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  1. I really like where this is going! Please continue!
  2. Damn, i forgot how much I like that story. One of the all-time best muscle drain/theft stories
  3. Amazing last few chapters, just caught up today. Best story I've read in years. What's up with Froy, both potentially cheating and being angry (jealous?) of Marcus? I can't get enough of Marcus growing. I would love to see Wes get a little bigger again... maybe take the necklace off for a day? Or lose it in the ocean? I need my thick hulking musclebear boss growing bigger than Marcus again! Keep up the wonderful work!
  4. The story is called Own Worst Enemy... not sure where online to find it though. And yes, it is a macro growth story and one of my all-time favs
  5. Great story! Love massive greedy muscle dads...
  6. My macro story Chuck the Size Thief explores this theme especially in the last third of it. https://www.coiledfist.org/stories/index.php?mode=search&submitted=1&keyType=sid&query=spacevlad_chuckthesizethie
  7. spacevlad

    The Wellspring

    LOVING where this is going. Keep it up!
  8. It's called "Scott" by Vladbath, and it was one of my favorite stories for a long time. The power absorption angle in that story was a major inspiration for writing Chuck the Size Thief. PS I'm chuffed to see that not one but two of my stories got shoutouts in this thread! Finally... I also love growth-at-will stories. If anyone thinks of other good ones, I'm interested too
  9. The scenes of Cliff growing and bullying Nick were especially hot... love huge growing bullies doing stuff like that. Thanks for this epic, it had some of my favorite growth scenes ever!
  10. I’m not usually into stories with existing characters from other stuff but goddamn this was hot. Loved all the sweat and musk stuff too.
  11. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Epilogue: Ahmed stood at his post. It was another sweltering day at one of the last human outposts on Earth. Near the equator where it was hottest, where it was summer all year round, was where most of the population had resettled over the last few decades. Everywhere north or south of the tropics had long-since been lost, and even within that, it was hard to say what was still inhabitable. Communications across the disparate outposts had been breaking down the last few years as the oceans were frozen and fewer people ventured out into the wastes. Ahmed never thought it would get this bad. He had been wrong about that. He had been wrong about a lot of things. The giant and his companion had changed everything. They claimed to bring peace, joy, and happiness, but everywhere they went became a frozen, destroyed ruin. The Americas had fallen first, as the giant and his friend effortlessly transformed farmland into tundra, cities into elaborate sculptures and decorations, and bodies of water into glaciers. There was nothing anyone could do; the giant was single-minded and efficient in his work, and weapons did nothing against him. He was impervious to any kind of attack, and was so big that any counterattack was devastating and final. Not even nukes worked. None ever reached him. His magic was too powerful. His little friend was in many ways even more dangerous. Impossible to pin down and mystifyingly charismatic, he would convince people that him and the giant—“Frosty” they called him”—just wanted to spread Christmas cheer. It was almost like people would be brainwashed by his words, his looks, his size, his charm. There were rumors that the people left behind in the wasteland hadn’t died, but instead had become thralls of some sort, devotees of the giant and the magician, living in some shell of reality, living out their days in permanent winter, happy and never wanting for anything, for the magician provided whatever they desired and the giant blessed them with immunity to the cold. But they were just rumors. Ahmed was sure they were dead. Ahmed had once thought snow and ice beautiful and exotic; now the thought of it disgusted him and sent shivers down his spine. Ahmed shivered, but he realized it wasn’t just his imagination. It had been a hot, sunny day in the 90s, but he looked down at his temperature gauge; it suddenly read 75 degrees. On the horizon, he could see dark clouds gathering. “No… no!” he gasped as he scrambled to alert the fortress. He realized the futility in this, but he did it anyway. He never thought the giant would come here, to the middle of the Sahara. He had been wrong about that too, he thought ruefully. The clouds on the horizon moved