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  1. Short, sweet, and hot :) Thanks for the story. Are we to believe there will be 12 parts of this?? Because I'm definitely on board for that.
  2. Dredlifter, your epic tale is excellent work and an instant MGS forum classic. I'm sad to know it's ending soon but at the same time, I can't wait for the last installments!
  3. Hello all, I'm posting on behalf of arc for May 2nd of the Storiversary. Unfortunately, the piece of original content originally meant for this occasion is still not complete and has developed into something quite long and extensive -- and it isn't quite ready to show off. In the spirit of the Storiversary however, I do have a story offering for the forum. I thought a reflection on this forum's fine older stories couldn't hurt; and though it may be slightly against the rules (if so, just take this down for now I wouldn't mind), a story from the old, pre-2007 archive entitled 'Simon's Haircut' by Magusfan has served as the basis of a short but sweet little "jockifying" narrative that I've taken the liberty of overhauling or "reduxing". Find the original story here. A greater chronicle will come in time... I've recently lost tons of time to 'The Hourglass' by muscledrain. What a great saga and a tough story to follow! Without further explanation, find the story below. --- Simon's Haircut REDUX Original story by Magusfan arc Simon was a big nerd. He was totally skinny and a startlingly late bloomer -- a 16-year-old super shy, 5’2 weakling. Late after school, hurrying to get to the Chemistry lab, he decided to take the shortcut through the upper gym locker rooms to get there quicker. As soon as he got through the first doors however, a pair of big burly hands grabbed him, punched him in the gut, and tied him up. When he came to, he was bound to a chair and surrounded by a group of the biggest, most masculine, most popular muscle guys in the school – most of them part of the Varsity football team. They told him that they were trying out new products from Hygiene companies, and that he was their lucky first subject. First they made him take off all his clothes, and as he did they tossed them gleefully in the bin. Marc, the star Quarterback and their ringleader, forced him to put on a bright red jock strap. It was soo uncomfortable! Not only was it loose and ill-fitting, Simon could see other clothes just like it in a dirty pile by the table in the corner of the room. He doubted he was wearing clean underwear… his ass wasn’t even covered! Simon inspected what was on the table. He saw a bunch of hygiene-looking products, but most prominently was an electric razor and a tub of hair cream -- Simon gulped, they were going to give him a haircut? Marc called his boys in for huddle across the room, and when they broke he smiled at Simon’s nervousness and sauntered over to him, pausing to loom over the nerd’s sad, slouched form. Suddenly, he grabbed at Simon’s long, greasy hair and shouted over to his buddies, "Maybe we should change the wimp's hair first, we’ll make the change nice and slow so he enjoys it…” he trailed off, leaving Simon to wonder what the hell he meant. Simon gulped and prepared for a dumb, jocky haircut. His hair was pretty typical of a little geek like him -- he didn't care much for looking stylish or attractive – it seemed like worthless vanity to him. He'd have had a hard job doing so anyway, as his raw materials were pretty basic. His thin greasy hair was overgrown and neglected, lacking hugely from the absence of any products or a decent haircut. Sometimes his mom would nag him gently about improving its appearance, but while Simon would never disobey his parents, he was always far from keen. And it had just grown neglected. Now that was going to change. "G-g-get that away from m-me," stuttered Simon, gesturing at the razor Marc held in his burly hands. He was so nervous that he had trouble getting the words out. Simon would never normally dream of saying anything remotely antagonistic to a jock like this, but the desperate situation he had found himself in called for desperate measures. Marc smirked, and then removed any hints of a playful tone that might have been evident in his expression. "You're a little fuckin pansy and it's about time you started facing up to who you are. A man. You may not be much of one right now, but that's sure gonna change. First step is changing how you look with these products. You’ll get a manly haircut in time, but for now you need a clean slate - a bald cut!" Simon was practically shaking with fear. The only kids who walked around voluntarily bald were pretty much mindless thugs! Simon couldn't imagine looking anything like those animals, and he was extremely worried about what his parents and teachers would say. Right now Marc was attacking his scalp aggressively, and big chunks of Simon's mangy brown hair were falling to the ground. In the window opposite Simon, he could spot his own reflection as the transformation took place. Marc had shaved most of the back and sides leaving some hair on the top, resembling a type of Mohican. Marc paused for a second, smirking