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  1. Unbelievable...and I LOVE IT!! I had an idea that something along those lines was going to happen, especially with all the good natured (and some not so much) ribbing that was coming from Deano regarding LuKe! You write one hell of a realistic story @muscleaddict! You’ve got me sitting on the edge of my seat...along with a million others!! Keep it up man!
  2. Once again, another amazing chapter! I check daily...sometimes multiple times a day...love it! Side note...I really how you are weaving an actual story instead of just growth and muscle porn. Can’t wait for the next installment!!
  3. Thanks for following bro!!! 

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GB!! Here's to the growth you've already had...now on to the massive proportions you want! Happy 30th bro! 

    1. GiganticBeast


      Thanks man!! Yeah I can't fucking wait to see how BIG i'll get!

  5. Hey bro, I'm up in wisconsin if you ever want to chat! 


  6. Hey Max, long time no chat....how you been bro? 


  7. Thanks for the follow bro! 


  8. Thanks for the follow bro!!! 

    1. Dominicrue


      How could I resist a muscle fiend like yourself (;

  9. Thanks for the follow bro! 


  10. Thanks for the follow bro!! 


    1. bodyseb


      You're welcome ! Keep on growing !

  11. Totally got a like from me! Can't wait to see what happens next!
  12. Thanks for the follow bro! 


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