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    I like extremes, be that extremes of strength, musculature or sheer physical size.
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    5"11, 152lbs
  • What are you seeking?
    Stories that make me (in no particular order:) think, gasp, get a whopping great erection, laugh, growl with envy at the awesome writing, and want to re-read to have the experience all over again. It'd be nice to meet people on here with similar interests too.
  • What are your dream stats?
    Hmm, I could probably go for a few more pounds of muscle. So long as I'm at least a billion gigatonnes lighter than my boyfriend :)
  • Favorite Stories
    Grow Your Own Gravity, Mass Hose, Justin (the bigger the better), Graham. Any stories about an unquenchable thirst for massive muscle growth, really.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Peter Molnar, Lee Priest
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    A man's obsession with more and more size, never being satisfied no matter how freakishly muscular he grows, kind of...does strange things to me psychologically. Goood things. :)

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  1. Great fun to read! Giants are always hot
  2. What a homecoming! Great story, and really sweet
  3. It's definitely an interesting (and grisly) premise; you should keep going with it!
  4. Wow, the first story I've read this decade and it did not disappoint! Great writing. You really capture the characters' greed for power and muscle and ENDLESS GROWTH! Hopefully Justin will eclipse them both in the next part
  5. What an amazing story! Definitely looking forward to the next part
  6. A fun story, and some really snappy writing. Excellent pacing, with a sense of humour too. Impressive stuff, Omniman
  7. Terrific writing, SwoleMeUp!
  8. For me, greed for muscle size - whether male, female or anthro - is hot as f*ck, do please continue this!
  9. Incredible writing, mate, and really hot. Seriously impressive stuff.
  10. See, THIS is why this is a hot story. Jakk will never be satisfied with his size; his greed is insatiable. An amazing chapter, expandingmuscle
  11. I need to live in a warmer country. There are not enough pools, and by extension, hunky pool boys, in the UK! Great story, VRGoh!
  12. What a fun read! I'm glad the protagonist found someone to accommodate his size needs in the end
  13. 'Enjoying' is putting it mildly, buddy Take your time over Part 3; I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!
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