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  3. In terms of stories: 

    I like to write. I really do. BUT. Please don’t write me a message asking for a free story. Those take time that could be otherwise employed in something like my dissertation or my coursework. I know this comes off as callous, but: yes, if you ask me to write you a story I WILL negotiate price. 

  4. I’m glad you’re liking it!
  5. Hello all! Here is my next story, commissioned by the wonderful Bahamut6sic6 and his friends Nex Anima Canis and Frank. I was given permission to post the story here for your reading pleasure. It is very much a departure from my previous work, but it was very fun to work on any way. This one wound up being about forty pages long, so buckle up. Warnings in the tags. Hostile Takeover Frank stepped out of his Hummer and inhaled deeply. The wind in the cool night air wouldn’t have seemed too special to the average human, plagued as they were with inferior noses. But Frank was no average human. At seven feet tall, and almost seven hundred and sixty pounds, he towered over every other human left on the continent after the advent of the furs. There were only ten other humans in the city, and that was how Frank liked it. His own kin were too weak for him. He inhaled again, taking a long drag of the air as if it were a drug. The almost imperceptible aroma of testosterone and sweat filled his head. Frank turned and looked across the street. A bright pink neon sign glowed in the early evening, announcing in bold letters: BONECRUSHER GYM. Frank smiled. If the stories he had heard were true, he was in for a very interesting night. He crossed the street, not bothering to look for oncoming traffic. What was the point? He was more of a danger than any car ever could be. Not even the freight trains that ran across the southwestern deserts could have put a dent in him. “I can smell him in there. God… this is going to be fun.” Ignoring the closed sign on the door, he pushed his way in. Clang…fffff…clang…ffff…clang… the unmistakable sound of someone bench pressing floated across the gym to Frank. Tall as he was, he could see over almost all of the machines and soon found his prey. He licked his lips, slightly stunned by what he was seeing. There, in the corner of the weight room was an absolute monster of a wolf, standing facing the mirror. His broad back made it impossible to see his reflection, or even the ends of the barbell that was clearly in front of him based on the sound. “C’mon, ya little punk. You’re only benching 225 right now, two plates on either side. This is light weight. You want the other bears at work to make fun of you? You’re a fucking grizzly, for Wolf Christ’s sake. Fucking act like it!” Frank could feel his ten-inch cock start to plump up. This guy was every bit the muscle monster he expected. He heard what sounded like a whimper from the bench. “What? You’ve only done five sets. You weakling. I guess we’re done for the night.” Bang. The weight was re-racked unceremoniously in the stands on either side of the bench. “And who might you be, to come to my gym so late?” The huge, black wolf turned to face Frank. He was eight feet tall if he was an inch, looking over the human’s head by a fair margin. The red stringer that he was wearing left very little of his torso to the imagination. Pecs like concrete pillows stretched the straps, bulging out on the sides. A whistle on a neon yellow cord dangled between them, stuck in the deep crevice. Huge nips, the size of silver dollars, jutted out from his pecs. His thick abs were also visible, looking deep enough to lose a few fingers in. Frank could see now that the wolf wasn’t totally black. His chest and stomach were covered in white fur that came up to the underside of his muzzle. There were also thick patches of brown fur on his chest and his chin. His massive arms would have put the grizzly behind him’s thighs to shame. They outclassed the bears legs by at least eight inches. His legs also strained his khaki shorts to the breaking point. Frank could see where they were already starting to split along the seams. Then there was that massive bulge, jutting out from between his legs. Frank was practically salivating. The wolf put his hand on the barbell behind him and curled his massive paw around it. “The name’s Frank. I just moved here from quite a way away. I heard there was a big man’s gym here in town that stayed open late for…ah… personal training.” Now the wolf was looking him up and down. The human in front of him was massive compared to others of his species. Seven feet tall, and almost shrink wrapped in a button-down shirt and a pair of cream-colored slacks. The striations on his pecs were visible, even through the cotton and the vertical stripes. Frank grinned, catching the wolf scanning his torso. He felt his cock throb in his slacks, and he gave his pecs a little bounce. The rubbing fabric stimulated his nipples, causing them to harden and poke out of his shirt. Frank gestured at his body and said “I mean, I need a pretty tough workout partner to keep up with me. What’s your name, big dog?” “Nex Anima Canis.” said the black wolf. Then, faster than almost any eye could follow, Nex jerked the barbell from the stand, one-handed, and threw it at Frank’s chest. Frank’s arm snapped up and he stopped the flying weight, straight armed and one-handed. The wolf cocked an eyebrow at this. Nobody had ever passed that test before. There was still a stain on the far wall behind Frank from the last guy, who had been about six inches shorter and much more delicate. “But you can call me Nex. Gotta say, man, I’m impressed. Not too many humans left and you coulda died. Shouldn’t you be avoidin’ risking your life?” Frank just smiled and grabbed either side of the barbell, his massive wingspan enough to reach either end with no trouble. Then, slowly and almost effortlessly, Frank began bending the bar into a knot, looping the ends past each other. “Pretty impressive, Frankie boy. You’re gonna be replacing that though, Olympica bars don’t come cheap.” The bear behind him was salivating. It was obvious that Frank was getting aroused by showing off his strength. With his amazing hearing, Nex listened as the teeth of the zipper on Frank’s slacks began snapping apart. The human dropped the bar with a clang on the concrete floor, chipping it. “So, puppy, interested in a little competition? I need a real big guy to actually work me out any, and there’s never been any one that can really help me. I’ve literally blown through eight workout partners in the past six months. It’s part of why I left home.” Frank sighed and began unbuttoning his shirt. Tailored clothes like this were expensive, and he had already heard some threads snapping along his lats when he pulled that barbell stunt. “I want to have somebody I can use my freakish strength on, somebody that’s not going to break the first time we arm wrestle.” He shucked his shirt, exposing his godly torso. Though not as tall as Nex, he was proportionally almost the same size. The bear’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw the marble, paper-thin skin on Frank’s torso. “I’m a lot denser than most guys, which makes it hard to play any real games with them.” Nex nodded, knowing exactly what he meant. “I propose we have a bit of a power competition. Some lifting, some wrestling, some…” A malevolent light danced in his eyes. “…other stuff.” Nex perked up at that, his tail wagging right to left. Frank eyed the bear on the bench. “What do you say, cub? Want to help us out? We need someone to start us off.” The bear nodded slowly. These two gods wanted him to help! Frank looked back at Nex. “Any other guys here about his size? I already know what I want the first event to be in our little competition.” “Yeah, hang on. There’s one other guy on the third floor doing his weekly cardio. HEY, JOEY! HOP DOWN HERE! WE NEED YOU FOR SOMETHING!” The shout from the massive wolf shook the rafters, dust falling from the ceiling. “Four floors, no intercom. I don’t fit in the elevator anymore, so I only go up to the fourth when I’m ready to sleep or bed somebody. I ain’t goin’ up to the third floor when my lungs work just as well.” Frank nodded appreciatively. Watching Nex expand his lungs in preparation for that shout had been a real treat. His whistle was now lodged perfectly between his massive pecs. “You should know, if you’re as strong as I think you are, nothing in this gym is going to even give you a pump.” Nex walked over to the huge multi-station machine, ducked under it and began to shoulder press it. “See? I have to go to the railyard just to maintain the mass I’ve got.” A pounding on the stairs started to get louder and louder. A kangaroo, about ten pounds heavier than the grizzly, burst through the door, chest heaving. “Jo-jo, this is my new friend, Frankie. He and I are gonna have a little competition. You and cubby here are gonna help us with the first event, which is…?” Nex turned to Frank. “Here’s the deal. We’re going to see how well we can dominate not just these two wimps, but the whole town. We just need a starting point, and I think these bois…” You could hear the I in Frank’s voice “…are going to help us out with that.” Both Joey “Since you already belong to both of us, we both get one point.” Frank fished two counters out of his pockets and clicked them. “Each guy we dominate can give us one point, or five points if we can do it creatively. We’ll score each other. We can start at one, because both of these guys are really into us.” “L…let’s get s-st-started…” said the bear. Frank hadn’t asked for his name. He knew he was just a plaything to these gods. Frank looked at Joey and the bear. “I think I’ll take the bear, and you can have the roo. He’s more taken with you than he is with me, anyway. Our first event is going to be something to relax us a bit, to release some tension, before we really let loose. Measure their waists. Our game is ‘pump the punk.’ We’re going to take these two and show them a bit of heaven. Whichever has a thicker gut when we finish wins an extra point.” Frank looked at the roo and the bear. “Both of you, on your knees, NOW.” Unlike Nex, the human didn’t yell. His voice was a deep growl that made both Joey and the bear quiver. Their knees buckled under them and they fell to the ground on all fours. They faced away from one another, ass to ass and opened their mouths. Frank’s cock finally broke his zipper fully open and had popped out of his briefs. The huge wolf, on the other hand, had zipped his khaki shorts open and fished his cock from the confines of his underwear. Neither was fully hard, a mercy for their two victims. Where Frank’s cock was long, Nex’s was thick, like a 40 of beer. “I’m a grower, by the way.” said the wolf. “We’ll start together. One… two… three!” They shoved their cocks into the muzzles of their victims and began pumping with wild abandon. Thrust after thrust, they face fucked the two mammals. The bear reached up and began stroking Frank’s balls. Frank growled down at him, a sound that didn’t seem like it could come from a human. Nex thought he heard Frank whisper ‘You haven’t earned those’ before slapping the bear across the muzzle. The bear coughed, gagging on the human’s cock. Mucus and blood flowed from his mouth, followed by two teeth. Frank had knocked out two of the bear’s sharp, tearing teeth. Nex raised his eyebrows. Maybe this was what Frank meant by creative. He decided it was time to stop being gentle. He shoved his thick cock further down Joey’s throat, saying “Ya like that, you bitch? Open wide!” Even with his long kangaroo muzzle, Joey was having a lot of trouble taking Nex in. Lockjaw begin to set in, but Nex kept pounding. This just meant he had a tighter hole to fuck. The black wolf looked up at Frank, who was smiling in bliss. The bear was still working his cock as hard as he could, choking on the length of meat. “Hey Frank…” The human looked up at the wolf, just in time to see him crank out a massive most muscular. The coach’s whistle got lost in between his pecs and Frank was overcome with joy and lust, knowing he had found someone as strong, or stronger than, him. He screamed, a window rattling yell flowing from him as he released into the bear’s gullet. What had once been abs were now distending as his toy’s stomach filled with cum. “Fuck, that’s too much…” Nex moaned as his cock throbbed harder and bigger. Crack! He was cumming, suddenly noticing the lack of pressure on his cock. Joey’s stomach too began to swell up, filling with his manly essence. “Wow, Nex, look what you did to the poor kid.” said Frank as he extricated himself from the bear’s throat. He looked down at his cock, covered in blood and juices and said, “Lick it off, slave.” The bear’s tongue slid out and began tenderly cleaning his new master’s cock. “You really did a number on him.” Nex looked at Joey and saw his lower jaw hanging loosely. “You dislocated his muzzle with just your cock… fucking amazing. That’s worth five points, at least.” Nex reached under Joey’s armpits and hoisted him back to his feet with ease. His massive cock had snapped the roo’s jaw open. Solid food was out of the question for at least a month. It was also obvious that Nex had filled Joey’s gut up much more than Frank had done for the bear. The roo whimpered as the bear stood up to look at him. “He’ll be okay, slave.” Frank wrapped his arm around the bear’s shoulders as he tucked his cock back into his pants. “Does it hurt, Joey?” The kangaroo nodded at Frank and Nex, whimpering. “I’m so sorry buddy, but I had to win. You understand.” Nex grabbed his lower jaw and twisted it back into place. Joey screamed. “Now, come give daddy a big hug.” The kangaroo’s arms didn’t make it to the wolf’s back as his lats were too broad to wrap around. So, the wolf returned the favor. His massive arms and pecs enveloped the smaller kangaroo. Then he squeezed the littler guy in a tight hug. It was easy. He had heard that we all had a desire to squeeze cute things, ingrained deeply in our DNA. Tighter…tighter…tighter… CRRRRRACK!!! Like stepping on a box of matches wearing his work boots, Nex heard as the ribs of the kangaroo slowly shatter, followed by the unmistakable SNAP of his spine. The huge black wolf released the roo, looking at his ragdoll upper body. The destroyed ribcage must have liquified the organs in his torso, because Joey sputtered and coughed. A mix of blood, cum, and phlegm surged out of his mouth as he looked up at the black wolf. As his own eyes lost their luster, the wolf’s seemed to spark up, glowing with surprise and joy at what he had done. “Fuck yeah!” Frank cheered. “Now THAT’S what I’m talking about! Ten points, easy, big dog!” He tightened his own grip on the bear and pumped his free hand in the air. “That was fucking hot as shit!” Nex held Joey’s body in front of him and looked at the boi that he had just fucked to pieces. A soft hiss came out of his muzzle and he licked his chops, salivating. His cock, which had softened as he hugged the roo, was hard again. It throbbed insistently, leaking precum on the gym floor. “You can’t eat him right now, we have to keep a good body count, Nex.” The wolf looked at Frank and back down at his prize. He knew the human was right. He flung Joey’s limp body at the concrete wall, where it burst open like a balloon. “That’s going to be a mess to clean up, puppy.” “Don’t call me ‘puppy’, bitch. I’m a wolf.” Nex growled. “Yeah. I know. But I’ll domesticate you eventually.” Frank purred. Nex actually quivered at the deep voice coming from Frank’s throat. For a human, his voice was deeper than any other mammal the wolf had ever encountered. Even tigers didn’t really compare. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t still be savage, big dog.” He squeezed the bear in a tight headlock. The grizzly whimpered. “I mean, you’ve got to totally dominate the guys around you. You have to keep your grip…” crackle… The bear whimpered more, obviously in pain. His eyes were bugging out and turning red, blood vessels rupturing from the effort, as he clawed at Frank’s huge arm. His massive paws that could have scooped the flesh from the bones of other humans like a melon baller from a ripe cantaloupe weren’t even leaving scratches on the corded muscles of the big man’s forearms. “…tight.” Frank ratcheted the hold even harder and his captive’s eyes fluttered. Nex’s tail was wagging wildly behind him, making it easy to see through the big wolf’s calm façade. He was obviously excited at the prospect of totally dominating someone else. He reached up and scratched his huge, furry pecs. He felt something stuck in the dusty brown hair that covered the white of his torso “What the fu…” His nails hit something hard and cold in the cleavage, and he hooked it out. It felt flat, but light. A bit like a keychain. Slowly he came to realize... “My whistle! That was my favorite one too!” The brilliant yellow rope made it all the more obvious that this was indeed his whistle. The wolf had crushed it between his pecs doing a most muscular when he had dislocated the roo’s jaw. The shiny metal whistle had been flattened, curving to match the striations of his gigantic pecs. Everywhere, that is, but where the small metal ball in the whistle’s body vibrated to make the sound louder. Here the metal was spherical, enveloping the little ball. “Damn it! That thing was steel! Now I have to go find a new one…” POW! The sound of snapping bone and something much more sinister refocused Nex’s attention to the man in front of him. He was breathing a bit harder than the black wolf expected, the bear’s head having completely separated from his body. Blood sprayed freely for a moment from the headless torso, covering Frank in a film of gore. “Shit… I broke my toy.” Frank looked at the wolf. “But it was all your fault cub. That trick with the whistle… fucking hot.” The human reached up and painted the wolf’s nose with blood from his destroyed victim. “Get a good whiff cub. That is what power smells like. Everyone, every single fucking person in this town, would be at our mercy. More mine than yours, but…” Nex growled and started to roll the whistle in between his fingers. The metal formed around the ball, tightening up into a bright sphere. “So… how many points do I have so far?” “That headlock probably got you five and the knocked-out teeth another five. I’d say we’re pretty even for now. But then again…” Nex cocked his hand like he was getting ready to launch a marble. “…this is already my town. Home team advantage.” With his thumb, the wolf took aim with his newly forged bullet. Looking out the window, he could see a bird and fox pass by. With one swift thump, the steel ball flew from his hand through the window. The fox had chosen just that moment to turn and look in the gym’s windows, toward the bird. The piece of steel barreled through the tempered glass, leaving a perfectly round hole. Not a single crack. It was as if a diamond cutter had drilled through the glass, taking only what he wanted. The bird’s beak shattered, leaving behind a bloody mess of a face. The fox, however, was not so lucky. The projectile hit him squarely between the eyes. As if in slow motion, the two gods in the gym watched the front of his face cave into his sinuses as the steel orb blew through him. Like a twisted flower, his face bloomed red from the front as an explosion of blood and gray matter surged out from the back of his skull. As if he didn’t know he had died, the fox reached up to the gaping hole that was his face and crumpled. “I know where all the best targets are. I know when they’ll be around.” Frank was hard again. This wolf was new to the crushing scene, but he obviously took to it like a duck to water. This was going to be the best competition he had ever had with another man. “Lead the way then, mister twenty-five points. I want to see all these good targets.” Nex was panting. Not from exhaustion, but from the smell. Even at four stories tall and more than three thousand square feet, the gym was full of testosterone and musk. It had to be driving the wolf wild. Frank knew it was driving him nuts, and his superhuman sense of smell was nowhere near Nex’s. The wolf looked at him, taking heaving breaths. Looking resigned, he reached up and grabbed the straps of his stringer tank top. With one swift motion and a ROOOOOAR, he tore it in two, leaving red fabric pieces on the floor. The human was amazed that Nex’s shorts remained intact. He knew that his own zipper had given up the ghost the first time he got hard in the gym. “Super shorts. They don’t tear unless I really work at it.” Nex answered Frank’s