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  1. The quickest I've ever gone from zero to dry heaving downstairs.
  2. ipsen

    Big Guys into Small Guys?

    Went there last night with the intention to get groped, hahaha. Nothing happened. Muscular bartender - let me feel his biceps. A few drinks later, had enough liquid courage to ask him to grope me. He was reluctant, but agreed. His grip was tight and even lifted me onto my tip toes a little.
  3. Good eats, adult drinks, maybe a little sightseeing, overall good times. Was able to already knock off a few of the city’s treats off my bucket list - coffee and beignets, jambalaya, shrimp etoufee, fried catfish and oysters, seafood gumbo and seafood boil. Still haven’t checked off poboys and muffuletta though. ... WAIT, it just dawned on me. By posting this in the general muscle section, am I making this thread completely out of context?!?! Should I be posting in the miscellaneous forum instead?!
  4. Hey all - just wanted to throw a shout out to anyone in New Orleans who’s available to hang out this week. My first time in the city, and my travel companion just left for home today. I’m here alone till Oct 6 and wondering if there’s anyone in our community I can chill with. Thanks in advance!
  5. ^ This. Again if an individual is happy being obese and is aware of the health risks that go with it, then do your thing. But never go up to an impressionable fat kid and tell them it's okay to eat themselves to death. Thin privilege is the trending term for this one, as the fat acceptance movement does not seem to differentiate between fit people and anorexics as they are group and applied the label "thin people". That's right, my 5'7" skinny 145 lbs ass falls in the same category as the dudes whose pictures and videos grace the media sub-forum. The argument here is that people of both these body-types are privileged because they are able to do things like, walk through doorways, sit in chairs, maintain walking pace for an extended period of time, buy clothes off the rack, eat whatever they want without being judged (actually I think this one is legit). But I can't warp my mind to think of these examples as thin privilege, so much as not being able to take part in those activities as a disability. Fat consequences, if you will.
  6. I'd say my thoughts are congruent with yours. Except that if those who love and accept themselves being obese are happy that way, and are willing to accept the health risks that come with it, then all the power to them. Everyone deserves to love themselves without anyone else's opinion being factored in. What I'm uncomfortable with is the indoctrination of those who are most vulnerable - the young ones who have yet to form a sense of self-identity.
  7. I can attest that I've personally experienced this. I went to my GP to get something checked out and we were going over the possible causes based on the test results from the lab. Halfway through the conversation she looked at me and said, "Well you don't look like you've got any weight to lose." I'm 5'7" / 145 lbs for the record. And I was like "That's great, can we go back to talking about the possibility of me having anything from a minor infection, to cancer?" But doctors have a duty to the health of their patients. Before reaching a diagnosis, they're going to go through probable causes in a process of elimination and will start with the most noticeable thing. Discolored skin or a tumor, or yes, excess body fat. Not necessarily. Consider the added cost of caring for the excessively large (350 lbs and up) while they are alive - and I'm not counting the cost of care a senior citizen would also receive. - Reinforced furniture, wheel-chairs and scooters. - Larger vehicles that burn more gas to travel the same distance. - Widening doorways in buildings, especially hospitals - Widening seats on airplanes, lowering capacity and increasing fuel consumption (at the cost of the airline) - More fabric required to make garments - Larger coffins for when they inevitably perish before their time - Last but not least - the cost it takes to feed them
  8. I'm not sure how many of us here are aware of "fat acceptance" movement, but a this was brought to my attention sometime last year. Curiosity got the better of me so I looked a little more into it. I'm wondering if anyone else here has heard of it, and if so, what are your thoughts? In a nutshell, the Fat Acceptance Movements posits that people of size, mostly due to a high body fat percentage, are discriminated against in society and liken it to racism and homophobia. Actions that shed bodies of size in an undesirable light are labeled as "fat-phobic"; this includes ads for diet and exercise, progress pictures, even posting selfies of oneself on social media if the individual is within a socially acceptable weight range. "Thin people" have privilege that needs to be checked, to make our society one that is more accepting of people of size. I use quotation marks because this label is applied to both underweight, and fit individuals. Here's the wikipedia summary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat_acceptance_movement My thoughts (outside of the muscle growth narrative of this forum) is that it shouldn't matter what anyone looks like. We need to promote healthy habits, not body types. Eating whole foods, daily exercise, getting adequate rest. Shaming others for their appearance should be discouraged, and so should letting one's appearance define them. Thin, fit, or fat - our body types don't define us as people; our actions do.
  9. This is something I’ve been struggling with my whole life. Naturally lean and bad eating habits (ie: opting to starve if no healthy options available, or straight up forgetting to eat, yet work out 4-5x a week) creates the perfect storm for staying rail thin, lol.
  10. To be honest, I didn't even consider this. But you're right. And that makes me all the more nervous, haha!
  11. Our social circle has not gotten together for about a year, so I have not seen him. But we are all tight. I’ve chosen to not bring it up unless it happens again, in which I will definitely employ some of the suggestions received in this thread. Will definitely report the results if/when that happens.
  12. Wow. Thank you everyone for your input, and apologies that it's taken me this long to reply. I was not expecting this volume of feedback and you've all given me a lot to think about. It seems the consensus is the honest approach is the most appropriate, but that the level of honesty should compliment our trust in each other. One thing I didn't emphasize is that for the majority of friendship, we were just two guys within a larger group of friends, hanging out, shooting the shit with each other, etc. Even when he started showing massive gains, none of that changed. It was only after I was invited to touch (admittedly, I have also asked at times), and from what I read as his enthusiasm at the validation of his gains when I realized, "Oh no, he's unknowingly triggering a side of me I don't want to make public, STOP STOP STOP!!" That's where you hit the nail on the head. He doesn't know I have the potential to be attracted to dudes; and that's my doing. I've no problem admitting it either, nor would he have a problem with it. What I hesitate on is admitting what the attraction is - which is what most of us share - a muscle fetish. It's not a fear of being labeled gay (I identify as bi but whatever) so much as it is a fear of being labeled a freak and potentially losing a friend. It's very much a coming-out issue not so much as LGBT, but as a, for lack of a better word, muscle-worshiper. I 100% agree with you. It's a waste to throw a friendship away due to lack of communication. This makes total sense. We're both into fitness as it is; him into bodybuilding, myself into crossfit. Change the narrative all together, from one revolving around muscle fetish to one around fitness. At my gym, there's a bunch of people packing on serious strength and muscle - but the narrative of my relationship with them (ie: Coach vs. Student) eclipsed any potential Muscle God vs. Worshiper instincts. Although if there was ANY invitation for any activity similar to worship, that could possibly change whether I want it to or not. Willing to bet money he doesn't know about my muscle-fetish. But he also does not approach any one of our other friends to feel his muscles. While everyone else pats him on the back, I suspect that I'm the only one that provides not only validation, but admiration. He's an exuberant guy so I think while he's not shy about showing off, he's going to do it more to those who respond more positively to it. AKA me. Again, he just doesn't know (or maybe even cares) my reasons for the nature of my response, just the result. I'm definitely considering bringing it up, but ONLY if it happens again. The conflict wasn't so much it happening in public, but that it was happening at all. I'm not necessarily against it going further, but if we're going to be changing the narrative of our friendship, we should both be clear on where each of us stands.
  13. ipsen