impossibly fast, bringing with them a chilling wind that dropped the temperature from 95 to 15 in less than a minute. A thunderous, rumbling chuckle echoed across the sky, and the ground shook violently, sending Ahmed tumbling down the stairs as he tried to escape to the underground shelters. He yelled to anyone nearby to get in the shelters, but his voice was lost in the roaring storm that hit the fortress like a hurricane. Dark clouds spread over him, blocking out the sun, turning it from day to night. Snow whipped down from the sky in heavy, wet sheets. Ahmed looked up into the sky and the alabaster giant emerged from the clouds, miles high and unfathomably huge. Thick, round muscles swelled from every inch of the giant; he looked down on the tiny fortress and flexed his chest and arms, his huge pecs bouncing, his massive gut jiggling as he planted himself. Snow swirled around Ahmed. The helpless guard had frozen in place, terrified and awed, knowing it was over. Frosty straightened to his full height, breathed in deeply and then blew, his ice breath blowing away the entire structure, leaving only an icy patch in the desert. When he was done, he brought his huge arms together, flexing his chest and arms and feeling power shiver across his body, and shook his huge belly. His cock swelled harder and longer as winter spread around him. Frosty groaned as red magical energy suddenly surrounded his engorged member. It tingled, squeezed, and rubbed back and forth. Frosty breathed hard, exhaling and releasing another cloud of hyper-cold air, and suddenly Nick appeared in the air next to him. “MMM MY LITTLE MAN, THAT FEELS GOOD,” Frosty boomed as Nick’s magic grew more intense. Frosty’s cock grew bigger and bigger, thicker and longer, the icy-blue head swelling, his balls tightening. It bucked and bounced as the magic grew more intense, sliding up and down more and more rapidly. Frosty’s cock smeared pre against his titanic gut, the belly bouncing and rubbing against it, causing Frosty to pant and grunt uncontrollably. “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” he boomed and then released, spewing icy cum into the distance, landing in the desert and rapidly spreading ice across the dunes. The Earth beneath him fell into shadow as the blizzard spread out all around him and Frosty and Nick started singing another round of Christmas carols.
  12. Nick explores his new Santa powers while Frosty takes growing giant-size to a whole other level, which culminates in some earth-shaking sex! Chapter 6 Nick landed softly on Frosty’s outstretched hand, the big snowman grinning down at his friend. Nick surveyed Frosty’s work; it was beautiful devastation, the entire town destroyed but transformed into something far more wonderful than before; a desolate, icy wasteland with crystalline filigree on every inch of the ruined remains of the town. To anyone else, it would have been terrifying to see such devastation from the child-like whim of a giant, bulky, muscle-packed, all-powerful magical entity, but to Frosty and Nick, it brought them a swelling sense of joy and pride. “NOW, IT WOULDN’T BE CHRISTMAS WITHOUT EVERYONE GETTING PRESENTS, RIGHT SANTA?” Frosty’s voice rumbled as he spoke, like thunder. Frosty’s harness creaked as he took a deep breath, expanding his cavernous chest, and exhaled over Nick. Nick noticed that he didn’t even feel Frosty’s ice-cold breath; he felt totally comfortable. He could smell the giant’s breath, all freshly-fallen snow, ginger, and chimney smoke. “You’re right, my friend!” Nick laughed, and he turned to look at the horizon, floating in the air slightly off of Frosty’s palm. “I can feel… all of their desires and wishes. I have the power to give them everything. I’ll be back in a bit!” Nick said and flew up and away. “GOOD! WONDERFUL! MEANWHILE I’VE GOT SOME MORE GROWING TO DO!” Frosty said ominously as Nick disappeared. Frosty looked around at the seemingly endless fields of snow around him and grinned. -- Nick’s newly minted powers seemed limitless as he set about his task of delivering toys to everyone in the world. He realized he could easily manipulate time and space, instantly moving himself to where he needed to be, honing in on the wishes of sleeping children, conjuring whatever they wished out of thin air, and moving on. He could do it all so quickly it was almost like time didn’t move at all as he did. It was a lot of work; there were billions of children in the world and he only had one day, but Nick was so excited about his newfound abilities that it was nonstop fun. The only challenges he