question without it needing to be said. “I’m a bit like the Hulk that way.” Frank raised his eyebrows, puzzled at how the wolf knew. “Your eyes asked the question for you.” Their attention was drawn back to the window at the sound of a shriek. The bird was looking at his dead fox friend and screaming. “Shit… he’s gonna go to the cops, ain’t he?” The wolf looked a little disheartened. “I don’t want our fun to end so quickly.” The bird looked in the window and saw the two muscle gods. His eyes widened and he pointed, still screaming. Then he ran. “Yeah, there’s no way he doesn’t know it was us.” “So? Screw the cops. You saw how those two guys gave in to us, they barely struggled. Taking down a whole platoon of the national guard wouldn’t be a problem for one of us, let alone two. Let’s go have our fun.” Frank strode towards the automatic doors and watched as they slid open. All the accumulated musk from the gym rushed out, like a gas bomb that would blanket the town. Soon, all the little sub bitches would be coming to him and Nex. And they were going to crush them all. “We’re going to have as much fun as we want. Nobody can stop us.” He squatted down in front of his Hummer, wrapping his fingers under the front bumper, and lifted. The four-ton truck left the ground easily as Frank hoisted it into an overhead shoulder press. “I’m going to pump up a little bit with my car. No offense, but those light weights in your gym wouldn’t be able to even get my blood flowing.” Nex nodded. He understood. The big wolf went to the local junkyard and lifted cubed cars himself. He had surpassed his gym a very long time ago. The wolf watched as Frank’s shoulders engorged with blood, his sweat mingling with the gore on his torso. Slowly, his cock began to harden again. “Its fucking hot to watch you manhandle that truck, Frank.” Nex licked his lips and tasted the blood from Joey and the bear on his muzzle. Frank was doing overhead shoulder pressed with over four tons of weight. This kind of impossible power had never presented itself in his town before. The giant black wolf got on all fours and crawled under the truck to the human. Even though he seemed to tower over Frank normally, right now the littler human was totally in charge. “I’m gonna stand up now and take the thing from you. It seems like our little show here has attracted some admirers.” Frank turned his head and saw that there were about twenty males in the street watching him and Nex. Not a single human in sight. A huge rottweiler was breathing deeply, looking at Frank’s crotch. About six foot four, the dog was built like a Mack truck. His nubby tail was frantically shaking in his pants, huge roidgut protruding from his body. If Frank and Nex hadn’t have been there, he would easily be one of the biggest animals in the area. Frank looked at the rottweiler’s shirt. The logo for the bar in front of the gym was stretched across his chest. “What do you do at that bar, puppy?” Frank asked casually. “I-I’m a bouncer sir.” The dog was openly panting now, tongue lolling in the night air. “Oh yeah? Think you could bounce…” Frank flexed an enormous bicep right in the dog’s face “…me, if I decided to get rowdy?” Slowly, Frank began to bounce each of his pecs, rolling them in such a way that every single fiber seemed to flex and relax. The rottweiler shook his head. “Didn’t think so. I like an honest boy. Good thing for you, puppy. Come here.” The dog hesitated for a fraction of a second. “Do you think my friend is going to drop my car on you? I said, COME. HERE. NOW.” Frank didn’t have to raise his voice. The depth of it made sure it carried to every ear there. The dog jumped and ran to Frank. Nex smiled. The rottweiler had no idea what was coming. When the big dog got over to the human, Frank grinned and put a hand behind his head. With a swift pull, Frank jerked the rottweiler’s muzzle into his armpit. “Now, sniff.” The dog inhaled deeply, several times. Nex knew that apart from the gore on Frank’s body, the human had his own powerful aroma. The dog had no chance. “So, puppy… did you like that?” Now the dog was actually drooling. His eyes were lost in a dreamlike state of bliss, unfocused as if he was still searching for Frank’s scent. The rottweiler shook his head vigorously, tongue flapping in the air and flinging slobber everywhere. “You want a treat, puppy?” More nodding. The dog started to kneel, reaching for Frank’s exposed bulge. “No. Not remotely what I meant.” He looked up in disappointment. “Come here. It’s okay.” Frank put his huge hands on either side of the dog’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss, overpowering even the rottweiler’s huge, flat tongue with his own. The dog and Frank both gasped for breath as they kissed with wild abandon. Snatches of “you like that” and “harder” floated to Nex’s ears. Something else though piqued his sensitive hearing. The slight crackle crackle of something like straws snapping. Then he knew. Frank was squeezing the dog’s head as they kissed. The bones on the side of his skull were making that noise. Suddenly, in an explosion like a red water balloon, the rottweiler’s head exploded and Nex hear the clap of Frank’s hands coming together. The human spit out the dog’s tongue and looked at Nex, face covered in blood. He said two words that brought the wolf to full mast almost instantly: “Your turn.” The big black wolf scanned the crowd for a willing victim and soon spotted one. One of the only males taller than both of the powerhouses was eyeing him with wild eyes: a giraffe. Tall and thin, the giraffe looked to be about fifteen feet tall. Nex’s forearm was thicker than the thickest part of the tall mammal’s neck. “Hey, tall, spotty, and lanky.” The giraffe pointed at himself. “Yeah, you. Come here.” As the giraffe came over, Nex widened his stance a bit. “Get on your back on the ground and put your face between my legs. I wanna do some squats and need a good marker of where ‘ass-to-grass’ is. Your snout looks about right.” He nodded, complying immediately. He slammed onto his back and scooched in between the wolf’s tree trunk legs. “Now, four tons of steel is just a warmup weight for me to squat. I max about fifteen right now. You have nothing to worry about from the truck.” The big black wolf began to squat deeply, bringing his huge bubble butt to the tip of the giraffe’s nose. The heat from the wolf’s balls and crack blazed through the khaki shorts, making the giraffe acutely aware of his male scent. He opened his mouth and inhaled deeply, drawing Nex’s musk into his lungs. The giraffe’s face cracked a wide, dumb smile. He said to himself in his deep-ish voice, “Oh my god… that is such an amazing smell… I wonder…?” His long, black tongue slid out of his mouth and slowly found its way to the wolf’s crotch. Using piercing at the tip of his very flexible tongue, the giraffe hooked the wolf’s zipper. As Nex squatted and stood back up, the zipper slowly opened up, exposing a red covered bulge. The huge wolf moaned as the tall mammal’s long tongue wrapped slowly around his thickening cock and rubbed it through his cotton underwear. Frank smiled, as he knew that Nex was really enjoying himself while he dominated the thin giraffe. “Remember, I told you…” huff… huff… huff… Nex was incredibly turned on by the ministrations of the giraffe, hardening and stretching out of his now open fly. “…you didn’t have to worry about the truck. You should be more concerned about the ass moving it than the four tons of steel and plastic hanging over your head.” With that, Nex dropped the lowest he had yet, forcing the snout of his victim into his deep ass crack. His massive glutes surrounded the face of the giraffe and the huge black wolf gave a slight squeeze. The tall, thin mammal moaned, his deep voice vibrating Nex’s ass slightly. “Fuuuuck… that’s amazing.” The wolf’s glutes tightened again, as did his massive thighs. A faint ripping sound came from the legs of the khaki shorts, where it soon became apparent that they were tearing at the seams. “Moan again, little man. Your face is just right for getting in there and tickling my fancy.” The giraffe’s tongue was still sliding around Nex’s huge cock, all twenty inches of the giraffe’s muscular appendage now also sliding along his crack and the bottom of his balls through the cotton of the wolf’s briefs. “Gooood yeah. Feel the power of this massive muscle wolf’s ass.” With another squeeze, Nex felt a crack in his crack. He looked down between his legs just in time to see the tongue go limp and stop rubbing his red briefs. With a shrug, Nex went down even further, almost bringing his massive ass to the ground. As he lowered himself slowly, he could feel the shattered snout of his giraffe victim crumpled beneath the irresistible force of the massive weight of the Hummer and Nex’s muscles. Looking to his left, he could see Frank rubbing himself through his slacks, hard and leaking. The shattered giraffe head beneath him was oozing onto the pavement. “Damn, I bet the back of my shorts is just covered in blood and it makes it look like I shit myself. Might as well…” With that, the huge black wolf exploded back up to a standing position. The sudden movement proved to be too much for his shorts and the exploded off of his body, falling away in tatters. Frank licked his lips at Nex’s exposed legs and briefs. “I like the briefs, puppy. They are just the right type of cheeky.” Nex blushed deeply enough to tinge the white fur on his muzzle pink. One of the tinies whistled his appreciation and the wolf turned to face him growling. That shut the little man up pretty quickly. Nex’s briefs had been fully exposed, jammed up his crack by the giraffe’s long face. His ass was revealed in the first half of the banned full-moon pose that so many sexy bodybuilders had done so long ago. The wolf quickly slipped them out of his ass. His massive glutes had protected them from staining, revealing that they were not solid red as the crotch would lead onlookers to believe. Instead, only the front panel was red. The rest was a brilliant white, which contrasted with the wolf’s dark black fur. Nex huffed and bent over to lower the Hummer to the ground. This time it was Frank who whistled. The white briefs were stretched over his massive glutes to reveal not a solid white panel of fabric, but a gigantic decal of what appeared to be two cherries that seemed to perfectly mirror the ass beneath them, albeit in miniature. “Do those sweet cherries mean what I think they mean, puppy?” asked Frank. His cock was hardening even more in his slacks, slowly making its way to the ruined zipper. “I don’t know, little man.” Nex stomped over to the bald human and loomed over him. The wolf bounced his pecs. They were so heavy that onlookers could hear them slamming back down into Nex’s abs. The wolf flicked his tongue out, grazing the seven-foot tall monster human’s ear. “What do you think it means?” Frank hooked his thumbs into his waistband and gave a huge tug. To hell with it. These pants wouldn’t last too much longer anyway at the rate his quads were blowing up. His hairless body was a sharp contrast to the densely furred wolf. He shaved everything, from the tops of his feet to the crown of his head. His entire, smooth alabaster body was now on full display, save for a square covered by a struggling undergarment. Frank was wearing boxer briefs under the tan slacks that were wrapped tightly over his thighs and prodigious package. The were dark black except for the seams and the stitching, which were yellow and white, respectively. The human smiled at the wolf and stepped back, turning around. The globes of Frank’s ass were splashed with the image of a half-peeled banana. “I think it means the exact opposite of what my underwear are trying to suggest.” Frank bent and the banana bulged obscenely with his glutes. “I’m a dominant, hard fucking top. I am guessing those cherries mean your ass is ripe for the picking, as a submissive bottom.” The massive human looked over his shoulder at his partner in crime. The wolf’s face had cracked into a lopsided grin, showing glittering white teeth and a set of sharp, long canines. He was chuckling at the human’s suggestion. “You’re only half right, little big man. While the cherries do mean I am a bottom, I should think my display over there with our giraffe friend should show that I am by no means submissive. I get fucked, yeah. But I get fucked for keeps.” Nex’s tail was lifted and swaying gently right to left. “Any cock that gets between these cheeks…” He slapped his ass for effect, making a resounding crack! echo through the street. “…will belong to me until I am good and damn ready to let it go. That lanky man’s snoot, however, was not as pleasing as I had hoped it would be. That’s part of the reason I kept going down. He needed to be a lot strong to eat me out.” Nex clapped his hand together, knowing the road dust from the Hummer off of them. “So, with your rottweiler crush and those overhead presses…” The wolf began tallying up in his head. “I’d say you’re up about another twenty-five points. That would bring you to around fifty-five. If turning me on counted, I’d give you another ten.” Nex reached around Frank and groped his impossibly thick pec. With the claws of his forefinger and thumb, Nex tweaked the smaller man’s right nipple. “So, Frankie boy… where does that put me?” “Do not call me a boy, puppy. I am a man.” Frank growled. Several of the onlookers actually recoiled a bit, hearing the deep and frustrated noise that issued from the thick neck of the massive human. “I’m bigger than a lot of members of your species even.” “Yeah, you are boy. Yet…you still haven’t been able to domesticate this big wolf enough to call him puppy.” Nex lapped at the top of Frank’s bald head, dragging his thick tongue over the shaved dome. “So, man… how many points do I get?” Frank considered this for a moment. Watching the wolf squat his truck and subsequently blow out of his khaki shorts had been impressive, but what had really driven Frank wild was watching the wolf dominate the giraffe with just the flexing of his glutes. “I hate to say it, you big wolf, but you are at about sixty points with that little stunt you pulled with your underwear. I do not like admitting that anyone is beating me at anything.” Nex smiled behind Frank. He liked the idea that this huge, dominant man was starting to warm up to him. He had probably never seen anyone anywhere near the wolf’s size, let alone anyone that could maybe be stronger than him. Those extra five points were a real motivator to the black wolf. His massive cock twitched in his briefs. He was going to dominate this man and get him to fuck him hard. Maybe… just maybe… the human would be enough to sate his incredible sexual appetite. “So, what do you want to smash next wolfie?” Nex looked up into the crowd. He inhaled deeply, smelling the musk from his partner and smiled. Soon, both of their scents would attract much more challenging prey to their little show. But for now, they would keep going with what they had. “I think… we’d do better if we moved toward downtown. There’s not really enough men to crush here right now…” A groan came from the audience and several cellphones blazed to life. Snatches of “get to my location” and phone cameras and “I don’t care if you think you’re straight, you gotta see this!” floated to the ears of the two muscular giants. The crowd mobbed the two bodybuilders, making the street seem like it was full of molasses. The giants moved slowly, but unstoppably, forward through the mob. After about forty second of slow progress, Nex started to become impatient. He lashed out with his right arm and grabbed the head of a deer. “Move, dammit!” With a swift yank, the cervine left the ground and snapped to the right in the air. His neck cracked, broken from the force of the wolf’s furious yank. However, his body was just heavy enough that it tore from his neck. As if pulling a stem from a bunch of grapes, with a series of cracks the deer’s spine separated from his ribs as pelvis, sliding out from his neck. Nex was left holding the antlered head and spine of his quarry as the body flew across the street and through the window of a nearby restaurant. Like the Red Sea, the crowd in front of him and Frank split, coalescing behind them like ripples on the waves. “Sixty-five.” The broken window from the restaurant should have set delightful smells of dinner wafting into the street. Instead, the odor of the muscle gods overpowered the food and filled the establishment. Couples looked up from their meals, covered in the blood of the deer that had just flown in through the window. Frank stomped over to the newly made hole, his scent going before him. His pecs were covered in the blood of the bear and rottweiler he had recently crushed, leaving a sticky film of gore. Once he reached the window, he could see that the patrons were eating various types of pasta. Most likely this was some kind of chain Italian eatery that had been dolled up a bit. The massive human smiled and licked his lips. Then he took his finger and drew a heart in the gore that covered his pecs, smiling at the patrons. The herbivores and the women… they panicked out of instinct. Screams erupted from the Italian place as the scared made their way toward the emergency exits. This was a beast that could crush them, devour them, in an instant. However, many of them came to a halt and turned around as the musk from Frank, now standing at the destroyed window, flooded the place. Only the animals with the weakest sense of smell were able to resist the scent of the alpha male and run. They still wouldn’t get too far. A cow came up to Frank and pressed her breasts into his burgeoning cock, obviously in heat. He looked down, scowling. He coiled his finger back and thumped her right between the eyes, shattering her frontal bone immediately. She was dead before her body hit the floor. “No women.” He growled. “They break much too easily.” All of the female animals present sighed dejectedly. This man could mate, give them strong offspring. But they knew that they had no chance of surviving him. So, the women left. A small fennec fox started to follow until Frank cleared his throat and asked, “Where are you going?” The fox turned and looked at the monster human and pointed to his own chest. “Me?” He was dressed in the uniform of a waiter: black slacks, white shirt, black tie. He even had on an apron that did little to conceal his arousal. “Yes, you.” “I thought that…since I’m so thin and weak…” “Do not think. You are a male. I do not care how small you are. Dominating males is more challenging and fun. Come here.” The fox was shaking and slowly moved toward Frank. “Well? Do not keep me waiting, little one. Come here Füchschen. I’ll make it well worth your while.” At that, Frank lifted his arms, exposing his deep pits to the fox. His manly scent wafted over to the fennec, who gulped and moved closer. “That’s it Füchschen, come closer.” While Frank might not admit it, it was obvious to Nex that the human got off on the size difference between him and the little fox. The wolf sniggered a bit. He didn’t think Frank had noticed he had slipped into German when addressing his prize. Must be a habit, or something from his culture. Either way, it was endearing. The fox got to Frank, making the difference in their sizes all the more apparent. Where Frank was seven feet tall, this fox was barely four. Just a little higher than the waist of the big man. Without thinking, the fox raised his arms, as a child would before his father. “How much do you weigh?” “105 pounds, sir.” For a fox, he was pretty well built. Short and compact, about thirty pounds more muscle than one would expect on such a small man. “Light weight.” Frank ignored the outstretched arms and slid his hand under the fennec’s groin, cupping his entire undercarriage with his meaty paw. He lifted the fox up to face level and they began to kiss. Frank stretched his long, think middle finger up to the hole that the fur’s tail came out of. Inserting it, he worked it until the stitching became loose, ripping along the seam that held the back panels of the fox’s pants together. With his other hand, Frank popped all of the buttons on the fox’s shirt open, exposing his dust and white belly. He ran his fingers through the fennec’s fur, finding his nipples. The small fox went rigid with pleasure, moaning loudly. Frank smiled. “You see that big, black wolf over there?” The fox nodded, lost in a haze of bliss. “He and I are having a competition to see who can dominate and destroy the most of the city. Would you like to help me win?” The fox began to nod his head