    Why you started work outs?

    What a crazy coincidence!! The convention I attended was in Atlanta too!! I've attached progress pics over the last 18 months (clearly I dressed up as Glenn) but will always feel the need to apologize that I am nowhere near the size people of this forum tend to gravitate towards. And I agree that I've hit a kind of plateau over the last couple months. But also attaching a Spider-Man cosplay in hopes of making it up lol.
  14. ipsen

    Why you started work outs?

    I challenge anyone to come up with a nerdier reason. I was cosplaying as a Walking Dead character and realized with horror when I wore the outfit for the first time that it emphasized all the wrong parts of my "physique". I had 6 weeks to improve my body - not a lot of time - but I was willing to make the most of the 6 weeks. The next day, it was serendipitous, a 6 week "NEW YOU" challenge showed up on my Facebook feed so in desperation, I clicked on it. Next thing I knew, I'd committed the next 6 weeks of my life to Crossfit and the results, given the time-span, were staggering for me. Improved strength, endurance, dropped 10 lbs of fat and best of all - I fit into my costume. After getting back from the fan convention, I decided to continue with the gym. If 6 weeks resulted in so much improvement, what would a long term commitment do? That was 18 months ago. I'm the leanest I've ever been (at a healthy weight). My PR's have increased twice-fold and I've never felt better. I'll be the first to admit that I don't come close to being jacked - come on, it's Crossfit - but I've also always been naturally on the thinner side when I was younger. But the freedom of being able to move without getting tired, makes it all worth it.
  15. I have a good friend who I've known about 5 years, and we see each other at social events once every few months. He's been training intensively, daily, over the last 3 years and has put on a lot of size, and is ripped to shreds. So not surprisingly, he likes to show it off when given the opportunity. And he's done this to me many times. The worst (or to some, best) occasion we went for drinks with a few others in our social circle and we stepped outside for a cigarette. We got onto the topic of working out and he told me to put my hand on his bicep and he flexed. It filled my hand. Dense, defined, warm, and rock solid. After I decided it was getting weird, (because we're strictly platonic) I took my hand away and he asked me to grab tighter so I complied - my grip was no match. Again, I felt it was getting weird so I took my hand away again and he told me feel his triceps this time, to which I agreed. My pants were getting tighter and tighter at this point and I was worried I'd start to "show". I honestly couldn't tell which was harder - his arm, or me. And therein lies my conflict - he knows nothing about my muscle fetish; in fact, nobody in my real time life does. Additionally, he is my friend - I don't want to think about him as anything else, yet he had me creaming my pants in public in broad daylight because he wanted to show off his gains. The next time we're in each other's company and he tries to do it, I want to tell him to stop. But I don't know what to say. 1) LIE: Because it makes you look like an asshole (and risk hurting his feelings). Well, I guess it's not a total lie, haha. 2) TRUTH: Because it turns me on and I don't like to think of you that way (and risk freaking him out because he is straight) 3) AVOID: Just stop hanging out all together citing "I'm busy". Anyone have any thoughts? **EDIT** While the encounter is certainly a fantasy of mine, certainly not with someone I've already established a friendship with.

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