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    5'9" 220lb
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    Bigger... 250lb and more muscular. Want to eventually become a musclebear.
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    Big question... love the work of BBMSN, bigger-than-u, memretard, bigandlovingit, londonboy, and many many more (most of these listed are authors on Coiledfist).
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    Muscle growth stories, macro, size difference, domination, addiction/obsession with growing, muscle drain/theft, growth from sex, muscle bears, bears, guts, powerlifters and strongmen and football players.

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  1. spacevlad

    Growing Grentle Giant Boyfriend

    Born Again by Memeretard on Coiledfist might fit the bill too... one of my favorites
  2. spacevlad

    Home From College: Part 1

    It's funny, I've been intending to write a "guy visits home from college, and each time he does his step dad is bigger and bigger" story, but I feel it's been written so well by so many others that I don't know if have anything new to add.
  3. spacevlad

    Public Relations

    I gasped when I saw a new chapter was posted!! Wow. Great continuation and a couple hot, fun growth/size moments. So glad you’re back! Hopefully it won’t be as long of a wait this time?
  4. spacevlad

    Dad Growth - Stolen Growth Drink

    https://www.coiledfist.org/article.php?story=muscleboy23_fatherandson01 It’s this one
  5. spacevlad

    The Librarian - Chapter 6

    Fuck, what a hot sex scene. Well done!!
  6. spacevlad

    The Arpeejay Formula

    Let’s take a step back for a second and appreciate that we do ANY kind of creative writing for fun in our spare time. That’s a great exercise regardless of what it is, how good it is, or how formulaic it is. I’m really proud of what I write. It’s not great writing, it’s very weird, but dammit it’s satisfying to see a completed story and know it’s MINE. And it gets me off! And I get the satisfaction of knowing that in some small way, I helped OTHER people feel good too. Dont ever stop writing what you want!
  7. spacevlad

    Americanised Stories

    I actually like when stories are clearly written by Brits or Canadians from the spelling. It helps me imagine what the characters might look and sound like more clearly... and there’s DEFINITELY something sexy about massive, thick British guys (especially rough-around-the-edges blue-collar types) growing bigger and more muscular...
  8. spacevlad

    What do you want?

    Haha Richard that is one of my all-time favorite passages from My New Pal which I have returned to again and again!! As for what I want in a story... sometimes I like something short and sexy but I tend to like longer stories with some progression or character development. I like for there to be a mix of muscle/size growth and eventually sex of some kind... all of just the former leaves me ultimately unsatisfied. I like for there to be a lot of description about the size, strength, and look of the guys involved. And most of all, the guy growing needs to be into getting huge and powerful, obsessed or addicted to growing more whether he’s nice about it or a bully. I also prefer stories where a big guy gets bigger rather than a smaller guy outstripping the big guy
  9. spacevlad

    Spank Bank (Commentary, NOT a story)

    Love this topic, and I second all of the BBMSN stories (god, his stuff also gets me hard... wish he was still writing new stories) and Scott by Vladbath, which was one of my first favorites and one I came back to again and again when I was younger. There are really too many stories like this for me to list, and I find the list has changed a lot over the years... like i’ll latch on to a story for a few months or a year or something and keep coming back to it and then eventually it falls out of the rotation. But I will say there are a few authors whose works I often come back to. Namely, BBMSN, Bigger-Than-U, bigandlovingit, and memeretard. The last three there mostly have their work posted on coiledfist. Incidentally, this is one thing I get a lot of satisfaction from as an author... when people tell me my stories are ones they come back to often to get off is really gratifying for me.
  10. spacevlad

    The Haircut

    Fuck me that was super hot
  11. spacevlad

    Muscle Pills

    Mmm very good
  12. spacevlad

    Der Camping-Ausflug (German)

    Didn’t understand everything but what I did was very hot! Don’t stop there!
  13. spacevlad

    The Librarian - Chapter 5

    Great new chapter, so hot. I love his addiction to the size and growth and how he keeps taking more and more powder. I hope we get a hot sex scene with growth and strength next chapter!
  14. spacevlad

    Hard at Work [Part 4 added - 7/23/18]

    Right when I thought this story couldn’t get hotter, you introduce a size theft aspect. So damn good.