vigorously, ears flapping. “Good Füchschen. I want you to give us a good show. I have to earn lots of points or that wolf is going to win. Get ready.” At that, the massive human guided the little canine’s hand to his thick pec. His middle finger had found the fox’s rosebud and was gently going around it, feeling it twitch. He flexed his pec and the fox opened up slightly. Frank jammed his thick finger into the fox, spreading his anus open. The gigantic human felt a warm liquid ooze down his forearm. He looked and saw that his quarry was bleeding. “I’ve torn you open. I bet it hurts, Füchschen.” “YES!” The fennec screamed out in pain and pleasure. “Do you want me to stop?” “Fuuuuck… FUCK NO!” Even though the finger was much larger than any cock the fennec fox had taken before, even though it hurt like a motherfucker, no one had ever managed to hit his prostate like this. “Pleeeasee… keep going…” His voice had become little more than a whine. “Do you like this?” Frank began slowly pistoning his finger in and out of the fox. Each move brushed the little canine’s prostate, sending him into throes of extasy. The fox was hard as a rock. Nex didn’t want to admit it, but he was rock hard too. Watching this display of power, where Frank held and finger fucked another man with one hand, made him very excited. This monstrous human was the only man he had ever seen that could come close to his own power. With a smooth gesture, the human lifted the fox up high enough to put his little cock at mouth height. Licking his lips, Frank took the average member into his mouth and began to suck. In no time, the small canine came, pumping just a few teaspoons of jizz into the human. “Good Füchschen. I needed a little protein to refuel.” The fox’s chest was heaving. He looked down at the bald crown of the muscle god holding him. He reached out and grabbed the sides of Frank’s head, trying to pull his body down to eye level. Frank lowered him. “You know what comes next, do you not?” “I do. But it’s worth it. I knew from the moment you singled me out.” the fennec said, leaning in. “Good puppy. It’ll all be over soon though.” Frank jammed his finger up the fox’s ass, creating a seal. He then kissed him, letting his tongue fill the fox’s muzzle. Then, the giant did something totally unexpected. He began to blow. Like a balloon, the fox’s chest began to swell with air. Frank did not stop, however, when the fox moaned in pain. He kept blowing. With a muffled pop!, the fennec’s lungs burst in his chest. He coughed up blood, the rich, irony taste filling Frank’s senses. With a CRACK! the fennec fox’s ribs separated from his sternum, allowing his torso to expand. The fox looked about four times thicker than he had been before, filled with air and blood. Suddenly BOOOM! The fennec’s upper torso burst open, heart, stomach, and deflated lungs flying out and coating Frank’s torso and face with the gore of his viscera. The giant human threw the mass from his finger to the ground, reveling in the blood that covered his body now. “That was fun.” “Hot too. I think you’re up to seventy points now, big boy.” Nex said looking at the bloody human. Frank growled at the renewed use of “boy.” “It’s not fair. All the blood shows up on your skin, while my black fur just hides it.” Nex looked around and spotted the local leather bar down the street. Its doors had flown open and several big men came swarming out. Lastly came the two lions that Nex had seen walk in his several times. They were kind of hot when he had seen them in their gym clothes, but now… Steve and Allan had been dating for several years. Both extremely proud lions, they had been competing with one another longer than that, probably since high school. One of their biggest competitions had always been to see who was bigger, who could get more massive and powerful. No drugs or workout program were off limits. No gym was too hardcore. That was how they had found the Bonecrusher Gym. They spotted the massive black wolf, walking around the place like he owned it and decided that if they could get close to that wolf’s size, they might be happy. Steve was the smaller of the two, and he was tired of it. Nex knew this. At four hundred pounds and six foot three, the lion was nothing to sneeze at. Tonight, he had gone to the bar in his best gear. His huge pecs and lats were straining the leather harness that wrapped around his upper torso. With every breath he took, you could hear the leather creak. Allan, as the bigger male, had put a collar around his thick neck. Really it was two collars strapped together, as they didn’t make collars that big. His tight, black jeans were filled to the breaking point. His generous package, the one place he outclassed his boyfriend, was cupped and thrust forward by the fabric of his pants. His thick mane cascaded around his head, just long enough to rest on his traps. It was the color of burnt honey, just a few shades lighter than the fur that covered his magnificent body. Allan, on the other hand, was not as tall as his beau. At five foot eleven, he was quite a bit shorter. But what he lacked in height he more than made up for in size. At four hundred and thirty pounds, he outclassed Steve by a fair bit. He was thankful to have found that tiger and bull testosterone dealer at the gym. The biggest members of the feline and bovine worlds had helped him bulk up massively in the past years. They had also helped boost him in… other ways. His mane was thicker than Steve’s, as well as being a fair bit darker. He was almost a black lion, with darker fur than normally seen on other members of his magnificent species. Tonight, he had foregone a shirt, leaving his huge, heaving torso exposed to the elements. He was also wearing leather chaps and a G-string, which was filled to the bursting point. As the alpha in the relationship, he could advertise a bit more than Steve. The massive cats stood next to each other, watching the men from the leather bar flood towards some unseen thing down the street. But they could feel it, watching them. Nex knew that Allan and Steve were uncannily aware of their surroundings, like so many other big cats. He knew that long before the lions saw him or Frank, they would feel their gaze on them and smell their powerful musk. “Move, ants. I finally spotted a real challenge.” the wolf growled at the crowd worshiping him. They spread out, putting the massive black wolf in the line of sight of the two lions. Allan looked simultaneously awed and furious. Nex chuckled. He knew what was going through the massive feline’s mind: There’s a canine bigger than me? Nex’s massive eight hundred pounds of bulk shook with his laughter, every contour of his massive body highlighted in the streetlamps that he and Frank were slowly destroying. His cock, already so hard from the night’s activities, throbbed in his underwear. A wet patch started to spread out from the precum he was leaking, adding to the overall scent of masculinity filling the town. He cocked an eyebrow. He could not fathom how the two felines were resisting the aroma and the sight of he and Frank totally destroying the other men in town. He lifted his massive paw and beckoned to Allan, calling “Here kitty, kitty. Come to daddy.” Allan saw red. Maybe it was his competitive nature, maybe it was the hormones he pumped into himself every day, but Allan charged at the massive black wolf with reckless abandon. As he ran, his claws slid out of the pads on his hands and his lips curled back, revealing sharp teeth. He was going to kill that cocky son of a bitch for calling him “kitty”. No one makes a lion his size sound cute, no one. As he ran, through the bloody haze he slowly noticed that he hadn’t quite come to grips with just how big Nex was from a distance. He could tell the wolf was large, but he had no idea he was almost three feet taller than him and nearly double his weight. The black fur also hid Nex’s size in the darkening streets. But Allan was committed. He was going to slash that wolf’s throat. What happened next happened in the space of a tenth of a second. Only Frank was able to fully appreciate it. Nex twisted his hand, moving it from an upturned position to a gripping one. His forearm made an almost imperceptible snapping noise as his hand curled around the lion’s throat. With one swift motion, he yanked the lion off of the ground and smashed him into the pavement. Asphalt is deceptively soft, especially if you slam a rock-hard mass onto it. Allan sank into the street, leaving a lion shaped outline. He started coughing, the air knocked out of him. Eventually, he began to hack up a little bit of blood. “Looks like I ruptured something, kitty.” growled the wolf. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have more fun. Just let me…” Nex laid down on his side, legs near the lion’s head. “I’m gonna have a little bit of fun with you. Do you and that boyfriend of yours ever wrestle?” Meanwhile, Steve watched the man who had dominated him in nearly every way known be manhandled like he was a boy. His dick was hardening in his jeans, straining at the zipper. Frank had found his way over to the big cat and stood in front of him, blocking his view of his boyfriend. “Well, hello there kitty cat. Are you feeling left out? I think I can play with you while your boytoy is otherwise…occupied. Would you like that.” Stunned Steve unsheathed the claws on his right hand and swiped at Frank’s massive pecs. “Be careful, kitty cat. You might break a nail doing that.” Stunned, Steve looked at the human’s chest. Instead of seeing four lines of open flesh, like he would on almost any other animal, his claws had only wiped away four parallel lines of blood, exposing the alabaster skin of the giant before him. “This is how you scratch something.” Frank moved his hand into a claw like pose and swiped in front of the lion, just millimeters from his flesh. Steve was tempted to laugh by the absurdity of the situation. How could a human scratch with the same power as a cat? All the same, he looked down at his chest. What he saw made him jump back. “Did you like that, kitty cat? I might not have the same claws as you, but I can still scratch things up.” The huge lion’s chest was now completely exposed. Somehow, the human had slashed through the leather of his harness, causing it to drop away. “That was what, about a centimeter thick? You are luck cat. I could have taken much more that just your harness.” Frank draped his huge arm over the broad shoulders of the lion. “Now, we are going to watch your boi have some fun with my wolf. Watch carefully, because we are going to do some things once they finish.” Nex now had his right leg under Allan’s head and his left leg on the lion’s throat. This slight differential pushed the big cat’s head up enough to see his boyfriend watching. He wanted to cry out, to ask him for help. Together, they might be able to stop this beast. The black wolf gave his legs a quick squeeze, cutting off Allan’s air. “I know what you’re thinkin’ kitty. It wouldn’t help. Imma lot stronger than I look, and I look pretty fucking strong. There ain’t no way that you and your fuckboi over there would ever put a dent in me.” Even though he was almost whispering Nex’s voice carried loud and clear to the lion between his legs and to Frank. Allan could feel the wolf’s balls throb over his head. He knew that Nex was aroused by this, by knowing that Allan could never get away. “It would take a fuckin’ army to take one of us down, and you’ve gotta deal with two. So, just lay back and enjoy it.” Allan began to panic, his face darkening from the lack of oxygen. Soon, he was clawing at Nex’s meaty quads, trying to get them off of him. His lower body flailed around, fighting against the massive wolf. The lion even tried to pummel the wolf’s hard cock. This only elicited a sharp intake of breath from Nex. Not in pain, but of pleasure. “You ain’t doin’ nothin’ unless I say you are, kitty cat.” Allan arched his back using his legs, forcing his body off the ground. But the might of his four hundred and twenty pounds, which would have dwarfed almost any other animal, was no match for the wolf’s legs. “I’m really gettin’ tired of you fighting like this. If you’re gonna fight, break out and fight. Don’t just flop around like a trout on the riverbank.” The lion watched as the world around him began to blur. “Aw, fuck it. I’m gonna end this right now.” There was a snap and Allan was suddenly able to breathe. But the world had reversed itself. He tried to turn his head but found that he couldn’t. He moved his eyes and saw that the problem wasn’t the wolf’s legs, but his own head. His head had been severed from his body by that monster of a wolf’s thighs. “Thicc thighs save lives, but thick thighs can take ‘em.” He could see his body flailing in his last moments of consciousness. He tried to see if he could see Steve, to say goodbye. But the dark swallowed him whole. “DAMMIT! I thought lions were supposed to be tough as nails.” Blood was gushing from the decapitated body between his thighs, covering Nex’s legs with red. Now it was visible on his black fur. The wet made it glossy, made it shine in the moonlight. “I might as well keep squashing this thing…” He moved his thighs down to the thick chest. Rigor hadn’t set in yet, but Nex wasn’t patient enough to wait to add that element to this challenge. He squeezed his legs, feeling the ribs and spine in the headless corpse start to turn to dust. Even the arms, which he had trapped too, snapped and were ground into ever smaller fragments. The missing head, though, added and extra element to the crushing. Everything began to flow out like toothpaste from a tube, blood and gore filling the hole that had previously held the lion’s body. The blood gave a beautiful luster to the black fur on Nex’s legs. The previously white panels of fabric on his briefs were now stained a deep red as well. His cock twitched, spurting precum. He was so glad that Frank had turned him on to this. Destruction was the purest form of domination. “Did you see that, kitty cat? He just juiced your boyfriend like an orange with his huge, meaty thighs.” Frank looked at the lion, who was staring agog at the bloody pulp that used to be his boyfriend. He wasn’t weeping, just stunned. Frank called out to the wolf “Ninety-five!” then turned back to the lion. “Now…” Frank tapped the side of Steve’s face to bring his attention to him. “…it is our turn.” The massive human smiled at the slightly shorter lion, his white teeth sparkling through the gore that covered his face. Steve looked down and saw Frank’s erection, angry and red, throbbing above the waistband of his boxers. His huge balls still filled the pouch. It was then that Steve knew that he was going to be a broken toy too. “You look pretty big, kitty cat. Pose for me.” Steve was stunned out of his reverie by Frank’s sudden request. His torso being the only thing exposed, he began to bounce his pecs and tighten his abs. “No, no, little cat. The arms.” Steve lifted his thirty-inch arms. He was proud of his huge biceps. While three inches smaller than those of his now former boyfriend, they were much larger than those of any other man he knew. He flexed slowly, methodically, to bring the peaks of his arms to the hugest they could be. He pumped so hard that the veins began pulsing, showing through his thick fur. Steve shook his head, making his mane wave in the air. But the lion’s musk was nowhere near powerful enough to be distinguished from Frank. “Those arms are pretty big kitty cat. You should be proud of them. Who knows? If you had been like me, you could have become a powerful muscle god as well.” Frank was standing in front of Steve, sizing him up. “Hold that pose for me. I want to feel that.” He lightly touched the massive peak on the feline’s arm. With his fingers, he traced the veins that covered the massive arm like a net. Frank spread his hand out, pointing his thumb downward and his fingers up to the peak. The lion had no idea that this monster of a human could be so gentle. “Do you like them?” A tiny bit of the cockiness from Steve’s life before meeting this god crept back into his voice. His lips curled into a smug grin. “I do like them, kitty cat. But…” “But?” “They are a bit… soft.” The lion was stunned until he felt a massive pressure on his huge arm. This human was squeezing his biceps, denting them with just his grip. The bicep, though hard and muscular, was mostly liquid in its chemical makeup. It would act like a liquid with enough pressure. Steve whipped his free hand over to his covered bicep and whimpered weakly. He was no longer able to hold the flex and relaxed his arm. “Yes. Soft, kitty cat. Your arms are nothing compared to my grip strength. I can crush a pomegranate with two fingers. What do you think I can do with my whole hand, I wonder?” Frank kept squeezing and Steve’s biceps seemed to flow out on the side of his hand. The lion’s whining had escalated to nervous screams of “Ah! Ah! Ah!” as he pounded on Frank’s hand. “You saw what Nex did. If the bigger kitty couldn’t stop him, what makes you think you can stop me?” A small cracking noise came from the big bicep, as individual muscle fibers began to snap under Frank’s ever tightening grip. Soon, the monster human’s huge hand met almost no resistance. Blood oozed out from between Frank’s finger like juice from an overripe tomato, gushing down his forearm. His hand eventually closed around the lion’s humerus. “Soft.” SNAP! The lion’s arm split from his body; the bone broken like a toothpick. Blood flowed freely from the hole in Steve’s shoulder. “You need more calcium in your diet, kitty cat. Now these…” Frank flexed his own massive, forty-two-inch arms. “These are strong arms.” The stunned feline looked at the massive, bloodstained arms flexed in front of him and opened his mouth, salivating. “Get a better look. Get closer.” Frank put his hand behind Steve’s head and pulled it as close as possible to his bicep. “Get a good whiff.” The scent from Frank’s pits wafted into the lion’s nose, turning his hormones up to maximum. “Do it.” Steve opened his mouth and began licking the gory human, cleaning the blood off of his pale skin. His rough feline tongue cleaned the skin very effectively. “Get in there, kitty cat. Clean it all up.” Frank relaxed himself a little bit so that the lion could get his head between the massive bicep and meaty forearm of Frank’s left arm. Blood and gore had pooled there, congealing into a mess that would require quite a bit of work to fully cleanse. Steve leaned in, fully immersed in Frank’s power and masculinity. His mane rubbed and stuck to the blood on Frank’s skin. Suddenly, the familiar feeling of tightness began to increase on his head. His mane, now plastered to his skin, was held so tightly in the crook of Frank’s arm that it was ripping individual hairs out of his head. Steve continued licking even though he knew he was not far from death. Frank’s bicep and forearm were pushing on the jugular veins on Steve’s neck, slowly cutting off the oxygen to the lion’s brain. In spite of his failing faculties, the feline never stopped licking the human’s arm. “Ooooh yeah, little kitty. Keep licking, there’s still plenty to clean up…” Steve’s head began to crack under the pressure, finally exploding like a red filled water balloon. The bang from the skull made Nex shiver a bit. Looking down at Frank’s crotch, the wolf saw that he had cum, coating his abs with white spunk. Nex’s ass twitched a bit, his bottom nature coming out a little. Maybe once this was over, he’d ride the alabaster human like a stolen bicycle, dominating him like the powerbottom he was. “Ninety-five points, little man. We’re all even now. The next few conquests will decide who wins.” The big black wolf ran his claws through his fur, dragging the congealing gore with them. Frank relaxed his bicep a little, letting the blood and gray matter drip off of the basketball sized muscle little by little. The human nodded in agreement. The last crush had made him cum. He wanted his next load to go down the wolf’s muzzle, totally owning him. “So, Frank… we never said what the winner of our little competition of strength and crushin’ would get. I’d say it’s about time we decided on a prize, don’t you?” “Yes, I believe so wolfie. We have already destroyed so much, so many… I do not think another crush would be a good prize. Perhaps we should consider each other as the prizes.” Nex’s ears perked up a bit at this. “Should I win… I am going to hold you down and fuck your face until I cannot cum anymore. That should only take about fifteen loads.” Frank was positively growling, his cock an angry red that