really encountered were moving through small indoor spaces at his new size. Moving 400lbs of daddy bear muscle wasn’t easy. Nick realized he could easily shrink his own size to suit his needs, but he didn’t dream of it; he loved every new inch of his new, bigger, stronger body. He loved feeling the tight clothes hug his massive biceps and pecs, loved the way his ass and cock bulged out of his pants, relished the thick, rugged beard he had now. He was done in just a few hours, spreading Christmas cheer all over the world, even to people who didn’t celebrate Christmas. It would soon be Christmas everywhere, and he was the herald of good news. Nick opened the sweat-soaked shirt he wore—all that magic has been hard work—and rubbed the dense salt-and-pepper fur covering his huge pecs. He tensed his bicep and his cock throbbed in his pants. He honed in on Frosty’s magic, which he sensed in central Canada, and teleported there. Nick arrived and was immediately beset by a fierce, frigid, rampaging blizzard. Even for him, with all his powers and immunity to cold, he yelped and tried to turn away from the winds to no avail. He was suspended in mid air, floating and blowing around in the driving snow. Nick oriented himself and decided to fly out of whatever this blizzard was; he picked a direction and started flying as fast as he could. It took him several minutes flying at top speed to reach the outskirts of the storm. The weird part was the wind wasn’t blowing OUT of the storm, or even from one particular direction; it was blowing IN from the edge of the storm. Nick couldn’t explain it; he’d never seen a storm like it. Finally the wind and snow calmed, leaving a sudden cloudless bright expanse of sun and empty, brown fields. He figured he was somewhere in Saskatchewan, in the flat farmland of south-central Canada, a few hundred miles north of where him and Frosty has been just hours before. Nick looked around and gasped; there was basically no snow anywhere in sight as he floated 1000 feet off the ground. Nick saw that every flake of snow on the ground and cloud from the sky were slowly blowing into the massive storm he had just escaped from, drawn into the swirling nimbus of ice and snow like it was a hurricane. Nick flew away and higher, trying to get a sense of the scale of the storm; it was miles across. No wonder it took him so long to get out. He looked down to the ground and saw a trail of icy, glacier-blue footprints in the ground, each one bigger than the last, leading into the storm. Frosty was nowhere to be seen, however, despite Nick sensing his magic nearby. Nick concentrated and tried to call out to the big snowman with his magic. The storm before him, raging and swirling, suddenly stopped. As the clouds and snow slowly cleared, Nick started to make out something in the middle of the storm. It was big, like a tower or pillar, with another next to it. They were white, and wobbled slightly. Nick flew closer, but then stopped and gasped when they moved, shifted farther apart. He was almost 2000 feet in the air, but was looking at two legs. Two enormous, pale, muscular thighs which jiggled and tensed with power. Nick looked up as Frosty emerged from the storm, his massive pale body packed with more muscle than ever, and gasped. Frosty’s huge cock throbbed against his gut, which had hardened and swollen out into a defined, rock-hard musclegut; massive heavy pecs hung above, pressed together by Frosty’s huge black leather harness. Frosty’s arms had grown absurdly, way bigger than before proportionally, his round swollen biceps throbbing with muscle, a huge thick vein running down their length; above them, round hard delts and enormous traps rose above like a mountain range. Frosty peered down over his shelf-like chest and grinned at Nick, his black chinstrap beard framing his round cheeks and black, short Mohawk cutting through the clouds. The big snowman was easily over a mile tall; he had absorbed every flake of snow for miles and miles around. “OH FUCK THAT FELT GOOD,” Frosty’s rumbling voice echoed. Nick teleported to float in front of Frosty’s face; the air up at 6000ish feet was thin and cold. “I GREW PRETTY BIG, HUH LITTLE SAINT NICK?” Frosty boomed. Frosty adjusted his stance and the earth shook beneath his epic tonnage. He lifted a fist, his arm raising up, delts and traps tensing, waves of muscle dancing on his pale skin, and flexed his bicep in front of Nick. The enormous muscle swelled up in a perfect, round, hard peak, the muscle crunching and groaning like the sound of glaciers calving. Nick flew to it; it was as big