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    Muscle, obviously! But I really like guys who are growing bigger, hairier, more aggressive and manly (though I do also like it when they are affectionate, too)
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    Yeah, definitely not a bodybuilder here.
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    Chat, RP, maybe snuggles?
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    Uh, plenty. Musk, feet, and more!

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  1. Such amazingly beasty growth! Good work, man, congratulations! 

  2. Absolutely loved your caption you recently did for that photo!!!!  Got any caption for this:


    1. mslgrw


      Haha, glad you liked it! Here you go: "I knew you'd come through for me, bud," he said in his even-deeper voice after giving me a deviant, dominant smirk. He kissed the giant tub of protein powder and gave a little flex, a perfectly intimidating reminder of just how quickly this beast was growing. He'd already ripped through his entire wardrobe of shirts, and his shorts no longer covered up much of his alpha-male body, either. 

      When I gave him this tub, I expected it would last a while. It lasted three days. His body was hungry for growth fuel, and he had found a source that was very willing and very submissive. His hormones drove him to GROW and GROW, to fulfill his destiny as a huge beast. 

    2. pasidious


      So hot!  You have a gift for this!

    3. mslgrw


      Thanks for saying so, man! I do my best. 

  3. Really awesome! I love the build-up for the story, and I'm excited to see where people take the curse/gift. Thanks for writing it, IJrge!
  4. Very awesome story! I wish I had a guy to feed and grow!
  5. I want to give those vials to someone and have my very own Andrew!
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