was actually stretching the elastic band of his boxers to the breaking point. “If you win, little wolf…” “If I win, I’m gonna ride your cock until you think it’s gonna fall off. Then… once you’re good and fucked out…” Nex flexed into a most muscular, swelling hugely in front of the slightly smaller human. He growled back at the human, much more impressive with his canine vocal cords. “I’m gonna ram my huge cock up that tight ass of yours. You’re gonna bottom for me, boy. I’m gonna turn you out, make you my toy. I’d ruin you for any other man.” Frank’s cock twitched. He had never bottomed before, and this wolf might be fun. Suddenly, a sobbing filled their ears from over by the restaurant. The two of them looked over and spotted a cassowary knelt over the exploded fennec fox, crying. Nex’s face darkened. “Look at that…” The cassowary was thickly built. In a racerback tank top, his pecs spilled out of the sides of his shirt. His stomach, rather than a tight set of abs, was a huge and thick roidgut. Pushing out like a tortoise shell, his brick like abs were apparent through the thin fabric. His powerful legs were wrapped in shorts, exposing the scales on his calves. His thick, blue, featherless neck led up to a red wattle. The top of his head had a thick, bony crest that looked like it had been shaped a bit. “Birds shouldn’t look like that.” Nex growled. “Firstly, they shouldn’t be big like that… then they should have feathers all over. Birds should be light. Unless they’re maybe an eagle, or a hawk… But, then again… you can’t kiss something with no lips.” Tears ran down the bird’s face, dripping onto the corpse of the fox. “Oh… sweetie… You’re gone…” Sniffling, the cassowary rubbed the head of his dead lover. Strangely, he didn’t seem to notice the look of absolute bliss on the fox’s face. “Mikey… I heard that there was something going on downtown… I had to come down here to make sure you were okay. Oh Mikey…” The bird felt the eyes of something on him, watching what he thought was a semi-private scene of mourning. He lifted his head and turned to find two bloody giants watching him. “YOU! YOU DID THIS! I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!” The cassowary stood to his full height of six foot ten inches, muscles flooded with adrenaline and testosterone. Nex knew that their musk wouldn’t affect his bird like it had others. Cassowaries didn’t have good senses of smell compared to the mammals they had destroyed up to this moment. As the giant bird flew at them, the long nails of the middle toes on his feet gouging lines in the asphalt, Frank smiled. His smile said, “All yours.” to the wolf. Nex stepped in front of the bird and held his open hand in front of him, like a bumper. The big bird slammed into his hand, much like the barbell Frank had caught at the gym so many hours ago. The wolf curled his hand in the cassowary’s shirt, tightening it. “You know, birdie, your boyfriend there begged my friend Frank to sex him up. He saw that man over there and knew he was gonna be bigger and stronger than any man he’d ever had.” The bird struggled against the wolf’s huge hand, clawing at his forearm. “Didya see the look on his face? He died after having the best fuckin’ orgasm of his life. Somethin’ you could have never given him. And Frank did that with his finger. Imagine if he had used his cock…” “BASTARD!” The cassowary lashed out with his massive legs at Nex’s cock and balls. When he connected, Nex sucked a breath in through his teeth and moaned. The bird couldn’t believe it. His kick had actually aroused the wolf further. Nex’s burgeoning cock pushed out of the fly of his briefs, swelling harder. “Ooooh yeah, birdie. I love when tiny men like you resort to the rough stuff. Weaklings like you have to pretty much pummel my dick to get it up. You’re weak and, as Frank is showing me more and more, worthy of only being playthings.” The bird kept kicking and swinging his arms, fighting against Nex’s iron grip. “Yeah, you’re not getting away. Keep fighting like that and you’re gonna make me cum.” With his free hand, Nex ripped the shorts off of his victim. “You’re gonna enjoy this, bird brain.” Gripping the Cassowary on either side of his abs, the gigantic wolf directed his cock upwards towards and rammed it into the cassowary’s ass. The bird suddenly stopped fighting as he was overtaken by the pleasure of Nex’s huge dick brushing against his prostate. He began to moan and grind on the huge wolf’s cock. “That’s right, and I’m bigger than Frank. I’m gonna have so much fun with you birdie.” The bird was still leaking tears as he bounced up and down on the wolf’s cock. He loved Mikey, but this wolf was giving him more pleasure than the fox ever had. Mikey had been his boyfriend for years though, since they graduated high school. Why was this so pleasurable? “Aww, poor little birdie. Are you sad about your boytoy? Or are you more frustrated that a bottom is topping you, making you doubt that whole dom persona you built up in the bedroom?” His grip on the bird’s roidgut tightened and he began moving the cassowary up and down. The bird came, coating Nex’s gory abs with his sticky jizz. “No wonder Mikey liked Frank better. He lasted a whole lot longer than you.” The bird was still sobbing through the orgasmic bliss. Nex asked, “Do you need a hug, little bird?” The massive black wolf wrapped his arms around the bird’s thick torso, pulling him in tightly to the gory brown fur that sprouted from his white chest. His pecs swelled around the cassowary, trapping the bird in the deep crevice between the massive muscles. The cassowary buried his beak in the pecs. Nex pushed his arms down behind the bird’s torso, forcing his victim further between his gigantic chest muscles. As the wolf squeezed his pecs, the bird’s head disappeared more and more. Suddenly, there was a loud crack and the pieces of the cassowary’s hard crest and beak fell out of the fur on Nex’s pecs. “AHHHHH!” The bird screamed out as his face was opened up to the elements. Nex moaned and shivered at the sight of the bird’s destroyed face. The fear in the cassowary’s yellow eyes faded as they clouded over with lust. The shattered bony structures on bird’s face had opened up his sinuses and, although they were filled with blood, this increased his olfactory abilities by quite a bit. Nex’s powerful musk overwhelmed any and all instinct the bird would have had. He forced his bloody face back into the deep valley between the wolf’s huge pecs, gore running down the fur and into the deep crevices between Nex’s abs. The wolf moaned as the bird pushed deeper and deeper into his brown chest fur. With a hard flex, Nex dragged the bird deeper into his pecs. Remembering the whistle that the wolf had so easily destroyed, Frank licked his lips and watched with obvious arousal. He gripped his cock and jacked, watching Nex totally dominate the bird. The wolf’s dick throbbed inside the bird and popped out, tearing the flesh of the lower rectum with it. He squeezed his arms together into a crab pose, crushing the cassowary’s head between his huge pecs. Blood and brains spurted out from between the wolf’s chest, like juice from a lime. The spray made a long line of red on Frank that went from his bald head to his waistline. “Shit, wolfie… that was hot.” With a thud, the dead bird hit the ground. “I think you are up to at least one hundred and fifteen points. That destruction was just… delicious.” Frank wiped the blood from his face, smiling at Nex. “We have killed at least ten men and one woman so far. I wonder how long it will be before…” The sound of police sirens began echoing off the skyscrapers as a huge police car skidded around the corner into the downtown area. It had to be three times the size of the average cruiser and the reason became immediately apparent. The driver side door opened, and a fifteen-foot tall elephant stepped out. He was massive. Not muscular, just hugely fat and tall. His body may have been powerful when he was when he was young, but years of sitting in a car and behind a desk while eating donuts had taken their toll. At more than twice Frank’s height, he had to weigh at least fifteen hundred pounds. His long, curved tusks framed his trunk and his huge ears flapped in the breeze. His gut bounced with every step, like jello. “Look what we have here… police. They are going to try to stop us. They will not be so lucky.” “Wha’s goin’ on here?” The massive elephant was feet from Frank, gesticulating with his trunk at the gory human and blood-soaked wolf. “What’n blue blazes do y’all think yer doin’?” He jabbed the shorter human in the chest with his trunk. Frank could tell that this massive specimen was used to being in control, to throwing his weight around and getting what he wanted without too much trouble, just by virtue of being huge. “This is a safe town! How can you think you can jus’ walk in here and start fuckin’ with folks on the street, rippin’ ‘em to shreds, jus’ cuz you feel like it! The hell is wrong with y’all?” His prehensile trunk was placed firmly on Frank’s chest. As patient as the huge human was, he did not take kindly to this kind of intimidation tactic. In a swift motion, Frank grabbed the trunk of police officer and yanked down, forcing him to his knees. “Never… put your…fucking trunk…on me…” Frank spun around, like a decathlete throwing a discus, pulling the massive elephant with him. “AGAIN!” Unlike the deer, the elephant had tough skin and his head did not come undone from his body. Instead, Frank released the trunk and the elephant flew away in the direction of the squad car. He landed behind it with a heavy thud, shaking the surrounding city blocks. The whipping motion would have broken his neck and the crash his spine. Frank was sure he wasn’t coming back. “Officer down! The two perps are massive! Send the big guns! One of ‘em just threw Kowalski like he was a toy!” The shouting coming for the cruiser belonged to the junior officer, a gorilla. Frank was not sure how big he was, as he was barely visible over the dashboard. The cruiser, having been built for an elephant, didn’t help him gauge this new target’s size. The door of the police car flew open with surprising force, and with a thump a six-foot-eleven gorilla hopped out of the car. One look at this junior officer told Frank that he was much younger and took much better care of his body that his elephantine partner. Built like a bodybuilder, he looked to be about six hundred pounds of solid muscle. His huge feet pushed into the asphalt as he stomped over to the gargantuan destroyers, leaving small indents behind. He drew his gun and shouted “GET ON THE GROUND! NOW!” He made the critical mistake of being within arms’ reach of the monsters he was trying to subdue. Nex reached out and yanked the Glock out of the gorilla’s hand, and Frank grabbed the gorilla by the wrist. The huge human pinned the ape to his chest, facing the wolf so he could observe every move that he was going to make and pay attention to every word he said. “Alright, ya big ape. Didn’t they teach ya at the academy that waving guns around is dangerous? Ya coulda shot somebody’s eye out with this thing.” Nex looked at the barrel, careful to point the end at the ground. With two fingers, he pinched it shut. He then began crumpling the sidearm like a piece of paper, wadding it into a ball. As he compressed the steel, the gunpowder in the bullets exploded under the pressure. But, with nowhere to go, it just felt like a vibrating ball in Nex’s hand as each round went off inside the weapon. When he had rolled it into a small ball, he dropped it to the ground and walked up to the now quaking gorilla. “It’s okay monkeyshines, you just did that cuz you were scared, didn’t ya?” The gorilla nodded vigorously at this, hoping to Wolf Christ he was making the right choice in agreeing with this monster of a wolf. The human holding him and the canine in front of him were like gods when he compared himself to them. They might not have shapeshifting abilities, or mystical powers, or be macros, but they were massively strong. He knew that there was no escape for him. “Aw, wolfie, I think our little monkey friend needs a big hug. Like you gave your birdie friend What do you think?” Frank’s deep voice rattled the inside of the gorilla’s brain. The smell of pheromones and the vibrations from Frank’s chest had driven his libido into overdrive. His dick was now rock hard in his uniform pants, bulging out for all on the street to see. Nostrils flaring, he watched as the wolf approached him and wrapped his arms around the human, sandwiching him in. “You know, little man, I think you and your one hundred and twenty points might be right.” The gorilla was firmly stuck between Frank and Nex, trapped between their massive pecs. He felt Frank’s massive schlong rubbing up against his ass crack, poking at his slacks. Meanwhile, Nex’s huge boner was pushing into his stomach, leaving traces of precum and gore all over his blue shirt. These massive men had him stuck in their pumped-up pecs. He could honestly feel the veins underneath throbbing. “Let’s give him a real good squeeze.” At that, Nex and Frank wrapped their arms around each other and began to squash the ape officer in a tight bearhug, moving closer and closer to one another in a vice-like embrace. The ape moaned as the unbeatable forces of the muscle gods pulled against one another. His ribcage collapsed in on itself as Frank and Nex pulled closer, bones snapping like dry branches in a thunderstorm. The ape’s last word, the last thing he would ever say, was a whisper of ‘tighter’ to his captors. In an explosion of blood and gore, the two giants’ pecs met, and they kissed each other deeply. “If we did that together…” began Frank. “I’m not so sure we should keep keeping score.” He leaned back, bone fragments falling from his blood covered chest. “I think you’re right, little man.” Nex answered, smiling. Pieces of the gorilla’s uniform were stuck to the blood and viscera in his fur, slowly peeling off in their embrace. “I shoulda told ya though. The big gun… his name is Stan.” BOOM The buildings around the pair trembled as something that sounded suspiciously like the rhythm of footsteps moved closer to the two muscle gods. “He’s the city’s one and only macro.” BOOM “He’s also on the police force and weighs about eight tons of solid muscle. So…” BOOM “We’re gonna have to take him on now.” BOOOOOOOM A massive paw wrapped around the side of a skyscraper, shattering the plexiglass windows on about three stories of an office building. A massive German shepherd’s muzzle came around the corner, looming over everything. He could see two blood covered beasts in the middle of the street and knew that these must be his targets. His ears flicked back, and a low growl began in his throat. At one hundred and fifty feet tall, the monstrous police hound thought he would have no trouble in subduing his quarry. “What’re you two doing here on this street?” Stan inhaled a little, puffing out his chest and tightening his abs. Dozens of smaller furs ran screaming from the massive officer. Looking at the two blood-soaked males, he knew that, proportionally, the wolf was even bigger than him. Despite his sharp hearing, the German shepherd could not pick up on exactly what the muscle beasts were saying. He smoothed his uniform, a custom piece of tailoring provided by Macrose and Biggs, associates, and knelt down. His massive calves took up most of the street, pushing cars and trucks up onto the sidewalk. He then placed his huge hands on the street, leaning in closer to the beastly wolf. His massive torso loomed over everything, casting the street under a darker shadow than a cloudy night ever could have. “I said, what’re you two doing here?” His tie was hanging down, lightly brushing the street like a silk marquee. Without warning, Nex grabbed the tie and gave it a solid yank. Stan’s arms, massive though they were, were not prepared for the force that Nex suddenly exerted on them. His shoulders slammed into the ground, followed by his chin. Now the massive officer was lying down, ass in the air, slightly dazed. “See Frank, I knew I was strong enough to do that. Good thing we ain’t keepin’ score any more, huh?” “That would only count as one!” Stan’s ears snapped back. The second voice had come from around his right nipple. He suddenly felt a massive pinch, exciting every single nerve ending in his nip, making Stan moan loudly. Every building in the neighborhood shook with the force of his moan. “Did you like that, you big puppy dog? How about this?” He felt a scurrying under his pecs and then another sudden heavy pinch on his left nipple. “Oooooooh gooood… Do it again. Please…” Stan’s huge, ten-foot-long cock was hardening in his pants. The little man under him was twisting his nipples like a real pro, harder than the giant German shepherd would have ever thought possible from something so little. “Fuuuuuck, little man, that feels so good…” Stan reached down to his pants and opened the zipper. His monster cock had already escaped his jock strap and now pushed into the street, flooding it with precum. Opening his eyes, Stan saw two males on his snout. The black wolf and a human, both covered head-to-toe in blood and guts. “You said…” He was panting now, positively whining. “You said something about keeping score. What was that about?” Like massive satellite dishes, Stan’s pointed ears turned to face the front as Nex and Frank explained the details of their little game that had claimed at least fifteen lives tonight. Maybe more. The more Stan heard, the more his tail wagged from right to left. This, too, shattered windows with the sheer force of wind behind him. “Even though you aren’t keeping score anymore, can I play?” Frank and Nex looked up at him and shouted, “FUCK YES!” simultaneously. If two slightly bigger than normal guys could do all this damage, what would a macro be able to do? Stan’s ears perked up and he wagged his tail even harder. Careful not to dislodge the two males from his snout, Stan returned to his full, impressive one-hundred-and-fifty-foot height. He was going to do something worth a whole lot of points to impress these two guys. Somehow, they were smaller than him but stronger. They could pleasure him in a way he could not please himself. Stan jogged further into town, Nex and Frank holding on to the brown fur on his muzzle. The breeze felt good on his exposed boner, which throbbed in the night air, swelling with each step. Suddenly, he spotted his target. Across the street was a bus depot, packed despite the late hour. A long-haul bus, destined for who knows where, had just finished loading in front of the sad little station. “People that take the bus like that… I think they need some more excitement in their lives.” Stan stomped over to the bus and lifted it, with all forty-three of its passengers. Facing the motor away from him, Stan lifted the vehicle and inspected the rear. Satisfied, he pushed his thumbnails into the bus rear. This open it up like a one ended tube. “Hey, look guys…” Stan lowered the bus and positioned it in front of his throbbing erection. “I made a masturbation sleeve!” He jammed his massive cock into the bus, filling every inch of its circumference. His member was so large that the square bus began to take a round shape, forming around his cock. “Something’s…ooooh… missing though… Oh, I know!” With a twist, Stan crushed the front end of the bus, squishing everyone inside. Blood oozed around his cock, flowing out of the bus-fleshlight. “Flavored lube!” He dipped his finger into the blood and brought it up to taste. “Meaty!” His tail wagging, Stan resumed fucking the bus. The huge piece of steel molded to his cock as he pushed, moaning. “I’m…oooohh… gonna cum… Oooooh Wolf Christ, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna…ooooRAAAAAA!” With a primal yell, Stan came. The bus exploded in his hand from the pressure of the cum and blood, blooming into a twisted steel flower in his hand. “How was that guys?” Stan got no answer. “Guys?” Crossing his eyes, Stan looked at his muzzle. There, panting and breathless, were Nex and Frank. Nex was on the human’s dick, looking incredibly pleased with himself. Frank was covered in a thick layer of spooge, turning the dark red blood into a pinkish paste. Observation proved that Frank had just cum too, filling Nex’s ass with his jizz. Both of the massive men looked up into Stan’s eyes. “Well?” Stan’s ears twitched, half annoyed and half in anticipation of the answer he hoped would come. The two smaller men looked each other in the eye, the back up at the giant German Shepherd. They then answered in unison: “YOU WIN!”