as a mountain up close. Frosty admired his own handiwork and smiled. “YEAH, THAT’S THE KIND OF SIZE I’M TALKING ABOUT!” he rumbled, his voice like thunder. Nick flew forward and sat on the peak of Frosty’s perfect bicep, rubbing the smooth skin of the giant. “You’ll be happy to hear that every child on Earth has all the presents they desire to herald the coming age of Christmas!” Nick said to the giant. Frosty threw his head back and laughed with joy, the sound of it echoing for miles. “GOOD! I SEE YOU’VE ADAPTED WELL TO YOUR NEW POWER!” Frosty looked at Nick and grinned. Nick realized he wasn’t even the size of one of Frosty’s teeth as he rose from Frosty’s arm and flew closer to the giant’s face. “NOW I AM BIG ENOUGH AND STRONG ENOUGH TO MAKE THIS WORLD IN MY IMAGE. A NEVER-ENDING CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE ON EARTH, WITH THE TWO OF US GROWING BIGGER AND STRONGER!” Frosty explained. Frosty flicked a couple fingers and suddenly Nick was suspended in a snowflake. “BUT FIRST, BIG FROSTY NEEDS TO FUCK!” the giant boomed and then snapped his fingers. Nick’s clothes exploded off him as he suddenly started growing, and growing fast. He exploded with size, keeping his massive musclebear daddy proportions but swelling to 100 feet, 1000 feet, taller and taller as he floated in air until Frosty released him. It felt amazing, and Nick groaned and growled as he expanded bigger and bigger. Nick crashed to Earth with an Earth-shattering rumble; he stood to his full height. He came up to Frost’s chin, still a thousand feet shorter than the massive giant, but bigger than anything else on Earth. “MMM YEAH LOOK AT YOU NOW, SANTA, YOU LOOK BIG!” Frosty rumbled as he reached forward and groped Nick’s epic pec shelf, huge round furry shoulders, and hard biceps. Nick indulged the giant and flexed and leaned in to make out with Frosty. “YOU’RE A BIG MUSCLE DADDY NOW, HUH? NICE FIRM MUSCLES,” the giant boomed as he took in Nick’s size. Nick flexed harder as Frosty groped his shoulders, arms, lats, and thick bubble butt. The giants pushed at each other, exploring their new, bigger bodies, marveling in each others’ incredible strength and power before Frosty pushed Nick over. The two giants tumbled to earth, landing hard and causing an earthquake as Frosty pinned Nick under his epic tonnage. Frosty’s huge belly pressed hard against Nick, rubbing against the muscle daddy’s hardening cock. Frosty’s ice-hard cock throbbed with cold precum and he shoved Nick until the musclebear lay on his back with his legs propped up on Frosty’s huge traps. “MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS, YEAH!” Frosty boomed as he punched his giant cock into Nick’s waiting hole. The ground crumbled under the combined tonnage of the two giants as they fucked violently on the open plains. Frosty planted his massive fists in the dirt, digging ditches and ruts into the frozen soil a hundred feet deep and plowed into Nick hard. Nick held his thick thighs up and apart as the giant pale monster tore into him, both of their cocks hard, huge, and throbbing for release. Frosty reached down and rubbed a hand across Nick’s hairy shoulders, traps, and pecs, grunting with pleasure. Nick reached up and grabbed on to Frosty’s huge leather harness, pulling him in closer, their bellies rubbing together, Nick’s furry, harder one smushing against Frosty’s smooth, fat gut. Nick squeezed Frosty’s impossibly huge chest, massive, meaty pecs tensing and jiggling with muscle as the giant pounded into him tirelessly. Frosty’s musclegut ground against Nick’s cock, the swollen, round, hard expanse of it driving Nick insane. They panted and grunted and groaned until they both exploded, each of them releasing a flood of cum. Frosty collapsed on Nick, breathing heavily against his the giant musclebear Santa he had helped create. They both grunted and laughed, breathing against each other, eventually adjusting their tonnage to make out in the afterglow bliss one feels after a great fuck. Eventually, Frosty raised himself up, straddled Nick and then rose, rose higher and higher to his full height. From Nick’s position, Frosty was terrifying and beautiful, impossibly, dizzyingly huge; he couldn’t imagine just how big he would seem to normal people! Frosty looked down at him and gave him a smirk and then snapped his fingers. In an instant, Nick diminished back to his normal size, still huge but obviously not giant-size like Frosty. “NOW,” Frosty boomed, “WHO’S READY TO SPREAD CHRISTMAS CHEER TO EVERY CORNER OF THE WORLD?” His words echoed ominously across the plains.