again, to admire his own handiwork. "Looks fucking good, eh?" Simon looked up mournfully, tears gathering in his eyes. "You little bitch," Marc barked aggressively. Swiping the rest of his hair away. "When we're finished with you, you're gonna fuckin pound yourself when you realize how much of a fag you were." Simon was now all bald. His thin, bony, ugly scalp evident. If anything, the lack of hair made him look even more like a geek, just because it was so outlandish he could have such a hairstyle. Even though it was a start, he still looked like a little weakling, nothing like the hardened skinhead jocks he was being forced to emulate. There was still a lot more to come. "It's the mind and body training next, nerd," sneered another jock, Paul. Simon gulped, again, for what felt like the 100th time this day. It was bad enough that the jocks had shaved off all his hair so that he looked as close to a bald thug that he was ever likely to. He had no worries that the changes to his body were going to have much effect. It would take him months, or more likely years, to build up a body like they wanted him to. Simon hated exercise with a passion and dreaded the thought that the jocks were going to make him undergo lots of it. Now however, they were dressing him up like he was some sort of sports-mad jock. A vest top and some tracksuit bottoms. Simon wouldn't have dreamed of wearing those sorts of clothes in a million years. His mom bought all his clothes anyway, and she disapproved of all sports and fashion labels. "Look at how much of a fucking dweeb you are in that uniform," sneered Paul. "Fuck, even without that dumb hair in those clothes you look like a pansy." Simon wondered if Paul was about to take him on a run. He wanted to tell him about his asthma, he'd left his inhaler in his locker and was seemingly incapable of running very far without several deep puffs. "You're gonna take this pill you fuckhead." said Paul, holding out a small round orange pill. "It's gonna do must of the work for us." Most of the work? And he wasn't serious about the pill, was he? Simon didn't want to take any drugs, or steroids. But Paul's menacing attitude was enough to force him to swallow the pill, even though he had never taken a pill before without large quantities of water to wash it down. Marc and Paul just smiled devilishly as suddenly everything started to fade away. As the pill made Simon increasingly drowsy, the jocks rubbed the hair product into his scalp, stuffing some jockstraps, tanks, and 2 more tubes of the hair product in a duffle for him later. === The change was felt almost immediately as Simon opened his eyes after a long sleep. He felt all of a sudden like he had so much more energy. He felt like he could handle the world. All the events of yesterday had almost faded away as Simon woke up in his own room, in his own bed. It was the morning and all Simon could think about was getting started and ready for school. He didn't even notice the physical changes that had occurred until he pulled himself out of bed. He sniffed the air a few times – the scent of his room had changed from the stink of BO and foot funk to an aroma of tanned leather and masculine musk that made Simon aware of a heavy pressure in his groin. "Whoa, what the-!" he exclaimed to himself. He’d grown taller - his perspective was so much higher! A good night’s sleep (and that orange pill) had totally transformed him, and his eyes widened in shock as he looked down at himself. He was completely shirtless and looked – muscular! Before Simon's arms looked like they could snap any minute but they had bloated into thick, vascular muscles capped with defined shoulders. His bulging, squared-off pecs sat atop an almost perfectly defined six-pack, just barely asymmetrical. "Oh my goodness!" Simon said to himself. It was like he had swelled up during the night – he had to be over 6’ tall now! He ran over to his mirror and realized that the changes hadn't stopped at his muscular top-half. Normally he slept in thick nylon pajamas. All he’d worn last night was that bright red jockstrap! It was the same underwear from yesterday yet it looked so different on his filled-out frame – the large pouch was heavy and almost felt snug. Below, his legs had swollen into defined logs of mounded muscle, balanced on a pair of clearly enlarged muscular feet. His face seemed to have totally transformed as well! He was still recognizable, at least partly; but instead of looking like Simon, he looked like someone who could have been related. A more attractive older brother for example. He had the face of a man with clearly defined masculine features – a prominent brow, defined nose and powerful chin and jawline – all with thick pouty lips for a dash of sex appeal. And his hair was different. Overnight, it had grown back at an incredible speed so that he was no longer bald. But it was not the hair of old. It was thicker, shorter, blonder, coifed perfectly in a short fashionable style. Simon studied his reflection more clearly, he reminded himself of someone. He reminded himself of Marc, the arrogant jock who had started all this. In all appearances Simon