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    I like extremes, be that extremes of strength, musculature or sheer physical size.
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    5"11, 152lbs
  • What are you seeking?
    Stories that make me (in no particular order:) think, gasp, get a whopping great erection, laugh, growl with envy at the awesome writing, and want to re-read to have the experience all over again. It'd be nice to meet people on here with similar interests too.
  • What are your dream stats?
    Hmm, I could probably go for a few more pounds of muscle. So long as I'm at least a billion gigatonnes lighter than my boyfriend :)
  • Favorite Stories
    Grow Your Own Gravity, Mass Hose, Justin (the bigger the better), Graham. Any stories about an unquenchable thirst for massive muscle growth, really.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Peter Molnar, Lee Priest
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    A man's obsession with more and more size, never being satisfied no matter how freakishly muscular he grows, kind of...does strange things to me psychologically. Goood things. :)

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  1. Phenomenal writing, AdonisObsessed. Really looking forward to the next chapter
  2. I love it when a bodybuilder gets the power to grow themselves... Dave finally gets that ability in Grow Your Own Gravity (author unknown): https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/290.html Scott is a freaking hot story too; it's one of them (like Justin: the bigger, the better) that you sort of never want to end
  3. I like the fact it starts in media res, pulling you in straight away. Looking forward to more
  4. Definitely a different style of story. I really liked the blend of narrative and photos; they were well-chosen and helped to bring the story to life. Nice one, goggletan!
  5. A really exciting read. Looking forward to the next part!
  6. Amazing story. Reading about unquenchable greed for growth is hot as hell!
  7. Thanks for the follow goremeridian!

  8. This was a great read! I love the fact that Ian had the opportunity to curb the extreme nature of his wish...but chose instead to embrace freakish, macro mass!! Fun and hot writing at the same time! Nice one, Ncgazza!
  9. Dwight's greed for growth, for more and more freakish mass, is palpable. I LOVE stories like this!! A great read, JP71!
  10. I LOVE the extreme nature of that last wish! Terrific writing, RosieWorships!
  11. Terrific story, dredlifter. I guess I can empathise with Trevor a little, since I've always been 'just under 6 foot' too. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more
  12. Wow, intense writing!! I've always wanted a boyfriend who wants me to grow him huge; this hit all the right notes
  13. Role reversal stories are a great read. The writing is tight and hot. A really terrific story so far.
  14. goremeridian

    Gene Hack

    Great story, tight writing. Tonally, you walk the middle ground between erotic and horrific, which is not easy to pull off. I'm seriously impressed....and as much as my stomach turns thinking about Tom's skin splitting, I can't help but want him so get so much BIGGER....
  15. Wow, thanks for this Tobias! It makes much more sense now.
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