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    Big question... love the work of BBMSN, bigger-than-u, memretard, bigandlovingit, londonboy, and many many more (most of these listed are authors on Coiledfist).
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    Muscle growth stories, macro, size difference, domination, addiction/obsession with growing, muscle drain/theft, growth from sex, muscle bears, bears, guts, powerlifters and strongmen and football players.

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  1. I really need to write the stepdad story I have all mapped out. I think it's gonna be well-received a nice a twist from the "kid comes home from college and dad is bigger" trope.
  2. I wrote a one-off story with a growing orc! You should go read it. https://metabods.com/stories/orc-night-at-the-eagle
  3. Was just thinking about this story again today... eager to see where the story goes, if Marcus just keeps growing, if Froy's jealousy gets the better of him and he takes size from others, if Marcus decides to start slurping up everyone's cum and explode with size again.... need more of this one.
  4. I really like where this is going! Please continue!
  5. Damn, i forgot how much I like that story. One of the all-time best muscle drain/theft stories
  6. Amazing last few chapters, just caught up today. Best story I've read in years. What's up with Froy, both potentially cheating and being angry (jealous?) of Marcus? I can't get enough of Marcus growing. I would love to see Wes get a little bigger again... maybe take the necklace off for a day? Or lose it in the ocean? I need my thick hulking musclebear boss growing bigger than Marcus again! Keep up the wonderful work!
  7. The story is called Own Worst Enemy... not sure where online to find it though. And yes, it is a macro growth story and one of my all-time favs
  8. Great story! Love massive greedy muscle dads...
  9. My macro story Chuck the Size Thief explores this theme especially in the last third of it. https://www.coiledfist.org/stories/index.php?mode=search&submitted=1&keyType=sid&query=spacevlad_chuckthesizethie
  10. spacevlad

    The Wellspring

    LOVING where this is going. Keep it up!
  11. It's called "Scott" by Vladbath, and it was one of my favorite stories for a long time. The power absorption angle in that story was a major inspiration for writing Chuck the Size Thief. PS I'm chuffed to see that not one but two of my stories got shoutouts in this thread! Finally... I also love growth-at-will stories. If anyone thinks of other good ones, I'm interested too
  12. The scenes of Cliff growing and bullying Nick were especially hot... love huge growing bullies doing stuff like that. Thanks for this epic, it had some of my favorite growth scenes ever!
  13. I’m not usually into stories with existing characters from other stuff but goddamn this was hot. Loved all the sweat and musk stuff too.
  14. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Epilogue: Ahmed stood at his post. It was another sweltering day at one of the last human outposts on Earth. Near the equator where it was hottest, where it was summer all year round, was where most of the population had resettled over the last few decades. Everywhere north or south of the tropics had long-since been lost, and even within that, it was hard to say what was still inhabitable. Communications across the disparate outposts had been breaking down the last few years as the oceans were frozen and fewer people ventured out into the wastes. Ahmed never thought it would get this bad. He had been wrong about that. He had been wrong about a lot of things. The giant and his companion had changed everything. They claimed to bring peace, joy, and happiness, but everywhere they went became a frozen, destroyed ruin. The Americas had fallen first, as the giant and his friend effortlessly transformed farmland into tundra, cities into elaborate sculptures and decorations, and bodies of water into glaciers. There was nothing anyone could do; the giant was single-minded and efficient in his work, and weapons did nothing against him. He was impervious to any kind of attack, and was so big that any counterattack was devastating and final. Not even nukes worked. None ever reached him. His magic was too powerful. His little friend was in many ways even more dangerous. Impossible to pin down and mystifyingly charismatic, he would convince people that him and the giant—“Frosty” they called him”—just wanted to spread Christmas cheer. It was almost like people would be brainwashed by his words, his looks, his size, his charm. There were rumors that the people left behind in the wasteland hadn’t died, but instead had become thralls of some sort, devotees of the giant and the magician, living in some shell of reality, living out their days in permanent winter, happy and never wanting for anything, for the magician provided whatever they desired and the giant blessed them with immunity to the cold. But they were just rumors. Ahmed was sure they were dead. Ahmed had once thought snow and ice beautiful and exotic; now the thought of it disgusted him and sent shivers down his spine. Ahmed shivered, but he realized it wasn’t just his imagination. It had been a hot, sunny day in the 90s, but he looked down at his temperature gauge; it suddenly read 75 degrees. On the horizon, he could see dark clouds gathering. “No… no!” he gasped as he scrambled to alert the fortress. He realized the futility in this, but he did it anyway. He never thought the giant would come here, to the middle of the Sahara. He had been wrong about that too, he thought ruefully. The clouds on the horizon moved impossibly fast, bringing with them a chilling wind that dropped the temperature from 95 to 15 in less than a minute. A thunderous, rumbling chuckle echoed across the sky, and the ground shook violently, sending Ahmed tumbling down the stairs as he tried to escape to the underground shelters. He yelled to anyone nearby to get in the shelters, but his voice was lost in the roaring storm that hit the fortress like a hurricane. Dark clouds spread over him, blocking out the sun, turning it from day to night. Snow whipped down from the sky in heavy, wet sheets. Ahmed looked up into the sky and the alabaster giant emerged from the clouds, miles high and unfathomably huge. Thick, round muscles swelled from every inch of the giant; he looked down on the tiny fortress and flexed his chest and arms, his huge pecs bouncing, his massive gut jiggling as he planted himself. Snow swirled around Ahmed. The helpless guard had frozen in place, terrified and awed, knowing it was over. Frosty straightened to his full height, breathed in deeply and then blew, his ice breath blowing away the entire structure, leaving only an icy patch in the desert. When he was done, he brought his huge arms together, flexing his chest and arms and feeling power shiver across his body, and shook his huge belly. His cock swelled harder and longer as winter spread around him. Frosty groaned as red magical energy suddenly surrounded his engorged member. It tingled, squeezed, and rubbed back and forth. Frosty breathed hard, exhaling and releasing another cloud of hyper-cold air, and suddenly Nick appeared in the air next to him. “MMM MY LITTLE MAN, THAT FEELS GOOD,” Frosty boomed as Nick’s magic grew more intense. Frosty’s cock grew bigger and bigger, thicker and longer, the icy-blue head swelling, his balls tightening. It bucked and bounced as the magic grew more intense, sliding up and down more and more rapidly. Frosty’s cock smeared pre against his titanic gut, the belly bouncing and rubbing against it, causing Frosty to pant and grunt uncontrollably. “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” he boomed and then released, spewing icy cum into the distance, landing in the desert and rapidly spreading ice across the dunes. The Earth beneath him fell into shadow as the blizzard spread out all around him and Frosty and Nick started singing another round of Christmas carols.
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