seemed to have transformed into a nearly perfect male model-in-the-making. But inwardly he felt fairly similar. He had more energy, but his personality was still that of a shy inhibited geek. His voice was still squeaky and grating, and it clashed fiercely with his manly appearance. Though the odd, heavy feeling in Simon’s groin began to intensify, initiating some unwitting changes in the augmented nerd. There was a knock on the door. "Simon, your breakfast is on the table!" It was his mum. But she couldn't see him like this, what was she going to think!? Her once perfect little boy now resembled some sort of mindless hunky man-thug! "Yes, in a minute, mommy" Simon squeaked back to his mother. He ran towards the door and pushed himself against it. He was desperate that she wasn't going to open up and see him like this. "What are you doing in there Simon? You'll be late for school." "Just getting ready! I'll be out in a second." "Don't be late, Simon. I’m leaving soon." For the first time ever, Simon felt a strain of irritation towards his mom. Who the hell was she to tell him not to be late? If he wanted to he could be as late as he damned well pleased. Then he stopped himself. "Why am I thinking like that. She's my mother, and I'm 16 years old. She has every right to tell me what to do.” Simon caught a glimpse of himself in his mirror, pushed up against the door. He truly had been transformed into a remarkable specimen. Yes, he was ashamed and disgusted of what he had become but at the same time, he couldn't help the intensifying pressure in his groin and the aesthetic beauty of his new face and body. Then he caught himself in the mirror with another cocky smile. "What am I doing? There's nothing great about how I look now. This isn't me. I despise people who look like this and are so into their looks." "Simon, are you ready yet!?" His mother was downstairs, calling to him. Simon had to get out of here. He couldn't let his mother see him like this. The only possible thing to do was to find the guys who did this to him and make them change him back. Simon didn't even feel the same trepidation towards the jocks anymore. Maybe he was so caught up in his desire to change himself back? "I need to get out of here. But shit! I can't walk around like this!" Simon looked around the room, pausing once again for a moment to admire himself in the mirror. “Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with walking around like this after all?” he thought. “No one's going to get offended by such a beautiful body. Maybe some of the girls will actually give me a second glance like this.” Then Simon came to his senses, again. "What am I saying? I look intimidating and grisly. I only want a girl who can appreciate my intelligent mind, not one who's only interested in some large muscles. I've got to get some clothes and get out of here. I'm going to make those fucking dumbasses regret they ever messed around with me." But all Simon's old clothes were far too small for him now. Then he spotted the gym bag – set by his bed with the track suit bottoms and vest top from yesterday in a pile next to it. Cautiously, Simon approached the simple black duffle and unzipped it, finding some more jock gear and… hair cream. “Was this the stuff they put on my head? What the hell is this stuff?” Simon wondered, grabbing a tube and flipping open the cap. He brought it to his face and was immediately shocked through his nostrils down to his cock with the most erotic masculine, musky odor he’d ever smelled. “UUHNNGH,” Simon groaned as his eyes rolled back in their sockets, his increasingly weighty bulge, twitching and flexing in the bright red jock pouch. “Whoa, what the hell!?” Simon freaked, dropping the tube and leering from the sudden stimulation – his nipples felt sensitive as goosebumps raised across his nearly naked body – the hair cream smelled like... male sex. Like masculinity in the form of a scent that Simon couldn’t describe but clearly enjoyed. “SIMON!” he heard from downstairs. “ALRIGHT MOM!” he shouted back, his voice taking on a deeper timbre with a hint of annoyance in his tone. He was still panting but forgot about the hair cream for now and dove back into the duffle bag for some better clothes. Unfortunately, none of what he found were better alternatives to what he wore yesterday besides a sweat-stained sleeveless undershirt… he pulled it on to find it fit him perfectly, highlighting the bulges of his muscles – “At least it covers my bare torso…” Simon justified to himself. He pulled on the track suit bottoms from yesterday and reluctantly slipped on the vest. Yesterday, it had been baggy and unsuitably fitted to his awkward frame. But with Simon's near-perfect physique, it fit great, showing off his muscular arms and chest. The tracksuit bottoms were also a snug fit and gave the impression that he was a dumb, lower-class, muscleboy; interested in showing off his body and his sports label clothes. "Fuck, I look like an idiot!" He exclaimed to himself, in a voice that was getting deeper and manlier as the heavy feeling in his junk grew more and more. "And what the fuck is happening to my voice? It