PFC John Jakowski. Jakowski had joined at the same time he did, mostly because they went to the same high school. Back then, Miller was bullied by him every day, doing the usual things jerks do; stuffed in lockers, head-first swirlies, and the occasional book bag on fire. The private tried to avoid him on base, but Jakowski still found ways to make him regularly miserable. As he thought of all the bad things that were done to him, Miller heard the door to the locker rooms open. It was about the usual time for John to be done with his workout and ready to bully the old little Private Miller. A few moments later, a figure stepped into the sauna and Miller recognized the silhouette immediately. That lean figure, strapping at 205 lbs, packed on a tall (well, for old Private Miller) 6’3” frame could only be John Jakowski. He sat down far away from the door, waiting like a panther for Miller to come in for his dose of bullying. To his peril, he failed to notice the huge new figure in the room until it went and locked the sauna door. Jakowski thought it to be unusual, but then the figure spoke. “Hey John, remember me?” Miller grumbled out. Instantly Jakowski went white as a sheet in shock. Miller gave a small laugh at the sight, thinking to himself, What I did to Peters was fun and games. Too bad Johnny-boy isn’t going to have that kind of fun. Jakowski felt himself freeze up as the large figure moved approached him like a slow tidal wave. The titan moving towards him had to be at least a half foot taller than him. This mysterious person’s erect member pointed at his face accusingly. Jakowski searched his mind frantically for a face to match to this god. As a drop of pre-cum splashed deafeningly on the floor, Jakowski recognized the figure, and his heart practically stopped.
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