  13. Aww you’re too kind! You’re definitey right that he learned from last time and is determined to be invincible this time... It’s not that his idea of Christmas is wrong, just that his idea of how to spread Christmas cheer is absolute! “The whole world should be snowy and cold, and EVERYONE should celebrate Christmas!” Is what Frosty wants... by any means necessary
  14. Nick uses his new powers to have some fun, but then gets the tables turned on him by the more powerful Frosty! Chapter 5 Nick floated down and landed in Frosty’s enormous hand. He looked over his new form and grinned, satisfied with the change. Nick felt the weight of his huge pecs, the firm cobblestones of his abs, and cupped the enormous bulge of his package. He looked down and tensed his forearm and marveled at the blue veins dancing along the muscular forearm, coursing with magic. “LOOKS LIKE LITTLE SAINT NICK ISN’T SO LITTLE ANYMORE,” Frosty boomed from above, and Nick looked up to see Frosty’s excited face looking down at him. “YOU’RE THE HOTTEST MUSCLEDADDY SANTA I’VE EVER SEEN! WITH ALL THE POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES THAT COME WITH BEING SANTA. HOW DOES IT FEEL?” Frosty asked. Nick closed his eyes, his mind processing everything that had changed, suddenly aware that he had omniscience of every person on Earth, all of their deeds and desires, all of their wants and wishes. He felt new abilities, ways of making toys and wishes come true out of nothing, ways of traveling to every location on Earth in seconds, ways of manipulating time to do a year’s worth of work in one night. As he gained control of the enormous stream of information in his head, he slowly opened his eyes, took a deep breath, and said, “Ho, ho, ho…it feels very good, Frosty!” Nick said in a deep, rich, resonant voice. “Thank you for helping me become what I’ve always wanted to be!” he said and flexed his right arm, the mound of his bicep rising into a tall, firm peak. Frosty reached over with his other hand and his huge finger poked Santa’s big bicep and Frosty hummed in approval. “NOW THE TWO OF US CAN REALLY MAKE THIS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER AND GIVE PRESENTS TO EVERYONE!” “That’s right!” Saint Nick said. “But first, I’ve got a big present for you,” he said. Red magical energy flared up in Nick’s hands, and his mind tingled. He imagined what he wanted, and the power he possessed worked to make that reality. In an instant, Frosty shrank down to just 10 feet tall. Frosty gasped and then started falling, but Nick swooped in to catch him, floating effortlessly and carrying the weighty bulk of Frosty’s still-huge and muscular 10 foot self back down to the ground, in the crater of one of Frosty’s huge footsteps. “Wh-what are you doing, Nick?” Frosty asked, dazed, as he landed, still bigger than any man and absolutely thick and hugely muscular, but far smaller than the 1000 foot-tall titan he was a moment ago. “Giving you your present, son,” Nick said as he undid his heavy belt buckle. “Have you been naughty or nice? Aww hell, you don’t have to tell me, I already know,” Nick said as he fished out his thick, hardening cock. It was swollen and red, with a plum-sized cock head. “Oh yeah Nick, I need that!” Frosty said and dropped to his knees. Even on his knees, he still had to lean down to slurp up Nick’s thick dick. “Call me sir, son. You helped make me the man I am now, but I’m your daddy now. And I know just the way to thank you, mmph,” Nick grunted as Frosty applied harder suction to his now rock-hard dick. Frosty came up for air, gasping. “You make the perfect Santa, sir. How does it feel?” the burly snowman asked as he went in for more. Nick sighed and flicked his meaty nips as Frosty kept going. “It feels, mmmph, so powerful. I can sense the dreams and wishes of everyone on Earth, and I know I can help. I can even feel your wishes, big man,” Nick purred and Frosty looked up at him. Nick had never realized how young and innocent Frosty looked, naïve even. “I know just what you want,” Nick said as he pulled away. He stepped out of his jeans and helped Frosty up to his