won't stop cracking. It feels deep and hoarse!” “SIMON! YOU’RE GONNA BE LATE! I’M LEAVING SOON!” his mother called up the stairs one more time, sounding irritated, tired of waiting for her son to come for his breakfast. "That bitch," exclaimed Simon. "I gotta get outta here before she sees me like this. She'll fucking whoop my ass if she sees how I'm lookin' and speakin'." And with that he was out of his window and on his way to school. He needed to find Marc and Paul and the rest of the jocks. He had to get them to change him back. He couldn't stay like this for much longer, could he? Simon had been so quick to get out of the house that he didn’t have time to put on any shoes. Besides, all his old shoes were too small for him now, his feet seemed to have grown dramatically. And anyway, he wanted some neat sports trainers like Nikes, not the lame loafers and shit he had in his wardrobe. Man he needed to sort some of his shit out! It was a hot day and the pavement was scorching on his bare feet. "Fuck, this hurts" he muttered under his breath. But his determination to get to school and sort out Marc and his boys was too strong. Across the road were some girls he recognized from school. Tammy Oldham and Melissa Whitehead, two girls from his class. When Simon used to get grief off everyone those two normally had a part to play in it, being a couple of the cutest and most popular chicks in school. Despite acknowledging their prettiness Simon had built up a hatred of the girls in his mind because of the part they played in his bullying. But with his changing mind different priorities were emerging. Now Simon just saw them as two hot chicks he could score. "Fuck, I've been a pansy virgin-boy for too fucking long." Si thought to himself. "All the other boys in my class scored years ago. Ain’t it about time I got some of the action?" With their long, slim legs; attractive figures and well displayed breasts Simon thought they could be the ones to start off his long career in womanizing. He had never done anything like this before, but suddenly Simon had an overwhelming urge to get their attention by putting his hand in his mouth and giving them a long wolf-whistle. Suddenly they turned, and it was immediately evident they were pleased with what they saw. Short, stylish blond hair; a beautiful masculine face with sharp blue eyes and a muscular, manly body to die for. Even his clothes; a simple white wife-beater and a ratty pair of tracksuit bottoms, seemed to scream out his masculinity. They noted the lack of trainers but couldn’t help but notice his large shapely feet too. "Who is that?" Melissa asked her friend. "I dunno, don't think I've ever seen him before in my life." "He seems kinda familiar. He has to be the hottest thing..." "Oh god! He's coming over…" As Si began to strut over to the two girls, he felt a slow tingle run down his spine, and he shivered for a moment. The sounds of cracking bone and shifting muscle and tendon wracked his body, but Si felt no pain. Lifting his arm to scratch his armpit, he felt something unfamiliar. He didn't show his surprise, but noted the new thick brushes of hair under his arms. Another itch at his navel indicated a surprisingly thick, dense treasure trail of blond hair dipping below his waistband. The girls watched with admiration as Si strutted over to them. Everything about him; his looks, his walk, even his cocky expression, oozed sexy confidence. In his head Simon was already planning on which girl he was going to take first, what he was going to say to get her; he didn't care about what happened afterwards. His thoughts of getting back at Marc and changing him back into a nerd seemed to have completely vanished from his mind. Without realizing it, he was beginning to embrace the benefits of being, in all appearances, a jock. Never looking away from the girls, he called out, "Hey, ladies, how about you show me around? I'm new in the area, and I REALLY need to learn the 'lay' of the land." The two girls looked at each other and giggled, they looked giddy that such a hunk was approaching them. "Ohmigod," Tammy said to the other, "he looks even bigger and better up close!" Glancing down at himself for a second, Si almost freaked, but maintained his cool. He was… huge! He was taller and bigger than before – the ratty tank strained over his big traps and pecs and began to reveal his hairier, corrugated midriff. His pants were stretching over his big thighs and riding up on his calves. Under his tracksuit pants, a large bulge swung meatily within the confines of the straining jock between his muscular legs, where he felt most of the blood normally going to his brain draining. As he stopped only a step or two away from the girls, he felt his mind slowing, the words taking more effort. "Hey, girls, I want some fun." his even-deeper voice beginning to take on a rumbling growl. Awed at the size of this large hunk, Mel glanced quickly at Tammy and they each grabbed one of the jock's now-massive paws, dragging him back towards Mel's place just two houses away. In her garage, an old couch was waiting to be taken to the dump. But it'd do fine. Being guided along