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  1. Another amazing story SeaMusc. Completely drawn in to the characters and wondering how/why they have such a special bond. I had to laugh when Ian asked for some protein powder - been in that situation before! I love a good size difference, but it looks like that won't last long. Can't wait for the next chapter!
  2. Thank you SeaMusc, it's amazing how your imagination and writing talent combine to give us the ultimate fantasy. It gives us a glimpse into your psyche - if you woke up as a 7' 500 pound monster, we just might know what kind of intense feelings and love you'd have for your lucky mate. Stories such as yours remind me that some of the biggest dudes crave companionship. Ideally a companionship with someone who has an equally barbaric and raw love for muscle.
  3. Thank you for setting this up so quickly. Must have been a lot of work!
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