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    drawing beefcakes, drawing huge studs, drawing massive manly meaty superhero men
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    muscles (duh), pecs, biceps, vascular muscles, hairy chests, some hyper muscle if done right

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  1. I didn't realize you were on this site! I have been following your deviantart for like years! You do amazing work

    1. Astromuscle


      and it was just pointed out to me that you are also ripped-saurion...

      What is my life and how have I lived in such ignorant darkness

  2. uh, me! lol i also remade this image recently, so you can check that out as well: http://graphic-muscle.deviantart.com/art/wet-wolvie-615181375
  3. it's not a story but i hope this helps!
  4. Your only 23? no way!

  5. hubba hubba, this was pretty damn hot. whew! the muscle worship scenes and the general imagery of Stack were especially erotic. huge props for writing furry stuff. seems like there isn't a lot of that kind of stuff over here and you pulled it off wonderfully. I dunno about the species of the main character but I definitely get the impression of Stack being a bull. also, bonus props for having the characters not diving immediately into buttsex and instead pleasuring each other through other means. that was really refreshing. keep writing! can't wait for more!
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