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    Any ideas you may have on how to improve for another story, let me know!
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    Okay, okay. I though I could stagger this but I can't. I went ahead and combined the last parts of the story into one. Please enjoy! Constructive criticism is always welcome. Spoiler (sort of, just don't read the yellow): Chris wound up being more of a plotbrem for me than anything else. I couldn't figure out how to keep him and Mike. I'm sorry if y'all wanted him to come back, but I just couldn't do it right. Smitten part 6 We made our way down the Las Vegas strip, Will, Carlos, and I. We were staying at the Bellagio for the Mr. Olympia. Carlos, even though he was a pro bodybuilder with lots of supplement deals, only rented one room with a single bed for the week. Maybe, if I was lucky, I’d get a trundle bed thrown in. “Baby, let’s go to the room. I want to get my pump on before you go on stage. I want people to wonder why I’m not competing so I can say ‘Cos my boyfriend will beat me too easily.’” He ground his butt up on Carlos’s crotch. “I wanna talk you up so the judges are scared to vote for anyone but you.” “Babe, keep that up and I won’t be able to keep my posers on.” Carlos put a meaty paw on Will’s ass and groped. “We’ll go up to the room, I’ll let the bitch charge me up, then we’ll get you going.” They kissed. Even if I found the two of them to be disgusting, I couldn’t deny that they were hot. While Carlos manhandled me to get what he wanted, Will whispered sweet nothings in my ear to pack on the pounds. Both of them aroused me. Even though Will had been around since mid-July, I still couldn’t quite figure him out. When Carlos was around, he was almost indifferent to me, even cold. His touch didn’t quite reach me when he fondled me. Without Carlos Cruz, he was warm and kind. He even would let me go from the bed when he was alone at home. When we got to the hotel, I pulled our suitcases behind me while Carlos checked us in. When we got into the elevator, he and Will started making out. They were surrounded by reflections of themselves, so who could blame them? “Hey, Alex.” I was shocked. It was the first time I had heard my name in months. I looked up and Will had broken his lip lock with Carlos and was now looking at me. Carlos scowled. “Don’t call him that, call him ‘bitch’ or ‘puto’ or something. He needs to remember who he belongs to, ‘cos nobody else is gonna want him.” A small wince flickered across Will’s face. “I’ve got a package coming to the hotel with some time sensitive material at around six, but that’s when we’ll be on the convention floor. Since you’ll be in the room, I want you to come down to the front desk and get it. It needs to go in the fridge immediately.” He pulled his card key out of his pocket. “Take this, and be quick.” “Babe, you can’t give him too much freedom. What if he runs away?” “I don’t think he’ll be able to.” Will looked at me and crouched to my eye level. It made me feel even more childishly small. “Alex knows that the longer the chain is, the more it will hurt when we snatch him back to his doghouse.” He smiled at me. “Isn’t that right, Alex?” “Y… yes, sir.” Will had never been like this with me before. He had never been so sadistic. “Besides, how far could he get in Vegas with no wallet and no ID? This town practically breathes money.” The elevator dinged at the ninth floor. “C’mon, I want to get some making out in so we can get your testosterone flowing before the pre-judging.” Will, it transpired, had taken to my ministrations like no other. Chris became bigger and Carlos was now huge, but Will was a god. He had been beautiful before me, of course. But now, he was an Adonis. Instead of the 315 pounds the Carlos had wanted, Will was now at 385, just thirty pounds lighter than Carlos. That extra seventy pounds was probably the result of me subconsciously reciprocating his perceived kindness. However, it might have been just the way his body responded to me. He towered over Carlos by almost six inches now, so his mass didn’t seem as impressive compared to his boyfriend. He was still massive compared to me, outweighing me by 200 pounds. “I’ll handle it Will. Everything will be perfect for when you and Carlos come back from pre-judging for dinner.” “It had better be, puto.” “Good. Thank you, Alex.” The elevator was now far behind us as we approached the room. “I’m so glad they gave us a corner suite. You know, they’re just a little bigger that the rest of the rooms. Like you, papi, when I look at all the other musclemen out there.” Will giggled and tweaked Carlos’s chin. “Just a little bigger.” They kissed, arms wrapped tightly around each other’s torsos. I bit my lip in an effort to distract myself from the erotic display of clothes getting ripped off and muscles writhing. Carlos was right, I could try and run on Will’s little errand. But it seemed too simple. I could tell that Will was swelling when Carlos came up for air. “Damn, you’ve got me all revved up, Will. I’m so fuckin’ hard, I think I might pop right now.” “Hold it in, babe. I want to keep you as horny as possible for as long as possible. Then, when you’re flooded, I’m gonna make you hold it in until tonight so you stay pumped all through the show.” He clamped down on one of Carlos’s nips. “You’re gonna be so high on yourself, you’ll make the others look like little girls.” Carlos growled. I could tell he didn’t like the idea of waiting for sex, but Will seemed adamant. “If it makes you feel better, when you’re done thrashing everyone on stage, you can come back and go to town all… night… long on my ass.” “Fine, but I’m gonna wear a cock ring. If you’re gonna make me wait, I’m gonna bulge as big as possible when I wreck that thing.” “I wouldn’t have it any other way, papi.” An hour and a half later they left to make their way to the Olympia venue, leaving me in the room. At six in the evening, precisely, I received a call from the front desk. “There’s a package down here for room 9007. Will you be coming to get it?” “Yeah, I’m on my way now.” I practically ran to the elevator and, when it got to the lobby, to the front desk. I was not going to let Will’s package spoil. “Are you from 9007?” asked the guy behind the front desk. “I am. I’m just here to grab a package, then I’ll be on my way.” “Here you are then.” He handed me a small box and I thanked him. As I walked away, I looked at it and noticed that it was not address to Will, but to me: Alex García. I ripped the lid off and sat down on one of the many sofas in the lobby area, anxious to see what was there. The box contained a set of car keys, a Florida ID, and what appeared to be a stack of hundred-dollar bills. Underneath all of that was a letter: Alex, I know that this can’t possibly make up for all the terrible things that Carlos has done to you for however long he’s had you locked up in that basement. I can’t believe he would hold another human being against his will, when he seemed so cute and nice at the club. Well, I suppose him being beautiful doesn’t make him a good person. He might have just been after me because I’m loaded. In here there is a new identity for you: social security card, ID, everything you need to start over. You’ll find a car about three blocks north of here, on the fifth floor of the graffitied parking structure. It’s a Dodge, and it’s yours now. Please run. I’ve grown to know and like you over these past few months, and I want you to be safe. I’m gonna get out of here as soon as I know you’re gone. Don’t dump anything in this box until you’re at least four hundred miles from Vegas. I don’t want to take any chances. I’m sorry I was such a douche to you for all this time, but I had to get Carlos to trust me. I knew from the moment I saw you, I had to get you out of there. Run as far away as you can. Find a new life, and a man who’ll love you and not your powers. Love, Will R. I didn’t think twice. I was gone before the sun set that night, and in New Mexico before midnight. * * * I was terrified. My body didn’t want to respond to my desire to run away, or to throw myself into the ocean and let the tide carry me off. Carlos Cruz Castillo, my jailor, had found me. After a very short scuffle, Mike was on the ground five feet away and Carlos was looking at me with hunger. “You know, Will didn’t want to tell me what happened to you that night.” He was walking toward me, leaving deep prints in the sand. His body, though not as big as it had been before, was still massive. “I figured that he had done something when I looked in the fridge and there was nothing there. I had a hard time pinning him down after all that extra muscle you added to him, but I got him to the basement. He wasn’t a bodybuilder, so he lost his mass faster than me. It took a year, but he said he had gotten you to Florida somehow. It took years, but I finally found you.” He was feet from me now, exerting the gravity that only he could on me. His eyes were glittering, with tears or malice, I’m not sure which. “Come back to me, putito. I need you.” Suddenly, Carlos was on his knees, my hand in his, in a travesty of a proposal. He held on tight and continued. “I’m no good without you, putito. I’m so… small.” He looked up, tears actually streaming down his face. “I’m so weak without you. Come back to me, and I’ll give you whatever you want. You can even stay upstairs, call yourself my boyfriend, leave the house if you promise you’ll come back. There’s no way I could keep winning after turning thirty without you.” “You mean… after all you did to me… you want me to willingly come back with you?” My breath hitched in my chest. “After you kept me in that basement, held me hostage, and let my family and friends think I was dead, you think I’ll want to go with you?” I was still frightened and expecting him to hurt me for my disobedience. But anger was slowly replacing my fear. How dare he think I would see that as some sort of love, as a relationship? “Please, putito, I have to have you.” He gripped my hand even tighter. I think I actually felt the joints start to crack. “No Carlos. I’m staying here, away from you.” It was a risk saying that. Suddenly, the world reversed itself and the moon and stars were underneath me. I found my body slamming down into the sand. Carlos had thrown me. “Fine, if you’re not going to come on your own, I’ll have to give you a reason to come. Maybe if I take something from you that you want…” He was stomping over to Mike, who was now coughing. Carlos threaded his fingers into Mike’s hair and yanked him to a standing position. “If I get rid of your boytoy here, maybe you’ll come with me.” He cocked his fist and seemed to be considering which part of Mike he wanted to hurt the most. “STOP!” I was running to them, damn the consequences. He had Mike, and I couldn’t let a third person be dragged into this, not after Chris and Will. “Stop. Please. I… I’ll go with you, Carlos.” He lowered his victim and considered me for a moment. “I’ll go with you, just don’t hurt Mike. It’s not his fault I’m here. I ran away on my own. I should’ve known you would find me one day.” “NO, Mar, you can’t!” Mike struggled against Carlos’s iron grip. “Don’t let this asshole do that to you again!” “Just let him go Carlos. I’ll say goodbye, and we’ll go. You can even kill Marlon Rodríguez too, before we leave town, if you have to.” I was sure he would have to. “Fine, putito. I’ll let this bitch live. He’s too small to worry about anyway.” He threw Mike down and started walking away. I ran to Mike and crouched by his side. “I’ll give you two minutes to say goodbye. But, if your bitch comes at me again, I’ll snap his neck and he’s fish food.” When Carlos was about ten feet away, my tears began to flow freely. “Mike… Michael, I have to go now. If I stay, he’ll kill you.” “Mar, no. You can’t go with him… I won’t let you.” “You’ll find somebody else. As long as you’re safe, I’m happy. After all, you’ve only really known me for about a week. I’m replaceable. You’ll find someone else, someone better.” “That’s not your choice to make, Marlon. Not before the second date.” I laughed in spite of myself. How the hell was he so funny, even in the face of such danger? He was looking up at me, crying too. “You don’t get to say that. You can’t just walk into my life and then waltz out because I might get hurt. I told you, I’ve been watching you for almost a year. I would do anything for you. Anything.” “Then stay here. Please. Stay here. It would destroy me to see something happen to you.” I was on my knees now, looking at him. “I love you Mike. Let me do this for you.” I kissed him. Like our kiss at dinner, this one was toe-curlingly amazing. Unlike it, however, this kiss had a finality about it and an emptying warmth, like he was sucking out my ability to love and feel love. “I ain’t gettin’ any younger, puto. Move it.” “Stay here, Mike.” I stood, turned, and started walking to Carlos. I had gone maybe three feet before I heard a roar behind me and a large blur ran by. I had never known anyone to be that fast on sand while wearing shoes. Unfortunately, Carlos was ready for him. He caught Mike in the stomach with a fist, looking satisfied. There was a sharp outlet of breath and Mike crumpled. However, his satisfaction was short lived. Mike was laughing, actually laughing, after taking a blow that would’ve ruptured the liver of a weaker man. “You don’t get it, bastard.” Mike said through the laughter. “You got as big as you did because you made him horny. Think about the power that’ll come if he actually loves someone.” I looked at the prints in the sand. Each crater was larger than the last, carved deeper into the beach. Mike’s clothes, which had looked tight at dinner, now looked positively painted on. “When I heard that someone had kept Marlon captive for three years, I knew I had to do something about it if the S.O.B. ever came back. He had to change his name and leave everything behind, for fuck’s sake.” Mike stood straight and tall. I don’t think he had been that size when Carlos got to the beach. He looked over his shoulder and said to me, “I told you, just make sure I’m bigger than him if I have to take him on.” That triggered something in me. For what felt like the first time in my life, I was consciously in control of my power. Mike’s shirt split down the back, revealing deep cut muscles and the top of his glutes. I was going to make Mike so powerful that Carlos would be a little bitch by comparison. He was getting broader as he got taller, his shirt falling off in rags. They slammed together, interlocking their fingers and wrestling for a better hold on each other and on the beach. Mike’s body seemed to bubble, and he suddenly swelled up even more, putting on what looked to be another thirty pounds. His tan skin turned a richer shade of brown, becoming a deep golden bronze. He and Carlos were evenly matched now in terms of size, but Mike was much more ripped. The layer of fat that rested on Carlos’s body meant that Mike was now stronger than him. How much stronger, I wasn’t sure. I was torn. On the one hand, Mike was probably going to thrash Carlos into the sand. On the other hand, I had thought that Chris was going to be the absolute winner of their fight, and Carlos had cracked him over the head with a pipe. So, I had no choice but to keep going. Mike surged upwards about six inches, bring his height to almost seven feet. I actually saw the moment when Carlos lost all hope, when it drained from his face, and my heart leapt. Mike was going to win, and I was helping him do it. Carlos started sliding back, slowly losing his footing in the sand and getting buried on the beach. When his knees hit the ground, Mike gave him a good yank, pulling him out of the pit. “You…fuckin’…son…of…a…bitch!” Every word was punctuated by Mike hitting Carlos in the gut. A lesser man would have died already, with ruptured organs and broken bones. Carlos was still holding on though, smirking through the pain. “Why? Why would you do something like that to Marlon?!” Mike had Carlos held up by the shirt, hand cocked back for another punch to the face. He stopped though, when Carlos began to speak. “Why? Now that you have felt his power, how can you ask me why?” Carlos grabbed Mike’s forearm, gripping so tightly that his own veins stood out on his deeply tanned skin. “You…are… a…god! No man, not even a Mr. Olympia winner, can hope to match you! You’re seven feet tall, you probably weigh almost five hundred pounds!” His hands were quivering as he spat these words at Mike. “You are better than any man ever! I’ve FELT that before. I want that again, I HAVE to have that again. I am going to have him, and I am going to make him love me, make him give me the power you have!” Then his leg, the leg I had seen press more than a ton, swung back and slammed forward into Mike’s crotch. Mike crumpled, clearly in pain. “MIKE!” “Alright, putito. Alright. You want to do this the hard way? Fine. You WILL love me, and you WILL make me powerful again.” Carlos was walking toward me again, bearing down on me. I could see, even though his jeans, that his big cock was hard at the thought of taking me again, of me making him into a god like Mike. He smiled that lopsided smile of his, eager at the thought of me going with him. What he didn’t notice was that Mike was already getting up, looking at me, as if searching for cues. “Fine.” I said, looking into Carlos’s eyes. “Fine, I give up trying to run.” His face split into wide grin. “I’m not going to hide again. You want my power, you’re going to get to feel it. Every last ounce of it, until you break.” I turned and looked over his shoulder to Mike, who had seemed to deflate as I spoke to Carlos, thinking I was giving up to him. “Babe, kick…his…ass, please.” I turned my back on them, seeing both of their faces stunned. * * * It had been about a month since our encounter on the beach. I was sitting on the couch, watching TV. The perky news reporter delivered her speech in a clipped, short fashion. “And finally, in sports news, Carlos Cruz Castillo has announced his retirement from the sport of professional bodybuilding. This comes after the competitor suffered severe injuries in a car crash about one month ago, which left him severely atrophied.” I turned off the TV and walked away, heading for the kitchen. “I can’t believe that plan worked. I was still all for killing the bastard.” “Well, we couldn’t have you becoming a murderer, now could we? I think this is a much better revenge. Now he’ll live out his natural life knowing he’ll never, ever, be the best, ever again. I still think it was so smart of you to take his car to a place that would make all those injuries look like they came from a massive accident before you threw it at the cliff face.” I could feel him in the kitchen with me, right behind me. I fell back into his chest and looked up into his eyes. “You’re beautiful, you know?” Mike laughed. “So you keep saying. Maybe I’ll have to get you into the bedroom so you can remember that you’re beautiful too.” “I still don’t know how I’m able to take that thing between your legs.” “Maybe your body changed as you changed mine. Maybe I’m changing you.” “Maybe it’s just that I love you.” He leaned down and kissed me on the forehead at that. “Shall we?” He lifted me up single-handed and worked his middle finger into my ass. “You big ape, you just tore through my jeans!” “Yeah, but you thought it was hot.” Mike smiled at me, finger fucking me as we kissed. “I’m going to loosen you up as best as I can, then we’re going to make love until I’m tired.” “We’ll be here until next week, you’re practically a superhero.” “I know. But you love it.” Mike brought his arm up and flexed it. I had measured it two days ago. It was thirty inches around, cold. Mike was everything Carlos had been, but magnified. He weighed 450 pounds, almost every pound of which was muscle. I looked at him in the eyes, and I could see my own hunger reflected there. His huge pecs heaved, his tank top straining to contain them. He was like a golden god. “And you’re all mine.”
