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  1. Hey, I have been searching but for the life of me cannot remember the name of this multi part story. Young guy with a very wealthy family. His dad hires a psychiatrist to keep an eye on the son. Son is a genius and has an obsession with growth and builds a facility in South America to make his dreams come true. Starts undergoing the treatment and grows bigger, then ups the ante when he invites the psychiatrist's boyfriend down and makes him grow too. Anyone remember this one? Link please? it was phenomenal.
  2. thats it!!!! thanks so much. its so good.
  3. Hey, So there was a story i remember having on my old computer that was downloaded as a pdf. there were hot pics in between chapters and from what i remember it was a fairly lengthy story. Anyways, the story was about two buddies testing out a drug from this doctor. they both grow huge. the doctor in the story comes over and starts taking measurements and he is very by the book and not phased by their phenomenal growth or bodies at all. That is until they convince him to take the serum himself. Anyone remember this story?
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