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  1. mslgrw

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    To make this thread more helpful, I think going forward it would help if we operated off a few assumptions: 1. The thread's title is pretty clear: "Trump ruining muscle for me", i.e. the fact that for so many of the muscular men we admire, the idea of masculinity or "machismo" entails a rejection of people who are different, such as immigrants, LGBT folk, non-white people, anti-intellectualism. 2. Personally, there can be tension between admiring someone who embodies this particular definition of masculinity but knowing that he may support political and legal positions that would be detrimental to us, or that he would be like the jocks in high school who were hurtful to "nerds" or gay men, or something similar. Some people find this kind of dominance/disrespect directed toward them exciting as a fantasy; it becomes problematic when it crosses the line from fantasy to reality (and legality, or perceived cultural acceptance). 3. Those of us engaged in the conversation here are exploring that tension or venting our own ambivalence or frustration about this on this forum because, as a place dedicated to muscle guys, this is one of the few places where we can unabashedly talk about our appreciation of muscular men; thus, admonitions on being thick-skinned or a fear that it's going to get "heated" can inhibit this conversation, which I think is very, very important because this is one of the few safe places we can do so. I really, really want people to be able to talk frankly about this because it's a definitely scary thing; having come out as a gay man before there was a lot of cultural acceptance of LGBT folk, it has become more and more important to me to know that other men respect me as a person. I was blessed when some of the straight men I admitted I had a crush on said that they were flattered even if they weren't gay. It was one of the most beautiful things to know that I could tell a man I really was attracted to him without being afraid he would hurt me. I'm always honored when women tell me they like me or find me attractive, as it makes me feel good and I can honor their feelings. I want the same for everyone - sharing without fear of being the object of violence, hate, or legalized discrimination.
  2. mslgrw

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    Oh we know, Ravenweremuscle That's one of the reasons I love this board; so many hot (and growing!) muscle beasts who have lives outside of the gym, the bedroom, and their own muscles, and who know that compassion and masculinity are not opposites!
  3. mslgrw

    Trump ruining muscle for me

    For me, I think about how that person would treat me in real life. The bodybuilder may be hot and cocky and do dom/sub kind of stuff, but I have to trust that they'd see even a non-hot person like me as a person worthy of respect. If I find out they are homophobic, racist, or sexist, then I have a harder time being excited by their hot muscles. Respect is sexy!
  4. Such amazingly beasty growth! Good work, man, congratulations! 

  5. Absolutely loved your caption you recently did for that photo!!!!  Got any caption for this:


    1. mslgrw


      Haha, glad you liked it! Here you go: "I knew you'd come through for me, bud," he said in his even-deeper voice after giving me a deviant, dominant smirk. He kissed the giant tub of protein powder and gave a little flex, a perfectly intimidating reminder of just how quickly this beast was growing. He'd already ripped through his entire wardrobe of shirts, and his shorts no longer covered up much of his alpha-male body, either. 

      When I gave him this tub, I expected it would last a while. It lasted three days. His body was hungry for growth fuel, and he had found a source that was very willing and very submissive. His hormones drove him to GROW and GROW, to fulfill his destiny as a huge beast. 

    2. pasidious


      So hot!  You have a gift for this!

    3. mslgrw


      Thanks for saying so, man! I do my best. 

  6. mslgrw

    Butch Stratford Meetup

    Hope you have a wonderful experience! He is such a handsome alpha male. Let us know how it went! (or message me the salacious details!)
  7. mslgrw

    Muscular Friends

    Speaking as an out of shape guy, I bet the normal rules of having hot friends would apply here. Hot people who are also good/nice people can have different kinds of friends of different levels of attractiveness / muscularity, and my responsibility as a friend is to honor and respect the whole person (not just the muscles). If I'm only friends with them because I secretly want to grope their muscles, then I'm not being a good friend. If I can appreciate the mind and heart (as well as the muscles) then they are more likely to be friends with me and appreciate me for my mind and heart (even if I don't have the muscles).
  8. mslgrw

    Beards: Yay or Nay?

    Beards are the best - so rugged and manly! A hot guy is only made hotter with a nice beard. There are many guys without beards who are hot, but I prefer a good beard.
  9. mslgrw


    Very awesome story! I wish I had a guy to feed and grow!
  10. mslgrw

    A Muscle Dad Built To Order - Vial 2

    I want to give those vials to someone and have my very own Andrew!
  11. mslgrw

    A Muscle Dad Built To Order - Vial 1

    A very nice start! Can't wait for vial 2!

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