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    Because somebody texted me to remind me to post this next part, here's the real part 5 of my story. We might be looking at two more parts after this one. Here is where some of the two storylines come together. Smitten part 5 After two years and nine months in the basement, Carlos had finally learned some things. Firstly, even a week away from me was enough to cause the pounds I had added to him start sliding off. He had got onto the train at 375 and come home ten pounds lighter. Second, if he could offer me something, then snatch it away at the last moment, I would break almost instantly. Finally, there seemed to be physical limits to what my power could do for him. I could make him massive, but I could never get him past 425. His body just wouldn’t take more. Once he reached that magic number, he just became more symmetrical, more vascular, or more ripped. He had me well trained. Even when I wasn’t confined to the basement, like when he went to a foreign show, I stayed near him and kept him as pumped as possible. I wore long sleeves to hide the bruises on my limbs from his rough nights alone. He kept me well fed, so I wouldn’t get so thin as to slip from the manacle at home or so sick as to die. At twenty-two, I was afraid that this was all my life would be. “Hey, putito.” I looked up at him from the bed. “In September, we’re goin’ to Vegas. I got in to the O.” His throbbing manhood was visible, imprinted in his blue jeans. “So, I think we should celebrate a little. HEY!” He turned to look up the stairs. “Put on the blindfold, you hot piece of ass. I’m comin’ up for you.” Then he whispered, “You’re going to do me a favor, putito. See, I brought home a new boytoy this weekend. He just couldn’t keep his hands off me at the club. But, I’m too big for him, if ya get my drift.” I arched my eyebrows. Carlos, concerned about what someone else? Color me shocked. Carlos wrapped his hand around my bicep. “So, you’re gonna fix him up for me. I want him to be about one hundred pounds lighter than me. If you don’t pump him up…” Carlos began to squeeze. “…I’ll be forced to ram something bigger than my cock up your ass. Something like my fist.” “O…Okay…Carlos.” Never been threatened with a fisting before, and Carlos’s mitts would do some real damage. Carlos smiled, then ran up the stairs. He really liked this guy. He was having me grow him the perfect partner, someone else to keep me down here. September was two months away, which meant I could probably expect to spend a few weeks prepping by researching his competition at the O and bringing up his weaker points. I had gotten good at being a posing coach. “What are you doing, baby?” “I’m going to let you get your freak on with me and my secret weapon.” They were coming back. “Secret weapon? You mean…” the new man gasped, “You’re going to tell me how you got so big and sexy? “Yeah, baby. Then, we’re gonna do it so loud the people fifty miles away are gonna complain.” Carlos sounded almost… loving… when he talked to this guy. “I’m gonna blow you up so big…” “What if your weapon works better on me? What if you become the small one eventually?” “He knows better.” “He?” I could see him now. He was lithe, built like a dancer. Tight, like a bow. Not quite the usual twink Carlos brought home. He couldn’t see me with his blindfold on. Fuck, this was, unfortunately, hot. “That’s right. Now…” Carlos forced the new man onto his knees. He pulled out his cock, which sprang to attention almost instantly. “…suck it. We gotta make my putito hot if we want this to work.” “Say my name and ask nice, papi. Then I’ll do it.” “Fine. Will, won’t you lick my popsicle? I know you’ll like it, it’s got a creamy center.” What. The. Fuck. Submission? Of any kind? This could not be Carlos. Will nodded. “That’s better, Carlos.” He could only get the first half of Carlos’s prodigious manhood into his mouth, but he was really going to town on it. In spite of myself, I was getting kind of aroused. That was when Will started swelling. Unlike Carlos or Chris the first time, Will wasn’t wearing athletic clothes. He had on jeans and a button-down shirt, with some very nice shoes. As Will sucked, his back broadened bit by bit until his shirt looked stretched to the limit. His ass and legs swelled too, until it looked like the denim of his pants was shrink wrapped onto his lower body. He looked uncomfortable in his too tight clothes. “Carlos, what’s going on? I feel really… restricted.” Will stood up. And up. And up some more. He was about three inches taller than Carlos now, putting him at around 6’8”. He ripped off the blindfold and said “Holy shit! I’m massive!” He had started at around 185, but now he had to be closer to 250. “How…” “Look behind you babe.” Will turned to face me, and I saw disappointment flicker in his eyes. Disappointment, in whom? In me, for being so weak? In Carlos, for being so cruel? “When he gets hot and bothered, the guys around him swell up with muscle. It’s like he’s a sex crazed super steroid.” Carlos frowned at me. “What the fuck, putito? I told you, one hundred pounds lighter than me, not one seventy-five. Get on it, or so help me…” “Carlos…” Will put his hand on my captor’s shoulder. “…maybe he just needs some positive reinforcement.” Will sat by me on the bed, putting his hand on my thigh. “What’s your name, cutie-pie?” “A…Alex… Alex García.” “Well, Alex, I think it would be really nice if you would…” He squeezed my crotch. “…perk up a little and keep the juices flowing.” He leaned in, close to my ear. “I’m sooooo close to what my man wants, and only you can give it to me.” I shivered, and a button popped off of his shirt. “That’s better baby. Keep it coming.” How much trouble was I in now? * * * I let Mike drive on the way home. It just felt… right to let him take charge. He had his left hand on the wheel, and his right was holding mine. The ride home wouldn’t be all that long, so I decided to be a little selfish. I was going to have as much time as I could with him before I inevitably had to decide whether or not to let him go. I didn’t want to. I wanted our bodies to become one, every night, until we were bones. “That’s my favorite meal, Mar. Pasta puttanesca with oysters, with a big helping of dessert.” He squeezed my hand a little tighter. “But, I think the pasta pales in comparison with the company.” “Stop, Mike. You’re embarrassing me.” I looked up, more than a little pleased that he looked flustered too. “You were wondering if comparing me to pasta was a good idea, maybe?” “Well… when you put it that way, it does sound a little…” “It’s nice, to compete with your favorite meal. I know that the decision will be hard if you ever have to choose between us.” I turned back to face the front. “Do me a favor, Mike. Take the next exit.” “But that’s not the way to your apartment.” “Trust me, take the next exit.” “Okay, whatever you say, college boy.” He turned off the highway and followed my directions for the next ten minutes. We wound up at a small beach, behind a stand of palm trees. “I thought you said you didn’t want a beachfront date?” “I said no fish. I love the beach.” I kicked off my loafers and rolled my pants legs up to mid-calf. “I really wanted to show you this, before… well…” We looked out over the moonlit water and we watched the waves. Slowly, fins began sliding in and out of the crests, moving parallel to the shore. “I wanted to share the dolphins with you. I know you’re a Florida guy, and have probably seen dolphins before.” We were walking through the sand together, hand in hand. “Yeah, but it’s different, when you’re on a date. They’re cuter when you’re with someone. Especially if that someone is really cute, too.” Mike looked down at me and I was again stunned by his radiance. Even in the low light by the ocean, he seemed to glow. “Mar, I know you’re still thinking of running away. I know you’re still scared of hurting me or me hurting you. But, whatever you decide, I’ll respect it.” “I… want you to stay with me. But, I’m scared you’ll think I’m not enough. I mean…” I gestured at his impressive body. “Look at you. You are gorgeous. And huge. You’ll probably keep getting huger. What happens when I can’t keep you satisfied. That why Carlos…” “You have some pretty skewed ideas about self-worth and relationships, babe. Sure, I like a good fuck as often as the next guy. But a relationship isn’t all sex. It’s talking about how work went and making dinner and doing yardwork and having soap fights while washing dishes.” He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his pecs. “If I get too big for you, I guess I’ll just have to learn how to bottom.” Mike smiled. “Not that I’ve ever done that for anyone before.” “I’m flattered.” “Marlon, you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, the rest of forever with.” “We’ve only known each other two weeks.” “Not true. I’ve been… kinda… bus stalking you since you moved into the neighborhood.” “What?” “Yeah, I usually got off work an hour before you do, so I would wait and try and get on the bus I knew you would be on. I saw you two years ago and thought ‘Damn, he’s really cute. I wonder what it’ll take for him to notice me?’” He grinned sheepishly. “I mean, it sounds like a frikkin’ Disney movie, but I got to know you by watching you.” “Really?” “Yeah, I already knew what type of person you were when I followed you home. Any time there was a mom with little kids on the bus, you had some kind of picture book stashed in your briefcase and you’d keep them occupied while mom got some rest. Or when Thelma, from the assisted living home, needed help with the groceries, you’d get off the bus three stops later to carry her bags.” Mike was blushing a deep crimson. “You gave that guy a dollar when he didn’t have enough change for the bus. I followed you to your house and exposed your secret, Mar, and the first thing you did was offer me cookies and a drink. You are a good person, and I just never quite knew how to approach you.” “You mean, you’ve bee waiting an extra hour to get on the bus just to see ME?” Mike reached up and rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah. Sounds kinda creepy, doesn’t it? I think I better just…” He turned to leave, with a hangdog expression on his face. “Turn the fuck around and look at me, Mike.” His head turned and I saw him look a little hopeful. “I can’t believe you’ve been following me for almost two years, and that you noticed all the little stuff I did. That’s what attracted you?” “Yeah. You just… exuded… kindness. It’s like they say, those who have been hurt the most know how to help the best. I started working out, to see if I could catch your eye.” “It worked. But I was lost the first time I saw you on the bus too.” “What are you talking about?” “You had these blue eyes and an intensity that seemed almost wild. Whatever you were doing, you were in it deep. I thought you were like a force of nature, almost.” Now it was my turn to blush. “Like an earthquake or a riptide. Powerful, unpredictable, inescapable.” “So, we’re even?” “Even Steven.” “Really?” “Yeah. One more thing though.” “What’s that?” “My real name is Alex García.” “Fucking finally, putito. I was getting tired of trying to confirm it.” Ice filled my veins when I heard the voice that still haunted my nightmares right behind me.
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    Really thankful for all the wonderful feedback! Please be warned, this particular section contains/starts with a rather violent scene. Reader be warned. Smitten Part 5 It had been two months since I had woken up in Carlos’s basement. The chain he had used to hold me to the bed was long for a reason: I had become his chore boy over the course of my imprisonment. Every Friday, I washed his clothes, so he had “fresh threads” for clubbing with his friends on Saturday. Every Saturday and Wednesday, I prepped his meals in the kitchenette. I packed his cooler with the Tupperware he used to haul around his bodybuilder’s menu every day. Every Sunday, I made his cheat meal for dinner. I had learned to cook well before being chained up, but now I made meals with an almost military precision. Nothing burned, nothing wasted, nothing over-seasoned. I had spent the first night after burning his chicken thighs between his thighs while he watched one of the unabridged Lord of the Rings films. When the white wizard fell from his tower onto the spike, he squeezed, and my neck cracked a little. “Next time you burn my protein, putito, I’ll crack it all the way.” Carlos was prepping for a show in November, the California Turkey Classic, or some other shit like that. Or rather, I was prepping him. He really didn’t need to keep up the diet or the gym, but he did anyway to keep up appearances. “Big dude stops going to the iron pit but keeps gettin’ bigger… you do the math.” He would say. Carlos was magnificent. Every day he seemed to perfect himself a little more under my unwilling but lustful gaze. He was inching towards 400 pounds of pure power by now, at 367. I had been bringing him up slowly, but phenomenally, at around four pounds of muscle per week. One Saturday night, he came home blitzed out of his mind. I gathered from his shouting that some twink had turned him down because he “didn’t like meatheads.” I was scared. Carlos just might snap my neck if he was in a foul enough mood. “Get up, putito.” I looked over at him and edged away. He was drunk, and my fear outweighed my common sense. “I said GET…UP…putito.” He growled, yanking my chain. The hinge on the manacle slid down my bicep, gouging out a three-inch cut. “Now look what you made me do. You’re bleeding. Who’s gonna want damaged goods like you now, except for me, my little puto?” His face cracked into a lopsided grin. “Lose the pants, slut. My date didn’t pan out and I need some ass tonight.” I shucked my jeans and underwear. If I was quick and quiet, he might even use lube. “Thas right, putito.” He slurred. “I’m comin’ in hot, so you better be ready.” My torso slammed into the mattress, thrusting my ass into the air. In spite of myself, I was hard. Some physiological responses can’t be conditioned out. “Aw, do I make the putito hard? Does he like big, bad Carlos and his big-ass fuck stick?” I breathed in. He slapped my ass, hard. “ANSWER ME!” “Y-yes…” I was close to tears at this point. “…I like how big you are.” By now, his hands were almost big enough that his pinkies could rest on my hip bone while his index fingers teased my nipples. He had wanted those monster mitts, and they came with his increased height. I could feel his cock sliding between my glutes. I had never taken anything that big, mainly because I had never taken anything up the rear before. “It’s intoxicating. I lose control around you, you’re so big.” “Then beg for it, putito. Beg for this dick.” His hands wrapped around my rib cage and he squeezed ever so slightly. “Beg for it before I crush your fuckin’ ribs.” I didn’t know that where your ribs joined your breastbone could crack like that until he did it for the first time. “Please…” I sobbed, “Please just put it in me already!” And he entered me. It was wild. It was amazing. It was painful. It broke what was left of my spirit. This was torture, to be locked up by a man so gorgeous and yet so disgusting. To feel sexual bliss and, simultaneously, violation. My soul wanted Chris, but my body responded to Carlos. I will never forget it, because he was my first. Why did he have to be my first? I openly wept as he ejaculated into me. When he pulled out, I curled up and my body shook. This was not vengeance for a past violation. It was wrong then, but it was worse now. This was rape, and I felt that my body had betrayed me to him. “I’ll be leaving in the morning for the Pilgrim Classic, whore. I’ll be back some time next Saturday afternoon. If win, you better be ready to help me win my next show. I want you bent over and ready for me by the time I get down into the basement on Saturday, putito.” He stomped up the stairs, and I broke down. * * * “So, that bitch Jenny moved in to snatch the smoothie I made for the hot guy at the gym. She was all ‘One jumbo protein deluxe, on the house’ with her number on the cup.” Mike was having fun, telling me about his coworkers. “Of course, I was keyed in at the register, so it would’ve been out of my paycheck.” He snorted, “Boy, was she surprised we he asked, ‘Is this the cute man’s number or yours?’” “Oh my gosh, he didn’t!” The spoon froze halfway to my mouth. “No way!” “Yeah, but it turns out he just didn’t like her using my cashbox to fuel her dick quest.” Mike took a bite of the panna cotta and talked lumpily through it. “Straight as an arrow, but willing to take a bitch down a notch.” “You have such interesting coworkers, Mike. Mine just go on and on about Deleuze and Guattari this and Judith Butler that, arguing about pedagogy and second language acquisition methods. I’m just trying to get my students to be interested in what I teach, not shake their world view to pieces like a hungry rottweiler with a chicken.” I took the last bite from the plate and held it up to him. He looked pleasantly surprised and opened his mouth for it. “Yeah, but yours are all sexy and brainy, like you.” “Hardly, I’m the youngest one in my department by almost fifteen years, and it’s hard to imagine Dr. Gómez as sexy.” “Point taken, Marlon. Or is it, Dr. Marlon?” “It was almost doctor, at one point. Then I had to move again. Curious neighbors and an angry straight guy.” I sighed. “All I had left was my dissertation.” “So, it wasn’t…” “No, fortunately Carlos hasn’t found me yet.” “Carlos? You never told me his name.” “Yeah, Carlos Cruz Castillo. He was on track to be Mr. Olympia for a time. He won three amateur shows in two months, then went on to get his pro card less than six months later. He was the fastest competitor to ever hit the Olympia stage. He was pissed when he lost. Didn’t realize how political the show would be. They can’t let some nobody go and unseat the champ his first year, can they? I’ll show you the marks sometime, if you’re unlucky.” “I remember… He got banned from the show for two years for ripping off a judge’s tie.” “Having second thoughts about hanging out with me?” I smirked. “He might find me and he’s still pretty damn big. Last I saw he was sitting pretty at around 350 and placed third in Vegas at the 2035.” I picked at my teeth for a moment. “Nowhere near as shredded as when I was his secret weapon though.” “Well if he comes for you, you’ll just have to make sure I’m bigger than him then.” Mike gripped my hand. “I mean, right now he would outweigh me by about a buck, but you jammed around forty pounds onto me last Friday afternoon. I went to the gym and they gave me a trainer job after I showed them what I could throw around in the pit now.” He flexed his bicep and I swear I heard threads on his polo pop. “I really ought to thank you, that job came with a forty percent raise! You know…” I barely heard anything he had said after “make sure I’m bigger than him.” There was no hesitation. He would protect me if he had to. As they were wont to do, the tears came. There was no sobbing, just a gentle flow of tears. “Damn it, Mike!” He stopped gabbing and looked at me. “You are just too perfect to be real!” I wiped my eyes with my napkin in my free hand. “Has the past few years just been a fever dream? Am I still locked up, chained to that dirty twin bed? God damn!” Mike let go of my hand and stood up. He came around the table and looked down at me. He wasn’t hot anymore, he was beautiful. He pulled me out of my chair and wrapped his arms around me and he whispered in my ear: “I am yours, Marlon. I will never let you feel like you did when Carlos had you ever again.” I wrapped my arms around him in a short embrace, then pulled him toward my car. I wasn’t going to let this one escape me.