by these two hot chicks, Si could really feel his cock and balls swelling and his mind slow, his perceptions being reduced to the heavy, guided slaps of his enormous bare feet on the concrete and the rapid beating of his veins and arteries directing his blood flow to his groin. He could really feel his muscles now, his athleticism and jock-like physicality taking over his personality. Feeling another sudden tingle, Si smiled as an itch spread first across his face, then across his body down to his toes. He looked into a darkened window as he passed, noting with growing satisfaction the suddenly dense dark blond stubble that had grown on his chin and jaw. A quick glance down confirmed the presence of more of the same luxurious dark blond body hair on his chest, forearms, and even his feet. Leading Si around her house, Mel opened the side door leading into the garage, flipping on a small light. Tammy pulled him forward through the door, stopping when they heard a thump. Si's head had hit the top of the low doorframe, but he didn't care in the least, his now-thicker skull and protruding brow absorbing the impact without the slightest pain. Noting the dull smile on the hunk's face, Mel took his hand and guided him over to the couch, pushing him back to fall onto the cushions. With that collapse, so did his pants, his now massive thighs ripping out and the bulging over-stuffed red jock busting through the tatters as he stripped them away. "Ohmigod…" "Damn…" The two girls cooed, eyeing the impressive size of the jock. He didn't seem to mind in the least, and began reaching towards them, pawing at their chests with each hand. A quick tug of the overburdened jock exposed Si's stiffening erection, which even only half-hard arched majestically from his body a good 8 inches. One hand dropped away from Mel's chest, and began pumping the rod. The other began ripping his shirt off his body, freeing his muscles. Both girls gasped at the sight, the scent of his sweat and musk starting to really turn them on as it saturated the air around him. They began to strip for him, coyly pulling their clothes off even as they lustily stared at his body and still expanding equipment in action. Tammy was the first to finish stripping, her skimpy outfit falling away to reveal her set of C-cup breasts, a delicate waist from plenty of exercise and cheerleading, and thin hips combined with a beautiful, perky ass. She rushed in to Si, pressing a desperate kiss on his lips, with slight surprise at the rough stubble that she hadn't noticed before. She kept going, running her hands over his powerful shoulders, thick neck, and big, hairy, muscle-bound chest. His free hand came from behind and pressed her strawberry-blond head into his face. Melissa, noting the abandon with which Tammy kissed him, skipped being sexy and simply yanked off the rest of her clothes, immediately diving for his now-hard rod. Pulling his hand off, she began kissing and rubbing the veiny joint, now pushing 11”, with one hand while guiding his hand to her D-cup breasts. She wasn't as thin as her friend, but her large hips were more curvy and shapely. Si, now overcome with arousal, grunted, as he felt yet another tingle run over his body, this time accompanied by a slight ache in his bones, as if he'd been pulled on a rack. In response he stretched himself to try and relieve the ache, his hands staying on the girls but his elbows flying out. His head had been against one armrest, but now as he stretched, one foot found itself touching the other end of the over-7-foot-long couch. His muscles burned as they pumped with blood, and he felt himself slip a little as his body expanded. He was surging past the point of fit gym-guy and looking more and more like an alpha jock – an uninhibited muscle beast. Mel was just about to try and swallow the head of this magnificent jock's dick, when it pulsated and swelled a bit more. Frowning in disappointment, she thought to herself, 'Already?' Noting no shot being fired however, she instead decided to take the cock straight into herself, her trepidation being overridden by her overwhelming lust for this hunk of man. Lifting her face from the massive sexmeat, she gasped when she looked it over, it seemed to be even bigger! It looked to be over a foot long, twice as big as her last boyfriend. She didn't know if she could handle it, but was more than willing to try. As she lined herself up, her supple lower lips brushed the head of his cock. Suddenly, his large mitt grabbed her ass, and she almost screamed in pain as she was impaled on the veiny, throbbing pole. She bit her lip, however, and let herself fall into the pleasure. ‘Oh god,’ Si thought, ‘this is so good...’ His body was starting to tingle constantly, and he could feel the thick, rough hair on his chest rubbing over Tammy's cleavage while the stubble on his face scratched at her cheeks as he kissed her. His muscles bulged, and he was sure his cock was still growing as he began to thrust his hips into Melissa with reckless abandon. His large, lemon-sized testes moved with the thrusts, and he could feel them swelling, getting ready to shoot. All at once, he felt a white-hot pleasure course through his body, as he lost all sense of time and the outside world. When he awoke, just a moment later, he could feel his thick load, having shot into and filled Melissa, running back out of her clit along his shaft and into the now-thick hair of his groin. She was groaning still with her eyes rolled back as she convulsed on top of him, grinding into his irresistible cock. As he pulled out of her, he still felt... aroused. Tammy, who by now was kissing his bulging biceps, needed to be fucked, he realized. Even as he lifted her off of his upper body, and impaled her where her friend had been moments ago and began thrusting, other things were going on in his head. His mind had changed, he could feel it. Now, his goals, in the back of his mind, the root of all his needs, were to dominate. To dominate other males on the court and field, and to dominate women everywhere else, his male virility allowing him to do both. The other males were his competition, other jocks, and even nerds, geeks, and so forth, like he used to be, they were a very insult to his existence. And the women were his goals, they were his to be conquered. He needed to be the alpha-male, the leader of the pack, that was what drove him, because the alpha got to fuck the brains out of every girl in his domain. As soon as this cleared up for him, it disappeared under the haze of lust once more. Melissa, now recovering from her own ordeal, began to crawl back onto him, still driven by her lust and the powerful scent of sex washing off of Si in waves. That drive caused her to begin kissing his face, his neck, her hands rubbing his muscles for all they could. One hand's long fingernails began to comb through the dense hair of his chest, which crawled upwards connecting to his beard-growth, outwards connecting to his armpits on the sides, and mingling with the now broad trail across his powerfully muscular, cobblestone 8-pack and joined with his pubic hair. He was hairy, he was muscular beyond belief, he was hung like an equine, and he was tall, large, and dominant in mind. He was a new man. No. He was a true Alpha Jock. "Come on baby, give it to me. OHHHH, harder! Faster!" Mel begged the muscular stud for the fourth or fifth time. It had taken him several long hard fucks, but Si was starting to feel all sexed out. He knew that he'd be ready for some more action soon, probably in another hour or so. But for now, the clawing desperation of the beautiful babes was beginning to irritate him. Lazily and effortlessly, he pushed Mel away. "What's the matter honey?" Mel asked, concerned. "I'm all fucked out baby," Si answered in his now deep sexy bass. He didn't bother to hide his cocky smirk as he watched the extreme disappointment in Mel's face. Where did he put his fucking clothes? "Just a few more minutes, please!?" Mel pleaded. Si sneered arrogantly. Now that he knew he wouldn't get anything out of it, he didn't have time for anything else. Besides, he'd just remembered why he bothered to leave the house this morning. Those fucking assholes were gonna pay... "Where are you going?" Mel asked anxiously as Si attempted to pull the remains of his tracksuit bottoms back on. "I don't have to tell you fucking nuffin, bitch" shrugged Si, carelessly. She was annoying the hell out of him now. There was only one use for women, and the longer they kept their mouths shut, the better. His shirt was in ruins, but he didn't care. He had a fucking killer physique and it was a sunny day. “Fuck, I ain’t got no clothes,” Si realized as he got up off the couch. Tammy moaned as she watched the beautiful jock’s muscles twitch and flex as he moved, the fingers of her left hand still playing with her clit. Si grinned arrogantly and struck a pose, “think anybody would mind?” he asked rhetorically, flexing and admiring his own body. “Where’s my jock?” Si asked as Melissa desperately approached his hulking form on her knees. Tammy turned and spotted the red fabric, pointing it out and watching the stud strut over and stretch it over his incredible endowments, leaving the sculpted globes of his ass bare. The girls were in a trance – dizzy with the overwhelming mixture of alpha jock beauty, power and raw sexual magnetism. Finally Melissa remembered the laundry in the garage. “There’s some clothes over there. Maybe my dad or my brother have something.” Simon scoffed but went over to look through the male clothing. There was a bunch of geeky old dude shit like button-downs and slacks with crew neck undershirts and loose, billowy boxers. Another pile revealed some workout clothes, and t-shirts that all seemed too small for Si, but he was able to fit snugly into a pair of straining sweatpants, “Fuck, these are tight.” Si commented, twisting and turning, giving the girls a show of his muscular grace. “I guess they’ll have to do.” With that, he found his now trusty vest top and found that it still fit him, though just barely. If it weren’t for his intimidatingly masculine physique, he would look comical in his tight, clearly undersized clothing. But with his pale, youthful skin the sun would give his muscular sinews and dense golden