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    5'9" 220lb
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    Bigger... 250lb and more muscular. Want to eventually become a musclebear.
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    Big question... love the work of BBMSN, bigger-than-u, memretard, bigandlovingit, londonboy, and many many more (most of these listed are authors on Coiledfist).
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    Muscle growth stories, macro, size difference, domination, addiction/obsession with growing, muscle drain/theft, growth from sex, muscle bears, bears, guts, powerlifters and strongmen and football players.

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  1. spacevlad


    Wow what a hot story! Love all the detail on the BJ.
  2. spacevlad

    It's Natural!

    Awesome story!! I love cum drinking college boys with a thirst to grow bigger! The macro-loving part of me is dreaming of a chapter two where they keep growing into beefy football jock giants... 😁
  3. spacevlad

    Hard at Work [Part 3 added - 6/25/18]

    Everything happening with Marcus and especially Wes is turning me on so much.
  4. spacevlad

    Hard at Work [Part 3 added - 6/25/18]

    Wow this is soooooo good! Love the slow growth and how everybody is growing a little differently. Can't wait to see how it affects Froy...
  5. spacevlad

    Dad’s Changes - Part 1: Pick Up

    Wow. One of the hottest sex scenes I've ever read... I've done scenes with this type of sex, with the bigger guy holding the smaller guy like that but your description is so much better. I sure hope we get more chapters of this. I love stories where guys grow bigger when they fuck.
  6. spacevlad

    the Bullpen part1.

    I really hope you continue this! I love stories with huge, shy, submissive kinds of meatheads.
  7. spacevlad


    Oh my god, don't stop there!! 😍
  8. spacevlad

    The Librarian

    Great start!
  9. spacevlad

    A Most Productive Year VI

    Wow I had forgotten about this story! I know what I'm re-reading tonight... would be so excited if this were continued someday!
  10. spacevlad

    …And Sometimes, I Watch My Dad Go to Work…

    SO excited for the next chapter!!
  11. spacevlad

    Creating a monster or....

    I think encouraging someone to become... either way, to me the hottest thing is when someone has a big obsession and addiction to want to grow and be bigger and stronger.
  12. spacevlad

    ...And Sometimes, I Find Out My Dad's a Growing Freak...

    This chapter almost made me late for work this morning 😅
  13. spacevlad

    Zombie/Brainwash-esque type story

    I got you! Definitely a favorite, especially chapters 3 and 6. https://www.coiledfist.org/stories/index.php?mode=search&submitted=1&keyType=sid&query=charliejack_gain
  14. spacevlad


    That was SOOOOO GOOD!! The snowman adding mass to himself from snow, continuously packing on more and more was so hot... I wish I had thought of this idea! Definitely a story I'm gonna come back to.
  15. spacevlad

    Sometimes, I Drink My Dad's Cum...

    Holy shit this is one of the best "kids comes home from college and his dad has grown huge" stories I've ever read so far. Cannot wait for more... here's hoping his dad grows even more and/or talks about how growth. I loved that scene with his dad greedily consuming two huge shakes. Even though he didn't want this size initially, I just know he's addicted to the growth now!!