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    I’m really glad that people are enjoying this story! Part 4 will be up tomorrow!
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    Next part I had the day off yesterday, so I reviewed the next section I had and decided to go on and post it. There's a little bit of rough language in this one. Things get worse before they get better. Smitten part 3 “So, I come over and find not one, but two little putos at my cousin’s apartment. And one of them looks a lot bigger than the last time I came over.” The guy standing in the door was massive. He was shorter than Chris by one or two inches, but he looked like he would have to turn sideways to come through the door. “Carlos…” Chris breathed. “Shit.” “Okay, flaquito, how did you go from skinny shit to big boy in two weeks?” The new man, Carlos, blocked the door with his considerable bulk. What he lacked in height, he made up for in sheer mass. Like Chris, his waist was tight and his shoulders were broad. Unlike Chris, his twenty-four-inch biceps had not been subjected to my gifts of enhancement. He was the result of hard work and a cocktail of who knows what supplements. “You better tell me, or I’ll have to ask your little güerito boyfriend here what he knows.” He pointed at me. “And I won’t be gentle.” “Get the fuck outta my apartment.” Chris was awfully brave for someone who was behind me. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into him. “We’re done with you Carlos.” Carlos grinned. “Protecting your piece of ass, flaquito? That’s what I like about you, babe. You’re pretty brave even though you know I can kick your ass from here to Tijuana. Even though we’re in Cali, going from L.A. to the border is still a long way with my boot up your ass.” He twisted past the doorframe and moved closer to us. “I heard you say that you were up to 240.” He pushed Chris off the scale and got on. “Even if we take about ten pounds off for my clothes, I still outweigh you by around fifteen pounds. But fifteen is too small a gap for me. I want to hit 300 by next year and it’s already August.” His big meaty paw snapped onto my shoulder. “So, share your secret pendejo, or I’ll have to ask the putito what he knows.” He drummed his fingers on my shoulder. I noticed that each time he did so, he seemed to get simultaneously closer to my neck and the outer side of my shoulder. I looked down and watched the dial on the scale. While it was bouncing a little from Carlos’s movements, it never went all the way down to the previous number. 255…257…260…264… This did not go unnoticed by Chris either. “Alex! You have to relax.” My eyes snapped back to Chris. My Chris, my first kiss. My possibly first sexual experience. I melted. “Ch-Chris… help…” Tears welled up in my eyes. I could tell that Carlos was not a good dude. “I’m sc-scared. Chris…” “Look at me Alex.” He looked me in the eyes and I calmed down a little. “I’ve got this.” I nodded and looked down at the scale. 275. The fucker had gained twenty pounds and it was all my fault. Thirty-five pounds more muscle would be a huge advantage. “Oh, you got this, puto? YOU got THIS?!?” He reached up and grabbed the collar of his t-shirt, ripping it down the middle. I took the opportunity to step back. He took a fist and pounded it on his chest, making a thick thud resound in the apartment bathroom. “I’m gonna beat you until you enjoy it, puto. Then, I’m gonna put this…” He grabbed his crotch. “…so far up your ass you can taste it!” I had to help Chris. I had to help him somehow. For his part, Chris was remarkably calm. He looked at me and grimaced. “You want to know my secret?” He filled up a cup with water from the sink. “Tap water, extra pipe taste. That’s all I use.” I got the hint. I looked at him and concentrated. I would pump him so full of muscle he would make Carlos look like a little girl. I would make him so tall, that bitch would have to look up to see his crotch. Chris cracked his knuckles and smiled. “Let’s go, then. We’ll see whose dick winds up in whose ass.” He started to swell. “See, mine’s gotten a lot bigger. I think you’ll be able to take about half.” They slammed into each other, locking hands. “Then, I’m gonna let my man Alex finish with your ass. How do you think that’ll feel, brah, having a little twink not even half your size fuck ya until ya cum?” “Fuck no, bitch! I’m on top!” Carlos still had the upper hand, but Chris was gaining. Their perverse game of mercy seemed evenly matched after I pushed Chris for about thirty seconds. Chris smiled, pushing Carlos back a few steps and getting on the scale. There was only about a five-pound difference between them now. Chris was 280. He was bigger. His grin split open, revealing his beautiful teeth. He opened his hands and flexed the fingers, bending Carlos’s back at the wrist. I could actually SEE his paws widen. “Looks like I’m gonna win, bitch.” Chris’s tank top split open in the front. He didn’t have to rip it, his pecs did it for him. His shorts were looking more and more like a g string as time went on, with a heavy basket up front. His boner swelled, ripping its way out of the spandex. No easy feat, I’m sure. “And like you said…” Chris slammed Carlos against the wall. Carlos had to let go and use his big arms to support himself on the wall. With one swift movement, Chris lifted Carlos’s legs and tore his jeans off. “I won’t be gentle.” There was no denying that Chris had to be pushing about 6’7” and 300 pounds now. He brought Carlos down on his cock. Hard. Carlos howled. “It fuckin’ hurts, man! Stop! Stop it! Stop it n-no-nowowowow!” The previously larger man’s pain changed to moans of pleasure. “Looks like I hit the spot, huh, Carlos?” Chris smiled menacingly. “And I’m only halfway in. I’m gonna bring you right to the edge and then, I’m gonna stop.” Chris spun Carlos on his dick, so his feet hit the floor. How did he do that? I realized that he had to be holding Carlos off the ground with his incredible strength to be able to use him like a masturbation sleeve. Chris reached up and grabbed Carlos’s face, pointing his eyes at me. “Right when you’re at the edge, I’m gonna let the man you threatened take you.” Carlos moaned and went limp. Chris looked disappointed. “Was that all you could take?” He slapped him in an effort to rouse him. “Guess so.” The monster pulled Carlos off his cock, which was still hard. He smiled at me then. “Chris…what did you do?” “I paid him back for what he did last time he came over. And there was no way I was going to let him threaten my man.” “But you ra-” “I know, Alex. I know. Just like he did me two weeks ago on the couch. I wasn’t strong enough to fight back then.” He did a double bicep flex. “But I am now.” Chris looked at the crumpled man on the floor. “That fucker got what he deserved: a taste of his own medicine.” “He talked like you guys had a history.” “And we did.” Chris shrugged. “We dated on and off since I moved in to this apartment with Paco two years ago. He was hot. Then he got big, and he was hotter. Too hot for his own good.” Chris looked down at me. “You and I talked about communication a while ago. He talked and did things but stopped listening. I dumped his ass when he came in drunk and shoved himself up mine when I said I didn’t want it that night. Paco helped me kick him out, but apparently he had a key.” My savior looked at Carlos again. “I know I promised him you’d get in on the revenge, but you don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable.” “Th-thanks. I don’t think I could ever do something like that.” “Fair enough. I do owe you for that extra help earlier. Though, I didn’t think you would make me this big.” “More to explore, I guess.” “I’ll be right out. I’m going to wash this guy off my dick and kick him all the way out of the apartment.” Chris grabbed my face. “Then I’ll come back and we’ll talk about you being my man.” He kissed me full on the lips. I walked out of the bathroom and to the living area. I heard a crack from the bathroom. I thought somebody was getting what they deserved. I thought my problem was over. * * * The kiss was wonderful. Mike was beautiful. He looked like a young Schwarzenegger suddenly, just dirty blond and blue eyed. His deep tan shimmered in the light of my apartment. It wasn’t right. I broke our kiss just as he was opening his mouth. “Damn…” Mike smiled and said, “Was that a good ‘damn,’ or a bad one?” “I… I think it was both.” His smile was infectious, causing a small grin to crack my face. I stood up and started to move away from him, turning toward the kitchen. I felt a hand grab my butt and give it a squeeze. It was bigger than the one that held mine when I was sitting at the table. I don’t think he could have grabbed my whole glute before meeting me. “Mike, I need you to stop.” I didn’t turn around. “Please.” “Is everything okay? Marlon, tell me what I did wrong. Please, Marlon.” His hand slid up to my shoulder. My hands were trembling. I crossed my arms and raised them up to my shoulders as well. “Marlon, you’re shaking like a dog in a thunderstorm. I need you to communicate with me.” He pulled my thin body into his, wrapping his arms around me. “What is going on?” “Just let go, please. Mike, I…” I looked back and up at him. I was aware of his pecs pushing into my back and my butt rubbing a hard crotch. My eyes were clouding up with tears. “I don’t think I can do this to you.” If he had not let me go, I would not have been able to pull away and whip around to face him. I wish I hadn’t turned around, because I would not have seen how beautiful he was in full then. “You…you are perfect. Perfect. You are just so wonderful and beautiful and…” I wasn’t being my usual controlled self, and words were spilling out of me unbidden. “I don’t know if I can trust you. I can’t trust me to be around you. I would just pour so much into you and you made me think of him.” “Was it because I said I understood how he felt, wanting to keep you around?” I nodded. “Marlon, I can tell you’re scared.” I sat down and put my elbows on the table, head in hands. “So, we’ll do it your way. Do you want me to be with you?” I nodded again. “But…” “Shut up Marlon. I obviously want you to be with me. Do you want to be with me?” The last phrase was almost a whisper. “Fuck yes. I want to be with you.” I looked at him and I think it spooked him a little, to see so much hunger and pleading in my eyes. “But, look at what I’ve done to you. I changed you without asking. I’m scared that I won’t stop, that you’ll think I don’t see you as ever enough.” He opened his mouth, whether in astonishment or to start talking. “Don’t you see what I’ve done?” I grabbed fistfuls of my hair. “I think it’s hot.” I stopped suddenly. “It gets my motor going to think you could just look at me and I could get bigger. Also, how could I ever think I wasn’t good enough for you? You said earlier that the changes only happen to guys you think are hot. I would be more offended if you suddenly stopped blowing me up.” I couldn’t help it. I giggled. “Maybe someday you’ll get your power under better control, then you could grow your guy whenever you wanted. I can wait for that. So, until then, we’ll take it as slow as you want.” “Mike, what happens if we try to pursue a real relationship? What do we do when we get…intimate?” I still hadn’t looked up and was almost whispering. “What happens when you inevitably become too good for me, too big for me to be useful? He always said he was too good for me… that he kept me because I was useful.” “What do you mean, Mar?” His eyes had clouded over, not with tears like mine, but something else that I couldn’t identify. “When… he kept me in the basement, he seemed to… feed off of me being there. He said I was useful, for all his… urges.” I felt a tear run down the side of my nose. “He… he was my first. He was the first man, the only man, to ever have sex with me. He took it away, and I just let him. I feel so… dirty.” “Marlon…” He knelt down and looked up at my face from the floor. “Marlon, would you do me the honor of going on a date with me next Friday night? If I weird you out too much, if you feel pressured in any way, I promise I will leave you alone forever and you won’t even have to move. Just go to dinner with me next Friday.” That jolted me out of my weepy state. “Are you sure?” “I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to try to persuade you.” “What will people say, a big guy like you, dating a pencil-neck like me?” “Hopefully something along the lines of ‘Damn, I’ve gotta be that big to catch a little hottie like that?’ and then they’ll come to the gym I work at.” “You worked at a gym before I did all this?” “Yeah, as a personal trainer. I was a calisthenics and bodyweight exercise specialist.” I laughed out loud. “Okay, I work at the desk and juice bar. Happy?” “If they didn’t have you on the floor before, you’ll be out there now.” Another little tickle started up in my brain. “How about the age difference? I might be too old for you.” “How old are you?” “Twenty-nine.” “Well, I’m twenty-five. It won’t be much different from a freshman and a senior dating in high school. Four years isn’t all that much, and I’ll be twenty-six next week. And…” He seemed to swell as he turned his arms in and flexed his pecs. “I think all this bulk matures me a little.” I smiled again. “So, where would you like to have dinner, Mike? I have to warn you, even though I live in Florida now and am originally from California, I don’t like seafood. So, no beachfront, twilight dinners at a seafood shack.” “Fair enough. How about we meet in that little Italian place on 35th street, say around seven in the evening? I’m sure we’ll find something we can both enjoy there.” “That sounds good Mike.” “Seven o’clock, Marlon. Don’t be late. I don’t care what you wear, but don’t be late.” “I’m looking forward to it, Mike.” He smiled and stood up, walking toward the door. Damn, that ass was glorious. I do fine work, if I stop to think about it. He put his hand on the knob and twisted. I stood and walked over behind him. “And, Mike…” He turned with and inquiring look. I gave him a peck on the cheek and he smiled. “I like to split dessert after a good meal.” I was being reckless, and I knew it. I was simultaneously going too slow and too fast. After the last time, I felt a need to at least have a little of what I wanted. Would it prove to be too risky? * * * I woke up and everything was darkness. My eyes were open and, even though there was nothing covering them, I couldn’t see anything. I felt weird, sluggish. I lifted my hand to my head, only to find a chain wrapped and padlocked around my forearm. “You awake, putito?” I stiffened. “I heard the chain rattle, puto. Either you’re awake, or you’re waking up. I don’t really care. I’m comin’ in.” A door out of sight opened, letting light flood the room I found myself in. I was chained to a bed in a pretty nicely furnished basement. A TV sat in the corner, and I assume the remote was on the table next to my bed. A washer and dryer sat opposite the TV, at the foot of the bed. There was even a kitchenette and refrigerator. The chain looked like it would give me the freedom to explore almost to the bottom stair. Heavy footsteps thudded down the stairs. “Are you surprised to see me, putito? Did you think your little bitch boyfriend could keep you safe? No matter how big a guy gets, a quick slam to the back of the head with a pipe will take ‘im down pretty easy.” Carlos came fully into view then, all 275 pounds of him. “Is… is Chris okay?” I asked him this, half not wanting to hear the answer. Carlos was wearing running shorts and what looked like a wrestling singlet. His legs were massive and much more shredded than I would have given him credit for. His round glutes stuck out like a shelf behind him. Carlos’s tight waist looked carved from stone and his pecs cast a deep shadow over his abs. His choice of clothing left no crevice of his body to the imagination. He may as well have been wearing a speedo for all the tight gear hid. “I dunno. He’ll probably wake up with a really bad headache later. By then, I shouldn’t have to sneak up on him. I should be more than big enough to take that putote down a few pegs.” He came closer to me and I withdrew. “See, I think I figured out how he went from putillo to chacaloso to bodybuilder in just a few weeks.” He sat down on the bed and yanked my chain, so I was forced to join him. “In fact, I think I know who was behind it.” “Y-you think he found some new w-workout secret? A new trainer?” “Nah, putito. I think he found himself some…” He grabbed my free left hand and dragged it to his chest. “Ins-pi-ra-tion.” With each syllable he bounced one of his prodigious pectorals. I couldn’t help myself. I was immediately hard. “Real good inspiration.” His pec swelled in my hand. “That’s what I thought. You did that to him. Good thing is, you don’t seem to be able to choose who you pump with this juice of yours. You just let that little dick of yours do the choosing.” He grabbed my chained hand and brought it to his abs, which also tightened considerably. “That’s right putito. Keep going. I’m going to be twice the man Chris was.” My crotch throbbed. I was so screwed. * * * I stepped out of my car in the parking lot of Napoli, which promised to be a great little Italian joint. I drove because I was still being cautious. I would not be caught of guard by another man. I wasn’t sure if I was overdressed in my khaki slacks and button-down shirt, but I wanted to make a good impression on Mike. Or, a good second impression. Maybe he would see me and think I thought I was better than him. Like Ari, the last guy I flirted with. Maybe he’d think I wasn’t good enough, like Frank, the socialite I helped out for a few months when he hosted the Conch Ball. I laughed to myself a little at that. No one was good enough for Frank before I got my hands on him, he would never think anyone was good enough for him now that he looked like he was sculpted out of black marble. “Glad you’re having some fun, Mar.” I whipped around to face Mike. “I’m also glad I found some nice clothes too. Otherwise I would feel a little out of place.” He was in a royal purple polo shirt and black slacks. Everything looked painted on. I could even see the outline of his abs through the fabric. He looked like an illustration from a comic book. Damn superheroes. They make me weak. “There’s no way you would ever be out of place in anything you wear. You’re gorgeous.” He started laughing and my hand snapped to my mouth, stunned at what I had just said. “We’re off to a better start than I thought we would be. We won’t even need wine, if you’re going to open up this soon.” “I don’t drink. Never have.” I smiled sheepishly. “I never could stand alcohol.” “Damn, then I’m just going to have to work a little…” he jutted out his pecs “…harder…” *ungh* he flexed his abs “…to get you to loosen up some.” The effect was stunning. “I got us a special table, my friend Gino saved it just for us. I know you said no seafood or dock restaurants, but I think you’ll like this table.” He grabbed my hand and pulled me out onto the deck area in the back. We moved quickly, and he almost seemed to drag me, like an excited puppy on his first walk. We turned a corner, went up some stairs, and I found myself underneath a blanket of stars. “Even though we’re in the city, for some reason you can still see the stars here.” There was one table in the middle of this upper deck, with two place settings and a candle. Mike pulled my chair out for me and I sat down. “I… kinda took the liberty of ordering for you,” he said, pointing to the dish in front of me. “I really, really want tonight to go off without a hitch. I thought that, maybe if I were a little gentlemanly…” “Thanks, Mike. The last guy I dated never thought about little details like that.” “Wasn’t the last guy you were with the…” His eyes widened. “Yeah. It was a terrible stab at a joke. It’s been a long time since I had to exchange small talk, and it seems like with you I was already closing in on the big stuff.” “Should we be picking out china patterns then?” “God no, I wouldn’t want to tie you down in the prime of your life. I’d wait until you were desperate. That’s the only way I’d really have a chance.” I smiled. “Then we’ll get plain beige plates, because I said so.” Mike looked at me, stunned for a moment. Suddenly he roared with laughter. “Mar, that was great! I can’t believe you just said that! Was that whole…” He waved his hand in a general circle around me, “…shell thing an act?” My grin split open and I was laughing now. As we slowly regained control of our faculties, he wiped tears out of his eyes. “Anyway, I hope you like beef. I ordered you veal cannelloni in white sauce.” It was like he had read my stomach. “That’s my favorite type of sauce, but I’ve never really eaten veal before. It’ll be nice to try something new.” I looked over at the riot of red on his plate and asked, “What are you eating?” “Pasta puttanesca. With oysters.” He licked his lips. “You, college man, might appreciate all the implications of that order.” “If there’s chocolate in the dessert, then your intentions have been laid bare.” “Shit, and I was going to have some dark chocolate panna cotta brought to the table.” “Stop, I can only get so aroused.” “Really?” I sighed. This banter was great, albeit a bit, well, silly. But I couldn’t let myself get carried away. “Really. It seems like, even before I got hold of you, you just oozed sex and sexuality.” He lifted his fork to his mouth and took a bite of the spaghetti. Even that was sexy. “I just can’t believe that you would go for someone like me, after what I did to you.” He scowled and dropped the fork. Mike pushed back from the table stood up. His left hand hit the tablecloth with a good deal of force and his right index finger was right in my face. “I thought I told you, I…WANT…TO…BE…HERE.” Every word was punctuated by a wagging finger in front of my nose. It was quite like having your grandmother scold you for not eating the third helping of cookie dough ice cream that she put on your plate without asking. If grandma looked like she could bench press a Jeep. “You need to get past this.” His hand curled under my chin. “Look at me.” I was so forcefully reminded of Chris that tears almost came to my eyes. “I want to be with you because you’re you.” And he kissed me. He kissed me, and my toes curled in my shoes as I kissed him back. “Now finish your cannelloni.” “Yes sir.” My enthusiasm surprised even me. We kept talking as moths came down and flitted around the candle. I’m not sure when my hand wound up in his, but our fingers were intertwined, and I did my best to eat with my right hand while he struggled with his left. Gino attended us very well, making sure that our water glasses were never empty and that we had enough of anything else our hearts desired. When he finally came back and asked us, “Will you lovebirds be having anything else tonight?” I answered almost immediately. “Bring a chocolate panna cotta and two spoons. We’re going to share.”
