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    Muscle, games, tv, the news, cooking, lifting.
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    5'10ish, 240 lbs, mostly fat.
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    Fun, worship, chat.
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    6'2"-5", 220-250 lbs. Preferably some sort of powerlifter/muscle bear.
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    Xyggurat's "The Roommate" for starters. "Blue Pills" series. "Charlie."
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    Too many. Flex Lewis, Peter Molnar, etc.
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    Being dominated by strength, cumflation, his growth during sex. Daddies, too. And a small bit of roughness.

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  1. Good news for you Iowabear, there is the whole story: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4, our finale: Enjoy.
  2. 👍 Thanks buddy!

  3. Saw it's your bday, have a great one big guy. :)

    1. GiganticBeast


      Thanks man! I hope to!!

  4. Fuck, this is getting hot and exciting! Loved that description of Brad in the gym and the mystery of the giants.
  5. Oh jesus, I can't believe there's more! And now here I am hoping for another hit! Great work. Loving the lack of inhibition about size.
  6. Mmm nice comeuppance, love the action. Can't wait to see what chaos erupts, especially since there's more pills around.
  7. Mm one of my favorites has a new part! And I can't wait to see what these black pills do. I like the possibility of Chris and Luke having another fuck session, too.
  8. Quick search in the old forum says you're looking for Lazarus by muscl4life Hope it helps
  9. These just keep getting better and better. I loved the descriptions and can't wait for more.
  10. I echo this sentiment. I've had a down right bad life so far. So I am into daddies who will just want to hold me tight at night. So yeah, I will call them daddy as a protector/mentor kind of thing.
  11. I friggin love this series and can't wait for more. I love the attitude shift especially in contrast to our meek little maggot back in the day. The best part is how he's learned to revel in his building enormity, while retaining his cunning. He's become a dangerously muscled predator indeed.
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