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    5'9" 220lb
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    Bigger... 250lb and more muscular. Want to eventually become a musclebear.
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    Big question... love the work of BBMSN, bigger-than-u, memretard, bigandlovingit, londonboy, and many many more (most of these listed are authors on Coiledfist).
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    Muscle growth stories, macro, size difference, domination, addiction/obsession with growing, muscle drain/theft, growth from sex, muscle bears, bears, guts, powerlifters and strongmen and football players.

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  1. Loved how you kept pushing it with Froy draining everyone. I kept expecting him to stop but nope, he kept taking more and more. Super hot. I do hope that the others gain some of their size back. And you know my first love of this story is Wes...I still want him to just go nuts with cum drinking again and get bigger than anybody.
  2. Excellent new chapter! I've been checking back here for another chapter to this for weeks. The worship scene with Marcus was very hot!
  3. Oh hell yeah, I definitely need more of this! Worship-and-grow scenarios like this are great, and your writing is excellent. I look forward to more!
  4. One of my all-time favs! I've jerked off to it many times. It inspired me to write Chuck the Size Thief, which you can find here:
  5. Oh wow, yes, another chapter of this great story! And FINALLY we get more Wes growth!! He's my favorite... hope he continues to grow obliviously more as he slurps up more and more cum
  6. I really need to write the stepdad story I have all mapped out. I think it's gonna be well-received a nice a twist from the "kid comes home from college and dad is bigger" trope.
  7. I wrote a one-off story with a growing orc! You should go read it. https://metabods.com/stories/orc-night-at-the-eagle
  8. Was just thinking about this story again today... eager to see where the story goes, if Marcus just keeps growing, if Froy's jealousy gets the better of him and he takes size from others, if Marcus decides to start slurping up everyone's cum and explode with size again.... need more of this one.
  9. I really like where this is going! Please continue!
  10. Damn, i forgot how much I like that story. One of the all-time best muscle drain/theft stories
  11. Amazing last few chapters, just caught up today. Best story I've read in years. What's up with Froy, both potentially cheating and being angry (jealous?) of Marcus? I can't get enough of Marcus growing. I would love to see Wes get a little bigger again... maybe take the necklace off for a day? Or lose it in the ocean? I need my thick hulking musclebear boss growing bigger than Marcus again! Keep up the wonderful work!
  12. The story is called Own Worst Enemy... not sure where online to find it though. And yes, it is a macro growth story and one of my all-time favs
  13. Great story! Love massive greedy muscle dads...
  14. My macro story Chuck the Size Thief explores this theme especially in the last third of it. https://www.coiledfist.org/stories/index.php?mode=search&submitted=1&keyType=sid&query=spacevlad_chuckthesizethie
  15. spacevlad

    The Wellspring

    LOVING where this is going. Keep it up!
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