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    San Francisco, CA
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    fantasy profile.
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    Muscle tops who like their muscle boys like me.
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    5'5" 160, muscled white guy<br /><br />
    15.5a, 40c, 28w, 24q<br /><br />
    Looking to build up a bit more to 170, ripped.
  • What are you seeking?
    Seeking ultimately a bodybuilder-type man to spend time getting to know.
  • What are your dream stats?
    I'd love to hit 200 one day and ripped.
  • Favorite Stories
    Sugar Packets was what started it all, but realistic is always my favorite, especially when the bigger guy is nice.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Markus Ruhl, Ronnie Coleman, Kai Green, Rodney St Cloud, Brad Hollibaugh, Zeb Atlas, Victor Richards. Maybe you?
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    huge musclegod top or vers top men. Never stop growing... everywhere.

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  1. lunarmusc

    Make 350+lbs

    Would love to grow you in voice rp
  2. lunarmusc

    Meet up.

    LunarMusc hope to see everyone!
  3. lunarmusc

    Instagram your Avis?

    No one? Awww maybe I’ll start. Follow me on IG and maybe we can all see pics of each other there
  4. lunarmusc

    Instagram your Avis?

    Does anyone have an Instagram for their avi? I’d love to follow you if you do! I’m lunarmusc on there.
  5. lunarmusc

    Pavel Cervinka Skype

    What a beautiful man.
  6. lunarmusc

    Second life for roleplay

    Well, the bigger the muscle the better! :)
  7. lunarmusc


    Is this a new dev?
  8. Thanks for the follow mate.

  9. add me on skype: lunarmusc

  10. lunarmusc

    New Story: THE PERFECT STORM - Part I

    fuck yeah! love the measurements!

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