feet. Frosty’s weighty gut pressed against Nick’s face as he stepped closer. Frosty had to lean down considerably to kiss Nick, and they made out, rubbing beards together, grasping at each other’s muscular bodies, grunting and growling. Even though Frosty was bigger and stronger, Nick was more aggressive, pushing against Frosty enough to make him stagger back, rubbing his pecs and belly and arms roughly, pulling on Frosty’s tight leather harness to move him around as he wished. After a while, they detached and Nick reached out to jiggle Frosty’s big belly and massive cock. “Turn around, son” Nick ordered, and Frosty didn’t hesitate. “Yes sir!” Frosty breathed. Nick only came up to his chest, but Frosty was clearly the submissive one now as he got on all fours, his huge glutes parting just enough to reveal his tight, smooth hole. “Mmmm yeah big guy, you got such a nice ass for big Santa to fuck,” Nick said as he stepped up and worked his huge cock head into position. “This is what you wantec for Christmas deep down, isn’t it?” Nick growled as he thrust his whole cock in, sliding in perfectly. Frosty growled in pleasure as Nick’s huge cock plowed him. “Unnnnggg yes sir, how did you know?” Frosty moaned as Nick thrust out and then in again, gripping Frosty’s meaty ass with his big hands. “I know everything about you now, son,” Nick rumbled as he picked up speed. “I can see every one of your desires, and it’s beautiful. Together we’re gonna make the whole world into permanent Christmas,” Nick said. “Huummmmgggg yeah,” Frosty groaned as Nick fucked the hell out of him. “And I can see one more wish you have, little Frosty,” Nick said. He leaned in and whispered. “You just love growing bigger, don’t you?” “F-fuck yes,” Frosty breathed, his own cock harder than it had ever been before and leaking icy precum on the ground. “Yeah that’s what I thought,” Nick said as he pushed on Frosty to bend over more. “You want so much more, don’t you?” “Yeah!” the huge behemoth breathed, tensing his back muscles to show Nick. Nick reached forward and gripped the big man’s huge, thick lats, marveling at the massive size and hardness of Frosty’s giant body, drinking in the insane amount of muscle packed onto him. “You’re gonna get so huge, bigger and bigger, and I can’t wait to watch you pack on even more size,” Nick said, egging Frosty on. “Yeah!” Frosty growled, getting into it and pushing back on Nick’s huge cock. “Gonna get so huge the world will rumble beneath your feet. How about a mile tall, huh big man?” Nick grunted. “Fuck yeah, sir!” Frosty groaned. “Nah, that’s not big enough!” Nick yelled as he got closer to cumming. “I wanna see you pack on size until you tower over mountains! I want you to spread your magic until the whole world looks like the North Pole!” “YEAH!” Frosty roared as he grunted and his cock exploded, blasting icy cum onto the ground. “Oh yeah!” Nick groaned as he shot his own load deep into Frosty’s ass, thick blasts of it until he let go of Frosty’s hips and backed up. Frosty stood back up to his full height and turned to Nick and grinned. “My turn!” he boomed, and he suddenly stretched a few inches taller. “W-what?” Nick said as he backed up a step as the huge man stepped towards him. Frosty’s cock swelled up to maximum hardness again instantly, shining smooth like ice and dripping with cum. He reached out towards Nick with both hands and grabbed him, his big hands wrapping around Nick’s huge arms and gripping him firmly. “Yeah, this is the other part of my Christmas wish! Didn’t you see it?” Frosty boomed as he turned Nick around and lifted him up effortlessly with his huge arms. Nick grunted as he was bodied around by the bigger man; he pushed back with his magic to keep Frosty from growing, but the snowman’s magic snuffed his own out effortlessly. Frosty grew several more inches taller, his massive cock as thick as Nick’s wrist, and his muscles bulged out even bigger. “Merry Christmas!” Frosty growled as he plunged Nick down onto his huge dick, which was still slick with his own magical cum. “Unnnggggg!” Nick groaned as Frosty’s giant cock impaled him. “Oooohhhhhuuuuuu,” Nick