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    Thank you all so much for the wonderful reception to my story! Here's the second part. It does begin to take a dark turn here and the two stories will come together eventually. I hope you all keep enjoying it! Smitten Part 2 “Can I come in?” asked Johnny Blue-eyes. Again, he reached for his gray shirt and tugged on the collar. Was that because of what I did, or was it a nervous habit? “I really want to know what you did to me.” The washing machine seemed to be deafening in the silence that followed those words. I had a few choices. The first and easiest was to tell him that I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Lie to him and close the door. The second, more dangerous option was to tell him the truth. To invite this beautiful man in and tell him that I could improve him. The last time I did that, well… “Look, I’m not mad at you. I just want to know what you did.” I sighed and gestured for him to come in the house. I closed the door behind him, leaving it unlocked just in case I had to make a break for it and leave my life behind again. “Do you want something to drink? I have water, soda, milk…” “Yeah, some water would be nice.” “Sure thing…uh…” “Michael. Mike.” “You got it Mike, one glass of water, extra pipe taste.” He smiled. “So, Mike…” I said, sitting down at the table and signaling him to do the same. Instead of sitting across from me, like a normal person, he sat next to me. This had never happened before. Well, not since Chris… “What gave me away?” “I think it had to be the fact that you noticed the changes to my body at the same rate I was noticing them. I swelled a little, your eyes would get a little wider, and so on.” “Yep, that about sums it up. Mike, my power doesn’t really have any secrets to it. I see a guy I think is cute and I make him bigger. I don’t always have full control over it, as our little bus ride shows. It always starts slow, but inevitably somebody gets greedy.” I shrugged, he smiled. “Sometimes, guys have a real problem with the fact that it’s a guy crushing on them. Then they try to crush me.” “Why would anybody do something like that?” Mike asked. “I mean, even if I weren’t bi, I would appreciate the ogling and the extra benefits.” He bounced his pecs a few times to drive this home. “You’d think that a guy would be grateful, now that he’s gotten like six months of workouts out of the way on the bus ride home.” “I know, right? However, that’s how I got my first broken leg. I lied to the hospital and said my car fell on it while I was changing my oil. That was the only way my femur could have legitimately snapped in two without me or the guy I enhanced being locked in a science lab or a military complex. I just happened to crush on the wrong homophobe. He never realized I built him like a Buick.” “Shit.” “Yes. But, that isn’t the only outcome. Sometimes, when a guy finds out it was me that changed him, he wants more and doesn’t want to stop.” I shuddered a little and my voice cracked. “Ever. He just keeps going until I get away.” I held up my left arm, which had a scar that ran from the top of my bicep to my wrist. “That’s how I got this one. I was really young, and he was hot and really into what I could do to him. I got carried away and he carried me away some more.” “Fuck man, what happened?” Mike seemed to be genuinely concerned over this. “He got greedy. Then he learned that my power doesn’t give you a new normal. You have to work to keep it up. So, he held onto me for maintenance and enhancement purposes for three years. You could see why this is a big deal for me, talking about this to someone else about my skill after so much time.” I felt a tear run down my cheek and I wiped it away quickly. “If there’s one thing it taught me to be locked in that basement, it was how to keep my emotions in check.” * * * I broke away from Chris’s lip lock, but my hand stayed right where he left it. He opened his eyes and asked, “Why’d ya stop? We were just gettin’ to the good part.” He smirked and gave his hips a little pop, pushing his groin further into my hand. I seemingly involuntarily tightened my grip a bit. His smirk split further into a big grin. “That’s my Alex, grab it tighter. I don’t wanna pop off just yet.” I let go of him then. His grin slid off his face like water off a windowpane. “What’s wrong, Al?” I slipped away from him a little more and mumbled a bit. “What?” “That was the first time I ever did…anything…with anyone before.” I half whispered. Chris looked shocked. “I’m still a virgin, in all senses of the word.” This time he had a response. “Damn, Alex. Why didn’t you say anything before? I wouldn’t have kept going like that if I knew you were a sundae with the cherry on the bottom.” His crotch seemed to deflate a little and he grabbed me by the shoulders. Then he bit his lip and smiled a little. “C’mon in man. We’ll talk some more about this, give you the right experience.” He had a little trouble extricating his key from his pocket and opened the door. Was Chris always so tall? As we crossed the threshold, I was shocked by how clean the place was for three guys living there. The kitchen was in great order and the floors even looked polished. “Shoes off at the door, man. Last time Paco got past the entrance with his muddy boots I came close to ripping his balls off.” He looked around. “Looks like Paco is out and Mark won’t be back until next month.” He said, beckoning me to follow him to his room. We went in together. Again, spotless. I grinned a little. Now I knew who the neat freak was for sure. “That’s right, relax. Here…” He gave me a little push onto his bed and I sat. “Now, I’m going to make up to you for trying to eat you on the porch. This…” He leaned into me and pressed his lips against mine. “…is a kiss.” He did it again. And again. And a fourth time. I whimpered. He opened his mouth. I gasped. “Are you okay?” “Y…yeah, Chris. I’m swell.” Accidental double entendre. That made me blush more. His hands returned to my shoulders. “Alex, it’s important that you communicate. I can’t have a good time if you aren’t having a good time. If I get off and you didn’t want what you got, it sucks afterward. I would love to fuck with you, but not if it destroys our friendship. You’ve got to be happy for me to be happy.” He smiled and gave me a little squeeze on the shoulder. “So where should I go next?” He traced down my torso with his hand “The front or…” He slid his hand from just above my hard cock to my rear end. “…the back door?” He groped my ass, squeezing the glutes I had built from years of hiking and biking. Mine weren’t awesomely big like his, just tight and sensitive. I moaned, and the front of my pants got even tighter. “So, Alex likes it when I do this…” He pulled himself in tighter and palmed my butt like it was a basketball. I reached out and put my hands on his pecs. He flexed them, causing his shirt to bulge. He even flared his lats out a little, giving me some wings to hold on to. He was bigger than before. A lot bigger. “Do you want me to stop?” “Fuck no, keep growing! That’s hot!” “If you insist I’ll keep go… wait…” He paused. “Did you say growing?” Chris pulled back and looked down at himself. “Are you talking about my… cock…” He tapered off when he realized that I was not only referring to his genitalia. He was amazing. Of course, he was amazing before. But this new Chris was a work of art. Where Chris had been around 6’2”, and about 185 pounds this morning, he was now much larger. His height hadn’t changed all that much. He had gained maybe an inch. The change was in his muscle. His tank top, previously just barely meeting the top of his shorts, now barely covered maybe the first row and a half of his abs. They had tightened up as he grew, with deep cuts that you could probably lose a quarter in. His arms had grown from about eighteen inches to what appeared to be twenty-two, and his pecs were like two halves of a watermelon, straining the straps of his shirt. His legs had blown up too. His calves were almost as big as my thighs were. But the shorts were the best. Not only had his quads forced the legs up, but his butt and crotch had pulled them too. His running shorts were almost like square cut trunks now, every bulge visible. “Alex…what’s happened to me?” Chris said, taking off his tank to reveal his torso fully. “I’m huge!” He rubbed his pecs and his cock twitched some more. He even tweaked his nipple. “I wonder…” He ran off and disappeared into a room down the hall. “YESSSS! Alex, get in here!” I ran down the hall into the bathroom, where I found him standing on the scale. “Look at that, I weigh 240! I’ve gained almost sixty pounds since earlier today!” “TODAY? Chris… that’s not normal. Are you… Do you feel okay?” I was worried because I had no idea what had caused this. Was his heart going to be fine with all that extra mass? His eyes bugged out a little and he suddenly gripped his chest, breathing hard. I could hear his heart beating, trying to keep up with the sudden addition of sixty pounds. The thuds got progressively less pronounced and his breathing seemed to calm. “That… was a… fucking…rush.” He laughed a little. “It was like all my cardio caught up to my bulking all at once. Ya know, after a long winter of pizza ya gotta get them abs out for summer. Feels like that.” He breathed in deeply. “I feel like I could take down the whole defensive line of another team, all by myself.” He flexed his bicep, pushing out his veins. It looked like a softball. “Am I doing this or…” Chris’s face twisted as he concentrated on his image in the mirror, holding his breath. He expelled all the air he had taken in in a sigh, upper body deflating slightly. “Maybe it’s you doing it.” He looked at me and grabbed me by the back of my head. Again, I was pulled in to his kiss and I just let go of myself. “It’s YOU!” He hollered, swelling up a bit more. “Fuckin’ swole now, maybe bigger than him…” “Bigger than who?” I couldn’t think of anybody bigger than Chris now. “Bigger than me, puto.” * * * “So, some guy kept you locked up in his basement for three years, just because you can blow folks up?” Mike hit a sleeve-straining bicep flex. “I mean, I can understand wanting to be around you more often after finding out about your…talents. But, locking you up?” He grabbed my hand and I pulled back. Human contact was not something that was high on my list of wants at the moment. He looked concerned. Luckily, I had several excuses ready. “The washer’s ready, and the cookies are too. Be right back.” I said, moving into my apartment’s kitchen to change the wash and pull out the treats. He looked mollified, but I knew that wouldn’t last too long. I can’t believe I was telling this complete stranger my story. I raised my voice a little so that he could hear me over my work. And here I was, doing my laundry like it was a normal Friday afternoon. “You know, you’re taking this very well for a normal, well-adjusted person. I would have expected you to run off because you thought I was nuts for suggesting this was possible.” The cookies now on a plate, I came back to the table. “At least, I would think you would freak out a little.” He pulled out the chair I had been in previously. “No. Don’t. Stop.” Mike’s deadpan delivery was spot on. “I would hate to look like a bodybuilder. Especially if it meant I would slowly get taller.” I chuckled a little. He really was a cute guy, inside and out. “I mean, really, I understand the guys wanting to hold on to you forever a lot better than the ones who run.” He reached for a cookie and popped it in his mouth. But his comment spooked me a little. “But, the more I think about it, the more I come to understand the runners. If you did this to me…” He indicated his body with both hands. “…imagine what you could do to someone who hates my guts. Or worse, yourself. If you got huge and mopped the floor with your kidnapper, that would be true justice, I think.” “Mike, my power doesn’t work on me. It only works on other guys. If I could make it work on me, I wouldn’t have dyed my hair and moved so far away from my original home. I would be up on the Olympia stage, living high on the hog. That’s also why I got a job as a lecturer in the Spanish department at the local university. I can run between semesters or during breaks really easily if I need to. It’s also a high visibility job, unlike my last one. If a teacher vanishes from campus, it won’t be long before someone tries to track them down. Even if it is just for grades.” I drank some of my water. “I have avoided falling for people as best as I could for the past seven years because of what happened last time.” Was he going to keep me too? He wasn’t as big as the last guy, but he did say he identified with him. That wasn’t what scared me. I had been a captive before, and Mike seemed like he would treat me better than my previous jailer. No, I was afraid that I would like belonging to Mike. He was so nice and honest. He reached out and touched my hand. I blushed a deep shade of red almost immediately. “Well, sir, it seems like that seven-year itch got a bit of a scratch today. I think I know how you feel about me.” He said, flaring his lats a bit. “I mean, given my improved state you must have thought I was cute, to say the least.” “Yes. You are very cute. I saw you on the bus and thought ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if he were attracted to me? If I could go out with him like a normal person.’ I thought that and that was what put us on this path.” I sighed. “But, I know you can’t really think I’m good looking, or even worth dating. I’m sure you must have all the girls lined up, looking for a night with Mike. I mean, who would want to be with someone like…” He stopped me with a kiss. “For a teacher, you don’t listen so well. Or pay attention to your surroundings.” “Can you blame me for having tunnel vision?” “I suppose not. I seem to remember mentioning that I was bi-sex-ual about half an hour ago. After sitting right next to you. After following you to your apartment. Before teasing you with a little flex here and there. Before grabbing your hand. I wish I had done things in a slightly different order though.” “Really?” “Yeah. I wish I had met you before I figured out your power. Then this flirting wouldn’t seem shallow and selfish. It would just be flirting.” I hadn’t done anything like this voluntarily with anyone since Chris. I felt like I was drowning in Mike’s blue eyes. I kissed him back and felt him grow.
  13. Aquaas


    Thank you very much! I’m trying really hard to make real characters in unreal situations. Thank you! I’ll post another part soon. It’s done, I’m just spreading it out and seeing if I want to change anything
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    Thank you! It’s the first story I’ve finished. Thanks you,
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