body hair a beautiful, healthy glow. Without even a wave to Tammy and Mel, Si sauntered out. Now that his lustful needs had been satisfied, he had a need for a fight. Si knew where he'd have to go to find the jocks. School was already in session, but Marc and his bunch of jocks didn’t have time for Math or Social Studies and all that shit. They were most likely at fields already, getting in some practice for the big game. Si had never been much of a football-fan; well, not much of a sports fan full stop. But today, there was something about the idea of sweating it out on a big patch of grass with some other buff guys and a ball to throw about… The jocks were taking a break from the practice and were standing at one end of the vast sports fields joking about. One of the boys, Chris, was bragging about the girl he had ended up with last night. Si smirked to himself as he wondered what they'd say when he told them that he'd spent the last half hour fucking the brains out of Tammy Weston and Marc's girlfriend, Melissa. She'd been especially eager and satisfied by his large fuckstick; like she'd never really been satisfied like that before. Si started to wonder if Marc was the big man he liked everyone to think he was. "Wassup dudes" he announced loudly to the small crowd of jocks. They turned to look at him and met his cocky, leering grin with mostly puzzled expressions. None of them seemed to recognize the big dumb jock stood before them. With his big hairy muscular chest on display he looked like one hell of a stud. But they thought they knew all the jocks around the school. "Wassup dude." replied Paul gently, speaking for the rest of the group. He couldn't take his eyes away from his magnificent body. That guy must be a hardened gym fiend to look like that. Despite the mass of manly stubble, his face still looked pretty young and fresh, but he had the body of some older college player. "What's the matter with you fuckers? Ain't you ever seen an alpha jock before?" Marc was tentative but replied hastily, "Course we have dude. Just thought we knew most of the jocks round here…" Simon grinned, "You've got a short fuckin’ memory. Only yesterday you were bragging about what a muscular stud you were gonna turn me into. Look at me. Fuck, I'm huge. The chicks can't get enough of me like this. Even I fucking can't. You did this to me, dudes." "Si-, you're... Simon?" Si grinned. "You got it." "F-Fuck man! The pill turns guys into athletes, not… not muscle beasts! We knew the transformation was gonna be huge. We didn’t realize this huge!" All of a sudden, the awkwardness of the situation seemed to have disappeared. The jocks couldn't believe how Simon had turned out; but they weren't angry with him anymore. Now that he wasn't a nerd, he was one of the boys. Another big fuck-off dude to play football with. They rushed forward, giving the dumb jock playful punches on the arm; treating him like a lifelong buddy that really belonged. Simon couldn't even remember being angry at the jocks anymore. His mind was changing all the time. Now it was the jocks he wanted to spend all his free time with, when he wasn't fucking the chicks that is. It was like he'd known these boys all his life as they joked around, admiring how strong and manly he'd become. "So, how did it happen man?" "I just let it happen, bros. One minute I'm a skinny pansy of a nerd, the next I'm everything I wanna be." It felt impossible to Simon that he had only been like this for an hour or so. He thought he could still remember something different. Remember how he felt when he woke up. Then, the idea of being some big dumb jock hadn't pleased him too much. He'd been different then, his mind worked differently. He couldn't remember half the stuff he used to. "What's the matter, dude?" "Fuck knows. I was just thinking how different I felt… this morning." "Too fucking right. You were a nerd then. You had brains and shit. No fucking jock needs to know how math works." Marc said. Si grinned, his buddy was right. He didn't seem to have a fucking clue how half of that stuff worked anymore, but it didn’t bother him shit. Now, he'd happily beat up any little fucker who could handle a calculator better than he could a football. Suddenly a loud siren sounded over the football fields. "Fuck, what's that shit?" Simon yelped. "Jesus, you have become a bit of a dumbass, haven't ya? Don’t you even recognize the school-bell anymore?" Si stood there, a big dumb expression on his face, and lazily scratched at his facial stubble. "Fuck. I guess that means we gotta go to lessons, right?" "Yeah, man. It's shit, but Principal Matheson said he won't let us play anymore football for the school if we don't at least go to one math class a week. And you're coming with us too, Si. Math used to be your favorite subject, didn’t it? Now you're gonna sit at the back of the class with the rest of the boys. We don't let any fuckers teach us what we don't wanna know, anyway. Nice hair by the way." END •
  4. pretty well-written, but short and simple. you at least got my attention, i'll keep reading~ thanks for sharing
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