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    Bronx, NY
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    Pretty much all the stuff at metabods.com -- muscle, muscle growth, huge cocks, multilimb and multicock, and more
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    Regular guy (IRL, anyway) :)
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    Stories and conversation
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    Lots of possibilities -- bigger, more...
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    Depends on the mood
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    I like em big but still cute, someone who looks like Tito Raymond, Jeff Seid, that kind of thing
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    Hmmm, see above. Big thick pecs, lats, traps, long rows of abs, for starters

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  1. Thanks for continuing to run your site!

  2. Thanks for the feedback and kind words, @Ydt81 and @asianman2410! Taking care of these stories is one of the things I enjoy most (alongside making my own contributions to it when I can). Cheers!
  3. This is just a quick note to remind everyone that Metabods is always looking for good stories in all different kinds of genres—growth, size, extras, anything that evokes the possibilities of the male form. If you've written stories that share that kind of vision, send them in. Or drop me a line and talk to me about it. Now that Metabods is overhauled for mobile platforms and has reached the (for me, unexpected) heights of over a thousand stories from hundreds of authors, I'd like to keep trying to make the site a great, free place to go for alternative gay erotica. Thanks for listening. —BRK
  4. transformation

    FYI, the Transform series is back on Metabods. Here they are in order: http://www.metabods.com/mb/tags/Transform_Universe.html