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    As of now, I wouldn't be totally against finding a guy on here to date, maybe a relationship. But of course, muscle, muscle and muscle is my main focus of the place. I love vids, morphs, stories, and guys that are muscle related.
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    Ben Gets Huge, The Hockey Hunk Series, Justin: The Bigger The Better
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    Giants, football jocks or any big muscled jocks really haha

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  1. All I remember with this story was that there was a posing portion, a naked posing portion, a cumming portion, than the winner gets turned into a gold statue. I know it's vague but it is bugging me which story this is.
  2. Thanks for the follow

  3. I remember a story where a son buys his dad a growth drink without telling him and they're at their cabin and the dad grows inside the cabin and crawls out and grows bigger and has his son drink it too. I can't remember the title and can't find it in the archive, any help would be great!
  4. Hey! You're a Moderator now! You need a cool avatar for your profile, dude!

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    2. Scriptboy


      Check it out

    3. musclelover1996


      I can live with that lol, I'll look through hardtrainer's morphs sometime and find one or I'll find another one too

    4. Scriptboy
  5. You finally posted a profile pic!

    1. giantfreakgod1988


      Yeah haha, thought it was finally time

  6. Yes!!! Thank you so much. I'm glad I can read this great story again!
  7. I remember reading a story on the old forum. it's about a father who somehow stole his son's muscles. he was sick of his kid strutting around the house and being a dick, so he stole his muscle. the dad then starts bring girls home and gets all tatted up. he then proceeds to steal more muscle from the kid, making his son older and fatter, while he gets younger and bigger. this was not on the forum per se, but a link to a blog. it had pics with it too. if anyone remembers, I'd appreciate it. musclelover1996
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