groaned as the Christmas spirit filled up again. Nick fought back one more time with his magic, trying to calm the beast down, but Frosty responded by breaking Nick’s magic further and growing even more. He had been toying with Nick this entire time, letting him feel like he was in control. “You may be father Christmas, but I’m still the big man around here!” Frosty said as he grew taller as Nick’s magic gave way to Frosty’s indomitable size and power. “Your magic is strong, but mine is way stronger!” Frosty said jovially and wrapped his massive arms around Nick’s chest. He squeezed tightly, biceps and chest crushing the white-bearded muscle daddy and Nick grunted and groaned. “How’s it feel? Wow sir, you’re so light!” Frosty said as he bounced Nick up and down like he weighed nothing. Nick could only moan incomprehensively as Frosty’s 18” dick plowed into him. Frosty grinned as he hefted Nick’s 400lb bulk up and down, grabbing Nick under his armpits and bouncing him up and down, up and down, harder and faster. Frosty’s huge traps and shoulders bulged with impossibly huge muscles, and his biceps hardened and strengthened into 40” cannons. The metal on Frosty’s harness jingled as he pounded away. “Jingle balls, jingle balls… mmmm yeah you’re riding on my one-horse sleigh now, Santa!” Frosty laughed as he fucked and fucked relentlessly, his huge full balls slapping against Nick’s ass. The big snowman spun Nick around on his huge cock, holding Nick up just with the strength of his dick for a moment before gripping Nick’s arms and resuming his pounding. Nick watched in awe as Frosty swelled up bigger, a few inches at a time, his body bulking up thicker, his cock expanding in Nick’s ass, the meaty pecs spreading out wider and heavier before him as Nick’s magic gave way to Frosty’s. Nick’s cock thickened up again even though he had just cum, pressing between his own muscular abs and Frosty’s round, fat belly. “So much,” Nick grunted breathlessly, feeling the giant cock inside him grow as Frosty expanded to bigger and bigger, “so much power!” Frosty grunted and leaned down to kiss Nick hard, rubbing his thinner dark beard against Nick’s rugged, luxurious white beard. “Just wait until I’m back to full size,” Frosty growled as he tensed his cock and bounced Nick up and down harder. “Then you’ll see my REAL power! And I’m not done growing!” Nick sighed with a guttural groan, his cock rubbing and rubbing against Frosty’s perfectly smooth, round musclegut. Finally Nick exploded with another round of cum that shot all the way up to Frosty’s lips, covering his beefy pecs and bearded chin in snow-white cum. Frosty licked up the cum that had made it to his lips and his eyes lit up. “Tastes like Christmas!” Frosty rumbled as he exploded into Nick’s ass, cum spurting out from the tight ass of muscle daddy Santa. Frosty groaned and shivered as pleasure rippled through his huge body. Frosty lifted Nick off of his massive cock and set him down, then started surging back to his full height in abrupt spurts, erupting with size. “I’d stand back if I were you, Santa! It’s time to get back to business!” Frosty boomed as he surged bigger, muscle exploded onto his body, his gut thickening up, his legs ballooning out into tree trunks, his body expanding taller. Nick was able to recover, pull his pants up, and take off flying into the air as Frosty grew, crushing the pavement and nearby structures as his tonnage increased. Nick flew up and away to a safe distance and watched the giant snowman expand back to his full 1000 foot-tall size, his young, excited face full of the joy of Christmas, a twinkle in his eye as he looked over the tiny town at his feet. His belly jiggled as he took a few steps and stood in the exact middle of town. “MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!” Frosty rumbled, his voice like thunder, and he waved his arms. Blue frosty erupted from his hands and the entire town was blasted in a blizzard-like ice storm, perfect icy decorations covering every inch of the town, creating a beautiful, crystal ice wonderland.
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